Danny Phantom

Season 3 Episode 11


Aired Friday 12:00 AM Aug 24, 2007 on Nickelodeon

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  • Dani hurries to Amity Park to find Danny only to be discovered by Valerie, who FINALLY returned after a major Hiatus.

    Now THAT'S More Like It!!!

    This has to be the only episode of Season three I didn't hate for any reason,in any way,shape,or form. It actually features Continuity! Cotinuity. Actual Plots. Development. Finally the return of Valerie, one of the most interesting Characters on the show that they deleted to turn DP into a Saturday Morning kids cartoon with OOC, Flat One-Dimensional Characters! Valerie's Finally Back and She's now working for Vlad! I'm even more Glad we get some of season 2 Vlad back- the facade he put up and how creativley he lied to Valerie is amazingly IC. This Episode also proves that Valerie hunts ghosts not just because of her Grudge on Danny, but now she takes it as a personal job to protect Amity park as A Ghost Hunter. She also rubbed off Vlad a bit, how she tricked Danielle into believing she wants "The honour of Meeting Danny Phantom". Also notice that Valerie's sneakiness and Darkness has been hinted- she's using meathods such as lying and torture to gain what she want, but because she hates ghosts. Her Voice also changed- she sounds a bit like Cree from Kids Next Door, actually Cree's voice is an Older Version of Abby's. She even almost sounds like her TUE self, symboling that she Grew up.

    The one thing that is so Friggi'n misunderstood is that Vlad plans to build a clone. It's Obvius he means a Danny Clone, but Why now? Since "Eye For an Eye" it is clear that Vlad no longer thinks of Danny as a son he never had...why now? And Why did this have to be created right before the finale? Valerie finding out Plasmius is Masters woul make some killer development,but It looks like the writers lost interest in DP which is why Season 3 is so downhill and Flatly OOC.

    Did I mention this is probably one of the Only Episodes of Season 3 I didn't hate? This has many reasons... But what made me cheer with Glee is that this episode is not Stuffing DXS down our throats like Every Other Season 3 Episode! Alright Butch, Danny and Sam are going to be together, is it too much to ask for too keep it minimal because WE GOT IT?! This has to be the only episode in season three where Sam and Tucker only made a Cameo. And About DxS...

    Yep. It's official. I.HATE.THAT.PAIRING.

    Sorry People.

    Danielle is a very confusing Character though, Sure she has many Flaws- Her Character is Screaming Mary Sue, she hardly has any personality...yet I can't bring myself to hate her. she has an important role in the plot. I can see that. SHe symbolizes the fact that Vlad finally took desperate measures and went as far as Cloning Danny...so she plays the symbol. I think she should've died though,her death would add some nice Darkness to DP that it missed since TUE. She doesn't exactly do anything after that to the plot...and I still hate DxS.
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