Danny Phantom

Season 1 Episode 20

Control Freaks

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Jun 17, 2005 on Nickelodeon

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  • Danny gets brainwashed by an evil ringmaster into doing criminal activity

    One of the best episodes ever made. Sam is enchanted/interested in Circus Gothica but her parents disapprove of it for good reasons. Sam's parents also don't seem to like Danny or his parents thinking them to be a bad influence on Sam and her outlook. Danny is trying to be hero/helpful ghost but he falls under the influence of Freakshow the ringmaster's specter controlling staff. He and the other ghosts under Freakshow's control start committing thefts all over Amity Park. It is now up to Sam and Tucker to free Danny from Freakshow's staff of hypnotic power. Also the ringmaster traps Sam's parents, Danny's parents, and other adults inside his tent while he makes his getaway. The Fentons prove to the Mansons that they maybe eccentric but they can still fight aggressive ghosts and save the audience.

    An overall funny and enjoyable episode.
  • ...

    I loved this episode. Freak Show, to me, was so funny xD Plus I liked Tucker's Circus Gothica hat. The little bat was cool (and I have one just like it xP) I gotta say, it didn't have a very hard to find plot...and Danny sounds like some crazed rapist when he's controlled xD

    Actually, I really liked Sam's parents, their happy go lucky attitude is comical compared to Sam's gothic lifestyle.

    I was very pleased with the (very slight) DannySam moment. I was so sad when there was no other slightly intimidate moment besides their blushing :cry:

    Unleash your dark side at Circus Gothica =)
  • This episode was the best in the 1st season!!

    This episode was so cool! It's my favorite episode besides 'Memory Blank', and 'Phantom Planet'. In this episode, Danny is being accused of being involved with robberies in stores. Also, there's a gothic circus in town that Sam wants to go to, but her parents disapprove of it. So, she sneaks out and later gets in trouble because Danny shouted to everyone-including the protesting parents that they were there. Why? Because there was a mysterios gem that Freakshow has to control ghosts and Danny is under his control. He does rebellious stuff and goes to the circus to the gem. Sam and Tucker realize what's going on, and tries to stop him. The three of them save everything and are still grounded, though.
  • Danny gets taken control of by Freakshow, and is slowly ruining his reputation as Danny Phantom. It was an awesome episode.

    This episode was pretty good, in my opinion. I liked the plot to it, and I liked how the introduction of Sam's parents shows us that she doesn't have the perfect life that we all think rich people have.

    When Circus Gothica comes to town, that's the main thing on Sam's mind: get to that circus. But her parents' ideas are far from it. When they see how she cut school to attend the circus, and see her with Danny, they pin the blame on him, and a restraining order is made. That's a pretty good summary, right? The entire episode isn't based along that plotline, but I just wanted practice on summary writing. See that? HA! (Just yelling out to my Literature teacher. Hee hee...)

    Anyway, if you forget about the stupid thing I wrote in that last paragraph, I'll move on to the real review:

    Control Freaks is a really good episode, and I mainly like it becasue Sam is my favorite character, and she's playing a bigger role than usual in this epoisode. We can see her feelings about her life at home, and how annoying her parents are (no offense).

    I also like how Freakshow was just a human who had the control over the ghosts. It was a nice change from all the usual full-ghost enemies. The final reason I liked this episode was that the ending was cute. (I mean the ending before Mr. Lancer. He's weird, no offense. And his part was more funny thatn cute. Seriously, when was this ugly teacher cute? No offense again!)

    Danny's friendship with Sam was shown, because it was whenever she was in trouble that Freakshow's hold on him would cease. I liked how the spell completely wore off when she fell, and then he went to catch her. Major DxS moment (to me)! Yay!
  • Danny falls under Controll Freaks spell.Its up to sam and tucker to save danny ans stop freakshow!!!

