Danger Man

Season 2 Episode 18

The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove

Aired Unknown Feb 16, 1965 on ITV

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  • After a crash, Drake investigates villainous casino owner Alexander, who threatens his role within M9. But why is he haunted by a series of nightmarish visions? Amnd why does he hear the sounds of a heartbeat and manic laughter?

    This episode begins with Drake crashing his car after he attempts to dodge a ball. From this point, everything becomes rather peculiar.

    The episode is probably the most surreal of the series, with the sound of manic laughter haunting the character. As the episode progresses, things become increasingly fantastical. The face of Drake's superior, Mr Lovegrove, appears on a number of characters. Drake himself becomes more fidgety, a stark contrast to the cool and collected character in the rest of the episodes.

    The sound of a heartbeat can be heard in a number of scenes, often becoming increasingly obvious as the episode develops. The sounds act as subtle clues as to what is actually going on, while also serving to heighten tension.

    The subplot of Drake's battle with villainous casino owner Alexander are sidelined by the viewer's attempt to make sense of what is happening. By the climax, the viewer is completely bewildered. Everything has been so perfectly orchestrated by both the writer and director, until the end.

    The resolution is very disappointing, but the events within the story and their handling by the actors and director are spot on. Were it not for the unsatisfactorily lazy ending, this episode would score 10.