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  • My favorite Cosgrove-Hall series

    I had watched this show - well the first five episodes on YouTube, and already I love this show! I'm starting to like the espionage motif.

    And already I have seven favorite episodes, and I always love the idea of a mouse as a hero; for example Brain Jacques' Redwall and The Tale of Despereaux. My favorite characters are the titular character himself and Nero the caterpillar. I know he's the "cat" of that maniacal,evil genius of a toad Baron Silas Greenback, but I love him! He made such amazingly CUTE noises! And what a clever idea to use a caterpillar as a cat for a small creature like Greenback.

    So anyway, that is all I have to say about this cartoon series, folks; that the animation and voice-acting are top-notch - and off-topic: No other actor could do Baron Silas Greenback than Edward Kelsey.
  • A really great cartoon should appeal to youngsters on one level and to adults on a totally different level. It should be fast-paced, have great dialogue and be clever. Danger Mouse met all of these requirements!

    I first saw Danger Mouse ( voiced by the wonderful David Jason of Only Fools and Horse’s fame ) in the early 1980s and was immediately hooked. A spoof of Sherlock Holmes, James Bond and other super secret agents, the show was a true classic. "D.M." as everyone called Danger Mouse was self-assured, witty, very British and constantly foiled by the ineptness of his helpmate Penfold. Yet D.M. always got his man, or frog or duck! Penfold ( voiced by Terry Scott of Terry and June fame ), the hamster was hilarious in his own right and the two made one of the memorable cartoon duos in history.

    When you throw in "the world's most villainous toad," Baron Silus Greenback and his henchman Stilleto, you have lots of fun. I'll always remember Stilleto trying to butter-up Greenback: "You're as gorgeous as de Borges [not sure of that reference]; you're as phony as Al Capone-ee!" To which Greenback modestly purred "Yes, I know."

    With blundering old Colonel Kay (an aging sheep dog) giving orders via a futuristic web cam, the pair was always in some sort of a pickle and always found hilarious ways to get out of it. This was great family entertainment and if you get a chance to see it on TV, or to buy or rent the DVD's then do so as it's a classic.
  • DangerMouse is a wonderful show and earn extra points for having one of the best theme songs of all time. Great show!

    DangerMouse will always have a place in my heart. If nothing else, it has one of the all time great theme songs. "He's the fastest, he's the greatest, he's the best!" Genius!

    The animation was a bit limited and not overly impressive. But the character designs were iconic and top notch. DangerMouse with his trademark eye patch and Penfold in his little suit work wonderfully well.

    For an American, DangerMouse also holds a unique appeal. The sly and absurdist British wit were a sharp contrast to the American cartoons at the time. I know I had never seen anything quite like it. There's also the fact that Americans are easily impressed with British accents, even on carton characters.

    Surprisingly, the success of DangerMouse did not lead to more British cartoons on American TV. DangerMouse stands out as a sort of one-off success. It's the Monty Python of cartoons.

    All in all, a wonderfully odd and engaging cartoon.
  • I loved this show as a kid, Danger Mouse rocks, and so does Penfold.

    This show was very entertaining, I cought it in the Nickelodean days as all but a select few probably did. I have a buddy who has all the DVD's which is cool, because now he can show this show to his kids. I liked everything except the bad guys voice, that was hard to listen to sometimes. Danger Mouse & Penfold were cool, nothing like two rodent crime fighters. this might be a little lesser known, but I would still call this an 80's cartoon classic. I hope I can borrow my buddies DVD, so I can check this show out again, and see what jokes, that are more adult, that I didn't get as a kid.
  • Very good show!

    I never saw this tv series when it was on tv so I wrented Seasons 1 and 2 of it on DVD at the Library, watched every episode on it and I love it. It's very adventurouse and very funny. Penfold is such a hilarious charactor! He has alot of funny quotes in this series like this one...

    Danger Mouse: Say good-bye, Penfold!
    Penfold: Good-bye Penfold!

    Also, the villains are very cool too! I now know why my friend Manic Man loves this tv series so much. It's got a bunch of good adventures and good humor in it. If you love secret agent series with good humor in them, this is a tv series that you will love.
  • The Greatest

    My all-time favourite childrens programme, a view I know is shared with a lot people my age, following numerous pub discussions.

    Coming from the Cosgrove/Hall stable (Jamie and the Magic Torch, Chorlton & the Wheelies and later Count Duckula), Dangermouse was probably the funniest thing I had ever seen. Some of the comments the narrator made were simply hilarious, not to mention poor on Penfold, voiced by the late Terry Scott. Not to be forgotten was Brian Trueman, who seems to have been involved with a lot of programmes I remember.

    As others here have also mentioned, the humour was cleverly written on various levels, so it appealed to adults and children alike.

