Danny Phantom

Season 2 Episode 2

Doctor's Disorders

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Jul 15, 2005 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

After being bitten by tiny green ghost mosquitoes, the kids of Casper High get a mysterious illness that gives them ghost powers and are quarantined at a spooky old hospital outside of town. When Danny sneaks into the hospital to investigate, he is captured by Penelope Spectra and her assistant, Bertrand. They are the ones who started this illness as part of their plan to build Penelope a young and beautiful new body. All she needs is Danny's half-human/half-ghost DNA to complete her ghostly plan. With Danny captured and Sam sick, it's up to Tucker to conquer his fear of hospitals and free Danny before Penelope gets what she's after.moreless

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  • Ghost bugs give students at Casper High ghost powers who are then quarentined at an abandoned hospital....

    turns out that Spectra is behind it. In fact it is all a scheme just so that she can obtain needed genes to stablilize a new form and she's after Danny's DNA as well because somehow his ghost abilities won't burn or wear out his body but the other students aren't so lucky. They have a variety of powers which they can't control and Spectra and her goons could care less for them. Meanwhile Tucker must overcome his fear of hospitals in order to not only aid Danny (who has been captured) but to use his own formula cologne to drive out the mosquitos. Danny then sends a final blow to defeat Spectra. Unfortuntly for Tucker, he breaks his leg after they had a victory and has to spend time in a real hospital with a yappy old man who doesn't seem to notice that Tucker isn't interested.

    This is without a doubt one of my favorite episodes and I find myself watching it over and over again. It's got great humor, an interesting plot, and action. A great start to the second season.moreless
  • Spectra tries to take Danny's DNA to make herself stay young forever.

    My favorite part was when Danny was with Paulina and Sam got jealous. I really liked it when Sam "accidentally" threw the shoe at Danny. (Although she should have thrown it at Paulina instead) And Tucker proved to be a loyal friend by facing his fears and going in after Danny, which was really brave. I would never have expected the entire school to get ghost powers! Phantastic animation and great morals! I wasn't to happy with the gross scene, but overall the spookiness and signs of Sam loving Danny made up for it. It's always entertaining to watch Sam get jealous of whoever the girl with Danny is. ^_^moreless
  • Penelope Spectra tries to steal Danny's DNA so should could be young forever.

    I didn't care for this episode. I don't like it and I refuse to watch it, no offense to anyone who loves this episode. I didn't like the part where Spectra turned into a fat mucus covered monster thing and then fought Danny. It was disgusting and wrong. I did like the part where Danny and Paulina were looking lovingly at each other, but then Sam threw her boot at Danny's head. I laughed so hard when I saw that part. I also liked the part where Danny is inside the building calling for Tucker, but Tucker tries to ignore him.moreless
  • Spectra is back and with her evil scheme that includes casper high? Can Tucker save to day with Danny captured?

    This was a cool episode. I love it when Tucker makes a new colone ( i dunno how u spell it g) and it repells the ghost bugs and Danny is captured while most of casper high is bitten by the ghost bugs and get a ghost power. This episode was a episode where Tucker over comes his fear of the hospital. It was kinda funny when Tucker says "Because im special" lol! All in all this episode was a really cool and adventureous! GO DAnny Phantom!moreless
  • The return of Spectra wasn't as good as her first episode, but I still enjoyed it a lot.

    The return of Spectra wasn't as good as her first episode, but I still enjoyed it a lot. I mean, who wouldn't want Danny strapped to a bed? Hehe. But, I loved how Paulina and Sam shared a hospital room and how Paulina was so flirtatious with little old Danny. The ending was brillant and Tucker turned out to be one of the main heros in the end, which isn't normally seen. I liked how Spectra's plans turned out exactly the oppsite of what she'd hoped, and Danny and his friends were brought out of the hospital and everything was normal again. This was a great episode.moreless
Maria Canals

Maria Canals

Hot Girl/Walla

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James Sie

James Sie


Guest Star

David Kaufman

David Kaufman

Danny Fenton/Phantom/Walla

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Kath Soucie

Kath Soucie

Maddie Fenton (Mom)

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Rob Paulsen

Rob Paulsen

Jack Fenton (Dad)/Mr. Falluca

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (9)

    • After Sam takes the cover off of the vent, the screen is switched briefly to Tucker. When we see Sam again, she is not holding the vent cover.

    • After Tucker blasts the two guards at the entrance of the hospital and stands up again, the lipstick is missing.

    • When Sam is floating on the ceiling her violet stockings are blue.

    • The two guards don't have a ghostly glow until Danny turns invisible.

    • When the senior was talking to Tucker, he said "..we didn't have windows." That's almost impossible because when Native American homes had holes in the walls that could be considered windows. He couldn't be that old.