    Where to began.This episode is truely amazing.Its just so good!This episode made Danny evil(which was actually freaky and pretty cool.)Its one of my personal favorites.Danny working for the dark side and acting a little bit goth was very cool!I like to see the characters being controlled or hurt(well im evil!)This episode was cool,actionie(is that a word i dont think so)okay its action-packed,and it was funny.It had the danny phantom touch.Like Danny overshadowing Mr.Lancer and making himself lock himself in the janitors closet!Or danny saying'hey everyone look!Its Danny Fenton and Sam Manson!We ditch school and were proud!Man that is so funny!
  • One of my favorite episode in the series.

    This was truley a great episode. Butch and his crew did an awesome job with everything. The plot was brilliant and the dialogue was just as great. Dark Danny was absolutely thrilling and I have to admit, he was really cute evil. The circus was sucha colorful and creative idea and I love Freakshow so much. Lydia was a also an amazing character. I loved how she had a sort of connection with Freakshow, and how she could make her tatoos do what she needed. I look forwards to seeing more of Freakshow and Lydia in the future episodes still to come!
  • I love control freaks Danny!

    OMG I can't believe how hot Danny is with red eyes! I'm sure all fans will agree with me! Plus, I liked seeing Danny fight the force. Hot and powerful... could he be any more perfect? Also, whoever does the animation did a fantastic job in this! I wonder how they did that scene where the septer fell... Anyway, it was really cool to watch! And Danny sounds awesome when he's evil! Especially when he says "No such thing as too much trouble...Unleash your inner dark side at circus gothica!" Plus, Freakshow is a great villan because he's human, which makes things more interesting. And I love the screencaps of Danny with the crown and all. If there was anything I didn't like it was that Danny was blamed for everything, but that could change later in the series. Yet another outstanding episode!
  • Freakshow posseses Danny in an effort to rob banks and jewelry stores.

    This was a wonderful episode to end the first season with. I don't care too much for Freakshow, but the episode was still really good. Evil Danny is sooooo awesome!!! It was awkward to see him rob banks and jewelry stores, but I liked the part where he tried to kill Sam by cutting the high wire, but then he snapped out of the spell and saved her. I also liked the part where Tucker had on a Circus Gothica hat and he snuck up on Sam and scared her, then asked her what she thought of it, and she knocked it off his head. There wasn't a part of this episode that I didn't enjoy.
  • THis was a good episode

    I really like this episode because it gave us more of a reason of why Sam is sort of the way she is, and helped us understand more of Danny and Sam's friendship. When i first saw this episode i thought it was a Danny/Sam episode but now i think it's sort of both. I really liked how Sam being in trouble broke the hold Freakshow had on him (temporalily). Okay now i don't know what to say. Hmmm i dont know what else to say. Um so basically this brought Danny and Sam closer together. I'm not quite sure whether they meant for them 2 be closer as a couple or friends
  • One of the most thrilling episodes yet.

    Sam is excited when a gothic circus comes to town, unaware that it is the source of the town's recent ghost caused robberies. Danny begins to act unusual however whenever he sees he is near anything to do with the circus, and eventually ends up under Freakshow's control. Now its up to Sam to break Freakshow's spell and free Danny as she gets in more and more trouble with her parents. It is also the first episode where you get to see what Sam's parents parents are like, who in my opinion, are very creepy....
  • Interesting.

    Danny gets controlled by Freakshow. It is a true test of Sam and Danny's friendship when Danny must choose between Sam or the circus ghosts. Sam doesn't mean this to be so literal but she falls off the Circus Gothica train. Danny saves her. Apparently, Danny and Sam's friendship is more powerful than the hold the septer has on Danny.
  • Danny Phantom is being controled by the evil ring master of circus named Freakshow.Now it's up to Sam and Tucker to save him.

