Danny Phantom

Season 1 Episode 13


Aired Friday 12:00 AM Nov 05, 2004 on Nickelodeon
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When Jazz falls for hunky boy ghost, Johnny 13, who can cast his Shadow out and create bad luck for everyone who crosses him -- especially the girls he's dating, Danny is forced to behave like an overprotective parent, much to Jazz's dismay. Furthermore, Danny must beat Johnny back into the Ghost Zone before Jazz accepts his offer to go steady, or else!moreless

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  • Great episode with humor an character developement

    One of the more enjoyable episodes. Danny once again has to save his sister from a biker ghost who wants to use her as a host for his stranded girlfriend. That shadow was an interesting character itself. Plus how Sam uses reverse psychology to turn Tucker's outlook around was humorous itself.
  • not bad

    this episode wasent that bad because theres a new character to the series and he has cool powers. the coolest powers he has was that he can summon a shawdow to defeat his enemies any time. the shawdow he has is awsome. the thing i also liked about this episode is the fight between danny and jhonny 13. it was a cool battle but the thing i dont like that much about the episode is that jhonny 13 is kinda annoying when hes talking to jazz and stuff. other then that this was a cool episode. the thing i found strange is that this is the 13th episode to the series and the name of the episode is named "13"

    i give it a 7.8/10moreless
  • a rebel boy

    This epi is not one of my favorite but is was goo i like in the part that we can see that danny really care alot abaut her older sister .it remember me went i was tring to protectmy sister to of a crazy boy that had someting wired.i like to the motocicle of the ghost and his shadow ,it look creepy buy clumsy in a strange way .but it was so weak.danny need more strong enemy like vald

    i like so much the part that tuker was triang to be GHOTIC that was strange because he is a rat that love and is obsesionat with that compiute and technology.he look so funny went sam try to put a tatoo and stuff like that .and tuker get mad in the end he deside to still be a nerd and slave of the compiuters and tecnology. it was a good epi but is was to al ittle strang but in general it was funny and it just a other epi of danny fenton.moreless
  • Jazz falls for Johnny 13, a ghost who doesn't seem to have Jazz's best interests at heart.

    I actually liked this episode and is very disappointed at what some of the users have to say. I don't care too much for Johnny 13, but I really like his shadow. That thing is really cool. I loved the beginning of this episode. I thought it was funny when Danny complains about all the ghosts roaming around the city, and then the scene switches to the Fenton's basement where Jack is the one letting all of the ghosts out of the Ghost Zone. I also enjoyed the parts where Danny is acting and talking exactly like his parents. It was both funny and sort of disturbing (lol).moreless
  • A ghost named Jonny 13 is trying to use Jazz has the host for his girlfriend.Danny has to find a way to stop him and save his sister.

    Not the best episode,but alright.

    A ghost name Jonny 13 has to get some girl to wear his girlfriend's clothes so she can take over her body.Jonny decides to use Jazz.Danny knows about Jonny's ghostly origins and of course spies on them to protect her.Jazz falls for him more and more she wears more of his girl's stuff and makes herself into a host.Jack and Maddie don't approve of him and actually wants Danny to spy on them.Jonny 13's shadow is alive and he can use it as a weapon.His Shadow is fighting Danny while he gets closer to Jazz.Jazz realizes he is a creep when he picks on her little bro and Danny defeats both Shadow and Jonny and sends them back to the Ghost Zone.Sub plot is Tucker trying to get a new image after he is branded Bad Luck Tuck.Sam helps him to figure out there was nothing wrong with his old image.

    Not the best episode while it develops more on Danny and Jazz's relationship,Jonny 13 is simpley not a good villain and is very weak with out his Shadow.A funny note is that Danny realize how much he acts like his dad Jack and freaks out.moreless
William Baldwin

William Baldwin

Johnny 13

Guest Star

Chynna Phillips

Chynna Phillips


Guest Star

David Kaufman

David Kaufman

Danny Fenton/Phantom

Recurring Role

Kath Soucie

Kath Soucie

Maddie Fenton (Mom)/Concessions Kid

Recurring Role

Rob Paulsen

Rob Paulsen

Jack Fenton (Dad)

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (11)

    • At the end of the episode after Danny has captured Johnny in the Fenton Thermos, the transform rings pass over his body horizontally rather than vertically.

