Danny Phantom

Season 2 Episode 12

Beauty Marked

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Feb 24, 2006 on Nickelodeon
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Sam can barely contain her contempt for the “Miss Teenage Happy Princess” beauty pageant and its organizer, Dora Mattingly, when they descend on Casper High. She decides to enter the contest to make a statement about individuality, but makes a discovery instead: Dora Mattingly is the Dragon Ghost! Before she can get to the bottom of the mystery, she’s inadvertently crowned Miss Teenage Happy Princess by its happy-go-lucky judge... Danny Fenton! When the tiara is placed on Sam’s head, it magically transports her to a castle in the Ghost Zone, where she learns she’s to be the bride of Dora’s brother, the ghostly Prince Aragon. As Danny and Tucker head into the Ghost Zone to rescue Sam, she does her best to shake things up in the medieval ghost world she’s stuck in.moreless

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  • A Beauty Pageant that isn't what it seems.

    Sam enters a beauty pageant just to show how stupid and pointless pageants are. However no one knows that the hostess is really a ghost who appoints Danny as the judge because he's part ghost. Not just any ghost but Princess Dora the Dragon Ghost and she's seeking a bride for her brother. Her Brother Prince Aragon desires a human bride something that no ghost has. Danny and Tucker go to rescue her and mistakenly foil her attempt in escaping. Tucker has to use other skills since technology doesn't function in this realm. (Tucker also was able to date several girls since he's the judge's best Sam also must convince Dora that she is just as powerful, smart, and effective as Aragon and doesn't need to put up with his bad attitude and nonsense.moreless
  • Beauty marked review

    It's a good episode, But my only problem with it is that the prince choose a HIGH SCHOOL GIRL for his bride! I mean, EW! What the hell?! Could you pick a collage chick for your bride, Prince pedophile?!
  • Sam weirdly ends up in a beauty pageant and wins just to find out that Danny has to save her from marrying a ghost prince, who is pretty evil.

    Beauty Marked

    Summary: Sam weirdly ends up in a beauty pageant and wins just to find out that Danny has to save her from marrying a ghost prince, who is pretty evil.

    Nice episode. They thought well this time. Hopefully, there will be more episodes as mixed as this one - romantic, action-packed, funny, and everything inbetween! I loved this episode, and this is a great first impression. Unless you don't like medieival (whatever it's spelled) things. And, I seriously think that this is something that the whole family - especially girls - would never want to miss. Hope "King Tucker" is just as good.moreless
  • Sam enters a beauty pagent!

    *gasp* Sam entered a 'Miss Teenage Happy Princess Beauty Pagent'! That sounds nothing like her! *cough she-wanted-Danny's-attention-deep-down cough* Yeah, of course it was all just to "make a statement". I loved how Danny chose her in the end and they walked off arm-in-arm. AW! That scene rocked! And I'm glad Danny didn't get beat up by the jealous candidates in the end- Tucker could use some excersise. And in this ep, Danny literally was Sam's 'knight in shinning armor'. But it also had girl power- go Dora! I loved the dragon fight and the animation ruled! And Danny actually split himself in two! :)moreless
  • Sam enters the Miss Teenage Happy Princess beauty pageant and is not pleased when she wins and is forced to marry Prince Aragon.

    When I first heard about this episode, I didn't really think it would be good, but boy was I wrong! This episode was fantastic! My favorite part would have to be when Sam and Paulina are doing each others makeup and then they get mad and throw a fit when they see what they look like. My other favorite part was when Danny was fighting Prince Aragon. I'm not usually one to say this, but I must say that Danny looked awfully hot in that medieval outfit he was wearing!!! I can't wait to see other episodes like this one.moreless
Susan Blakeslee

Susan Blakeslee

Dora Mattingly

Guest Star

James Sie

James Sie


Recurring Role

Dee Bradley Baker

Dee Bradley Baker

Prince Aragon

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (11)

    • In "Prisoners of Love," Sam and Tucker encounter Dora while looking for Danny in the Ghost Zone. Shouldn't they have recognized her as a ghost when they saw her again in this episode?

    • Considering Sam's hair is only chin length, she somehow puts it in pig tails it is pretty long.

    • Two ghosts phase through the wall and drop the dress over Sam. They should not have been able to phase through the wall, since things like that in the Ghost Zone are solid to ghosts.

    • Sam's watch should not have been able to tell Ghost Zone Time.

    • In the scene where Dora talks about Sam "Making a statement", her ring is gone. In the next scene, it's back.