    Danny stops four ghost from robbing a jewerly store,but they get away leaving the police think it was him who was trying to steal.Danny has to flee.The next morning Sam's parents think Sam is a troubled kid and that Danny is the one influncing her.At the same time Danny comes in and tells Sam about a new cd.Danny sees a cormical for a new circus coming to town called Circus Gothica,Danny goes into a trance.Which freaks out Sam's parents even more.She asks him what's up he answers he doesn't know what happened.Sam goes of to the opening of Circus Gothica ,while Danny warns her he sees the ghost he fought the other night,so he decides to after them.

    When they lead him to Circus Gothica he once again goes into a tarnce for a short time.Sam sees him and helps him hide so he can change.The ring master of the circus Freakshow makes his appearance.When Danny looks into his stuff he goes back into the trance.Sam's parent along with angry parents come to the circus to get it to leave.They see Danny and Sam there because Danny told the corowd(because Freakshow said to tell people who they are) who they are.Danny,Sam,and Tucker(he was covering for Sam)get into trouble and Sam's parents forbide Danny from seeing her every again.While the trio is serving detention with Mr.Lancer they see another comercial for Circus Gothica and Danny goes into a trance.Danny overshadows Mr.Lancer and locks him in a closet.When Sam asks him what's going on he answers Unleash tour darkside at Circus Gothica and than he leaves.Sam and Tucker go to the circus to try and find him.

    Sam finds him and she quckly discovers that Freakshow is controlling Danny with his staff.He orders Danny to despose of her.Sam is than put on a tight rope and Danny cuts the rope,but as she falls Danny regains control of himself long enough to save her.Freakshow takes over his mind again and warns her to keep away or next time she won't be as lucky.Sam tells Tucker,but before they can do anything her parents and the Fentons catch them and send them back into their homes.They sneak out in a last ditch effort to save Danny.While most of the parents of Ameity Park are at a free showing at the circus to see if it is safe for their kids to see.This is a trap so Freakshow can get away.Sam and Tucker go to the train to try and get the staff but Danny knocks them off the train and it starts to leave.The parents are attacked by ghost,but Jack and Maddie defeat the ghost.The Mansons aplogize and led the parents into an angry mob to get out of the tent.

    Tucker and Sam get back on the train.Freakshow sends his ghost to get them.While Sam tries to snap Danny out of it Tucker gets Freakshow to rise his staff high enough for a billboard to knock it out of his hand.Tucker than tries to catch it but misses,while Danny catches it but he blasts Tucker into the hands of another ghost.Sam once again tries to get to snap Danny out of it but she falls of the train.Danny comes to his sneses and saves her before she falls to her death.He drops the staff and it brakes.Danny and the other ghost snap out of it and they tie up Freakshow.The train stops and the police arrest Freakshow.Danny gets to see Sam again because she wears a dress her parents like.

    Another great episode it introduces the evil Danny Phantom factor,which will be used in futue episodes.The plot was great to actually have a human control Danny and make him evil is brillent.Danny gets a human enemy that is actually evil(Jack,Maddie,and Valerie are good)and Freakshow will return for revenge.There was good amount of action in it as well.Nice D/S moments are in this episode.
  • Freakshow has a magical septor that he uses to control ghosts, since Danny being half ghost it controls him to do bad things to and causes him, Sam, and Tucker to get into a lot of trouble.

    this episode was so cool it was like getting to see Danny's bad side and i loved it so much i wish i could find pic's of just this episode because it was so cool. I like how at the end he breaks the septor, which breaks the spell just as he saves Sam from when she fell off the train.
  • Another excellent storyline! Evil Danny! Wow.

    This was an awesome episode!! I enjoyed watching it, I taped it, and I continually watch it. I thought Freakshow was an excellent character (though I hate him now due to a later episode).

    The plot was great. I especially liked the one seen when Danny and Sam were at Circus Gothica and the goth spray-painted Danny\'s shirt black.

    I found Sam\'s parents to be extremely annoying, but I thought the controversy between them and Jack and Maddie was a great sub-plot. It kept the story going, you know?

