Danger Man

Season 3 Episode 14

The Man Who Wouldn't Talk

Aired Unknown Dec 30, 1965 on ITV

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  • Drake must rescue an agent before the interrogators break him. The trick is Drake doesn't much like the man.

    This episode is very good and should get higher marks. Plenty of action and suspense as Drake must find a way to rescue Meredith before he reveals the agents working under him. Drake has little support from a scared local operative. The actual rescue scene is believable and shows off Drake's daring do. His next problem is how to get Meredith, who keeps slipping in and out of reality as a result of his torture, out of the country with yet another scared rabbit local agent. The net tightens as the local police search each room of the hotel. All-in-all a very representative episode. One of my top ten.