    It may now be time to buy the DVDs

    In my opinion, the best cartoon ever.
  • after you can't do that on television...

    i used to watch this after "you can't do that on television". very unlike most shows i loved. this and he-man and she-ra being the only action adventure toons i was into. something about an eyepatch and a mole in a buisness suit for a partner... makes Danger Mouse hotter and cooler than Mighty ot Mickey.
  • I can't believe that only few people like this show!

    I, for one, loved it! The comedy was excellent and the animation was pretty good too! A lot of people don't like it as far as I can see from the TV.COM boards, but I feel this show is underrated. The comedy appealed to all ages, but a different style of humour to shows like The Simpsons and Family Guy.
    Dangermouse is such a funny show to watch!

  • To people of all ages, Danger Mouse is an excellent show.

    I didn't watch it when it was originally around, but watching the old episodes on TV, I've actually fallen in love with the show.

    The jokes don't only attract children, but adults find them hilarious too. Sometimes you know what's going to be said, but it's still funny. You can't help but love Penfold.

    I'm really impressed at all the voices David Jason does - I don't recognise his voice when I listen to it back! I always assumed he voiced Penfold until I came on here.

    The bad guys were always hilariously funny, and Colonel K was brilliant, and if you asked me my favourite episode, I don't think I could tell you because there are so many!
  • God I love this show!

    This was one of my favourite shows when I was little and I can still watch it today. Its incredibly funny and clever at the same time. I love the fact that they live in a post box and that Penfold is so weedy! They are such brilliant characters and whoever wrote this show is a genius!
  • The story of the eponymous DangerMouse, the world's greatest secret agent who happens to be a mouse. and his useless cowardly hamster assitant Penfold The show is a loose parody of British spy fiction, particularly James Bond and the Danger Man series sta

    This is easily one of my favourites shows ever and in my opinion one of the best ever I loved it when I was a kid (born in 1982 I grew up with the show) but when I watch it now as an adult all the jokes seem to be for grown - ups and that\'s the great thing about the show, much like The Simpsons there\'s something that will appeal to all regardless of age.

    The show is a complete send up of british spy films and TV shows the name is said to have come from the 1960\'s ITV series Danger Man. Most of the humor is based around this spoof examples include the various absurd gadgets at Danger Mouses disposal most notably the Mark III car which is also a submarine, aircraft, space vehicle etc as required. Agent 57 the master of disguise who is so good even he doesn\'t even know what he originally looks like.

    There are also many metafictional (drawing attention to the fact it\'s a show) gags such as dangermouse saying that he knew that was going to happen and upon being asked by penfold how replies \"I read the script\". Many of the shows jokes are also built around observation of british culture and (often very) bad puns such as the episode EE-Tea where the entire world\'s tea stocks are stolen causing chaos (the British answer to any problem is to have a cuppa) and a mountain of tea related puns \"it\'s a catstrop-tea\" and the duo walking past signs like high securi-tea.

  • One of the best in British animation.

    This show had some of the best writing for it's genre. It hoped to appeal to both children and adults rather consistantly. It mostly centers around a secret agent mouse (DangerMouse) and his somewhat inept sidekick hamster (Penfold) as they save the world from different wacky adventures from their mailbox home on Baker Street. There is a reaccuring supervillan mastermind toad (Baron Silas Greenback), his catterpillar pet (Nero), and crow henchman (Stileto). Other enemies include: aliens, fog moster of Old London Town, a welsh dragon, a mad composer, a monster enzyme, an evil DangerMouse, a witch doctor, a vampire duck, a witches broom, evil sorcerors, gremlins, bigfoot, an evil Penfold robot, insane coyote, and an intergalactic spaceship that wants to use the Earth as a snooker ball. The shows animation and music are excellent for it's time.
  • Loved this when I was a kid! Penfold was my fave!

    This show was great. I totally adored Danger Mouse. And Penfold. He was cute and silly. Very fun cartoon, where there was always lots of adventure to be had. What kid doesn't like spies? My generation had Danger Mouse and Penfold. Recent generations have Spy Kids and Agent Cody Banks, etc.

    And of course, I always enjoyed Danger Mouse's British accent. Since my mom is from England, but I grew up in California, it was totally cool to be able to hear someone besides her with an English accent. Would totally love to get this on DVD someday. Wishful thinking probably!
  • Amazing!

    Danger Mouse was a really funny and creative show that the BBC produced in the early 80’s and Nickelodeon ran again. Danger Mouse, (a white mouse with an eye patch), and his sidekick Penfold, (a hamster in a blue suit) would always foil the evil Silas Greenback's, (a frog with spats and a cane), evil plans. This was the story of the World's Greatest Secret Agent, Danger Mouse; and the World's Worst Assistant This was a kid’s show, but adults enjoy it as well. The writing was exquisite, even if the jokes were silly.