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ITV (ended 1992)


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  • The story of the eponymous DangerMouse, the world's greatest secret agent who happens to be a mouse. and his useless cowardly hamster assitant Penfold The show is a loose parody of British spy fiction, particularly James Bond and the Danger Man series sta

    This is easily one of my favourites shows ever and in my opinion one of the best ever I loved it when I was a kid (born in 1982 I grew up with the show) but when I watch it now as an adult all the jokes seem to be for grown - ups and that\'s the great thing about the show, much like The Simpsons there\'s something that will appeal to all regardless of age.

    The show is a complete send up of british spy films and TV shows the name is said to have come from the 1960\'s ITV series Danger Man. Most of the humor is based around this spoof examples include the various absurd gadgets at Danger Mouses disposal most notably the Mark III car which is also a submarine, aircraft, space vehicle etc as required. Agent 57 the master of disguise who is so good even he doesn\'t even know what he originally looks like.

    There are also many metafictional (drawing attention to the fact it\'s a show) gags such as dangermouse saying that he knew that was going to happen and upon being asked by penfold how replies \"I read the script\". Many of the shows jokes are also built around observation of british culture and (often very) bad puns such as the episode EE-Tea where the entire world\'s tea stocks are stolen causing chaos (the British answer to any problem is to have a cuppa) and a mountain of tea related puns \"it\'s a catstrop-tea\" and the duo walking past signs like high securi-tea.