Danny Phantom

Season 3 Episode 8

Boxed Up Fury

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Aug 21, 2007 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Tired of being considered one of the weakest ghost in the Ghost Zone, the Box Ghost decides to attack Amity Park with every "deadly box" he possesses, but is easily defeated by Danny every time. He then makes a plan: he will use "Pandora´s Box", the most powerful box ever created, and will use the evil and deadly powers inside it to attack Amity Park. Now Danny must find the only one able to help save the day: Pandora herself!moreless

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  • The Box Ghost gains Pandora's Box

    The Box Ghost gets tired of being neglected or not taken seriously as villain. Even his own boxes don't make him scarier. So he seeks after and snatches the forbidden box that belongs to Pandora. Then he starts not only wrecking havoc but becomes more powerful and evil in the process. The Box Ghost then becomes too much for Danny to handle alone and he seeks Pandora's aid and together they defeat the Box Ghost and restore Amity Park to normal with the Box Ghost having to repay Pandora by doing some labor for her.

    Although this episode was quite funny it did have some pacing issues and I felt the makers of the show were pushing Danny and Sam too much. It felt like too much material squished in making this episode seemed half baked. Also Danny should know what a pegasus is.moreless
  • The Box Ghost is up to it again, and has found the ultimate box, Pandora's Box! He unleashes it to only find it to be vanquished by Pandora herself!

    This was a strange storyline because we've never had the Box Ghost as a "Villain" before. He's been more of a time filler. But, the episode is good because it was interesting and at the same time, odd. It was interesting to have Pandora guest at that time, because when it aired, I was reading that Myth. Pandora was supposed to be a curse on Mankind in Greek Mythology, and was given a box that was never to be opened. She was so curious that she opened the box, and unleashed all sorts of plauges on Man. But, anyway, back to the episode. I would say that this is a good episode. Not the best, but pretty good.moreless
  • okay so that box ghost is stealing the show again!

    Why? The Box ghost is actually being a threat! I think it is good that the Box ghost can be an actual threat sometimes. This episode was about the box ghost stealing pandoras box which contained all the worlds evil and he used it for evil!Danny had to find Pandora herself to get the box back from the box ghost! I think that this episode was great! I can't wait for the next one to come out! I thought it was pretty funny! And I'm glad that Danny finally used his ice powers because he hasn't used them since urban jungle and that makes me sad because i think its a cool power.. I also liked how they portraided Pandora as like all evil at first but how shes like all kinda fruity in a way! Especially when it came to Jacks smores! I hope the next episode is like this and I hope this TV show keeps on going and I hope it never ends! I do not remember the details of this episode, but as far as I can tell the Box ghost was only powerful with that box he stole. And Pandora with the help of Danny was able to snatch it right back. Though it was harder than normal seeing as how the Box ghost had some strength. I like the Box ghost better as a guy trying to be a villain but is bumbling. Sam really does know her mythology, I have to say. As for Danny, he could use a lesson.moreless
  • The Box Ghost gets his hands on the worst box of all - Pandora's Box!

    Tired of being neglected and underestimated, the Box Ghost sets out to make people "beware!" with a series of increasingly ludicrous boxes. But when he stumbles upon Pandora's Box and unleashes the evil within, Amity Park is striken with invading monsters, and the little nimrod's own increasing power as the magic of the box works its influence on him. Unable to conquer the source of evil alone, Danny must track down Pandora herself to restore order.


    I was not particularly looking forward to this episode. I really don't mind that The Box Ghost is just a comic relief, nuisance, and sometimes ally - for me, that's his character, and it's his niche in the show. To flesh him out and make him a fully capable adversary is not what I want to see out of him. I didn't think this episode would do that, however; I just didn't think that The Box Ghost could carry an episode without the comedy going too far, a la IC.

    I don't think too much comedy was this episode's problem; it's actually got a fair balance between comedy and ghost-fighting, and I found it pretty darn funny. The biggest problem I have with it is how "blah" the main cast was, which I think does stem in part from the main antagonist.

    I like to think that The Box Ghost really just wanted people to "beware!" and that his later cardboard malevolence came from the box. Of course, that kind of evil sounds ridiculous coming from his voice. And, because there's not really a real villain behind the story, the heroes don't really have anything to face. And when your main characters don't have anything to fight against, you get thirty minutes of stillborn razzle-dazzle; it looks cool, but what's the point?

    And, of course, since our favourite little nimrod is under the spell of Pandora's box and thus not himself, his trademark brand of corrugated cardboard comedy isn't around, and so the character gets lost to service the plot.

    So the main characters have nothing to fight against, and thus nothing to bring them out. A central comedy character is altered to service a bunch of giant monsters. IMO, a recipe for blah stew.

    I did enjoy some things in this episode. Jack and Tucker had some great quips, Jack especially. I loved the ongoing "s'more" gag. And though I realise that the Greek references were often innaccurate, they do tie in to what may be a young kid's perception of ancient myth, which is nice. I'm not as attracted to the ancient Greeks as I am to the ancient Chinese, Japanese, Celts, or Inuit, but I did enjoy the references - and how it related to Sam.

    But, as I mention Sam, I must follow the opinions of many of my friends - that D/S moment was forced, big time.

