Danger Mouse

ITV (ended 1992)


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  • A really great cartoon should appeal to youngsters on one level and to adults on a totally different level. It should be fast-paced, have great dialogue and be clever. Danger Mouse met all of these requirements!

    I first saw Danger Mouse ( voiced by the wonderful David Jason of Only Fools and Horse’s fame ) in the early 1980s and was immediately hooked. A spoof of Sherlock Holmes, James Bond and other super secret agents, the show was a true classic. "D.M." as everyone called Danger Mouse was self-assured, witty, very British and constantly foiled by the ineptness of his helpmate Penfold. Yet D.M. always got his man, or frog or duck! Penfold ( voiced by Terry Scott of Terry and June fame ), the hamster was hilarious in his own right and the two made one of the memorable cartoon duos in history.

    When you throw in "the world's most villainous toad," Baron Silus Greenback and his henchman Stilleto, you have lots of fun. I'll always remember Stilleto trying to butter-up Greenback: "You're as gorgeous as de Borges [not sure of that reference]; you're as phony as Al Capone-ee!" To which Greenback modestly purred "Yes, I know."

    With blundering old Colonel Kay (an aging sheep dog) giving orders via a futuristic web cam, the pair was always in some sort of a pickle and always found hilarious ways to get out of it. This was great family entertainment and if you get a chance to see it on TV, or to buy or rent the DVD's then do so as it's a classic.