Danger Man

Season 1 Episode 17

The Island

Aired Unknown Jan 01, 1961 on ITV

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  • A spoiled heiress insists on going along on Drake's charter flight, giving the two killers he's bringing back to England a chance to get free - then the plane crash-lands on a tiny island.

    An early script credit for Brian Clemens, and a pretty undistinguished one, with none of the originality and wit of his best work for "The Avengers". The tiny island turns out to have an eccentric inhabitant, a wild-eyed, rifle-toting nut-case who prefers to live apart from the world's corruptions; of course. The spoiled heiress learns something about humanity and finally grows up in trying circumstances; of course. And, of course, the imperturbable professional assassins are unflappable as well as ruthless. Allan Cuthbertson and Peter Stephens enjoy themselves as this camp pair - ancestors, perhaps, of Mr. Kidd and Mr. Wint in "Diamonds Are Forever"? - but it's all rather deplorable, like those studio interiors for the island's forests and caves.