    Pandora herself was a decent character, if not especially memorable. I didn't mind the changes made to her; this is Pandora the Ghost Zone ghost, not necessarily Pandora the woman of the legend behind evil and hope. A character was adapted into another character, which I didn't mind. But she could have been less boring.

    Animation was great and music was great. But again, the biggest issue of the episode was that the main characters had nothing to fight against, and thus, didn't stand out. The episode had no roots. It was IC all over again, but I didn't gag quite as much.

    5 out of 10.moreless
  • Out of character.

    Why? The Box ghost is actually being a threat! I think it is good that the Box ghost can be an actual threat sometimes. I do not remember the details of this episode, but as far as I can tell the Box ghost was only powerful with that box he stole. And Pandora with the help of Danny was able to snatch it right back. Though it was harder than normal seeing as how the Box ghost had some strength. I like the Box ghost better as a guy trying to be a villain but is bumbling. Sam really does know her mythology, I have to say. As for Danny, he could use a lesson.moreless
Grey DeLisle

Grey DeLisle


Guest Star

Rob Paulsen

Rob Paulsen

Box Ghost

Guest Star

Kevin Michael Richardson

Kevin Michael Richardson

Skulker/Ghost Cop

Guest Star

Dee Bradley Baker

Dee Bradley Baker

Lance Thunder/Argus

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • Jack is a ghost hunter and thinks ghosts are evil. Despite this, he offers Pandora smores. This must mean that he doesn't think all ghosts are evil.

    • In mythology, Pandora's box didn't contain any physical items, only the sins of mankind: greed, vanity, slander, envy, and pining.

    • Tucker eats one of the sandwiches. But the sandwich has lettuce in it. Tucker shouldn't be eating it, since he eats meat and hates vegetables.

    • Notice when Danny is protecting himself, Sam, and Tucker from the fire blast that his eyes are green like usual. Then watch as it cuts to the dragon using all of it heads for the fire blast and cuts back into Danny. Notice that Danny's eyes are not green but the icy blue of his ice powers.

    • When the Box Ghost has 'The Shoe-box of doom' the green skull on the top vanishes just before he zooms off and appears on the bottom of the box instead.

    • Tara Strong is credited as playing Ember in this episode, despite the fact that she doesn't appear.

  • QUOTES (14)

    • Lady: Look! That catering shoe salesman brought free samples.

    • (Danny, Sam, and Tucker are eating in the park)
      Sam: So, what do you think the Box Ghost will try next?
      Danny:(About to take a bite out of his sandwich) Well, I don't care. If I hear 'Beware!' one more time, I'll.....
      (The Box Ghost appears behind him)
      Box Ghost: Beware!
      Danny:(Sighs and puts down his sandwich) Sigh and put down my sandwich.

    • (Danny, Sam, and Tucker are eating lunch in the park with Danny's family)
      Maddie: Danny, you kids can come over and eat with us, you know.
      (Jack accidentally blows himself up while trying to light the grill)
      Danny: Uh, we're fine here. And by fine, I mean both safer and less humiliated.

    • Jazz:(To ten-headed dragon) Taste my fire, Dragon!
      (She shoots the dragon with a boozaka)
      Maddie: Ten heads, meet nine tails!
      (She zaps the dragons with the Jack-O-Nine Tails)
      Jack: I don't have a clever quip!
      (He fires at the dragon with a blaster)

    • (While Danny's parents are fighting Box Ghost's ten-headed dragon)
      Box Ghost: Get a load of my boom box!
      (He fires a blast from Pandora's Box at Jack)
      Jack: NO!
      Jazz: Dad!
      Maddie: Jack, are you alright?
      Jack:(numbed) I burned my tongue on the s'mores!

    • Box Ghost: BEHOLD! THE SHOE BOX- (Holds the shoe box over his head) OF TERROR!!
      Danny: I'm sorry, but how are shoes scary?
      Tucker: Dude, have you smelled yours?

    • Box Ghost: Foolish humans! The reign of the Box Ghost has only begun!
      (Danny arrives with Pandora)
      Danny: Then this will be the shortest rule ever!

    • (Danny saves Skulker from the unicorns)
      Skulker: I won't tell anyone about this if you won't.
      Danny: Deal.

    • Box Ghost:(Sees a wanted post for Wulf) 1 million dollars for an overgrown dog? (He sees a wanted poster for Vortex) Two million dollars for an overgrown cloud? (He sees a wanted poster for Undergrowth) Three million dollars for an overgrown ficus?!

    • (After Pandora blasts The Box Ghost multiple times)
      Box Ghost: So much pain...

    • Box Ghost: Wait what are you doing?
      Danny: Tasting our doom, and I have to tell ya it's kinda dry.
      Tucker: You wouldn't happen to have any spicy mustard of doom would yah?

    • Sam and Tucker: (yelling from the dragon as it shoots out fire.)
      Danny: (shoots ghost ray at fire ball. And then uses his ice powers to protect themselves.)
      Box Ghost: Now I will reign over your world and you will all bow to me, or face my wrath. Heyaaaa!!! (Evil Laugh)
      Tucker: Anytime you want to use more of the refrigerator power go for it dude.
      Danny: I'm trying! (All dragons use fire power.) I can't hold off anymore.

    • Box Ghost: Beware ... MY APOLOGY!

    • Danny: BEWARE! Hey, that is fun to say.

  • NOTES (14)