    • It is hinted that Danny can take off his costume when he says, "Hey! Easy on the ghost ink! I just got this suit cleaned!" It is confirmed later in "King Tuck" that it can be taken off.

    • Near the end of the episode, Jazz has on the ring and Kitty & Jazz have switched places. When there is a close-up of Kitty, she has no pupils.

    • When Dash answers Kwan while he is mimicing Tucker at the carnaval, Dash's eyes have no pupils for a few seconds.

    • Tucker's bee stings are gone in the next scene where he, Danny, and Sam are walking home from school until Danny's ghost sense goes off and spots Jazz riding with Johnny on her motorcycle.

    • Johnny doesn't have a ghostly glow until the end of the episode.

    • When Danny flew to the tree branch, and before landing on it, his eye's are momentarily gray.

    • There is one moment at the carnival, Sam's eyes are greenish like Tucker's.

    • When Jack is in bed, his gloves are off, but when he wakes up, his gloves are on.

    • Danny: (To Tucker) Hey, nice hair, lose a bet?
      - Danny already knew why Tucker has that hair style because he saw it earlier when Sam was explaining that Tucker is going Goth.

    • When Tucker breaks the wasp's nest, it goes all over the school. Jazz goes to the school. When it showed everyone coming out of the school with bee stings, she had none.

  • QUOTES (27)

    • Sam: (To Danny) If you need us tonight, we'll be at Tucker's, darkening his outlook on the world. (To Tucker) Won't that be fun?
      Tucker: Yeah. It'll be... wait, what are you gonna be doing at Tucker's?

    • Sam: (Referring to being a techno-geek) So, maybe your first thing was your best thing.
      Tucker: Yeah... (Suspiciously) Hey, you never really wanted me to go Goth, did you?
      Sam: Duh. Goth's my thing. (Holds up PDA) And I believe this is yours.
      Tucker: (Takes PDA and kisses it) Oh, baby, I missed you!

    • Concessions Kid: (To Tucker & Sam) One super large popcorn. (Gasps; to Tucker) I know you. You're Bad Luck Tuck.
      Tucker: (Takes popcorn) And you're Minimum Wage Stan, but you don't hear me broadcasting it.

    • Danny: The weirdest part is my parents and I were actually on the same page! I'm not like them! Am I?
      Sam: Let's see. You're stubborn, overprotective, your last name's Fenton, and you hunt ghosts.
      Tucker: Only thing you're missing is the hazmat goggles and the wonder gut.

    • (Jack is trying to open the door using brute force)
      Maddie: Jack, calm down. Try being a little more gentle...
      (Danny & Johnny 13's Shadow phase through the door; Maddie turns the lock slowly; door falls off its hinges)
      Maddie: See?
      Jack: Well, hey, I loosened it!

    • Johnny: (To Jack, from outside his bedroom door) Sorry, Pops, I didn't want you crampin' my style.
      Jack: Stop calling me "Pops"!

    • Danny: Suffering spooks! (Slight pause) Suffering spooks? Oh, man, I am becoming my dad!

    • Danny: (To Johnny) Better luck next time! But next time, stay away from my sister!

    • Johnny: (To Jazz) What do you say, kiddo? Want to be my girl?
      Danny: She's not anybody's girl!
      Jazz & Johnny: Stop spying on us!
      Danny: No, I won't! Any more than you would if it were me!

    • Maddie: (To Jazz, referring to Johnny) I cannot believe he snuck into the house just to see you. It's so romantic...but you still can't ever see him again.
      Danny & Jack: I told you that punk was no good!
      (Danny is embarrassed, Jack smiles and puts his hand on Danny's shoulder)
      Jazz: Yeah. Yeah, you did. You both did. (To Danny) But you told me first. (Rubs his head)
      Danny: Hey!
      Jazz: I love you too.