    • In the beginning, when Tucker is spraying himself with his all-over body spray without his backpack on, the camera gets a close-up shot of him and he is wearing his backpack.

    • When Tucker breaks into the hospital, he is wearing surgical gear, and when he unties the apron, the surgical mask comes off as well.

    • Tucker tied Sam down using two green tubes, so that she would not fly away, but in the next scene with Sam, she is floating near the ceiling and is not tied up anymore.

    • At one point, when Danny is strapped to the bed and is in human mode, his eyes are green.

  • QUOTES (25)

    • Tucker walks up to the ghost guards and sprays his cologne, causing them to start coughing)
      Tucker: Oh, please. You're ghosts. Do you have any idea what you smell like?

    • Danny: Tucker's right; hospitals stink.

    • (Danny's best friend comes to school with a new cologne on)
      Danny: Why do you smell like a sweaty cookie?

    • Tucker: Don't worry, Danny! The calvary is coming... whether he wants to or not!

    • Tucker: (Before he sprays his cologne through the air vent to get the ghost bugs out of everybody) Whoever said, "Odor isn't everything," never met Tucker Foley.

    • Jazz: (As a floating head in a jar) I can't feel my toes!
      Spectra: Let's see if you can feel this. (Throws the jar)

    • Danny: (After Bert Rand puts Sam & Paulina to sleep with knockout gas) Sam? Paulina? Getting tired... gas is affecting me?
      Bertrand: (As Bert Rand) Of course child, that's the point. (Turns into Bertrand) You didn't think this was an actual hospital, did you?
      Danny: You're Penelope Spectra's assistant, Bertrand! (Pauses; smacks his hand to his face) Bert Rand, Bertrand, how did I miss that?
      Bertrand: Why don't you mull that over during your last two seconds of consciousness.
      Danny: Tucker's right... Hospitals... stink! (Passes out)

    • Jack: Why should we trust you?
      Dr. Bert Rand: Because I'm with the government and I can audit your taxes.
      Jack: We trust you.

    • (Spectra throws the glass container with Jazz inside; the Kwans can't catch it, but she is caught by Tucker)
      Tucker: Yes, I got her!
      Jazz: Your fly's open.

    • (Danny is being chased by a huge ghost bug)
      Danny: Bug. (Flies in front of a telephone wire; bug crashes into the wire and gets shocked) Zapper.

    • Danny: Sam, are you okay? I heard a scream.
      Sam: Yeah, that was me. (About Paulina) You'd scream too if you were stuck in a sleepover with her.
      Danny: Actually, I kinda doubt that.

    • (Danny punches Spectra while she is covered in mucus and his arm gets covered in mucus)
      Danny: You know, if my life wasn't at stake, I would hurl right now.

    • Spectra: Okay, that's it, let's boogie.
      Danny: See, that's the kinda pun I was avoiding with the whole "blew it" comment.

    • Spectra: Ah, there we go. Your DNA is finally kicking in, which means I should be all powerful in three.. two.. one! (Becomes big like Jack) What? What happened? Why do I suddenly feel like blathering on about ghosts? And why do I feel like eating fudge, lots and lots of fudge?
      Danny: You wanted Fenton DNA. Unfortunately, you got it courtesy of my dad's nose.
      (Spectra turns into a huge mucus monster)
      Spectra: Aahhh!!!
      Danny: There's a "you blew it" pun somewhere, but, I'd rather not.

    • (As Tucker enters the hospital)
      Sam: Tucker, is that you?
      Tucker: Sam, is that you? Where are you?
      Sam: Up here.
      Tucker: (Sees Sam floating) Sam? Ha! And you call me an airhead.
      Sam: You know, you really should stop and consider all the vile things I could do to you from up here.
      (Tucker moves away)

    • Danny: (Wakes up) Where am I? (Looks around and finds himself strapped to hospital bed; tries to escape)
      Bertrand: Save it, kid, those restraints are ghost proof. You're in for the duration.
      Danny: (Looks to his side and sees weapons) Somebody tell me what's happening here!
      (Spectra appears in her "shadow" form)
      Spectra: Allow me. You know how we therapists love to talk it all out.

    • Tucker: (From outside the hospital) Spooky hospital. Ghosts guarding the joint. Still, no sign that Danny's in any real danger yet.
      Danny: (From inside the hospital) Let me go!
      Tucker: Still, technically not a cry for help.
      Danny: HELP!!
      Tucker: Well, not a cry for me.
      Danny: TUCKER!!!
      Tucker: Ah, dang.

    • Kwan: Fenton, you're in here, too? (Starts duplicating)
      Kwans: Four. Six. Eight. Who do we appreciate? Us! Us! Ahh! Run for our lives! (All eight Kwans run away)
      Danny: Are you kidding? I have been trying to do that trick for months, that is so wrong!

