Daniel Deronda

Season 1 Episode 1

Episode One

Aired Unknown Nov 24, 2002 on BBC



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    • (To Lush about Gwen)
      Henleigh: I'm no more in love with her than I imagine she is with me.

    • (After Daniel denies he flirts)
      Sir Hugo: You're always looking tenderly at the women and getting them to tell you their troubles...and then you pretend to be surprised when they come running after you.

    • (About Henleigh and Gwen)
      Daniel: I don't like to see them together.
      Sir Hugo: I hope you didn't flirt too much with her Daniel.

    • (To Daniel about the manor)
      Sir Hugo: I think Grandcourt will come round in the end, he's a tricky fish to play though.

    • (After Daniel rescues Mirah)
      Mirah: If you had not come, I should have been dead by now.
      Daniel: I hope you will never be sorry I came.

    • (To Daniel about Gwen)
      Sir Hugo: The best horse will win inspite of pedigree my boy.

    • (About his proposal to Gwen)
      Lush: So, have you asked her yet? Henleigh: Not yet. I shall wait til the archery picnic, I think.
      Lush: And you think she'll accept?
      Henleigh: She's a fool if she doesn't.

    • (To Daniel about Henleigh)
      Sir Hugo: I know you don't like him anymore than I do.

    • (During the archery contest)
      Rev. Gascoigne: It's really rather scandalous of you Gwendolen to do so well on your first outing.
      Gwen: It's not my fault. If I'm to aim I can't help hitting.

    • (To Rex after she tells him she doesn't love him)
      Gwen: I like you very much, apart from that you know.

    • (Referring to Herr Klesmer)
      Rex: What right has that damn fellow to insult you!
      Gwen: Every right unfortunately.

    • Gwen's sister: She always gets everything she wants!
      Gwen: That's because I won't put up with anything less.

    • (Referring to Gwen in the Casino)
      Man #1: A man might risk hanging for her.
      Man #2: Well, a fool might.

  • Notes

    • Timeline:
      The inital scene when Gwen and Daniel first see each other is set in Leubronn Germany during the summer of 1874.

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