    • Danny, Sam, and Tucker flew out of the Ghost Zone without taking the Specter Speeder with them. And since electronics worked again they should be able to fly in it.

    • The Amulet of Aragon looks different since they showed it in "Parental Bonding". The green amulet is larger and the chain is longer.

    • At the beginning of the episode Tucker mentioned there was going to be a swimsuit pagent, but the category was medieval times.

    • Towards the end, when Sam is talking to the princess, her necklace isn't there. But when Sam reminds her of what she can do, it magically appears.

    • How could any of the humans in the ghost Zone touch anything if they're the ghosts in the ghost zone? They should have been able to pass through almost anything.

    • When the Specter Speeder went through the gate in the Ghost Zone, Tucker, Danny, and the vehicle went through it. But Danny was in his ghost form, so that should have been impossible for him as shown in "Prisoners of Love".

  • QUOTES (22)

    • (While Sam's spitting watermellon seeds everywhere at the wedding banquet)
      Prince Aragon: (Shielding himself) Dorathea! What is the meaning of this?
      Dora: (Nervous) Uh, pre-wedding jitters?
      (Sam belches in Aragon's face)

    • (While Dora watches Danny is being picked up by two girls through her ring)
      Dora:(To Prince Aragon in the ring) You see? The boy is distracted. The ring masks me from his ghost sense. He suspects nothing!
      Prince Aragon: Which is more than I can say for the girl. Perhaps next time, you should walk up to her and scream: "I'm a ghost!"
      (The ring shows Dora loosing control of her dragon form while Sam is unknowingly watching.)
      Dora: (Frightened) Please...please forgive me, brother. I didn't think-
      Prince Aragon: (Angrily) You're not supposed to think! You're supposed to keep her away from the ghost boy until showtime. So, do it!

    • (While shooting at the Ghost Archer)
      Danny: Dude, you're seriously cutting into my very limited: 'girls are flirting with me' time!

    • (Sam is shown with Dora and the other girls in the football field)
      Dora: Well, here's a statement. It says: "I'll never win in this outfit!"
      (Sam frowns)
      Dora: Still, Miss Manson has a point. You girls are unique individuals with strong opinions and indipendant minds.
      Sam: You're darn right we are!
      Dora: It's my job to make you forget that and mold you into happy little princesses.
      (All girls cheer, except Sam.)

    • Tucker: (Uses his bow to fire two PDAs into the nostrils of the dragon ghost, keeping him from breathing fire) Looks like I can get past ALL kinds of firewalls! (Aragon flies out into the air and fires his dragonbreath) Except that one...

    • Danny:(Trapped under a net by two medievil ghosts) Cut me some slack! Hey, another axe pun!

    • Sam: (Just before the pageant; after Dora appears behind her) Oh, Ms. Mattingly, I didn't hear you!
      Dora: You'd be surprised how dainty your footsteps can be WHEN DON'T WEAR COMBAT BOOTS!!!

    • (After Danny & Sam walk away and leaving the bouquet and titara to the contestants)
      Tucker: Fear not, ladies. I'm still accepting date bribes for Miss Congeniality!
      Paulina: I'm clawing his eyes out Saturday!
      Star: I'm clawing his eyes out Sunday! Who gets him today?
      (Both look at each other; start game of Rock, Paper, Scissors)
      Paulina & Star: One, two, three! (Paulina had rock, Star had paper)
      Star: Ha! You're dead, Foley!
      (Starts chasing Tucker angrily off the stage)
      Tucker: AAAHHHH!

    • (Danny and Tucker watch the girls practice for the pageant)
      Danny: Dating her Friday. (Points to right)
      Tucker: Dating her Saturday. (Points to right)
      Danny & Tucker: Dating her Sunday. (Look at each other; starts game of Rock, Paper, Scissors) Once, twice, shoot! (Danny had paper, Tucker had scissors)
      Tucker: Ha! Dating her Sunday.
      (Danny looks at him in angry way; medieval ghost appears)
      Danny: If we live that long! Can we do this when we're a little less popular?! (Jumps into a pile of wood and goes ghost)

    • Sam: Why does the Prince want to marry a human anyway?
      Dora: My brother wants to posess that which no one else has-- a human bride. That's why he forced me to make your friend the judge. Surely a half ghost would choose a perfect human bride.
      Sam: You gotta be kidding me. That makes about as much sense as-- (glass slippers on her feet break)
      Dora: Glass slippers? I know. But the Prince always gets what he wants.
      Sam: Oh, really? (sees ink) Then I'll just have to be what he doesn't want!

