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  • This show captured the imagination of so many children of my generation that the images and ideas still affect us so many years later.

    This was one of my very favorite shows when I was a child. The show first aired when I was eight years old. A good friend of mine and I watched it every time it was on, and then we would create our own stories and "pretend" to be the main characters. This show capture my imagination like few other shows have. The values presented became a part of my life, honesty, integrity, being unbiased and to not judge others by what they look like but their actions. Fess Parker was excellent in the role of Daniel Boone. Strong, handsome, with a quick wit and wonderful sense of humor, he brought the character to life for me. Albert Salmi, though only on the show for the first season, brought a taste of the old-time frontier man to the screen with his excellent portrayal of Yadkin. Dal McKennon as Cincinnatus was wonderful as the cantankerous shop keeper who made sure supplies were available along with candy for the kids and bits of ribbons and other fripparies for the ladies. I can't say enough about the wonderful performances of Patricia Blair as Rebecca Boone. She was perfect for the wife of Daniel Boone, a fiesty, red-haired Irish girl, who could shoot a rifle when needed, or doctor wounds, or keep a rambunctious boy out of too much trouble. Speaking of that rambunctious boy, Darby Hinton as Israel Boone was perfectly cast. Innocent looking, until you saw the gleam in his blue eyes, he was a delightfully mischievous little boy trying to grow up to be just like his larger than life father. Finally, my favorite character in the show - Ed Ames as Mingo, the half-Cherokee, half-British friend of Daniel Boone. A complex character, Mingo dresses and lives as his mother's people do, but when speaking English he does so with the cultured tones that show his Oxford Education. What motivates a person like this? What led him to abandon "Civilized Society" to follow the ways of his mother's "Primitive Savage Ancestors"? These characters, plus the others in the series, presented their world as a rich and vibrant tapestry of Colonial America. Granted, the show played fast and loose with real History at times (most of the time), but this show helped awaken in me, at least, a passion for history that is with me to this day. What more can you ask of a television show?
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