    • Kwan: (Impersonating Tucker) Check me out, I'm Tucker Foley, styling large in the latest techno geek fashion.
      Dash: Dude, you do that a little too well.
      Kwan: (Screams) Techno geek's contagious!

    • Danny: (To Tucker) I need a new image, can I borrow your PDA?
      Tucker: Get your own thing, man.

    • Johnny: So, Jazz, what do you say?
      Jazz: A ring? You wanna go steady? That is so old school.

    • Sam: Time for the ultimate Goth accessory. (Holds up an earring)
      Tucker: I am not getting my ear pierced!
      Sam: Who said anything about your ear?

    • Jack: (About Johnny) He's on the run!
      Maddie: And I've got the Fenton Anti-Creep Stick. Let's get him!
      Jack: Sweetie, that's just a regular bat.
      Maddie: Yep, but it's a bat with the word 'Fenton' on it.
      Jack: Man, that's hot!

    • Jack: (To Danny about Johnny) You decked him? (Sad face) But we brought the bat... with the word 'Fenton' on it.

    • Jazz: (About a clown painting) Sure he's smiling on the outside, but I can sense the tortured soul just below the surface.
      Clown Artist: No, he's smiling on the inside too. (Burps)

    • Tucker: (To girl) Do you want to beam me your phone number? We can share ring tones. (Twitches)
      Girl: No way, techno geek.
      Tucker: Argh! I am not a techno geek! (Throws his technology on the ground) Ahhhhh!!! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!

    • Jack: Suffering spooks! Where's Danny? I'll bet he'd love this!
      Jazz: (Nervously) Oh, well, I'm sure wherever he is it has nothing to do with ghosts at all.

    • Danny: (To ghost wolf, about Sam) Down boy! Don't eat that, it's a vegetarian!

    • Danny: (To Sam) Man, this stinks. My sister's dating a ghost, and I'm turning into my parents!
      Tucker: Hey, guys.
      Danny: (After seeing Tucker's Goth outfit) What the heck are you turning into?

    • Kitty: (About getting a girl for her to possess) What's talking so long?
      Johnny: I'm trying to find the right girl for you to take over. I mean, if I've gotta look at her face with all eternity, I wanna make sure I like it, dig?

    • Danny & Jack: (To Jazz) You were about to let some strange punk activate the Fenton Portal? (They stare at each other)
      Johnny: Hey, calm down! We weren't doing nothing, Pops!
      Danny & Maddie: His name isn't "Pops"! (They stare at each other)
      Johnny: Ah, whatever. This place is getting a little too cramped for my style, anyway. (Leaves)
      Jazz: I'll walk you out, Johnny. (To Danny, about Jack and Maddie) And could you be any more like them? (Leaves)
      Danny, Jack, & Maddie: I am not like them/him!
      Danny: This is awkward.

    • Danny: Easy on the ghost ink, I just had this suit cleaned!

    • Danny: (To Tucker) Hit it!
      Tucker: Hitting it.

    • Tucker: (To Sam) You win. Goth me up.

    • Maddie: (About Jazz & Johnny) Were you spying on them?
      Danny: All right! All right! I was spying on Jazz... and I'm really --
      Jack: (Whispering) Good job.
      Maddie: (Whispering) Yeah, way to go, Danny, and If you see Jazz with that hooligan again, you let us know.
      (Johnny rides away on motorcycle; Jazz stares at them)
      Jack & Maddie: (Yelling at Danny) And don't do it again!
      Jack: (Whispering) But seriously, feel free to do it again.

  • NOTES (45)

    • This is the 13th episode of the series, and the name of the episode is "13".

    • We see Sam's cat purse for a second time. The first time was in "Parental Bonding."

    • The name of the episode comes for the fact that 13 is a bad luck number and Johnny 13 has the power to create bad luck.

    • This marks the first time Danny's ghost sense goes off while in ghost form.

    • In this episode, Jack creates an invention called the "Fenton Genetic Lock" and he says that the only way to open the Fenton Portal is for someone in the Fenton family to place their thumb on the lock. However, the lock was destroyed by the end of the episode.

