Season 1 Episode 4

Episode 4

Aired Tuesday 8:30 PM Feb 06, 2007 on FOX8

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  • Dangerous is about crime in the underdog area of the suburbs. With ram raiding gang lead by Dean and featuring EC the only chick member- who hates donna.There is also the inter woven forbidden love of Dean and Princess Donna, a government adisor.

    Okay this epidsode was a little slow at first, but then it got going. Firstly their is all that woohah about the footage which the chief of police shows Donna. Its a video of a ram-raiding, which Donna parcipiated in. So Donna gets freaked and starts to realise and think the police guys may be on too her involvment with the gang. Their is some stuff with a truck and a body, but i'm not going there. Two word's to sum that up Crime Boss. They get a stolen car but Dean wants to get rid of it straight away, but EC loves it and wants its engine. Nearing the end at Dean mothers house, they are giving Gary back his mags and Ec turns up and still has the car. Dean gets pissed and tells her to get rid of it. Gary realises it stolen and freaks and pretty much admits he was the who dob on Deans mum. Dean get real angry realising this and attacks Gary. Gary kicks him out, and Dean tells Ec to get rid of it quickly cos Gary will ring the police. Donna has also decided to get out of this (ages ago in episode).Dean agress cos its getting too thick too quickly. Donna helps him out just one last time. They follow Ec. The polcie come quickly, and go on Ec tail. Dean says Ec is an excellent driver so Ec will lose them. Ec gets boxed in by police cars and Dean still thinks Ec will get out of this one. They hear a car crash and hope its cops cars that crashed. No such luck, they pass the crashed car. Its the one Ec was in. There she is top body out the windscreen. Blood everywhere. Yes Ec is dead. You saw dean face white, a tear i think going down his face. They were good friends. Donna may want out, but i think she is being sucked back in. With Ec's death the whole gang breaks down and makes Dean realise he doesn't want anything to with the crime boss i think. He will need Donna, as comfort. The aftermarth of Ec's death nxt episode is suppose to be good. The preview looked good. Check it our nxt week.