    The ending was GREAT! Sam did a great job of distracting Danny from being hypnotized. The whole seen on top of the train was the best part of the episode. Especially when Sam fell off and Danny, still under Freakshows control, flew down to save her. I thought that was amazing since Freakshow still had control over him. It shows how much he cares for Sam, you know?
  • An evil ringmaster named Freakshow has come to town and he has a device that allows him to control ghosts, including danny. He wants to make Danny his minion and leave. It's up to Sam and Tuck to save Danny from Freakshow and doing evil deeds.

    What a great episode! A great way to end the first season. It started out with a bang and went through all the way to the end with nerve-wracking suspense and drama. Danny under the control of a human just makes me sick. I wanted Freakshow to be heavily punished. That's how much the episode had absorbed me. I was into it. It seemed like Danny would work for a HUMAN in the dark side. It seemed like no one would be able to save him. He was robbing banks, etc. Very funny too with all the scenes with the line "This is so wrong." Sam: "He let us out." Lancer: "Let me out!" Tucker should NEVER dress up as a girl. Did anyone notice his legs? Ugh. That was funny too.
  • this episode reveals Sam\'s true colors

    This was a good episode because we finally get to see one of Danny's friends save the day instead of Danny himself. I really enjoyed the villain freakshow because he was kind of freaky and that's how alot of villains are. And I also got a kick of how the place where the crimes were was at a circus. It was also somewhat suspensful how danny got mindcontroled by a circus freak. It was pretty funny how Mr. Lancer got locked in the closet and stuff. I also think it is pretty cool how they describe Mr. Lancer as out of shape and overweight. The only reason I didn't give it a ten is because the villain wasn't a ghost.
  • Circus Gothica comes to Amity Park, and its ringmaster, Freakshow, puts Danny under mind control.

    Sam's excited about the new Circus Gothica that's pulled into town. But at the same time, Danny's been acting really strange, and even he doesn’t seem to know why. She follows him after a particularly odd outbreak of behavior, and discovers that he is being controlled! The performers for the circus are ghosts, and the ringmaster, Freakshow, is controlling them, along with Danny, to commit robberies all across town!

    I must say, I wasn't sure what to expect when this episode first premiered. I had just come off from my last day of school and an excellent brand new Avatar, so I was ready for anything.

    What I saw was an episode that is definitely worth watching again. It was just something really special.

    The opening wasn't spectacular, but it was good enough to get you going. I have to admit, the way those ghosts in the jewelry store looked was really creepy, especially that girl with the tatoos. Things were still good when the officers came. The one officer talking about taking the jewelry and blaming Danny could have made it sour, but he was arrested, so no harm was done.

    Sam's parents were pretty much like I expected; pompus, overprotective, giddy, everything Sam isn't. Makes you understand why she went Goth. I'd maybe do the same if I had parents like them.

    Sam was great throughout the episode. We really got to see her Gothic colors for the first time in a while, willing to cut class for the circus. And I loved whenever Danny was under Freakshow's spell and she tried so hard to get him out of it. Her role at the end with wearing the sunflower dress was strange, but it was understandable because of what she said after it.

    Tucker had minimal involvement here, but he was still himself and kept things going well. Him dressing as Sam was freaky, but funny, and it was IC, naturally because he took cash for it.

    Danny...Oh, where to begin. To start, I loved that new attack he used at the start. It was really cool to see, and so was his transformation on top of that truck later on. It showed how much Danny is truly progressing with his powers. But there were things much better than this. For instance, how he was when under Freakshow's spell. It's one thing to make him drone like a mindless zombie, but David Kaufman was still able to keep Danny's personality in there. The things he said, and the tone he had to it...oh, that was great.

    The action throught Control Freaks was great. While it couldn't match up to Public Enemies or Reign Storm, it had the dark tone in it that made it special.

    Freakshow wasn't exactly like I envisioned, but he still had that sinister, bad guy charm about him. I'd like to see him again, provided he gets out of jail.

