Danny Phantom

Season 1 Episode 7

Bitter Reunions

Aired Friday 12:00 AM May 07, 2004 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • Why didn't Danny figure out the truth about Vlad being a ghost hybrid too before he revealed himself to him? Shouldn't he have realized that Vlad's accident was similar to his own when Jack told him about it?

    • If Jack could resist Vlad's hold on him, then why couldn't he resist Danny in "Parental Bonding"? Vlad has 20 years of experience, so shouldn't it be the other way around?

    • If Skulker's ectoskeleton was destroyed in "One of a Kind", then why is the PDA attached to his new armor? Did he repair his old one?

    • After the Dairy King sets Danny free the room turns blue again. But a couple shots that show the Dairy King show it's still neon pink.

    • When Jack drives the RV into Vlad's private studies, Danny flies out of the way. But when it shows him again, he's lying on the ground.

    • When Danny is in the Spectral Energy Neutrilizer, he still has his ghostly glow even though he is in human mode.

    • Harriet Chin's earings keep appearing and disappearing throughout the episode.

    • When Vlad is carrying Maddie, His Ghost Skins turns from Blue to Purple.

    • After Vlad knocked Danny out from his attack and Danny turns back into a human, Danny's expression changes several times. Here are the three ways it looked:

      1. Eyes closed normally, mouth open
      2. Eyes closed tightly, mouth closed
      3. Eyes closed tightly, teeth gritted

    • When Danny sees Vlad transform, his eyes are green.

    • In the scenes before Vlad screams to Jack, saying, "I never had any old moves!," the sculpture of the Dairy King was not in his display. However, it is there when Vlad says, "No no, no, you should stay with me!".

    • When Danny acknowledges Vlad's Ray Nitschke football, the stone statue where the football was perched is in front of Vlad's Packers display, however in the previous scene where Vlad's display is shown, neither the stone statue nor the football is seen.

    • When Danny Phantom passed out and turned back into Danny Fenton, he has many bruises on his face and his hair was messed up, but after the commercial when Danny is in bed, his face is bruise-less and his hair is perfect.

    • When Vlad is talking to Maddie when the group arrives at the castle, Danny's eyes are green like Jazz's. When they start to move into the castle, they change back to his normal blue.

    • At one point at the end, Maddie's eyes become light blue for a few seconds.

    • Tucker's PDA is attached to Skulker's left wrist, but he installed it in his right wrist in "One of a Kind."

    • In the flashback scene, the proto-portal disappears right after the explosion occurs, and the beam of energy is shooting out of mid-air.

    • Danny asks the Dairy king to help him fight "Plasmius." Vlad never mentions that he's now "Vlad Plasmius" until after Danny knocks him out of Jack.

  • Quotes

    • Danny: (after arriving late at home) Oh, poop.
      (The vulture drops the feces on Danny's head)

    • Danny: Finally! One day where I get home on time without any ghost detours making me miss my ten o' clock curfew! (Ghost sense goes off and he spots the ghost vultures) Or not! Going ghost!

    • Jack: (Being overshadowed by Plasmius) If you live to tell the tale, remember that big, fat Jack Fenton did this to you!
      Danny: Guess again, Cheese-head. (Pushes Plasmius out of Jack)
      Jack: (After returning to normal) Nobody uses Jack Fenton as a human meat puppet!

    • Danny: (Grabs ghost vulture's legs) You know that old saying about about "a bird in the hand?" Well, neither do I! (Spins around and throws it at the other two vultures) And don't go messing up any windshields on your way outta town! (Paper with Jack's face flies down; Danny catches it) I wonder why those guys were trying to waste Dad. (Clock chimes, signaling 10:00) Oh no, Dad.

    • Danny: (About Vlad) Is he hitting on Mom?
      Jazz: As long as he has working toilets, and Mom says no, who cares?

    • Danny: (After his ghost sense wakes him up) Oh, great. Just what I need: a working vacation. (Transforms into Danny Phantom)

    • Vlad: (Angrily to Jack, about the football) Give me that! (Puts football back on stone statue) I never had any old moves, all those years in the hospital robbed me of that! (The Fentons stare at Vlad; he calms down) Yes, well, but it gave me time to chart out a course for my life, didn't it. Make some decisions that helped to make me very wealthy, very quickly. (In evil tone) And it never would have happed without you, Jack!

