Dangerfield - Season 4

BBC (ended 1999)




Episode Guide

  • And Lips That We Might Tell
    Paul Dangerfield is called out to a serious road accident and, during the investigation, becomes targeted by a disturbed woman. He witnesses the happiest day of his daughter's life, unaware of the bombshell to come.
  • Lasting Relief
    Lasting Relief
    Episode 9
    An apparent case of euthanasia finds Dangerfield in the awkward position of suspecting an old friend and colleague, Dr Jonathan Paige. During the post mortem examination of a former pop star who had been suffering from cancer, Dangerfield discovers an injection mark on the body. The evidence points to suicide, but Dangerfield beleives that someone "helped" the dead man on his way. Dr Paige denies any involvement in his friend's death.moreless
  • Contact
    Episode 8
    A drunken teenager held in a cell collapses and is taken to hospital where he is assumed to have taken a drugs overdose. It later emerges he has meningitis and a desperate race ensues to find all the people who have been in contact with him.
  • Adam
    Episode 7
    Nicola and Richard Gresham, are the parents of a young woman who's been murdered. With the help of their daughter's boyfriend, Adam, they help police to stage a reconstruction of her last movements. But, as often happens, the murderer is close by, and it's not long before trusty pathologist Paul figures out whodunit. After killing his girlfriend Hannah, Adam lies to the police saying a previous boyfriend has been following her and blames him for her disappearance. A press conference is called asking for help in finding Hannah, but Dangerfield is not sure that Adam is telling the truth.moreless
  • Guilt
    Episode 6
    A car is dragged from a river containing the body of Ben Stratton. Alice Stratton identifies her husband, but when Dagley and Diamond call on Alice for further questioning they find she has disappeared.
  • House Calls
    House Calls
    Episode 5
    When Val Massey is involved in a car accident, she finds the other victim is a criminal who seizes the moment and flees from prison custody. Worried about Val, Dangerfield pays her a visit and finds the household being held hostage and himself staring down the barrel of a shotgun.
  • Happy Families
    Happy Families
    Episode 4
    Businessman Brian Taylor finds himself in the frame for murder when an attractive girl is found dead. Paul Dangerfield is working on the case, but Brian is a close pal so he has to tread a fine line between friendship and professionalism. Dangerfield is called upon to confirm the death of a young drowning victim. When it transpires that the woman was a work colleague of his friend Brian Taylor, the police and Brian's wife Barbara suspect there was more to the relationship.moreless
  • Blood Money
    Blood Money
    Episode 3
    Not even motherhood has clamed young Al Dangerfield. She still thinks she knows best but, as usual, ends up regretting it. When she sees a young Serbian, Dejan, beaten on the street of Warwick, Al steps in to help him. A passionate relationship begins and Al refuses to accept any criticism of her new-found friend, least of all from her father. But there's much more to Dejan than meets the eye, as Al's forced to realise. Out of compassion, Dangerfield's daughter Al takes into her home Dejan, a young man who has been brutally beaten up. But Dangerfield becomes suspicious and asks DS Diamond to check him out.moreless
  • Perfect Witness
    Perfect Witness
    Episode 2
    During Dangerfield's examination of Jayne Sharman it transpires that she was raped six weeks earlier. By an apparent coincidence, one of Dr Robbins' patients, who is recovering from hepatitis, was also raped. Then Jayne is rushed to hospital with hepatitis. The police suspect a link between the two cases, but with one victim dying and the other refusing to give evidence, they have difficulty in bringing the case to court.moreless
  • Inappropriate Adults
    Paul Dangerfield investigates a supposed cot death and deals with the baby's emotional mother. Dangerfield examines a cot death at a remote farmhouse and finds the baby died in mysterious circumstances. Events reveal that the mother couldn't have killed the baby, so the search is on for the missing father.