    The scene where Danny had the staff and Sam was trying to get him to fight the spell was done very nicely. The thing with Danny flying off and saving Sam even when his eyes were red (the music was AWESOME there, by the way) had me thinking, "Hmmm. So he overcomes it when Sam is in danger." If you looked closely, he only fought off the effects when Sam was urging him. While it wasn't what you call romantic, it was still very sweet, and leaves questions still floating around there.

    There is little someone could say that is wrong with this, but the fact that the trio got grounded at the end bugged me a bit, especially Tucker, since the Fentons and Mansons had no authority over him. And the very last part where the janitor opened the closet to find Lancer in, and then close it, leaving him in there, was a little like FOP, but it was still funny anyway.

    There's more I can say about CF, but I'll be talking all night if I say everything. I'll leave it at this: Control Freaks is a very good episode, and a very good end to a very good Season 1 to Danny Phantom. It's in my Top 10 and I give it 9/10.
  • This eppisode rocks!

    I just loved the darkness of this eppisode. This has to be the eppisode I had the most fun watching for the first time! I seriously jumped up cheering when Freakshow was defeated! And speaking of Freakshow, He's one of my favorite villains. Anyway, this eppisode was just fantastic. I give it two thumbs up!
  • awesome episode!...

    Sams's parents do not want her to go to the Circus Gothica. They call it bevil mined polution. Sam cuts first pirioed to go see the circus gothica trian pull in. tucker is dressing as her sience he has first period free. Danny is fighting ghost at this point and finishes at the fair grounds.wehile he meets up w/ Samhe startsbeing controlled by Freak show the ring master. and shouts that he and Sam are there. Sam's parets showed up to protest just in time to her Dany's boast. That gets all three of the kids in truble. the kids are stuck in dedention for opening night. Danny sneaks them out to go to opening night. While there Danny has to do a deth defing act almost costing Sam her life. After that Danny goes around w/ the other ghost that being controlled and loots places for Freak Show. Once Sam and Tucker find out that Danny is being controlled by Freak Show that have to stop Freak Show.
  • Evil Danny? This forshaddows the plot line for Ultimate Enemy

    This is the second time Danny was being controlled. The first time was in Fanning the Flames. This is different though because he is being controlled by a human, not a ghost. I love it that it was his love for Sam that broke the spell.
    Still under Freak Show's controll, he jumped off the train to save Sam, who had slipped and fallen off the train. While he catches Sam, he drops the crystal ball. When the ball shatters, it frees all the ghosts under Freak Show's controll. Now with free will, the ghosts (encluding Danny) phases Freak Show back into the train and glare at him. He then said nervously, "OK, when i called you 'minions' it was really a term of endierment, like, like 'I love my minions'".
    This is a great examle of why this show rocks!
  • This was a good end to the season.

    I think this was a good end to the season, I don't exactly know why I think this but It could have something to do with the fact that this is onr of my favorite episodes. For some reason I like episodes in which the main characters are controlled by some one else (a bad guy). The Circus Gothica theme was also a nice touch to this episode, and that fact that Sams parents think she's on the way to troubled teen hood makes it even more enjoyable to watch. I like the part when Sam is on the tight rope most likly best of all. except maybe the part on the train that was also good!
  • Information on Sam, Evil Danny, and Tucker cross-dressing...

    In this episode we meet Sam's parents. Finally.
    They are even more cheery than I thought. You would think Sam would exagerate.

    Danny has never been to Sam's house, why does he walk in like he had been doing it since they met? And he should know not to talk like that in front of her parents.

    Something else I'd like to say:
    This episode was one of the those that trigger bucketfulls of Fanfics. One Third of them of Evil Danny, another third of Sam verses her parents, and another third, of course, of more DannyxSam fanfics.

    I would not like to comment on Tucker cross-dressing.

    Thank you.
  • A fine way to end the first season.

    I loved that only Sam could get Danny to listen to her. This is somewhat proof he cares about Sam. All I take off points for are.....Well, for Freakshow. That dude creeps me out.