    • (After Skulker leaves)
      Danny: Skulker? The ecto-pusses? I don't understand...
      Vlad: Of course not! You're, what, fourteen? Too young to drive and not in college yet? I sent those ghosts, and others, to test your father's skills. Imagine my surprise when I find you: the second ghost hybrid his foolishness created!
      Danny: (Shocked) Second?
      (Vlad transforms into Vlad Plasmius)

    • (In the Packers showroom)
      Danny: Jazz, aren't you coming to the reunion?
      Jazz: What, and watch some old fossils pogo to new wave music? Pass.

    • Danny: (In Jack's body) How's it going, V-Man?
      Vlad: (Sarcastically) Oh, you've overshadowed Jack. Ooh, I'm so scared! Now what's next, a card trick?
      Danny: Listen to me. I swear I'll walk out of my dad right now and expose us both, unless you agree to a truce.
      Vlad: You're bluffing!
      Danny: No, I'm not. My parents will accept me, no matter what. But, if I expose you... well, what would my mom think of you?
      (Vlad is shocked; Danny lowers him to the ground)
      Danny: You'll be miserable and alone for the rest of your life, unless you call a truce.
      Vlad: Using your opponent's weaknesses against him! I am teaching you something after all. Very well, truce. Eventually, you will join me by choice. You and your mother. But for now... Ahem, CURSE YOU JACK FENTON! Your world renowned expertise of all things ghosts has defeated me! (To Danny) Until next time... son.

    • (In the Fenton RV)
      Danny: I need some air... (Reaches for a button)
      Jazz: Don't press any buttons!
      (Weapons come out of the RV; one freezes a duck, another shocks an unsuspecting victim, and a hose squirts Jazz with ectoplasmic goo; Jazz scowls at Danny)
      Jazz: I'll get you for this...

    • (After seeing the Fenton RV drive by in the house)
      Jazz: I'm guessing we won't be invited back!

    • Maddie: (To Danny) You're constantly late getting home...
      Jack: You're shirking from your chores...
      Maddie: Your grades are slipping...
      Jack: You're shirking from your chores...
      Danny: You already said chores.
      Jack: I know, but when you don't do 'em, I get stuck with 'em.

    • Danny: (After Jack dances) I'm officially mortified.
      Harriet Chin: What took so long?

    • Vlad: I insist you stay.
      Jack: Well... I don't know. We do have that really cool R.V.
      Jazz: (Cough) Let's stay here. (End cough)
      Danny: Smooth...

    • Vlad: (To Danny) Sleep tight... little badger.

    • Danny: I'm going ghost! Going ghost! Why can't I go ghost?
      Vlad: You have a battle cry, hilarious! I, on the other hand, have this, a spectral energy neutralizer, designed by Skulker, paid for by me. And as for as long as you're contained within that box, you're as human as your idiot father!
      Danny: Let me outta here!
      Vlad: Why? So you can go back to stumbling through your adolescence desperately trying to get control of your powers?! Powers, by the way, that I've had for twenty years. I have experience, my child, and the money and power attained through using those powers for personal gain, you see! I could train you, teach you everything I know! And all you have to do is renounce your idiot father!
      Danny: Dude, you are one seriously crazed up fruit loop. That is never going to happen.
      Vlad: Yes, well, once your father is out of the way, we'll see how you'll feel!

    • Jazz: I don't understand, you have millions of dollars. Instead of buying all this stuff, why don't you just buy the team?
      Vlad: (Angrily) Because the Packers are owned by the city of Green Bay and they won't sell them to me!

    • Dairy King: Try da gouda! It's dairy fresh!

    • Vulture Ghost #1: We've been circling this town for hours. We could've been to halfway to Florida by now. Ask for directions!
      Vulture Ghost #2: I know where I'm going!
      Vulture Ghost #3: You so do not. (Referring to Danny) Ask him!
      Danny: Ask me what?

    • Danny: I'm a whiz at dodgeball! (Vultures crash into each other) Well, technically, it's "dodgebeak," but who cares?

