Danger Theatre

Season 1 Episode 4

Aloha, Rich Man, Goodbye

Aired Sunday 9:30 PM Jul 18, 1993 on FOX



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    • Host: Next up on Danger Theatre, the Tropical Punch unit tackles a case of psychological intrigue, terror, and utter confusion. Put on your sun block, things can get pretty hot on the island of Hawaii.

    • Mike: This was definitely a boating accident.
      Al: This was no boating accident, Captain. The preliminary report says he died of injuries from a fall.
      Mike: Okay! He tripped and fell in front of a boat. Happy, Hamoki?

    • Tom: They call her... the Black Widow.
      Mike: Hah! So it was a black woman who recently lost her husband.

    • Mike: That was a close call, Hamoki. Where'd you get your pilot's license?
      Al: From you. You pulled a few strings, remember?

    • Host: Join us again next week. Same time, same station, same crummy set.
      Stage Hand: Don't knock the set.
      Host: Well, you could paint it, for god's sake, you know. Pop for a few plants, eh?
      Stage Hand: Just say good night.
      Host: Good night, and good luck from Danger Theatre, where they won't even spring for a can of paint.

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