    We finally see Sam\'s parents. Her overly peppy morning people parents. I cracked up when I saw her parents the first time. And I loved her grandma. She\'s like an older version of Sam. And I liked the circus. Exactly the place Sam would like. And to fill the empy space....

    Danny and Sam forever! Amethyst Ocean is the ultimate pairing! Go Danny and Sam! And save DP!
  • I was watching "Danny Phantom" on TV. I will like Danny Phantom and Danny Fenton. Is Danny turning evil? Danny will look alive evil Dark Danny. My nickname: TELDANNY. My password: dannyphantom. I'm feeling great. Sam and Tucker are saving Danny from Freak

    I'm feeling great. Is Danny turning evil? Danny will look alive evil Dark Danny. I can like Danny Phantom and Danny Fenton. My nickname: TELDANNY. My password: dannyphantom. I can watch "Danny Phantom" on TV. Sam and Tucker were saving Danny from Freakshow. Danny, Sam and Tucker are best friends.
  • We learn so much about Sam. Finally.

    We learn more about sam. We see her parents for the first time and we learn way more about things. I liked the episode. It was cool. and it was very imformational and it just said more and made more sence about sam and just herself. make more like this one.
  • Evil Danny...Yay! Danny is put under Freakshow's spell and struggles to break free.

    This episode had some funny moments to it. Sams grandma was being cool, there were goths with little black umbrellas, Lancer clipped his toenails, and we got to see Tucker dressed up as Sam. This was really good. Also, it's cute that the only thing that broke the spell on Danny was his strong desire to rescue Sam.

    Circus Gothika has come to Amity Park and Sam wants to see it. Her parents forbid her from going because they were afraid she was a troubled teen with troubled friends. Sam cuts first period to see it while Tucker covered for her.

    As she left, Danny saw one of the ghosts from an earlier fight running with a bag of stolen money. He shoots his ghost ray at the ghost causing him to drop the money and land on a cop car. The police curse the "ghost kid", and Danny tries to escape and hide from them when he runs into Sam at the circus.

    Danny claims he's never seen so many Goths out in broad daylight, and they all put up little umbrellas. As Freakshow is giving a preview of his circus, Danny falls under a spell from his sceptor, making him "unleash his dark side". He then shouts that him and Sam cut school and they were proud. A Goth spray painted Danny's shirt black and said that he was one of them now.

    Just then, Sam's parents had brought parents to protest the circus when they caught Sam and Danny. The parents were allowed to see a free show so they can see it's harmless entertainment. The kids were taken back to school for a meeting with their parents. Tucker also got caught for pretending to be Sam, and they were all assigned detention.

    While in detention, Sam explained that when she wanted to see something shocking, she didn't mean having to watch Lancer clip his toenails. Tucker pulled out his PDA to watch the show over the web. The sceptor was shown again and Danny fell under the spell again. He went ghost and overshadowed Lancer and walked him into the Janitor's closet and left him locked inside.

    After robbing banks and commiting crimes along with the other minions, Danny was put in the show as the grim reaper. Meanwhile, all the parents were there to see the free show, and Sam was at home sneaking out the house to save Danny. When she got caught back stage, she was put on the high wire where Danny cut the rope and let her fall. Seeing Sam fall broke the spell and he saved her.

    As the parents were seeing the show, Freakshow and his minions took off in his train with all the stuff that was stolen. Jack and Maddie found out there were ghosts and fought them off and busted out of the tent. Meanwhile, Sam and Tucker were still determined to rescue Danny and jumped aboard the train. Freakshow sent his minions after them to fight them off. Tucker suggested that he raise the sceptor higher causing him to drop it and ending up in Danny's hands. Danny was still confused until Sam fell off the train and he went to save her. The minions were free and Freakshow was taken in.

