Danny Phantom

Season 3 Episode 11


Aired Friday 12:00 AM Aug 24, 2007 on Nickelodeon

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  • My favorite episode

    I just don't think I can fully describe how much I love this episode. Danielle returns to Amity Park to seek aid since she's dissolving into ectoplasm yet she doesn't realize that Vlad is in Amity Park. He then hires Valerie for her determination and hatred of ghosts to capture Danielle for a nice reward. Valerie then uses Danielle as bait and captures Danny as well who is able to convince the ghost huntress that Danielle is part human and worth saving. During the rescue Vlad uses his duplication power to trick to Valerie into thinking that he is an innocent victim. At the end after Danielle is saved Valerie discovers that Vlad Masters and Vlad Plasmius are the same.

    Danielle was originally going to play a major part of series with the Fentons adopting her, but the series was cut short before it could happen. Not to mention how Valerie is going to act since she knows who Vlad really is. This particular episode had so much character development.
  • About Time Valerie realized Vlad was Bad!

    This is a Valerie-centric episode. She is tricked by Vlad into capturing Dani who last appeared in Kindred Spirits. He says she's out to kill him and hurt Amity Park, but really, he's out to bake her into a puddle of nothing just to get a perfect Danny Clone. That is just despicable, especially since Dani is not a threat to anyone, at least, she didn't willingly do anything wrong. In Kindred Spirits, she saved Danny from Vlad, but now, it's the other way around! Best of all though, Valerie kidnapped Danny and tortured him only to let him go long enough to save Dani. When he was about to hold up his end of the deal at the end, Valerie not only showed real mercy to not just any ghost, but her worst enemy, but she saw Plasmius transform and realized Masters and Plasmius were one and the same Vlad and immediately ditched him! Good for you Valerie! Maybe you'll turn to Danny, Tucker and Sam if season 4 is ever in existence since you'll realize that the ghost who ruined your life is the ghost who somewhat exposed the man who fooled you for so long for the scum that he was!
  • Dani is weak, so she tries to get help from Danny Phantom. Vlad sends Valerie after her. Valerie uses Dani to get to Danny. Then, Danny convinces Valerie to help save Dani. They save her and Danny makes Dani stable. Valerie discovers Vlad is a ghost.

    This was my favorite episode yet. I always like the episodes with Dani in them. I'm glad Dani is now stabilized because she is one of my favorite charactors. I was also glad that Valerie was in this. Valerie finally discovered Vlad was evil. Maybe she will stop going after Danny. I hope in future episodes we see her try to stop Vlad, but Vlad told Danny that if he told Valerie Vlad's identity, he would reveal Danny's. Danny didn't tell Valerie, but Vlad won't believe that. It was exciting to watch Valerie discover Vlad's true identity. This will make future episodes more exciting. I can't wait to watch Phantom Planet!!!
  • The title is true.

    I will explain further. Well Valerie is fine with helping Dani Fenton, but when it comes to Dani Phantom she would rather not help her. In fact Plasmious has Valerie hunt Dani Phantom down. The reason Valerie is so willing to help one Dani and not the other is due to the fact that she doesn't know one is the other. She thinks they are two separate people. Just like Plasmious and Masters. Valerie thinks they are two different people. Once she finds out the truth she helps Dani and swears to forevermore hunt Plasmious. He lied to Valerie. Also Danny gets along better with Dani in this episode. They really are like cousins.
  • A really good episode, but it would've been even better if the show would've kept going!

    This episode shows the second appearance of Dani Phantom, one of my favorite characters, where she's becoming unstabilized. She starts looking for Danny, but runs into Valerie instead.
    It all ends with Valerie learning the truth about Vlad. That's a great twist in the story, but why didn't they do anything with it? If the show would've kept on (and I mean without the dissapointing series finale) they could've made an episode where Valerie fought Vlad... aw well, this episode still is one of the better!
    The whole show is really great, but it ended so abruptly... the fans shall grief, because I don't think Hartman'll ressurect it...
  • Danny is finally stabilized. Danny helps Danielle to become stabilized.

    Danny is finally stabilized. Danny helps Danielle to become stabilized. Valerie now realized that Vlad Masters and Vlad Plasmius are one and evil. She now knows that she's doing Vlad's dirty work all the time. She finally realized that Danny Phantom and Dani Phantom are good and helped Dani Phantom to become stabilized.

    I don't exactly know where Dani went after she's stabilized. But in Phantom Planet, I saw her behind Danny Phantom after making the earth intangible from the disasteroid together with other ghosts from the ghost zone. I hope there will be season 4 and I would want to know what will happen to Dani Phantom...
  • Dani hurries to Amity Park to find Danny only to be discovered by Valerie, who FINALLY returned after a major Hiatus.

    Now THAT'S More Like It!!!