    • Danny: Okay, just hang out here and wait for me. You got my mom's Fenton utility weapon just in case?
      Tucker: (Takes out a lipstick) It's a lipstick, and an ecto-blaster. Because I'm worth it.

    • Tucker: Hey, Danny, check this out.
      Danny: What's up?
      Tucker: Got another one. (Shows Danny a ghost beetle in his palm)
      Danny: Tucker, get rid of that thing!
      Tucker: No, no, look. It won't bite me, or phase into my skin, or anything.
      Danny: That's weird. I figured my ghost powers were protecting me. What's protecting you? (Beetle flies off)
      Danny & Tucker: Foley by Tucker Foley!
      Danny: Wow, it's not just repelling, it's a repellent!

    • (After swarm of ghost beetles chase Dash into the bathroom, and Danny runs in after)
      Danny: Hey, Dash, uh, not that I care, but, you okay?
      Dash: I don't feel so good.
      Danny: Yeah, this always happens on goulash day. (Dash shoots ghost rays from inside stall) Although, I've never seen goulash do that.
      Dash: (Becomes a monster and breaks stall door) Get away! (Picks up Danny and throws him into a stall, Danny goes ghost, tackles monster Dash from behind, and pins him to a wall, while making a fist) I wish I could say I didn't want to do this, but - (Dash turns back to normal, and passes out) Uh, and just one cheap shot away from a semester full of payback.

    • (Danny's ghost sense goes off)
      Danny: Uh, is Paulina glowing?
      Sam: Uh, I know she's supposed to have flawless skin, but this is ridiculous.

    • Danny: You're afraid of the nurse's office?
      Tucker: Yes! Nurse's offices. Doctor's offices. Hospitals. Any place with sharp, pointy, sticky things and the smell of sick people.
      Sam: (Sniffs) Ugh, speaking of sick smells, what is that? Gym socks and Snickerdoodles?
      Danny & Tucker: Foley by Tucker Foley.
      Danny: It's Tucker's cologne.

    • Danny: Phew, what is that smell?
      Tucker: This? (Shows Danny spray-can) It's my new all-over body spray. I made it myself. I call it "Foley" by Tucker Foley. (Sprays some on himself) It combines with your natural odor to create a sweet manly scent, that smells different to everyone who sniffs it.
      Danny: Tuck, you smell like a sweaty cookie.
      Tucker: By choice. The ladies will be swarming all over me.

    • Danny: (In phantom mode, while fighting huge ghost bug) Paulina! You should run. (Paulina begins running toward him) No, not toward me! Away! Run!

  • NOTES (36)

    • Kwan turning into eight ghosts beats the record of four ghosts that Vlad set in "Bitter Reunions."

    • Interestingly, Jazz has the only power Danny hasn't performed in any episodes since "Parental Bonding."

    • Cable Episode Info:
      The students of Casper High are bitten by green ghost beetles.

    • In addition to being able to morph his self, Bertrand can morph weapons.

    • Dish Network and Direct TV guides refer to the episode title as "Doctor's Orders."

    • Insight Digital Description: Danny falls into a trap set by Penelope Spectra, who is hoping to find the secret to eternal, youthful life in Danny's DNA.

    • The old man in Tucker's hospital room unintentionally foreshadowed the next episode, "Pirate Radio," when he said to Tucker, "You see that television, we didn't have television, we had radio!" Also in "Pirate Radio," Danny, Sam, and Tucker will make their own radio station.

    • First aired October 12, 2005 on YTV.

    • Tucker reveals that this episode features his first trip to a hospital.

    • Spectra reveals that Paulina has nearly flawless skin -- she has a mole.

    • The hospital that all the kids were at was "North Mercy Hospital," but the letters, "R," "T," and "H" fell off in the first scene of it, leaving the sign to read, "No Mercy Hospital."

    • In this episode, Tucker says, "So, what's the skizzle, fizzles?," to the ghost guards, which is a variation of what he said to Danny in "What You Want," "What's the dizzle, fizzle?!"

    • Tucker reveals that ghosts smell bad.

    • The following is what people thought Tucker's cologne, "Foley," smelled like:
      1) Danny - Sweaty cookie / Gym shorts and ginger snaps.
      2) Sam - Gym socks and Snickerdoodles.
      3) Spectra - Tennis shoes and fudge nutters.

    • This is the second episode in which none of the scenes take place at FentonWorks. The first episode was "Control Freaks."

    • Bertrand transformed into the following things in this episode (not counting his human-looking ghost form):
      1) Doctor.
      2) A bigger, mutant-looking doctor.