    For skipping out on detention, they all had to go back for more studying. Sam also has to wear a pink poofy dress so her parents would raise the restaining order on Danny. Her grandma claimed it was cruel and unusual punishment. Then, Danny felt like they had forgotten something. We then come to see Mr. Lancer still locked in the closet, when the janitor came in, said he'd see him Monday, and left him locked in the closet.
  • A new Gothic circus- along with its creepy ringmaster Freakshow- has come to town, and is using his crystal ball to make Danny EVIL and ll of that jazz. Smah as to save him before time runs out.

    It's good, it's great, it's fantastic! I love it! I love it! I love it! M over here, M over there, oh, how I love it! Frekashow is totally awesome and perfect and really hilarious. "Unleash your Dark Side at Circus Gothica!" Woot! Danny: "Cross over to the Dark Side!!!" Me: "Oh, yeah!"
  • An exciting end to the first season!

    I really liked this episode because we finally get to see more on Sam’s family and her home life. It’s funny because I just finished reading this book by Darren Shan called ‘Cirque Du Freak’, which is about this boy who goes to the circus freak show, not knowing that they are real freaks consisting of vampires, ghosts etc. and I thought it would be fun if I could see something like that on TV.

    Sam’s granny is hilarious, especially when she shows a photo of her younger days on what a rebel she was. There are some little Danny + Sam moments here and there in this episode, but nothing significant. It was also a delight to see the parents face-off for a change. The most exciting part was when they are all on top of the train in the end, and Sam is about to fall off. This scene really kept me to the edge of my seat, which usually doesn’t happen for me when I watch animated shows.

    I think this was a great way to end the first season! I can’t wait to start seeing episodes from the second one.
  • Sam is determined to see the Circus Gothica show, if her parents approve or not. But that's the least of her worries when the circus' ringmaster, Freakshow reveals his power to control ghosts with his sceptre. And he plans to add one more to his gang: Dan

    This episode was funny, but there were some flaws that needed to be ironed out. For starters, Grey Delisle sounded a little too much like Lor from "The Weekenders." Don't get me wrong, I like that show too, but I also like my characters to be distinct. Most of the animation was good, but I noticed in many places that people would seem to suddenly jump out of nowhere instead of being showed walking or running.
    Other than that, it was pretty good. I loved the Batman reference to Joker in Freakshow. The horrid grin, bleached skin and pointed nose really brought it out. And Jon Cryer, for an actor I had never heard of before, did an excellent job of it. He's no Mark Hamill, but, hey, I can dream, can't I?
    I liked Sam's parents and a little more into Sam's grandma, especially the "I'm just kidding. Lighten up!", when they're staring at her. It's really funny when you consider that they're related. I also liked their initial disapproval of Danny which shaped into approval of him and the Fentons after beating the ghosts.
    Speaking of the ghosts, they were pretty cool too, the tattoo woman remided me of Johnny 13's shadow, which is one of my favourite ghost powers, so that was a treat. And I also liked how three of them could take on human form, since the dwarf just wore a skeleton costume. Though it was interesting how the Goliath and Tattoo woman seemed to wear their human forms as suits. And these guys must've been in slavery for a while, what with the dwarf asking if they were 'finally' free and Freakshow saying that his family had controlled ghosts for generations.
    Overall, a good episode, not great like "Lucky in Love" or "Bitter Reunions", but still pretty good.
  • Sams parents forbid her from going to Circus Gothika.And by FINALLY showing more of her gothic ways,she rebels and goes,but ends up dragging danny and tucker in as well.and danny falls under freakshows spell.Now sam has to help danny and stop freakshow!

    I loved this episode.Sam finally shows more of her goth ways by rebeling.ROCK ON SAM!!!However,sams parents irked me,come on,let her have some fun in a while!She obviously doesn't want to be like her parents.A true individual.Also,I thought it was sweet how danny caught her when she fell off the train when danny,sam & tucker were trying to stop freakshow.Which they manage to do in the end as well as all of them being grounded.
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