Daniel Boone

Season 6 Episode 25

How to Become a Goddess

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Apr 30, 1970 on NBC

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  • The characters in this episode were a little bit of bumbling fools who thought that Becky would be a good Goddess because of her hair color. I watched this episode with my dad that's why it means so much to me. It is still an interesting plot though.

    This was my favorite episode because it was not about Daniel, Israel, or some other character. Rebecca Boone is my favorite on the series and she should have some things that don't always keep her at home or in the fort. I liked the fact that Becky had a little adventure of her own. Ess and Bingen always do things that get them in trouble and then Daniel has to come and get them out of it.I believe that this was as least a little bit of fun for Rebecca, or maybe not. At least Daniel had some of the fun, but I don't think he appreciated it too much.