    • This is the second time someone's name is used in the title (13), which is Johnny's last "name". The first time was Gray (As in Valerie Gray in "Shades of Gray").

    • Insight Digital Description: Jazz falls for a ghost boy who may not have her best interests in mind.

    • Aparentally, invisible ghosts can see invisible ghosts. This was hinted in the scene where Johnny's shadow and Danny were in the thearter.

    • This episode marks the first time that Tucker is seen without glasses.

    • Johnny 13 is the first main character whose eyebrows are not black.

    • At one point, Danny calls Johnny, "Freakshow," which is coincidentally the name of the main villain in "Control Freaks."

    • Apparently, Danny must have gotten a new cell phone, since Jack destroyed his last one in "Teacher of the Year."

    • Nickname(s) Dash Gives Danny: Fentonio.

    • Look Hard: Star (who does not officially debut until in "Lucky in Love") makes three cameos in this episode. The first one is in the scene directly after Danny says, "This is awkward," Star can be seen sitting at a lunch table. The second one is in the scene where the kids are running away from the attacking bees: Star is the first one to run. Star's final cameo is at the "Amity Park Movie Plex," in the scene where Johnny 13's Shadow becomes weakened due to the light of the projector. She can be seen in the front row (however, her body is completely purple).

    • Look Hard: Nathan (who does not officially debut until "Reign Storm") makes three cameos in this episode. The first one is in the scene directly after Danny says, "This is awkward," Nathan can be seen sitting at a lunch table. The second cameo is in the scene after the camera focuses on the kids whose faces are covered in bee stings: Nathan can be seen in the crowd of kids who are standing on opposite sides of the walkway to the main doors of Casper High; Nathan is on the right side. Nathan also has a close up where Tucker says, "Suddenly, techno geek sounds like a term of endearment," and his face is also covered in bees. Nathan's last cameo is at the "Amity Park Movie Plex," in the scene where Johnny 13's Shadow becomes weakened due to the light of the projector. He can be seen in the third row (however, his body is completely purple), sitting next to the girl that was almost going to the carnival with Tucker, but changed her mind (whose body is also purple).

    • Jack reveals that Danny and Jazz are not allowed to bring unauthorized personnel into the Fenton lab and in "Memory Blank," this rule is hinted by the way Danny was in a hurry to get Sam and Tucker out of the Fenton lab before his parents get home.

    • This episode begins with Danny already in ghost mode.

    • This is the first episode in which the entire Fenton family appears in the opener.

    • This is the second time that the ghosts that Danny captured were accidentally released from the Fenton Thermos, the first time was caused by Tucker in "One of a Kind."

    • Johnny's motorcycle has the number "13" on it and so does the helmet that Jazz uses.

    • It is revealed that there are two gate doors leading to the Ghost Zone, the one inside the edges of the Fenton Portal shown in the Fenton lab and another one actually inside the Fenton Portal at the end of a hall of green swirling ectoplasmic energy.

    • After Danny Phantom captures Johnny 13 inside the Fenton Thermos, he transforms back into Danny Fenton. When he does that, the rings that appear vertically circles Danny's body and move horizontally in opposite directions. This same thing happened in "Teacher of the Year."

    • Look Hard: When Tucker drops all of his technology because of the ghost snake chasing after him, Tucker's laptop is shown and it has a Macintosh symbol on it, thus Tucker has a Macintosh laptop.

    • Danny reveals that Jazz wants to be a brain surgeon, although in previous episodes, it was implied that she wanted to be a psychologist.

    • Johnny 13 is the second ghost who has blonde hair, the first one was Klemper from "Fanning the Flames."

    • Sam has a purse with a picture of a cat's head on it, which seems to reflect her love for cats, which was mentioned in "Shades of Gray."

    • Apparently, the relationship between Tucker and Valerie must be over, since he was asking a different girl on a date.

    • The way how Maddie described the Fenton Anti-Creep Stick as "a regular bat with the word, 'Fenton' on it," is very similar to how Jack described the Fenton Thermos in "Mystery Meat," "a thermos with the word, 'Fenton' in front of it."