    • Vlad: (To Danny) My vultures were supposed to bring the big idiot to me, but you'll do! Danny Phantom, right?
      Danny: You know me?
      Vlad: Of course I know you.
      (Vlad phases into the next room and Danny follows) You're the ghost boy who uses his powers for good! How quaint. Aren't you going to try to suck me into your ridiculous thermos?
      Danny: I... I don't want to fight you.
      Vlad: No. No you don't.
      (Vlad blasts Danny)

    • Danny: (To Vlad) Sorry, pal. Your money can't buy my mom, it can't buy the Packers, and it can't buy me.

    • Skulker: I have to go to the library to check out a book on gorillas, again! (Blasts away again)

    • Maddie: Oh, come on Danny, that's the oldest excuse in the book. There's absolutely nothing you are going through that your father and I didn't go through when we were your age!
      Danny: (Arm goes intangible) Yeah, well, I'd beg to differ...

    • Danny: The glowing blade is new...
      Skulker: Ya like it? I've had some upgrades!

    • Vulture Ghost #2: We are on a search and destroy mission. Can you help us find and peck to death this guy here? (Shows Danny picture)
      Danny: What? Dad?!
      Vulture Ghost #1: Ah-ha, see, I told you he knows where he is!

  • Notes

    • Danny being shown that he can control Jack with no problem while Jack resisted Vlad could be a sign that Danny's ghostly potential is greater than Vlad's or it's possible that Danny didn't have trouble because he had Jack do something that he subconsciously wasn't against (i.e saving Maddie).

    • This is the first Danny Phantom episode in which Sam and Tucker play absolutely no part.

    • Look Hard: When the Fenton Ghost RV is pulling up into Vlad's driveway, you can see the "Welcome to Wisconsin" sign in the far bottom left corner from the upcoming episode, "The Million Dollar Ghost."

    • Apparently, when Vlad was hit with ectoplasmic goo, he fell to the ground. It could be a coincidence, or it's possible that ectoplasmic goo cancels out a ghost's powers, but only temporarily.

    • This is the first time since "Attack of the Killer Garage Sale" that Danny couldn't control his powers. When his parents were yelling at him for being late, his arm went intangible.

    • This is the first episode in which Danny calls Vlad "cheesehead" as he does in many episodes after, mostly because Vlad is a big Packers fan.

    • This is the first episode where the villain has tried to hurt someone other than Danny. Vlad tries to hurt Jack in this episode.

    • Vlad has a slightly different voice between human form and ghost form in this episode.

    • Vlad Plasmius is left-handed.

    • Apparently, since Vlad is half-ghost, he doesn't trigger Danny's ghost sense.

    • Vlad refers to Danny's and his blasts as "ectoplasmic energy blasts", while Danny calls them "ghost rays".

    • Apparently, Skulker must have started working for Vlad after "One of a Kind" since in "One of a Kind," he thought that Danny was the only human/ghost hybrid.

    • This marks the first time that Danny is defeated in battle.

    • Insight Digital Description:

      Danny meets a powerful ghost enemy of his dad's who is looking for revenge.

    • This episode can be seen on the "Nick Picks Vol. 1" DVD.

    • The Dairy King is the first ghost that befriends Danny.

    • Opener: Danny is riding his scooter home, glad he is, for once, without ghost detours to make him miss his 10:00 PM curfew. But then he sees three ghost vultures flying around. He follows them and they say they want to peck Jack to death, and they show Danny a picture of him. Danny fights them off, but he is once again late for his curfew.

    • Look Hard: The following are all the Packer's related things that were in Vlad's entrance hall:
      1) Brett Favre #4 Packers jersey.
      2) Portrait of three Packers fans:
      I - A guy wearing a Brett Favre #4 Packers jersey and a cheesehead while holding up a beer mug.
      II - A white-bearded old guy wearing sunglasses, a yellow Santa Claus-like hat, and a yellow shirt with the words "Title Town" on it.
      III - A woman wearing a cheese head and a Bart Starr #15 jersey while holding up a hot dog.
      3) A display consisting of:
      I - Packers helmet with the letter "G" on it, on a dish inside a rounded glass.
      II - Four footballs.
      III - Two Packers flags.
      IV - A Packers helmet and an Adrian Klemm #70 uniform.
      V - Sculpture of the Dairy King.
      4) Portrait of Ben Steele in his #82 uniform.
      5) Portrait of Ray Nitschke in his #66 uniform.
      6) Portrait of a Packer surfing in his green/gold jersey.
      7) Football that reads "To VLAD (Ray Nitschke's signature)".
      8) A gold carpet with a green border with a giant "P" colored in gold.

