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  • LOved it

    i loved th show.
    would have been good if it whent for longer and more Episodes.i like how it showed it from there point.but there is like no way some one would do that in reallife it was a cool show and i loved it.i all so liked some of the songs thay had on the show.
    would be cool if thay showed when there mum was around and what happend with here and when she was liveing with them that would have been cool.I do wish there was alot more than 9Episodes that sucked hard. hope to see more from the guys that made it.
  • Nothing but nonesense.

    This show is nothing but a bunch of hoodlums breaking the law just to get some money and a buzz. It gives the real law breakers from other shows a bad name in the professionalism department. I do not see what people see in this show and I doubt I ever will. Dangerous is just an attempt at something different; to bad it failed.
  • Dangerous is what we do. Livingdangerously.com.au

    Dangerous is a awesome Australian television series, its innovative fast and raw. There are many shows in Australia, especially on free to air that try to break new grounds in Aussie television and yet it is merely a new suburb down the road from Summer Bay or a new police station in Dubbo. Dangerous is different as it delivers on there promise of an edgy, innovative, action, suburban, ram-raiding youth orientated show with actual locations and taboo issues that are usually ignored by all the other happy Australian shows. In my opinion this is a show that should be turned into a movie as it captures the real essence of Sydney and the diversity of cultures, class and community. Dangerous is what we do.
  • It is an overall great show!

    Dangerous combines love, with action and Drama. It is one of the best shows i have ever seen. It gets your heart racing as each task the four main western suberbs characters set out to do becomes more serious and the risk of getting caught hightens. A middle class Eastern subberbs girl is writing a report on Ram Raiding which is what the four main characters are stongly envolved in and she gets to know them personally. She begins to do things with them and wants to get out before she is in to deep however still feels drawn to the rebelous behaviour. It is a great show for a wide range of people.
  • Finally we have a new Australian drama that's prepared to take risks, say something original and just be hardcore entertainment at the same time. Dangerous may have some rough edges, but this urban drama is definitely worth watching.

    Finally we have a new Australian drama that's prepared to take risks, say something original and just be hardcore entertainment at the same time. Dangerous may have some rough edges, but this urban drama is definitely worth watching. Set in the rough outer suburbs of Sydney, Dangerous follows the lives of several main characters from very different worlds. Dean (Khan Chittenden) is a local kid from a crap family, a veteran of petty crime looking to get bigger. Donna (Brooke Satchwell) is a government staffer looking into crime statistics who decides to get very up close and personal with that world. Detective Mark Field (Joel Edgerton) is an honest but world-weary cop that does his best to clean up the local streets. With Dean looking for an even bigger score, Donna's curiousity for the "darker" side of life, and Field's desire to get the bottom of a crime wave, you know that things are going to be explosive.

    It's a professional and well-made drama, featuring a side of life that is rarely seen on Australian television. Despite the fact that it's obviously unashamedly commercial, it's still original and innovative. It's a shame Foxtel can only do something like this once a year, but at least they do it once -- the three commercial networks really haven't tried this hard ever, and are less likely to now than ever.

    It's not perfect, sometimes the acting from support characters can be a bit forced (though the three leads are strong), and it's a scenario that won't interest plenty of people (though it definitely isn't glamourising the lifestyle, as some will suspect).

    However, it's a worthy addition to the drama world and is worth comparing to the best US and British crime stories. Probably the biggest shame is that most Australians won't even see it, since it's on Foxtel and will reach maybe a quarter of the overall audience at best. But it's good, and you should see it somehow.
  • Dangerous is one of the few Australian made shows that have the potential to be great.

    Dangerous is a show based on Dean, A jobless 20ish year old guy that still lives with his dad and younger brother. His mother is currently in jail, Not sure what for. This show is relatively fast-paced, exciting, and interesting if your into how they do ram-raids, steal cars, and make a little money on the side. Dean and his group consisting of Joe, EC and Riz use their stolen cars, skills, contacts and well, everything they have at their disposal to try and get out of the place they are now, the wrong side of the tracks. Where people barely work, walls are covered in graffiti, everyone seems to be sporting a hood or some weird hair style and at least a couple of grand in each pocket. Its a great show in my opinion and worth a look into if your a little bored.
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