    • Johnny 13's boots look exactly like Skulker's and Ember's.

    • Johnny 13's skull chain is very similar to Skulker's, except Johnny's is green and not white like Skulker's.

    • Johnny 13's Shadow looks very much like Penelope Spectra (from "My Brother's Keeper") when she is in her "shadow" form.

    • According to Johnny, he has a last name, but it is not "13." He was given that nickname because he has a reputation in the Ghost Zone for being unlucky, hence the name, Johnny 13.

    • Running Gags:
      1) Danny saying the same things as his parents
      2) Johnny 13's Shadow causing trouble around Tucker, making everyone around him think he's bad luck
      3) Jack and Maddie protesting about Danny spying on Jazz, then asking him to do it again
      4) Johnny asking Shadow to attack/defend

    • Opener: Danny is fighting a ghost squid. It tries to shoot ink at him but misses. Danny sucks it into the Fenton Thermos. Sam calls Danny and says there's a ghost wolf near her by the Nasty Burger. Danny quickly stops it from eating Sam and sucks it in the thermos. Tucker then calls Danny and says there's a ghost snake by the park. Tucker is running, then falls and drops some of his electronic items. Danny stops the snake. At FentonWorks, Jack keeps opening the portal with the new Genetic Lock and ghosts keep flying out. In the Ghost Zone, Johnny 13 and Kitty are riding a motorcycle to the portal. Johnny sends his bad luck Shadow to keep it open. It stays open and they start through, but closes on Kitty's hair, trapping her in. She tells Johnny to get a girl to wear her stuff which she spread her energy into so she can reform around her. Johnny goes through the portal. He sees Jazz, smirks, and says, "Hello, new girlfriend."

    • This is the first episode to start by showing a billboard about Amity Park. The billboard says "Amity Park, a Nice Place to Live."

    • This episode was intentionally supposed to be the thirteenth episode aired, hence the name "13," but was pulled back to fourteenth, due to the last minute airing of "Fright Night."

    • Coincidentally, the two people who play Johnny 13 (William Baldwin) and Kitty (Chynna Phillips) are married.

    • Sam convinces Tucker to go Goth for a portion of this episode.

    • Title Screen Caption: "2-Wheeled-Terror!"

    • When Johnny 13 goes through the ghost portal, you can see Ember from "Fanning the Flames."

    • Featured Named Invention(s): Fenton Genetic Lock, Fenton Anti-Creep Stick.

    • Major Ghost Debut(s): Johnny 13 - His name is Johnny "13" because he's a ghost who causes bad luck. He also has a motorcycle which he prefers to use instead as his main article for transportation rather than flight. Johnny 13's Shadow - It causes bad luck on whoever Johnny wants it to and is weakened by bright light. Kitty - Johnny's girlfriend. She takes over a girl, then puts her spirit inside the victim. The victim is then trapped in a Purgatory-like place for the duration Kitty is in her body.

    • Jazz once again hints that she knows Danny's a ghost.

    • Nicknames Tucker gains in this episode: "Techno Geek," "Bad Luck Tuck."

    • Main Villain(s): Johnny 13.


    • Johnny's bike: Appearance
      Johnny 13's motorcycle seems based on a Harley Davidson motorcycle.

    • Johnny 13: Shadow

      The Shadow's power of everything he comes in contact with breaks, is similar to Teen Titans villanous Jinx who also gimmick is bring bad luck.

    • Johnny 13: (Appearance and Name)
      Johnny 13 may be based on Ghost Rider, who's powers including a gravity defying motorcycle (and the first Ghost Rider's real name is Johnny Blaze).

    • Episode Name: 13
      The episode's Title "13" refers to the number 13. the number 13 is associated with bad luck.

    • Ghost Figure: Appearance
      Watch the two brief cameos Ember has. Standing behind her is a figure that, white cloak aside, looks remarkably like the elephant-nosed spy from Star Wars who gave the location of Luke, Obi-Wan, and the Falcon away to the Stormtroopers.