Danny Phantom

Season 1 Episode 4

Attack of the Killer Garage Sale

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Apr 16, 2004 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • For a few seconds, while sitting at the table at the diner, Sam can be seen without her leggings for a second.

    • While in the shed when Jack dropped the box of junk that caused Danny to jump in the air; Danny had no iris in his eyes, just his pupils while he was in the air.

    • If you listen, every time Technus introduces himself with a longer introduction.

    • Apparently Paulina got over hating Dash.

    • When Danny is coming home from the store you can see he has only bought the jacket, but at the house he has the whole sweat suit.

    • Towards the end of the episode when Dash opens his locker and the stuffed bears fall out he is wearing his "loser" outfit from the party.

    • When Sam says "Yeah she's a goddess" she's missing her purple stockings.

    • When Danny meets up with Technus in Dash's room and is in his high-end sweats, when he begins to go ghost and the white ring appears, his white gloves and part of his black suit are shown before the ring even begins to move.

    • When Paulina is inviting Danny over to listen to her new CD, she is not wearing any shoes. However, when Danny joins her, her shoes are back.

    • During the opener, Danny is drinking a pink liquid from a glass. He evidently still has the glass in his hand when he accidentally phases his hand through the kitchen table, but in the next shot, the glass has completely vanished.

    • Before the commercial, when Danny says, "And I'm way to young too shave!," he is being hung in the air. After the commercial, he is down on the ground.

    • When Tucker and Sam abruptly leave Sam's house, he did not bring his purple backpack, but when he says "I'm tryin', I'm tryin,'" his backpack suddenly appears, but when he explains that he is trying to bypass the program, his backpack disappears.

    • When Danny says "Crunk is good," he rushes to Paulina with his green book in his hand, but in the next scene when he lies down next to Paulina, his book is suddenly gone.

    • When Dash calls Danny to look at the Jock Quarterly magazine, the book he has in his hands is green. But when Dash says, "You do have one, right?," Danny's book is suddenly blue. Then when Dash says, "Well, wear one!," his book is green again.

    • When Danny accidentally fires the Fenton Thermos at the Fenton Portal, when it opens, the energy inside is blue, instead of its usual green.

    • When Sam is talking on the phone, when Tucker comes in, she says, "That's two medium, one pepperoni and one veggie," but when Nate (the pizza guy) comes in with the pizza, one box is bigger than the other, even though they are both supposed to be medium.

    • The "on" button near the Fenton Portal gets closer and farther during the beginning of the episode.

    • When Technus first appeared in machine form, he had five fingers on each hand. However, when Sam and Tucker first meet him as well as in the title screen, he has four fingers on each hand.

    • Near the end when Sam, Tucker, and Danny are walking in the hall, Danny's collar is white. When the shot goes back to Danny, his collar turns red.

  • Quotes

    • (Technus has blasted Danny into Dash's closet; Danny sees Dash's jackets)
      Danny: Ghost Toast? Jeez, How many letter jackets does one guy need? (Looks down and sees tons of pink and purple teddy bears) And these? I don't even want to know!

    • Danny: I'm still twenty bucks short of what I need for those sweats.
      Sam: You're still welcome to hang with us tonight. Mega-movie marathon at my place.
      Danny: Your place? (Chuckles) Wow. You've never invited us to your place before.
      Sam: That's because we're usually fighting ghosts with you! I figured it's time--
      Dash: Hey, Fentina!
      (Danny zooms over to him)
      Sam: For you to totally ignore me for about the billionth time this week.

    • Danny: (To Jazz, wearing his new hip high-end sweats) Well, is it da bomb? Is it fresh? Is it stoopid? With an "oo"?
      Jazz: Oh, it's stupid. I'll give you that.

    • (Jazz opens fridge door, barking is heard inside)
      Jazz: Aaah! (Closes fridge door) Great. Leftovers.

    • Maddie: (After Jack tells Danny to sell stuff to earn money for sweats) Uh, speaking of which, that junk from the ghost weasel explosion needs to go in the shed. If there's room. That old barn hasn't been cleaned out in years.
      (Jack hugs the box of gadgets)
      Jack: This is not junk! Every single item in this box is of vital importance to me!
      (Maddie holds up a strange gadget)
      Maddie: Do you even know what this is?
      Jack: Not a clue, but I know it's important, so off to the shed!

    • Danny: Oh no! (Goes ghost) You're not getting that upgrade disk and making yourself more powerful!
      Technus: Huh? Another great idea! The heck with tutoring - you should be a teacher!

    • Danny: (To Technus) Oh no you don't! (Goes ghost) You're not using the technology in this lab to take over the world!
      Technus: What? (Looks around) That's a great idea! Have you ever considered tutoring?

    • Technus: (To Danny) WHO'S YOUR DADDY?!

    • Danny: (To a floating pair of scissors which are about to cut his hair off) I just got my hair the way I like it, on my head! (Scissors change into huge razor) And I'm way too young to shave!