    • Mr.Lancer:(singing) A Happy Princess is sweet and pure. With hair of gold and teeth of white. Her soft complexion is pure perfection with never a pimple in sight.(stops singing) Except her.
      (girl covers face and runs away)

    • Danny (taking the quiver of arrows from the archer ghost): Hah! Not so tough without your arrows, are you?

      (The archer ghost hits him over the head with his bow.)

    • Paulina: (To Danny) I've got those compliments you wanted to hear.
      Tucker: And I've got the tape recorder to prove you said them.

    • Lancer: Sir Judge has chosen thy winner.
      (Danny goes running past)
      Danny: Sam!
      Lancer: The Miss Teenage Happy Princess is... Sam?!....Are You unwell?!?

    • (After Danny has made Prince Aragon fall into the water)
      Danny: Now, are you gonna let my friend go, or do we have to do this the hard way?
      (Aragon's hand suddenly reaches upand grabs Danny; Aragon comes up out of the water and smashes Danny to the ground, knocking him out)
      Aragon: How about the slow and painful way?

    • Paulina: (About Danny) Lets scratch his eyes out with our perfectly manicured nails!
      Danny: (As the girls are advancing on him angrily) Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! Don't! You don't understand! I never... actually picked the winner.
      Paulina: You didn't? (Sweetly) I knew you'd come to your senses!
      Danny: I have. About a lot of things. And for helping me to do that, I decree our Miss Teenage Happy Princess shall be... Sam Manson.
      (Everyone gasps)
      Sam: (Surprised as Danny gives her flowers & tiarra for winning) I...don't know what to say! Wait, yes I do. These things are stupid! Up for a double veggie veggie at the Nasty Burger? Danny: Sure. But you're buying. After all, this is the 21st century. (He & Sam walk away arm-in-arm)

    • (After Sam has stated in her 'Goth haiku' that Dora's a ghost)
      Danny:: So that's your big statement? 'Dora's a ghost?' I mean, what's that have to do with-- wait... Dora's a ghost?

    • Sam: (sliding pig on table and into ghosts) Mosh Pitt!

    • (In the shadows before entering the dining hall)
      Sam: Are you ready to party?! Wassup?! Here comes the bride!
      (Sam jumps out of the shadows and enters the dining hall)

    • (Casper High cafeteria. Danny Phantom is dazed on the floor when Paulina runs toward him)
      Paulina: I'm still really into you, but don't let Danny Fenton know. He's the judge. (continues to run away screaming)

    • Sam: I'm Sam Manson, and my Happy Princess talent is...(Sees Dora glaring at her with evil eyes) Goth Haiku:
      Despair without end! (Whispers) Dora's a ghost!
      Utter Blackness! Nothingness.
      (Whispers) Dora's a ghost! (Clears throat)
      Dora is a ghost!
      (After Sam has stated in her 'Goth haiku' that Dora's a ghost)
      Danny: So that's your big statement? 'Dora's a ghost?' I mean, what's that have to do with-- wait... Dora's a ghost?

    • Sam: I've always wanted to do this! (Swings from a chandelier)
      Dora: (In a depressed voice) I always wanted to do that too!

  • NOTES (41)


    • Prince Aragon Name:
      The name Aragon is an allusion to the book "Eragon" about a boy who learns that he is a dragon rider.

    • Episode Title: Beauty Marked
      "Beauty Marked" is a reference to the name given to a facial mole known as a "beauty mark".

    • Dinner Scene: Atmosphere
      This is a reference to the movie Tim Burton's Corpse Bride. The scene that the episode has made a spoof off of was the wedding feast scene after Victoria had just married the villain, Lord Barkis Bittern. During the dinner scene, every person at the table wasn't eating their food, wasn't talking, and wasn't even really festive. After a few moments, Lord Barkis acted as though the room was loud and the people were chattering freely, just like Prince Aragon shouted "Enough merrymaking!" Probably the main point in both scenes was an example of irony.

    • Mr. Lancer: Song
      The song that Mr. Lancer sings about the attributes of a princess, dressed as a minstrel from the Middle Ages, is to the tune of Greensleeves. The song is an old English folk song, and according to legend it was Henry VIII who composed it.

    • Dora Mattingly: Name
      "Dora Mattingly" is an obvious allusion to "doormat", which she is for most of this episode.

    • Sam: Wears glass slippers
      An obvious and funny reference to Cinderella.

    • Prince Aragon: Dragon Form
      The dragon form of the main villain of this episode, Prince Aragon, is very similar to the dragon form of Maleficent, a popular Disney character. Maleficent is the villain of the popular ballet-turned movie, Sleeping Beauty.

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