    • Look Hard: When Jack is reminiscing about his friendship with Vlad in college, he mentions that they were both "popular" guys on campus, however in the photo of Jack and Vlad in the flashback, there is a guy on the left of Vlad who is doing a "bunny ears" on Vlad's head and there is an orange-haired guy who is about to pour a bowl of punch on Jack's head.

    • According to Jazz, Vlad Masters was named "Affluence Magazine"'s "Billionaire of the Year."

    • Apparently, since Vlad's face was mostly exposed to the ectoplasmic energy from the proto-portal, when Vlad changes into Vlad Plasmius, his face does not resemble his human face, whereas when Danny transforms to Danny Phantom, his face is very similar to his human face since he was exposed evenly all over his body.

    • Harriet Chin went to the University of Wisconsin with Maddie and Jack and reveals that, for years, she always thought Jack was a crackpot in an unfashionable orange jumpsuit.

    • Harriet was once a popular reporter for the "Milwaukee Journal" but was fired because she tried to file a story about ghosts, after coming in contact with one for the first time in this episode. However, she later gets a job as an anchorwoman in Amity Park in the future episode, "The Million Dollar Ghost."

    • Look Hard: In the scene where the Fenton RV is very close to Vlad's castle, there is a wooden sign that says "Wisconsin 60 miles." This sign is seen again in "The Million Dollar Ghost."

    • In college, Vlad had black hair, wore brown pants, and a yellow short-sleeved shirt with a large "green-white-green" horizontal strip going across the middle.

    • We see some of the Fenton RV's weapons and gadgets in this episode and they include:
      1) Purple/green energy beam.
      2) Freeze ray.
      3) Ectoplasmic goo.
      4) Lightning.

    • According to Harriet Chin, she covered a guerilla uprising in a place called "Rumackistan." However, there is no such region by that name, thus it must be a fictional region like Amity Park.

    • Vlad bought a machine from Skulker called a "spectral energy neutralizer," which shocks a ghost and cancels out its powers for as long as the ghost is contained within it.

    • When the proto-portal exploded ectoplasmic energy on Vlad's face, his hair turned from black to white and his eyes turned from blue to green (very similar to what happened to Danny after the Fenton Portal accident). However twenty years from then, when Vlad Masters turns into Vlad Plasmius, his hair is black, his eyes are red, and he has a cape, even though when the accident occurred, he was wearing a lab coat with no cape in sight.

    • The lab where Jack's proto-portal was, looks exactly like Danny's science classroom in the future episode, "Shades of Gray."

    • Apparently, Wisconsin is very far from the state that Amity Park is located in, since the car trip from Amity Park to Wisconsin took four days.

    • Danny mentions Skulker's ecto-skeleton; ecto-skeletons are later explored in depth when the Fentons invent one in "Reign Storm."

    • After it was hinted by Danny's parents in the previous episode, "What You Want," it is confirmed that in the show, there are such things as ghost diseases (ecto-acne).

    • It is revealed that the Fenton RV is a stick shift.

    • Danny wears the same suit and Jack wears the same tie that each of them wore to the Casper High dance in "Parental Bonding."

    • When Vlad Plasmius knocked out Danny Phantom, Danny's costume was torn in several places, showing flesh underneath, revealing that Danny's original clothes are not underneath his costume when he goes ghost.

    • Apparently, Danny's ghost costume can regenerate itself after it has been damaged.

    • Apparently, Vlad knew the existence of Danny Phantom before he met him (he referred to him as "the ghost boy who uses his powers for good") and he also knew about his Fenton Thermos.

    • This is the first time that Maddie and Jack have been made intangible by a ghost.

    • Apparently, Vlad's overshadowing abilities are not so advanced, since he was unable to retain Jack's eyes and voice and Jack was temporarily able to break through Vlad's overshadowing. However, he was able to fly in Jack's body.

