Danger Man

Season 1 Episode 31

The Leak

Aired Unknown Apr 09, 1961 on ITV

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  • A nuclear plant, the Middle East, and a bit of detective work--an interesting, but predictable episode (spoilers ahead)....

    Despite being made in 1960, many of these Season One episodes would be right at home in a 21st century series. In this episode, we have a problem with a nuclear plant in an Islamic country; we might conclude that the Danger Man show was ahead of its time, or that some things haven't changed much since 1960. Maybe it's a case of both.

    John Drake has a problem to solve...local residents in the city of an unnamed Middle Eastern country are acquiring radiation sickness, although the city's nuclear plant has no radiation leaks. In a relatively straight-forward manner, Drake figures out how the sickness is being spread, and who's responsible. The episode plays out like a detective story; there's nothing wrong with that, but there really isn't too much of an element of mystery here. Ultimately, most viewers figure out rather quickly the most likely candidate responsible for this terrorism, and then it's just a matter of watching Drake hash out the details.

    The opening segment is a bit strange. Protestors block the entrance to the nuclear plant, but Drake manages to gain their acceptance by simply sitting with them for a few seconds. I'm not really sure what was going on there, but Drake seems to be a master of subliminal mass hypnosis (and I think I was hypnotized while watching the opening segment as well, because I'm still drawing a blank about it.)

    There's a bit of action in the episode too. Drake walks into a trap...either he's anticipating the trap (we know it's coming), or else he's just getting sloppy. But he manages to subdue three thugs with what appears to be Drunken Monkey kung fu techniques, and the trap backfires.

    Not a bad one, but what this episode really needed was a major twist along the way, and it just didn't come.