    • Apparently, Jazz is Jack's favorite child.

    • Look Hard: Nathan (who does officially debut until "Reign Storm") makes three cameos in this episode. The first one is in the scene where all the kids are running away from the ghost beetles: Nathan can be seen trying to swat the beetles with his hand while running. The second one is in the scene where Bertrand wheels Danny in the hospital and the camera focuses on the sick ghost-powered children: Nathan is among those kids and he turns invisible while the camera moves around. The third cameo is when Tucker walks into the hospital for the first time: Tucker screams when he sees a kid phasing from the ceiling to the floor; that kid is Nathan

    • This is the first episode in which Tucker successfully fights a ghost on his own.

    • Opener: Danny fights off with a huge ghost bug. Danny manages to electrocute it, but it transforms into a bunch of little beetles.

    • It is revealed that Jack and Maddie believe it's impossible for humans to have ghost powers, since they never saw any of the ghost-powered children, and are unaware Danny is the ghost boy.

    • This is the second time that Danny's "going ghost" battle cry was interrupted by the presence of Jazz, the first time was in "Public Enemies."

    • Apparently, Star (from "Lucky in Love") and Kwan are still together (they're talking to each other in the beginning of the episode).

    • Spectra attempts to make a new body for herself. She says it's made from the best teen genetics. She mentions that she uses Jazz's brain, Dash's muscles, and Paulina's skin.

    • Each kid got different ghost powers due to being stung or bitten. Some of the powers were:
      Sam - Involuntary levitation.
      Jazz - Misty form.
      Paulina - Ghost sense.
      Dash - Optic ectoplasmic rays, intangibility, monster transformation.
      Kwan - Duplicating.
      Nathan - Invisibility and intangibility.

    • The only kids who weren't "bitten" by the ghost beetles were Danny and Tucker.

    • Running Gags:
      1) Danny accidentally calling Paulina by her name while in ghost mode.
      2) Every time Tucker needs to go near a hospital or nurse's office, he pretends it's a modeling agency.
      3) Tucker and Danny saying, "'Foley," by Tucker Foley," in an advertising-esque voice.
      4) Danny/Tucker not considering Tucker/Danny screaming his name a cry for help.
      5) Someone describing the smell of Tucker's colonge.

    • References to "My Brother's Keeper" and "Maternal Instinct" were made in this episode.

    • Mr. Lancer is absent in this episode.

    • Look Hard: Paulina's Inviso-Bill love shrine is a little different than it was in "Lucky in Love." In her locker there are:
      1) One Danny Phantom action figure hanging from her locker.
      2) Eleven pictures of Danny Phantom:
      I - One with his new emblem.
      II - One in a pink heart.
      3) A pink poster that says "Paulina (picture of a heart) Inviso-Bill."
      4) The Ghostbusters symbol.
      5) Two purple lit candles.
      6) Two purple hearts.
      7) A purple banner that says "CHS."

    • Title Screen Caption: "It Will Leave You In Stitches!"

    • No new named Fenton inventions were introduced in this episode. However, there was a new invention that Tucker used: it was a special lipstick from Maddie's utility belt which is flavored "Plasma Peach" that could shoot ectoplasmic rays. However, it's not a real lipstick.

    • Tucker makes his own cologne called "Foley," which combines with a male's body odor to create a sweet yet "manly" smell, that has a different stench to each person who sniffs it. Its awful smell is why he wasn't affected by the ghost beetles.

    • The opening theme song now features Danny's new emblem on his chest.

    • Danny Phantom is now on at a new timeslot beginning with this episode: 9:00 PM EST, after Catscratch.

    • Main Villain(s): Penelope Spectra & Bertrand.


    • Episode Title: Doctor's Disorders
      The title comes from the common saying, "Doctor's orders."

    • Dash: (Sighs) When she sings "The Wind Beneath My Wings," I just go to pieces.
      "Wind Beneath My Wings" is a song by Bette Midler.

    • Various Kids: Ghost Power Origin
      The way how the ectoplasmic beetles gave the kids superhuman abilities after phasing into them (or "biting" them) is most likely taken from how Spider-Man obtained his superpowers from an irradiated spider. Like the children, he felt sick very shortly while after being bitten.

    • Tucker: It's a lipstick, and an ecto-blaster. Because I'm worth it.
      This is a quick and funny reference to the L'Oréal cosmetic company slogan.

    • Danny: What's up, doc?
      This is, of course, a reference to Bugs Bunny's famous catch phrase (from Looney Tunes).

    • Dash: (After sneezing and accidentally shooting a green ray from his eyes at the TV, thus breaking it) Darn, right at the part where he says, "You complete me."
      This line is from the movie, Jerry Maguire, so Dash was probably watching this movie.