Danny Phantom

Season 3 Episode 11


Aired Friday 12:00 AM Aug 24, 2007 on Nickelodeon
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Dani Phantom has finally returned to Amity Park. Having the trouble of dissolving into nothing worst than ever, she seeks the one person who can help her, her cousin and best friend, Danny Phantom! However, Vlad has been keeping track of her since her last appearance and plans to get his "little girl" back, by duping Valerie Gray into doing it for him. After finding Danielle, she uses her to lure Danny into a trap and now she has two Danny Phantoms trapped! Now stuck in the clutches of Valerie Gray, Danny must find a way to escape and save his cousin from being melted to ectoplasm by Vlad!moreless

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  • About Time Valerie realized Vlad was Bad!

    This is a Valerie-centric episode. She is tricked by Vlad into capturing Dani who last appeared in Kindred Spirits. He says she's out to kill him and hurt Amity Park, but really, he's out to bake her into a puddle of nothing just to get a perfect Danny Clone. That is just despicable, especially since Dani is not a threat to anyone, at least, she didn't willingly do anything wrong. In Kindred Spirits, she saved Danny from Vlad, but now, it's the other way around! Best of all though, Valerie kidnapped Danny and tortured him only to let him go long enough to save Dani. When he was about to hold up his end of the deal at the end, Valerie not only showed real mercy to not just any ghost, but her worst enemy, but she saw Plasmius transform and realized Masters and Plasmius were one and the same Vlad and immediately ditched him! Good for you Valerie! Maybe you'll turn to Danny, Tucker and Sam if season 4 is ever in existence since you'll realize that the ghost who ruined your life is the ghost who somewhat exposed the man who fooled you for so long for the scum that he was!moreless
  • My favorite episode

    I just don't think I can fully describe how much I love this episode. Danielle returns to Amity Park to seek aid since she's dissolving into ectoplasm yet she doesn't realize that Vlad is in Amity Park. He then hires Valerie for her determination and hatred of ghosts to capture Danielle for a nice reward. Valerie then uses Danielle as bait and captures Danny as well who is able to convince the ghost huntress that Danielle is part human and worth saving. During the rescue Vlad uses his duplication trick to fool Valerie that he is an innocent victim. At the end after Danielle is saved Valerie discovers that Vlad Masters and Vlad Plasmius are the same.

    Danielle was originally going to play a major part of series with the Fentons adopting her, but the series was cut short before it could happen. Not to mention how Valerie is going to act since she knows who Vlad really is. This particular episode had so much character development.moreless
  • Dani is weak, so she tries to get help from Danny Phantom. Vlad sends Valerie after her. Valerie uses Dani to get to Danny. Then, Danny convinces Valerie to help save Dani. They save her and Danny makes Dani stable. Valerie discovers Vlad is a ghost.moreless

    This was my favorite episode yet. I always like the episodes with Dani in them. I'm glad Dani is now stabilized because she is one of my favorite charactors. I was also glad that Valerie was in this. Valerie finally discovered Vlad was evil. Maybe she will stop going after Danny. I hope in future episodes we see her try to stop Vlad, but Vlad told Danny that if he told Valerie Vlad's identity, he would reveal Danny's. Danny didn't tell Valerie, but Vlad won't believe that. It was exciting to watch Valerie discover Vlad's true identity. This will make future episodes more exciting. I can't wait to watch Phantom Planet!!!moreless
  • The title is true.

    I will explain further. Well Valerie is fine with helping Dani Fenton, but when it comes to Dani Phantom she would rather not help her. In fact Plasmious has Valerie hunt Dani Phantom down. The reason Valerie is so willing to help one Dani and not the other is due to the fact that she doesn't know one is the other. She thinks they are two separate people. Just like Plasmious and Masters. Valerie thinks they are two different people. Once she finds out the truth she helps Dani and swears to forevermore hunt Plasmious. He lied to Valerie. Also Danny gets along better with Dani in this episode. They really are like cousins.moreless
  • A really good episode, but it would've been even better if the show would've kept going!

    This episode shows the second appearance of Dani Phantom, one of my favorite characters, where she's becoming unstabilized. She starts looking for Danny, but runs into Valerie instead.

    It all ends with Valerie learning the truth about Vlad. That's a great twist in the story, but why didn't they do anything with it? If the show would've kept on (and I mean without the dissapointing series finale) they could've made an episode where Valerie fought Vlad... aw well, this episode still is one of the better!

    The whole show is really great, but it ended so abruptly... the fans shall grief, because I don't think Hartman'll ressurect it...moreless
David Kaufman

David Kaufman

Danny Fenton/Phantom

Grey DeLisle

Grey DeLisle

Samantha "Sam" Manson

Kath Soucie

Kath Soucie

Maddie Fenton (Mom)

Rickey D'Shon Collins

Rickey D'Shon Collins

Tucker Foley

Rob Paulsen

Rob Paulsen

Jack Fenton (Dad)

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • Unless you count Dani by name and appearance, this marks the ninth and final time Danny doesn't appear in the opener.

