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Episode Guide

  • Season 6
    • Tying the Knot
      Tying the Knot
      Episode 12
      Dr Jonathan Paige and DI Gillian Cramer celebrate their last nights of freedom before the wedding. But when a boy is found tied up in the nearby woods, Paige notices a face from the past and remembers an unsolved case involving a child strangler.
    • Something Personal
      Something Personal
      Episode 11
      An expelled pupil stalks his ex-teacher, whom he accuses of driving the car that killed his friend, Naomi. Dr Jonathan Paige and DI Gillian Cramer's relationship falters when Cramer gets cold feet – and Paige forces her to make a decision that will change the rest of her life.
    • A Day in the Country
      Dr Jonathan Paige is taken hostage when a hit man's plan to kill a prisoner in the hospital goes wrong.
    • Haunted
      Episode 9
      Dr Jonathan Paige tries to comfort the husband of Margaret Dudgen after she falls to her death from a bedroom window. But all the widower can talk about is a mysterious woman who was stabbed to death and is supposed to haunt the house. Meanwhile, DS Helen Diamond finds out that DI Gillian Cramer and Matt Gregory are more than just colleagues.moreless
    • Diminished Responsibility
      Dr Jonathan Paige finds himself caught up in a conflict of interests during a murder trial when the accused reveals that Paige was once his GP. DC Monk is surprised by the sudden appearance of a girl he met on holiday.
    • The End of the Affair
      While looking into the death of Paul Campbell, DI Cramer's ex-husband – an officer with a nearby force under investigation – asks her to put in a good word for him with the investigating officer. When Cramer learns that her ex-husband worked with Campbell, she turns to Dr Jonathan Paige for help.moreless
    • Forbidden Fruit
      Forbidden Fruit
      Episode 6
      Dr Jonathan Paige is called out to examine a young immigrant farm worker, Elena, who has been arrested during a raid by immigration officers. Paige discovers the cause of Elena's agony – she is about to give birth.
    • Through a Glass, Darkly
      Dr Jonathan Paige faces an accusation of sexual assault while attempting to discover from two youths the truth about a night out which landed them both in hospital.
    • Hidden Desires
      Hidden Desires
      Episode 4
      When teenager Jade Prior goes missing, Jade's mum suspects her new stepson Lee knows more than he's saying.
    • Chasing Shadows
      Chasing Shadows
      Episode 3
      Ellie Edmunds is involved in a car accident in which a boy is injured, and is confined in a cell after being found to be over the limit. Paige and Cramer are called in, and Cramer has to restrain Ellie, who launches a formal complaint after suffering a miscarriage on police premises. Dr Paige finds he may have to give evidence against the woman he loves!moreless
    • Instinct
      Episode 2
      Romance is in the air when Dr Jonathan Paige clocks an attractive football supporter during a pub match. The release from prison of Stuart McAire, the man responsible for kidnapping Rhona Bishop seven years previously, coincides with a series of violent attacks on Rhona. McAire is the obvious suspect, but Rhona's husband and his brother both seem to have a motive.moreless
    • Gas Man
      Gas Man
      Episode 1
      Dr Jonathan Paige and Sgt Diamond are nearby when a gas explosion happens in the middle of Warwickshire. They're on their war to see Inspector Gillian Cramer pick up an award for bravery. After being shot she's back on duty but tender things remain unsaid between Gillian and Jonathan. How long will this last and are they right for each other? The new cockney forensics man, Matt Gregory, is on the prowl. The main case centres around the explosion and Clive Daniels, a sinister computer nerd. Paige and Diamond are on their way to DI Cramer's commendation ceremony in London when an explosion disrupts their journey. A forensic scientist is called in to investigate, and tensions arise between him and Paige, although it soon becomes clear that a computer is controlling events in Warwickshire.moreless
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