Danger Mouse

Season 5 Episode 7

Remote-Controlled Chaos

Aired Unknown Apr 02, 1984 on ITV



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  • Quotes

    • Penfold: Him!
      Greenback: Me!
      Danger Mouse: You!
      Greenback: Me!
      Penfold: Him?

    • Greenback: I'll play you a musical sleighride. (laughing) It'll slay you.

    • Greenback: (over speaker) I just thought you should know that I am now controlling your vehicle.
      DM: (laughing) Oh, pull the other one, Baron. (to Penfold) Bearing left... (struggling) I'm taking her down.
      Greenback: No, you're not!
      Penfold: No, you're not!
      DM: No, I'm not! I'm afraid I have some bad news, Penfold.
      Penfold: W-w-wha-what?
      DM: The Baron is now controlling our vehicle!

  • Notes

    • Stiletto's last name was left out of the narrator's dialogue in the American broadcasts. In the episode, Stiletto's "Arrivederci!" was changed to "Tirrah for now, mates!" for American TV.

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