Danger Man

Season 2 Episode 1

Yesterday's Enemies

Aired Unknown Oct 13, 1964 on ITV

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  • Drake goes to the middle East to track down a security leak.

    The 60s was riddled with spy dramas; some good, some mediocre, but none better than "Secret Agent" as we called it in the U.S. One gets the impression that "Secret Agent" depicts spy work about as closely as any spy show ever did for a weekly series. Drake tracks down a security leak in the middle East and comes across a renegade agent played with wonderful relish by Howard Marion-Crawford who guest starred in two other episodes playing essentially the same hard-bitten, wily character. Things go wrong, of course, as London won't make a deal with Crawford. Drake is forced to reveal his cover to Crawford's wife and catches heck for it back at the office. The key to the episode is the beginning of Drake's questioning of his orders. Small moments like this will show up through out "Secret Agent" laying the ground work for "The Prisoner."