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  • Daniel Boone was a man.....

    Funny how this series doesn't seem to remembered much by TV critics today. They remember Fess Parker's Davy Crockett Disney series of the 1950's but his series about the other great frontier hero, Daniel Boone, which ran on NBC from 1964-70 appears to be all but forgotten. It's a pity. Daniel Boone was quality television. You name it and Daniel Boone had it: action, adventure, pathos, drama, and comedy. It also was not afraid to take on controversial topics such as bigotry and prejudice which many shows of that era with contemporary settings were reluctant to handle.

    Fess Parker remains the archetypical TV frontier hero and he played his role of Daniel Boone to the hilt. Ed Ames lent fine support as an Oxford educated half-breed Cherokee Indian named Mingo who became Daniel's friend and confidante. Patricia Blair played Daniel's stalwart (and beautiful) wife Rebecca and Albert Salmi, Jimmy Dean, Rosie Grier, Don Pedro Colley, and Robert Logan played other sidekicks of Daniel during the course of the series' run. I'd be remiss if I din't mention Darby Hinton who played Israel Boone, Daniel's son. Hinton, though mostly forgotten today, was one of the best child actors of that period. Unfortunatley for Hinton, he didn't have much of a career once he grew older unlike a few of his contemporaries such as Ron Howard and Kurt Russell.

    I don't know why Daniel Boone has been largely forgotten. I haven't seen it in reruns for years although it used to run all the time in the immediate years after its cancellation. Maybe station execs in larger markets see it as a rural show and would rather load their local viewers down with the likes of Seinfeld, Friends, Roseanne, and the Simpsons. I think it ran on TV Land for a short period of time but I never got the chance to watch it on that network. Anyway, check Daniel Boone out if it ever comes back. It was a first class show.