Danger Mouse

ITV (ended 1992)


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  • My favorite Cosgrove-Hall series

    I had watched this show - well the first five episodes on YouTube, and already I love this show! I'm starting to like the espionage motif.

    And already I have seven favorite episodes, and I always love the idea of a mouse as a hero; for example Brain Jacques' Redwall and The Tale of Despereaux. My favorite characters are the titular character himself and Nero the caterpillar. I know he's the "cat" of that maniacal,evil genius of a toad Baron Silas Greenback, but I love him! He made such amazingly CUTE noises! And what a clever idea to use a caterpillar as a cat for a small creature like Greenback.

    So anyway, that is all I have to say about this cartoon series, folks; that the animation and voice-acting are top-notch - and off-topic: No other actor could do Baron Silas Greenback than Edward Kelsey.