    • Danny: (To Sam & Tucker) I better get to the mall before the shops close! You guys don't mind cleaning up all this stuff for me, right? Great, see ya! (Runs up a hill)
      Sam: So, now we're his clean-up crew, too?
      Tucker: (Running up on the other side of the hill) See you tonight!

    • Sam: (To Danny) So, would you say you've learned a lesson from all this?
      (Dash opens his locker; a lot of teddy bears fall out)
      Dash: FENTON!
      Danny: Yep. That one person's trash is another person's revenge.

    • Sam: Tucker, are we watching movies or not?
      Tucker: Okay, okay, just a few more questions.. Could you buy a plane?
      Sam: (Rolls eyes) Yep.
      Tucker: A yacht?
      Sam: Yep..
      Tucker: A bowling alley?
      Sam: Nope... (Uses remote to open up wall revealing a bowling alley and Sam's grandma bowling)
      Sam: There's no place to put a second one...
      Grandma: (Bowls a strike) Yipee! Whoopi's hot tonight!
      Tucker: That's weird, because you don't smell stinkin' rich.

    • Tucker: (Looks at the floating remote) I'm not schooled in the ways of the rich, but do all your remotes do that?
      Sam: No... well, my toaster does, but it's from Denmark.

    • Tucker: (To Mr. Lancer, as he is about to buy a hair shaving device) Don't you need hair for that?
      Mr. Lancer: Good one, Mr. Foley. I'll remember that on Monday when I'm grading tests. (Smirks)

    • Jazz: Mom, what are you making?
      Maddie: Hot dogs.
      Jack: We invented a way to cook them ten times faster than the microwave!
      (The hot dogs come to life with teeth chomping angrily)
      Jazz: Great, you figured out a way to put the "Frank" back in "Frankenstein."

  • Notes

    • Look Hard: When Dash shows Danny the Jock Quarterly magazine, you can see the words Exclusive! Butch Hartman Interview! Butch Hartman is the creator of Danny Phantom.

    • This episode can be found on the Game Boy Advance Video Cartridge Nicktoons Collection Volume 3.

    • Danny's ghostly glow is blue in this episode.

    • Cable Episode Info:
      Danny sells some of his parents' ghost hunting equipment in order to buy a new outfit.

    • If you listen, Technus's voice is different in the giant robot than when he is not in the robot.

    • It is revealed that Dash is a jerk to Danny: He insults him constantly whether he's alone or with others.

    • According to Mr. Lancer, his idea of a fun Saturday night is to have a back shaving jamboree.

    • Insight Digital Description: Danny sells some of his parents' ghost-hunting equipment and then must face Technus.

    • Apparently, Sam has a grandmother named Whoopi.

    • The way how Technus telekinetically combines technology to create a body suit is very similar to how the Lunch Lady Ghost telekinetically combines meat to herself to create a body suit.

    • Danny uses his body splitting power for the second time in the series. The first time was in "Mystery Meat."

    • Apparently, the blue round table that Danny and Skulker broke in "One of a Kind" has been fixed or replaced, since Jazz and Dash were sitting at it in the opener.

    • In this episode, Technus tells Danny that he should be a tutor, then a teacher. Coincidentally, the next episode in which Technus is the main villain is called "Teacher of the Year."

    • The boy who left Valerie dateless for the dance in "Parental Bonding" is revealed to be named Kwan.

    • Nickname(s) Dash Gives Danny: Fentonowski, Fentina.

      Nickname(s) Kwan Gives Danny: Fentonmeister.

    • Look Hard: In Sam's downstairs, there are frames which say "Wars," "Citizen Kane," "Jaws," and "Planet of the Apes."

    • Look Hard: In Dash's room, there are posters that say, "Fear" and "X-Dog," a medal hung in a frame, and a flag that says "Ravens" (the Casper High football team).

    • Opener: Jazz is trying to tutor Dash to prove her thesis that anyone can be tutored, but Dash is too wrapped up in her beauty to concentrate, but quickly refocuses when Danny comes in and accidentally makes his hand intangible. Dash invites Jazz to his party and she reluctantly agrees, but on one condition. Meanwhile, Jack's Ghost Weasel sucks the Fenton Thermos, so Danny throws it in reverse which causes the Fenton Thermos to hit the "on" button on the Fenton Portal, releasing Technus -- Ghost Master of Technology. Danny sucks up Technus in the Ghost Weasel and it explodes, leaving the technology in the lab covered in ectoplasmic residue. Jack returns, but does not notice anything different.

    • When Dash is opening his locker, he is wearing his "loser chic" clothes from the party.

    • Sam has a toaster from Denmark that floats in the air.

    • In the scene where Lancer buys the hair hornet, he is not wearing his usual trademark clothes. Instead, he is wearing a casual blue top with black shorts.

    • Look Hard: The magazine that Dash shows Danny regarding the high-end sweats is called JQ Jock Quarterly: Fashion Issue and these were the following features on the cover of the magazine: "Athlete's Foot: Friend or Foe," "Tips for Snapping Towels," and "Exclusive Butch Hartman Interview" (Butch Hartman is the creator of Danny Phantom).