    • The rings that appear from the waist and goes off vertically in opposite directions when Vlad "goes ghost" are black, while Danny's rings are white.

    • Even though Vlad Plasmius is supposed to be a ghost, his appearance looks very similar to a vampire. His "devil horns" hairstyle, red cape, and sharp teeth can suggest he is more like a vampire than an actual ghost. In addition, the name "Vlad" is of Russian origin. Vampires are stereotyped to have Russian accents and some TV vampires are coincidentally named Vlad.

    • We learn that Danny and Jack's pajamas are purplish-pink, however, Jack wears his jumpsuit under his pajamas.

    • Danny reveals that first ghost he ever fought were ecto-pusses (first shown in "Mystery Meat").

    • Vlad's ghost vultures are able to speak English. In addition, in "Maternal Instinct," it is confirmed that Vlad has a hobby of mutating ghost animals, meaning that it is possible that he could have mutated the ghost vultures and given them the ability to speak.

    • We learn that Danny has a 10:00 PM curfew.

    • According to his parents, Danny's grades are slipping (which was hinted in "One of a Kind"), he shirks from his chores, and he constantly keeps coming home late.

    • Danny does not catch a ghost in the Fenton Thermos in this episode.

    • Running Gags:
      1) Someone getting splashed with ectoplasmic goo
      2) Someone mentions Danny's 10 o'clock curfew
      3) Someone from Jack's college days showing an obvious dislike for Jack

    • Introduced Ghost Power(s): Ectoplasmic Ghost Shield.

    • This is the first time that Tucker does not encounter the main villain and the second time that Sam does not encounter the main villain.

    • Vlad has had his ghost powers for twenty years.

    • This episode features the first time that Jack (and possibly Maddie) has seen a ghost.

    • This is the first episode in which Maddie appears in the opener.

    • Even in college, Jack was interested in ghosts and even made a prototype Ghost Portal.

    • It is revealed that when Danny is completely knocked out in ghost mode, he automatically turns back into his human form.

    • When Maddie was in college, her hair was long and frizzy and she wore a purple dress with purple hooped earrings.

    • This is the first episode in which none of the scenes take place at Casper High.

    • According to the picture and flashback, Jack has worn his orange jumpsuit as far back as college.

    • Vlad's castle once belonged to the Wisconsin Dairy King, who still inhabits it as a ghost.

    • Skulker has managed to somehow get back into his ecto-skeleton even though it was destroyed in "One of a Kind" and he reveals that he has upgraded his weapons since "One of a Kind."

    • Vlad reveals that he is a Green Bay Packers fanatic and he has a football signed by Ray Nitschke. It is his most prized possession.

    • According to Vlad, he learned how to shoot an ectoplasmic energy blast during his first year with ghost powers, too.

    • Major Human Debut(s): Vlad Masters, Harriet Chin.

    • First aired October 30, 2004 on YTV.

    • We learn that Vlad sent the ecto-pusses from "Mystery Meat" and Skulker from "One of a Kind" and several other ghosts to Amity Park to test Jack's ghost hunting skills.

    • Apparently, Skulker still has Tucker's PDA attached to him.

    • Title Screen Caption: "A Blast From The Past!"

    • Look Hard: In the scene where the family is sleeping, we can see that Jack sleeps with a teddy bear. Later, in the end of the episode, when Maddie is sleeping, you can see her sleeping with an Albert Einstein doll.

    • Featured Named Invention(s): Fenton Family Ghost Assault Vehicle (Fenton RV).

    • Major Ghost Debut(s):
      Vlad - Every super hero needs an arch-nemesis, and for Danny, it's Vlad Masters/Vlad Plasmius. Vlad was once roommates, lab partners, and best friends with Jack until Jack's "proto-portal" exploded ectoplasmic energy at his face, diagnosing him with a horrible case of "ecto-acne," which resulted to end of his friendship with Jack, end of his social life, and many years in the hospital. However, that accident made him half-ghost, like Danny, complete with ghostly superpowers, which he used to for his personal gain to achieve his current fame and fortune. Despite having millions of dollars, his wealth is unable to buy the Packers or his one true love, Maddie. Driven by vengeance, Vlad will stop at nothing to ruin Jack's life and take back the woman he loves, thus making Vlad a formidable nemesis for Danny, especially since he has had his ghost powers for twenty years.

