Danger Man

Season 1 Episode 4

The Blue Veil

Aired Unknown Oct 02, 1960 on ITV

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  • Posing as a "desert rat", John Drake busts up a slavery ring operated by a sinister Englishman and the leader of an Arab city.

    Whilst Patrick McGoohan enjoys himself pretending to be a sleazy alcoholic derelict, this segment is a pretty feeble one, trading heavily in ancient stereotypes and also, more seriously, trivialising a real and very serious (and still-ongoing) situation. How many times was Ferdy Mayne called upon to play sinister Arabs? Almost as often as he played officers of the Third Reich. There's also a tough-talking showgirl abandoned to her fate - a character parodied by Kate Capshaw a quarter of a century later in "Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom". John Drake doesn't really do much except over-act, take photographs and do a spot of pole-vaulting. A tiresome episode.