    This has to be the only episode of Season three I didn't hate for any reason,in any way,shape,or form. It actually features Continuity! Cotinuity. Actual Plots. Development. Finally the return of Valerie, one of the most interesting Characters on the show that they deleted to turn DP into a Saturday Morning kids cartoon with OOC, Flat One-Dimensional Characters! Valerie's Finally Back and She's now working for Vlad! I'm even more Glad we get some of season 2 Vlad back- the facade he put up and how creativley he lied to Valerie is amazingly IC. This Episode also proves that Valerie hunts ghosts not just because of her Grudge on Danny, but now she takes it as a personal job to protect Amity park as A Ghost Hunter. She also rubbed off Vlad a bit, how she tricked Danielle into believing she wants "The honour of Meeting Danny Phantom". Also notice that Valerie's sneakiness and Darkness has been hinted- she's using meathods such as lying and torture to gain what she want, but because she hates ghosts. Her Voice also changed- she sounds a bit like Cree from Kids Next Door, actually Cree's voice is an Older Version of Abby's. She even almost sounds like her TUE self, symboling that she Grew up.

    The one thing that is so Friggi'n misunderstood is that Vlad plans to build a clone. It's Obvius he means a Danny Clone, but Why now? Since "Eye For an Eye" it is clear that Vlad no longer thinks of Danny as a son he never had...why now? And Why did this have to be created right before the finale? Valerie finding out Plasmius is Masters woul make some killer development,but It looks like the writers lost interest in DP which is why Season 3 is so downhill and Flatly OOC.

    Did I mention this is probably one of the Only Episodes of Season 3 I didn't hate? This has many reasons... But what made me cheer with Glee is that this episode is not Stuffing DXS down our throats like Every Other Season 3 Episode! Alright Butch, Danny and Sam are going to be together, is it too much to ask for too keep it minimal because WE GOT IT?! This has to be the only episode in season three where Sam and Tucker only made a Cameo. And About DxS...

    Yep. It's official. I.HATE.THAT.PAIRING.

    Sorry People.

    Danielle is a very confusing Character though, Sure she has many Flaws- Her Character is Screaming Mary Sue, she hardly has any personality...yet I can't bring myself to hate her. she has an important role in the plot. I can see that. SHe symbolizes the fact that Vlad finally took desperate measures and went as far as Cloning Danny...so she plays the symbol. I think she should've died though,her death would add some nice Darkness to DP that it missed since TUE. She doesn't exactly do anything after that to the plot...and I still hate DxS.
  • Danielle, Danny Phantom's ghostly cousin returns and so does his old enemy, a ghost hunter named Valerie. And Vlad Plasmius is behind the operation pulling the strings. A great episode, very well written and executed.

    D-Stabilized ties up some important loose ends like Dani's return and Valerie's as well, the last time we saw her was an entire season ago when she acquired a high-tech more lethal ghost hunting suit. Now she's back and doing Vlad's dirty work. Valerie uses Danielle (without Dani's knowledge) to get to Danny and capture them both. Dani is sent to Vlad and Danny remains in Valerie's custody. Danny convinces Valerie to help save Danielle from certain death. They rescue Danielle from Vlad's clutches and Danny manages to stabilize her just in the neck of time from melting into a puddle of goo. With her powers back, she proceeds to kick Vlad's butt. Dani says goodbye once again to her cousin Danny and flies off. Valerie decides to let Danny go... this once. Over all, a great episode, fun to watch, and nice character development.
  • Going Ghost once again!

    In this episode of Danny Phantom, Danny's clone Danelle, or Dani, returns to get the help of Danny because she is melting, but Vlad sends Valerie Grey to get her. Vlad tricks Valerie into doing this by telling her that Dani is an evil ghost. Valerie finds her and takes her to Vlad only to run into Danny. Valerie captures Danny, but lets him go after he convinces her to let her go. Valerie and Danny stop Vlad, but are to late, Dani has melted, but Danny brings her back by stabilizing her DNA. Then at the end Valerie finds out that Vlad is an evil ghost and has been using her, so she stops working for him. This was a very good episode and I just love Danny Phantom!
  • This was definitely a needed episode before the end. A lot ofmajor stuff happened.

    Well first off. Dani came back to get Stabeleized. I'm really glad they brought her back like they said they would. Valerie found out about Vlad and Danielle's ghost powers, which means that Danny is the only one left with his big secret. This was a really needed episodes though because Valerie needed to accept the half-ghost thing before she found out about Danny, otherwise she probably would have just shot first and asked questions later XD. She also found out in the process that Vlad had been using her the whole time, and now that she knows about that, Danny won't have such a hard time in the future. Valerie also somewhat accepted Danny's ghost hal at the end, so that would make it easier for him if his secret were to be revealed XD. This was a great episode and definitely a well needed one; it definitely needs a chance.
  • Danielle returns to Amity Park to have Danny help her with her unstable ghost half. Will she be able to get help before Vlad and Valerie find her first?

