Danger Mouse

Season 1 Episode 2

Rogue Robots

Aired Unknown Sep 28, 1981 on ITV

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  • I felt that this first episode (or second episode depending on how you look at it) lacked substance.

    Even for a pilot, I thought this episode was just alright. There are a few flashes of how clever and humorous the writing can be. The narrator looks like he will be an excellent tool to explain various plots while making witty remarks about the characters.

    My problem with this episode is that there is so much missing from the story. Greenback is so under-explored as a character that it makes him feel like a villain for the sake of having a villain in the episode. We don't really know why he's constructed a giant robot or what he hopes to accomplish with it. We know the smaller robots were going after agents like Danger Mouse, but what is the giant robot for? Danger Mouse isn't depicted as a star agent, either. He really just drives to the big robot, dances a jig and poof! Dead robot. This all left me a little underwhelmed by his abilities as an agent. Luckily, children probably aren't as discerning or critical when it comes to the lacking substance.