    • When Danny goes with Valerie into Fentonworks, you see Jack trapped inside the box where they put some experimented ghosts, but it never shows in the episode how Jack got in there.

    • Valerie has been hunting ghosts a long while now, but she was surprised when Vlad phases through the pins she used to stick him to the wall. She should know by now that ghosts can phase through things-especially since Danny helped her phase earlier in the same episode.

    • When Dani reforms after turning into a pile of goo, she jumps out of the tray. However, the tray still has more goo in it. All the goo was what of Dani had already dissolved, so it should have been empty.

    • How did Valerie know about Vlad's ghost name? Danny and Danielle never mentioned it, but both of them addressed Vlad by his first name for the entire episode.

    • Vlad's cat, Maddie, is either different from the one in Infinite Realms but with the same name, or has gained a lot of weight.

    • Apperantly, Valerie works for Vlad and has been since been since Flirting with Disaster (he's got a call button just to summon her), however, he makes a note about her new outfit and does again as Vlad, meaning it's the first time he's seen it. How can that be since she's been working for him?

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Danny: Man, you really know how to work the system, don't you?
      Vlad: It's my specialty.
      Danny: Now Valerie blames Vlad Plasmius for trying to destroy Dani, leaving Vlad Masters in the clear. If only she knew you were one and the same.
      Vlad: Well, you can always tell her. But I'm afraid I'll have to counter such slanderous accusations by revealing your little secret.
      Danny: (Referring to Dani) Don't come near her again! (Flies off)

    • Danny: (After his blasts fail to free Dani from the shackles) I can't break them Danielle, there's only one thing left to try. (Takes out the ecto-dejecto) Feeling brave?
      Dani: A little weak in the knees actually. And I don't even have knees anymore!
      Danny: Well then let's hope my dad didn't mend his Achilles' heel! (Sprays the ecto-dejecto on Dani, nothing happens)
      Dani: (Weakly) I think it's too late. Bye Danny... (Starts to melt) Thanks for...
      Danny: Oh no... (Dani gives one last moan before melting into a puddle) No! No, Dani! I failed you... (Covers his face in sorrow) I'm so sorry... (Some bubbles being to appear in the puddle and Dani's head comes out)
      Dani: Danny? What's the trouble?
      Danny: Huh? (Sees Dani alive and smiles) Hey!
      Dani: (Flies out of the puddle in one piece and hovers as Danny walks to her) I'm me again! (The two hug) I knew you wouldn't let me down!

    • Dani: (After defeating Vlad) Guess that'll teach him not to pick on a defenseless girl.
      Valerie: There's no such thing!

    • Danny: Valerie, you don't wanna do this!
      Valerie: No, (Holds up a weapon) you don't want me to do this.
      Danny: Well... yeah...

    • Valerie: I don't hate you, Danny. It's because of you that I'm the most powerful ghost hunter in Amity Park.
      Danny: Hey! What about the Fentons?
      Valerie: Are you kidding? They couldn't catch a ghost if it was living under their own roof.
      Danny: True.

    • Valerie: Mr.Masters! I forgot about him! (Flies into to Vlad's mansion on her jet sled) Mayor Masters? Are you ok? Mayor Masters?
      Vlad: Disappeared! Oh, and we were so close! If only we'd managed to melt that little brat down!
      Valerie: Is that Plasmius? (Hides behind a pillar)
      Vlad: And who knew Valerie would be so easy to fool. Trapping me in the closet. Oh! Ingenius! (Transforms into Plasmius) For a smart girl she's very easily lead. (Valerie flies out)
      Valerie: Vlad Masters is Vlad Plasmius? Phantom was right all along! And all this time I've been doing all his dirty work! (rides ouside) Well not anymore, better watch out Vlad, cause one of the ghosts I'm hunting now, is you!

    • Valerie: (Trying to find Danielle) Listen kid. I know you're in here, and I know something evil is hunting you. Danielle: Yeah, no kidding.

    • Valerie: Y-you're a girl and a ghost?
      Dani: And you're welcome.

  • NOTES (27)


    • The Real Ghostbusters: "Egon's Ghost"

      Dani's not the first ghost/human hybrid to have problems with stability. In The Real Ghostbusters' episode "Egon's Ghost," an explosion caused Egon Spengler to take on the properties and powers of a ghost even though he was technically still alive. Like Dani, his ghost form was also unstable, and, like Danny, his team had to find a way to stabilize him before it was too late.

    • Danny: Go ahead destroy ghosts, but would you take part in destroying a human?
      This is similar to the Looney Tunes. When the enemies try to kill the prey, after they capture them, they start feeling guilty for doing it.