    • After it has been hinted in previous episodes, Dash confirms that he is the most popular guy at Casper High.

    • There is an on/off switch next to the Fenton Portal.

    • It is revealed that Jazz is Dash's tutor, although in future episodes, Dash's tutorial is never brought up again.

    • It is shown that Paulina is now part of Dash's posse, even though she seemed disgusted by him in "Parental Bonding."

    • This is the first episode in which Dash and Jazz appear in the opener.

    • It is revealed that Jack and Maddie also invent devices that are not ghost-related.

    • It is revealed that, despite not having an actual money-paying job, Jack and Maddie are able to obtain money from their inventions.

    • This is the first appearance of the fast-food restaurant, "Nasty Burger."

    • Look Hard: Star (who plays a larger role and officially "debuts" in "Lucky in Love") makes two short cameos in this episode. First, Star is seen in the scene where Dash is passing out invitations at the Nasty Burger: she is one of those kids that got one. Second, at the very beginning of the scene after Tucker says "Don't thank me, thank lousy software," Star can be seen standing still by a locker in the hallway.

    • We learn that Jack is a pack rat and that the shed is filled with old gadgets and electronics and it has not been cleaned out in years.

    • Look Hard: When the camera focuses on a group of people at Dash's party, there is a boy wearing Sam's clothes and hairstyle.

    • Apparently, Dash's idea of "loser chic" is the clothes that Danny, Sam, and Tucker wear.

    • In all their years of friendship, this episode features the first time that Sam has invited Danny and Tucker to her house or even revealed that she was rich.

    • Running Gags: 1) Danny giving Technus ideas that can work to Technus' advantage, followed by Technus suggesting a profession in education for Danny. 2) Technus stating his name and purpose for existing. 3) Danny leaving Sam and Tucker for the popular kids in the middle of a conversation, and Sam continuously claiming that he's ignoring her.

    • Major Human Debut(s): Sam's grandma.

    • We learn that Dash has a lot of letter jackets and teddy bears in his closet.

    • Apparently, Dash has a crush on Jazz.

    • Apparently, Tucker got a new PDA, since his last two were destroyed due to Skulker in "One of a Kind."

    • The old woman that appeared at the bowling alley in Sam's basement, may possibly be Sam's grandmother. In the credits, she was credited as "grandma." She also makes a short cameo appearance in "What You Want" in Sam's room when Sam was sick. In "Control Freaks," it is confirmed that the old woman is Sam's grandmother.

    • December 10, 2004 marks the first time that "The End" title screen ever appeared in this episode, after many airings without one.

    • It is revealed that Sam's family is incredibly rich and their wealth comes from Sam's great-grandfather, Izzy, and his invention of the machine that twirls cellophane around deli toothpicks.

    • Title Screen Caption: "Technology And Terror Collide!"

    • Featured Named Invention(s): Ghost Weasel, Fenton Unlodger.

    • Major Ghost Debut(s):
      Nicolai Technus - The self-proclaimed ghost master of science and electrical technology, Technus seeks to take over the world using all electronics at his disposal. He enjoys talking about himself, which commonly works to his disadvantage, and giving off "hip" sayings.

    • Main Villain(s): Nicolai Technus.

  • Allusions

    • Dash's Teddy Bears: Appearance.
      The teddy bears that Danny found in Dash's closet, and later placed it in Dash's locker, resembles the Care Bears.

    • Fenton Ghost Weasel: Appearance and Purpose
      The Fenton ghost weasel looks and works like the Poltergust 3000 Luigi received from professor E. Gadd in the Nintendo game cube game Luigi's Mansion

    • Episode Title: Attack of the Killer Garage Sale
      Attack of the Killer Garage Sale is probably a parody of the movie "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes."

    • Technus's symbol: Bane
      Technus's computer symbol strongly resembles the mask of the Batman villain, Bane.

    • Frames: "Citizen Kane," "Jaws," "Planet of the Apes"
      In Sam's downstairs, there are frames which say "Wars," "Citizen Kane," "Jaws," and "Planet of the Apes." Citizen Kane, Jaws, and Planet of the Apes are all very popular movies.

    • Technus: (Changes Danny's appearance with remote)
      When Technus changes Danny's appearance using a remote, for a moment, Danny looks like Mr. Spock from Star Trek.

    • Jazz: Great, you figured out a way to put the "Frank" back in "Frankenstein."
      Frankenstein was originally a 1800s novel by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley about a scientist named Victor Frankenstein who attempted to create the perfect man, but instead, created a disfigured monster. More Info

    • Sam: Portals XL?! That's the worst software EVER!
      This is probably a takeoff of Windows XP - there were complaints about the "huge gaping holes in its security system" right after its debut.

    • Technus: Name
      Technus' full name is Nicolai Technus, which seems to be a play on the name of brilliant inventor, Nikola Tesla, inventor of, among other things, the Tesla Coil. More Info