    This episode was great! I was beginning to wonder when Danielle and Valerie would return again. I'm glad they showed up in this episode. I felt sorry for Danielle at the beginning of the episode because she was so scared and so sick. Her encounter with Danny was funny. She flew right into them and they fell onto of a building. She was so excited to see him. She gave him a great big hug and even kissed him at the end of the episode. The scene between Danny and Valerie in the basement of the apartment building was funny. Valerie said the Fentons couldn't catch a ghost even if it was living under their own roof and Danny agreed. I was practically on the floor laughing! Another funny scene was when Jack was smashed against the walls of the ghost containment chamber. He looked so stupid. The fighting scene between Dani and Vlad was good. For being so small, Dani is a pretty good fighter. It was funny how Vlad dodged all of her shots and yelled "Hah! You missed me!" right as Dani crashed into him and sent him flying into the wall. Personally, I'm suprised Vlad still wanted to make a clone of Danny. I always thought he was beyond the wanting a son like Danny. I thought he considered Danny an enemy now; not the son he's always wanted. I'm so glad Valerie found out about Vlad's ghost half! I got chills when Vlad transformed right in front of her. Overall, this episode was really really really good.
  • I loved this episode! It was so cool and my sister who dosn't like Danny Phantom that much thinks It was great omg so sweet! :)

    (Dani) If I want to reach Danny I need to keep up my strength (fases her hands through wood to get 2 apples.)
    (Apple seller)Let me see your hands! (screams when she had no hands, then eats the apples)
    (Valerie)Dang shes good, I didnt see her pocket those. Poor kid I know what shes going through.
  • Danni and Valarie return! An awesome eppy!

    I love this eppy! It has to be one of my favorite episodes. I am really glad that they brought Danni back! She was really awesome! And I also really enjoyed having Valarie in the eppy. Ending was a cliff-hanger! After she finds out, I was like "OMG!!!" And I was on the edge of my seat. It sucks that she isnt able to fight vlad at all or anything, cause u know, they ended the show *tear*
  • One of my new favs!

    I loved this eppisode alot! I loved Valerie's reaction to Danny telling her that Dani was human, and that she couldn't take part in hurting a human. I also liked that Valerie found out about Vlad and believed him to be evil and Danny is now on her good side.
  • Dani + Valerie = Great episode!

    It was a really great episode. Dani returns, and so does Valerie. I was wondering what happened to her. She like dissappeared after FWD, only having a cameo in DCMH, and not appearing anywhere the entire 3rd season, and them BAM! She's there, front and center!

    Great action, some funny comedy moments, and a heartwarming ending.

    Danny really is prtective over Dani, it's so sweet. I was crying at the end, thinking she had died, and then when she revived I was so happy I stated crying again!

    I think Vlaerie is starting to like DP, and realizes he really is good.

    Great episode, wonderfuly done!
  • Dani comes back because she's getting weaker. She needs Danny's help to stabalize her. Vallerie finds out Vlad Plasmius is Vlad Masters.

    Here's a link to a link to the episode.


    Sam and Tucker hardly get any screentime in this episode, but the ties left by Kindered Spirits were finally knoted.
    Dani comes back since she's starting to "melt." Valerie tricks Dani into taking her to Danny. Danny convinces Valerie that if she helps him rescue Dani that he'll let Valerie take him prisoner. In the end, Danny takes something his dad was making in the beginning of the episode and injects it into his cousin which allows her to be stabalized. In last minute or so of the episode, Valerie finds out Vlad Masters is Vlad Plasmius which adds Vlad onto her "list" of ghosts she's going to catch.

    It was a good episode even though we didn't see Sam or Tucker alot. ((We've seen them in the last few epies alot! lol! )) I guess it's nice to have an episode going back to the Vallerie, Vlad, and Dani plot again. And I feel bad for Vlad's fat cat, Maddie....and his computer wife, Maddie... Overall, it was a good episode and it's worth looking at since it has a few surprises in it.
  • comes back in this episode but dies from too much strain in her powers.

    This is my idea for the plot line. I think that Danielle is going to come back in this eisode. She's going to ask Danny to help her get full control over her powers since she will melt if she uses too much power. And of course Danny's parents will probably conviniently be somewhere at the moment so they'll be able to use the lab. Obviously Sam and Tucker are going to help. While they're looking for a way to help her, Vlad begins spying on them through the illegal webcams he set up in there house. When he sees Danielle there he goes ghost and flies over to Fenton Works to get revenge on her for destroying his "perfect" clone. Danny and Danielle fight Vlad and Danielle uses way too much of her power. She melts and dies, but not before doing something really bad to Plasmius. Danny gets really mad and steals Vlad's Plasmius Maximus and exposes him on national television. He obviously gets impeached from his mayor position and arrested. Danny Tucker and Sam return to the lab to find some ecto goop from Danielle's melted body. Jack will have probably invented some invention that can bring destroyed ghosts back to life (probably so that he and Maddie can destroy or disect them themselves) and use it to bring Danielle back to life. Then they fix her power problem and she flies off happily saying that she's going to repay Danny for making her normal. That could actually happen but I honestly doubt that Vlad will get fired or exposed. That could ruin the season 3 plot, but hey I can dream