Dangerous Encounters with Brady Barr

Tuesday 9:00 PM on National Geographic Premiered May 27, 2005 In Season


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  • Season 9
    • No episodes have been added for this season of Dangerous Encounters with Brady Barr.
  • Season 7
    • Phantom Killer
      Episode 6
      The list of predators is long in Florida: black bear, Florida panthers, coyotes and gators. Brady must put the clues together and find the killer before it strikes again. But nothing in Brady's long career can prepare him for what is next: an epic encounter with a giant gator. Armed only with what he finds in his car, including a pair of jumper cables and his very own underwear, and with the help of his willing cameraman, Brady attempts to capture the rogue gator and prove that it is behind the calf killings.moreless
    • Bayou Beasts
      Episode 5
      Weighing several hundred pounds and armed with vicelike jaws capable of dismembering its prey, the alligator snapper is a true prehistoric beast. But decades of commercial hunting have dramatically reduced its population. To find out if truly giant turtles still lurk in the waters of the Southeast, Brady heads to Louisiana.moreless
    • 9/5/12
      Brady plunges into the Bahamas' turquoise waters in search of nurse sharks, stingrays and other beasts of the beach -- nothing can ruin your vacation like getting the razor-sharp bill of a flying houndfish stuck in your neck! And don't think a round of golf always makes for a safe alternative -- as Brady tees off in Mexico, he discovers the water hazards can be just that -- serious hazards, with Morelet's crocodiles lurking. But if you keep your eyes open and use common sense, encountering these awesome creatures can become a vacation treat instead of a holiday horror.moreless
    • Home Invasion
      Episode 3
      Interactions between humans and bears can prove deadly, so to dissuade them from equating us with food, it's important to keep them away from our trash. Brady heads to Yellowstone Park to visit The Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center testing facility, where they're working on building a better trash can. After baiting a trash can, they put it to the test with two 500-pound grizzlies and watch as the animals tear the trash can to shreds in a matter of minutes. From there, Brady's off to central Florida to check in on an animal armed with smarts and dexterity rather than brute strength -- the mischievous raccoon.moreless
    • 8/22/12
      There's perhaps no place in the U.S. where pets face more dangers than in Phoenix, Ariz. One animal in particular has a reputation for attacking pets of all sizes the javelina, a hooved beast with razor-sharp tusks. To find out if the creature is as aggressive as people say he straps a stuffed dog to a remote-controlled vehicle and drives it into the cage of a captive javelina. An onboard camera records the attack quick, violent, full of teeth and tusks.moreless
    • Raging Bulls
      Episode 1
      According to Brady, his scariest encounter to date was dodging one-ton bulls at rodeo clown school. Now, Brady will face his ultimate fear again. He's headed to another "semester" of rodeo school, only this time he won't be clowning around; he's actually going to mount up. To understand just how formidable these powerful beasts are, Brady will ride one of the school's toughest bulls while slow-motion cameras record the sheer power of the twists and angles at which the bull jumps.moreless
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