Dangerous Assignment

(ended 1953)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • The Archeological Story
      In Jordan, Steve poses as a rival rabble-rouser to prevent a fanatic from starting a revolution and to recover a missing goddess figurine.
    • The Decoy Story
      The Decoy Story
      Episode 38
      Steve devises a scheme to smuggle a wounded diplomatic attache out of Eastern Europe.
    • The Paris Sewer Story
      Steve must travel though the famous sewers of Paris to rescue a colleague whose identity was discovered after he infiltrated a European spy ring.
    • The Knitting Needle Story
      When an Italian journalist is murdered on board an international flight, Steve must identify the killer and protect the only person left who knows which American is financing a Mafia vote-fraud operation in Italy.
    • The Perfect Alibi
      The Perfect Alibi
      Episode 35
      The murder of an informant in Rome leads to the discovery that someone there has been impersonating Steve.
    • The Havana Microfilm Story
      Steve negotiates the dangerous back alleys of Havana in search of a spy in possession of stolen documents on microfilm.
    • The Pat and Mike Story
      Steve is sent into the African jungle to break up a feud between rival witch doctors.
    • The Black Hood Story
      In Berlin, Steve must recover confidential diplomatic papers stolen from a courier by a masked gang.
    • The Lagoon Story
      The Lagoon Story
      Episode 31
      In Africa, Steve tries to track down two missing agents who were looking for a secret germ warfare lab.
    • The Assassin Ring Story
      Steve goes to the Middle East to prove that the U.S. was not responsible for an Arab king's assassination, but to do so he has to find the real killer.
    • The One Blue Chip Story
      At a casino in Macao, Steve poses as a crook to track down counterfeit U.S. currency.
    • The Red Queen Story
      Steve goes to the Far East to the island state of Singapore in search of a woman who can tell him the location of a million dollars worth of stolen rubber.
    • The Atomic Mine Story

      A man is killed and a land mine is stolen from a U.S. atomic testing lab in the Nevada desert. Steve races to the nearest town to catch the train as he believes the thief is escaping onboard the only transportation out of the area. What neither the killer nor the other passengers realize is that the mine is armed and set to automatically explode in just a few hours.

    • The Death in the Morgue Story
      Steve visits a morgue in Morocco to determine who has been sabotaging the expansion of an American air base.
    • The Art Treasure Story
      Steve takes a train to Mexico in pursuit of killers who have discovered the whereabouts of Hapsburg art treasures stolen by the Nazis.
    • The Bodyguard Story
      In Paris, Steve must protect a young French woman who witnessed a political assassination.
    • The Venetian Story
      The Venetian Story
      Episode 23
      When a vital part of a U.S. code machine is stolen, Steve is sent to Venice, Italy, to locate it and buy it back before its secrets end up in enemy hands.
    • The Stolen Letter
      The Stolen Letter
      Episode 22
      Steve goes to South America to retrieve a letter that will expose a plot against the U.S.
    • The Parachute Story
      Steve parachutes into an Eastern European country to search for a confession that will exonerate the country's leader of false charges of being a spy for the U.S.
    • The Dead General Story
      Posing as a journalist in the Balkans, Steve tries to keep a murdered general's secret documents from falling into the hands of enemy agents.
    • The Iron Banner Story
      The recent murder of a man who was supposed to have died six years ago sends Steve to Greece in search of a cast-iron swastika supposedly containing the location of Hitler's secret bank accounts.
    • The Piece of String Story
      In Panama, Steve tries to determine the link between stolen dynamite and a length of string found on a corpse.
    • The Civil War Map Story
      Steve goes to Richmond, Virginia, in hope of discovering why a murdered foreign agent stole an ancient Civil War map.
    • The Briefcase Story
      In Paris, Steve tries to determine who has set a time bomb to disrupt an important secret conference between the U.S. and three countries of Eastern Europe.
    • The Missing Diplomat Story
      In Barcelona, Spain, Steve hunts for a missing diplomat who has records of all the conversations at a top-secret conference.
    • The Caboose Story
      The Caboose Story
      Episode 14

      Steve is sent to Tokyo to get evidence on a former flame who's suspected in an outbreak of sabotage. He finds Marta as charming and dangerous as ever; an agent and a soldier who figured out she was the ringleader are quickly murdered. Once Steve accuses her of sabotage and murder, he almost becomes her next victim.

    • The Sunflower Seed Story
      In South America, Steve investigates a political leader's murder, of which a U.S. citizen has been accused.
    • The Burma Temple Story
      In Rangoon, Burma, Steve tries to find out who killed a newspaperman who was trying to expose a racket involving political refugees.
    • The Blood Stained Feather Story
      In Cairo, Steve has a showdown with a secret society of assassins.
    • The Italian Movie Story

      Steve is sent to Rome to discover why a foreign agent was willing to loose his life stealing a roll of movie film. He meets the clueless producer, the pretentious director and hack screenwriter. After viewing the reel a dozen times, Steve can't figure out why anyone would want the putrid picture. Then, the cameraman is murdered for the film.

    • The Mine Story
      The Mine Story
      Episode 9

      Steve is smuggled into a labor camp in Eastern Europe to get information from a former Communist honcho who's now working in an uranium mine. Passing himself off as one of the miners, Steve gets in and makes contact with his informer. Getting out is harder as the workers have rebelled and sabotaged one of the shafts to explode.

    • The Salami Story
      The Salami Story
      Episode 8

      Steve is in France to protect the head of an American plastics company who's heading to a conference. He hops aboard a train to meet up with man, but finds him shot dead in his cabin. Missing are the man's valuable documents detailing a new breakthrough in weapons. With the help of a French businessman, Steve goes undercover among the passengers to look for a suspect.

    • The Bhandara Story
      In Bombay, India, Steve tries to solve a case of sabotage and murder to clear an American citizen.
    • The Key Story
      The Key Story
      Episode 6
      Steve must risk his life in the Swiss Alps to recover a document that proves a country's recently deceased leader was murdered.
    • The Manager Story
      Steve goes to Stockholm, Sweden, to determine which member of an organization of lecturers is ferrying U.S. secrets to foreign spies, but to do so he must rescue an informant's kidnapped child.
    • The Memory Chain
      The Memory Chain
      Episode 4
      Steve goes to Munich, Germany, to disrupt a chain of spies who transmit vital U.S. secrets to foreign agents by word of mouth.
    • Displaced Persons Story
      Steve helps a shipful of Eastern European refugees whose attempt to reach the refuge of a small Mediterranean island is imperiled by a saboteur.
    • The Submarine Story
      Steve tries to determine the identity of a person who has been smuggling guns and other contraband into China.
    • Steve travels to Portugal to help an old friend investigate a scam whereby illegal aliens are smuggled into the United States as political refugees.