Daniel Deronda

BBC (ended 2002)


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  • Romance with a bite of reality where not everything works out well.

    Daniel Deronda is one of those series which I just love to watch.

    Hugh Dancy is a very convincing Daniel who is at first in love with Gwen when Mirah tries to drown herself in the river. Daniel rescues her and he has a connection with her immediately.

    Gwen needs to marry well after her deceased father's investments go bust and there is no money left to live on.

    Mirah is a young, beautiful Jewess who is searching for her family after her father stole her away when she was young.

    Daniel, kind hearted and always thinking the best of people, offers to help Mirah start again in England, and try to find her family.

    This journey though takes an unexpected direction when Daniel starts to find out about his own past.