      Wisconsin Dairy King - The former owner of Vlad's castle. He is not evil like many of the other ghosts Danny encountered and also has the habit of saying "Don't you know" a lot.

    • Main Villain(s): Vlad.

    • Sam, Tucker, Dash, Paulina, & Mr. Lancer are absent in this episode.

  • Allusions

    • Skulker's Glowing Blade: Appearance
      Skulker's new weapon somewhat resembles the blade weapons on the wrist of the monster from the Predator movies.

    • Vlad: Appearance & Story
      Vlad Tempes, the man that started the Dracula myth was given the name Vlad the Impaler: a Transylvanian war lord that drank the blood of his victims. He even dipped bread in blood, saying that it was healthy, but he was eventually captured and imprisoned in a tower where he ate rats and drank their blood. Then he was killed. Dracula has fangs, weird eyes, and pointed ears, as does Vlad Plasmius in his ghost mode. And Vlad also lives in a castle, like Vlad the Impaler, and Dracula. In conclusion, Vlad's name and residence likely relates to Vlad the Impaler.

    • Maddie: Jack, I've never seen you like this. You beat that ghost all the way to Kenosha!
      Kenosha is a city located in Kenosha County, Wisconsin. It is the fourth largest city in Wisconsin, next to Milwaukee, Madison, and Green Bay (which were all also acknowledged in this episode). More Info

    • Vlad: (To Danny) Sleep tight, little badger.
      Vlad seems to be making a reference to the Wisconsin Badgers, which is the name of the sports team in the University of Wisconsin, which coincidentally is the same college that Vlad, Maddie, and Jack attended. More Info

    • Fenton RV: Appearance & Functionality
      The Fenton RV seems to be a parody of the "Ectomobile" in the movie, Ghostbusters. Like the RV, the Ectomobile contained a lot of ghost-hunting weapons and gadgets.

    • Vlad: (To Danny) Indeed, this football was autographed by the legendary Ray Nistchke. It is my most prized possession.
      Ray Nitshcke was an American football player who played linebacker for the Green Bay Packers from 1958 to 1972. In 1969, he was named the greatest linebacker in NFL history. More Info

    • Sports Announcer: On a snowy day at Lambeau, Bart Starr faces Butkus and the Bears.
      This is a reference to a typical football game at Lambeau Field between arch-rivals, the Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears. Bart Starr was a quarterback for the Packers between 1956 and 1971. He played in the first Super Bowl and the Packers won; he was the first Super Bowl MVP. Dick Butkus is a famous linebacker for the Chicago Bears but was forced to retire early in 1973 after multiple knee injuries. More Info

    • Maddie: There's absolutely nothing you are going through that your father and I didn't go through when we were your age!
      Danny: (Arm becomes intangible) Yeah, well, I'd beg to differ.
      This dialogue is very similar to a scene between Peter Parker and his Uncle Ben in the movie, Spider-Man, where Uncle Ben tells Peter, regarding adolescence, that he went through the exact same thing that Peter is going through, and Peter tells him, "No, not exactly."

    • Vlad: Appearance & History
      Vlad seems to be based on Marvel Comics' three most well-known villains, Doctor Doom, Green Goblin, and Venom. He was best friends with Jack until an accident that ruined his face, and made him a villain, like Doctor Doom. The way how Vlad has ghost powers like his archenemy, Danny, but more powerful is very similar to how Venom also has spider powers like his archenemy, Spider-Man, but his powers are deadlier and more powerful. In addition, the Green Goblin has similar colored skin and knows the hero's true identity.

    • Danny: (About Vlad) Jazz, hello?! Green and gold, footballs, cheeseheads! He's a Packers fanatic.
      The Green Bay Packers are a NFL team based in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Their uniform colors are green and gold, which gives them the nickname, "The Green and Gold." Packers fans are commonly known as "cheeseheads," presumably because Wisconsin is known for its cheese production. Many Packers fans wear foam triangles made to look like cheese on their heads. More Info

    • Jazz: It's the Milwaukee Journal, not the National Enquirer.
      Reference to the National Enquirer, a magazine including many humorous fake scandals. More Info

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