Danny Phantom

Season 2 Episode 16

Double Cross My Heart

Aired Friday 12:00 AM May 05, 2006 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Sam’s got a new crush: Gregor, a goth transfer student from Europe. And Danny’s jealous, although he won’t admit it. Instead, he convinces himself that Gregor is an undercover operative for the Guys in White, out to get Danny Phantom. When Sam finds out Danny has been spying on her, she’s furious, but Danny’s suspicious grows when the Guys in White show up in Amity Park. The mystery deepens as Tucker tries to help Danny uncover Gregor’s intentions. Is Danny right? Is Sam truly in danger from Gregor and the Guys in White, or is Danny just jealous of Sam and Gregor’s growing romance?moreless

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  • Sam starts seeing another boy while the Guys in White are determined to track down Danny Phantom

    An interesting episode. Danny finds 'Gregor' to be a very suspicious is that just Danny being jealous. He even uses his ghost powers to spy on Sam dating Gregor. Later it turns out that Gregor is a fake trying to pass as a foreign goth with great technology. Then the Guys in White attempt to attack Gregor with anti-ghost weapons because they think that he's the ghostboy Danny Phantom. Danny is able to distract and thus stop the Guys in White with their assault in order to save Sam, Tucker, Gregor (who is really Elliot) and others at the observatory.moreless
  • Finally! We get to see Danny jealous!

    I love how this episode portrays Danny's side over his feelings for Sam.

    So Sam meets a new guy named Gregor who has the same interests as her but Danny "thinks" that gregor is really working for the guys in white to find out who Danny Phantom is, but really he is just "Jealous" so he spies on Sam and Gregor in their dates and gives a glare "Oh man if their gonna share a strand of that spaghetti I'm gonna hurl!" LOL but in the end Sam finds out that Gregor was a jerk and dumps him.

    I really love this episode! and in the end he realizes he really likes sammoreless
  • spoiler alert! don't read this if u haven't seen this. but, then again, if you haven't, than good for you...

    i hate " Gregor "! i yelled at the TV saying " Sam, DUMP HIM! He's a jerk! " he lied about being from Hungary and lied about his name! his name is actually Elliot and he's from Michigan. when they kissed, i gagged, and Danny was pissed, his expression told it all. this episode was dramatic, the most dramatic of the 2nd season... well maybe.

    I feel lucky for anyone who hasn't seen this episode. but those who have,i feel sorry for. Which means i feel sorry for myself. everyone who saw this episode was scared for life, almost like Danny was.moreless
  • i love all the dxs PARTS, and danny is totaly jelouse abou sam dating gregor that means he likes her

    wow danny is actually sad when sam is with another guy, wich means that dany likes sam, and he likes her more than just friends, and when sam and gregor kissed danny was sad, and after sam and gregor kissed sam said "i've got some things to figure out" that means sam is choosing beetween danny or gregor ( i hope its danny)

    i love the ending cuz danny said that sam's cool, smart and preety, that means danny likes her!!!!

    go DxS

    and i think gregor thinks that danny likes sam cuz gregor said that danny likes her more than just friendsmoreless
  • There's a new guy in Sam's life, and Danny's jealousy is showing. But can he put aside his feelings to find out what the Guys in White are up to?

    I absolutely loved this episode! While I am an avid Danny/Sam fan, the plot also shows the strength of friendship between Danny/Sam/Tucker. All three will protect one another, not matter if they are at odds or not (As shown by how Danny defends Sam and Tucker from the Guys in White, and how Sam picks Tucker over Gregor). It is a nice turn of events to see Danny get somewhat jealous, not only of how Sam immediately takes to Gregor's gothic style ("In Hungary, white is the new black"), but also of how Tucker admires Gregor (how he wears his hat backwards just becauce Gregor mentioned it). Overall, an excellent episode.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (16)

    • When Danny chases the ectopus into the pool room, the door handle continually switches sides.

    • When Danny is explaining the situation to Tucker he says that he got hit in the face with a rock. But since he was intangible as well as invisible, it just passed through him.

    • When we first see Sam and Gregor sitting at a table eating spaghetti, Sam is sitting on the left. But when we see her a little while later at the same table, she is sitting on the right and Gregor is on the left.

    • When the Guys in White walk out of a store in the mall, each of them is carrying one bag. After their ghost alarm goes off, the second Guy in White isn't carrying a bag anymore.

    • It seems a bit hypocritical that Sam got upset that Danny was spying on her. She basically did the same thing during Danny's brief romance with Valerie in Flirting With Disaster.

    • If Gregor claims to be a vegetarian, why is he eating a burger at the Nasty Burger? (note: that might have been a veggie burger, Sam gets them there from time to time)

    • The Guys In White tell their boss that in Hungary, black is the new white. However, according to Gregor white was the new black, not the other way around. And the Guys In White wouldn't have known that--they weren't nearby when Gregor said this anyway.

    • The Guys in White said that Mr. Lancer assigned an assignment on the purple-back gorilla, but Mr. Lancer didn't assign it; Danny just did it for extra credit to bring his D grade up. Furthermore, it was Sam's idea to do it on the purple-back gorilla.

    • Danny says that Gregor has white hair like the Guys in White, but the Guys in White are bald.

    • In the parking lot when Gregor kissed Sam, Danny had on a plain face, was standing up and was next to a purple car before the commercial. But after the commercial, he has a shocked face and he's crouching on a blue car.

    • When the Guys in White shot Danny at Amity Park Mall, Danny's ghostly glow was missing. After he landed in the parking lot, his ghostly glow was back.

    • Danny didn't need a dime to get into the bathroom. With everybody freaking out, he could have gone intangible and phased through the door.

    • Gregor wears his sunglasses at night for no apparent reason.

    • At the beginning, Gregor was wearing two earrings but during the episode, the number of earings he was wearing keeps alternating from one to two.

    • For a moment after Sam discovers Danny was spying on her, and Danny is talking to Tucker, the red part on his collar is missing.

    • Danny's hair is blasted askew by the Guys in White carrying a bazooka, but in the next scene his hair returns to normal.

  • QUOTES (23)

    • Gregor: Hey, Same, you want to...
      Sam: (interrupting) Whatever it is, yes!

    • Gregor: (laughing) His fly was down entire time! (more laughing) What is fly?

    • Tucker: (Talking about his ringing cell phone) I have to take this.
      Sam: (Annoyed) So do I, apparently.

    • Gregor: This place is too crazy for me! I'm going back to Michigan!
      Tucker: Don't you mean Hungary, Gregor?
      Gregor: (Running away) My name is Elliot!

    • Mr. Lancer: Ah...the perfect way to spend lunch; Shakespeare by the pool, and dry white toast!
      (The pool explodes)
      Mr. Lancer: Hunt for Red October!

    • Gregor: (To Danny) Oh, by the way. Cool shirt.
      Danny: Not too much red messing up the whole white thing for you?
      Gregor: It totally works for you. I could never pull off such a look myself.
      Danny: Really? (Short chuckle) Thanks!

    • Guy in White #2: (About Skulker) Target ghost obtained.
      Guy in White #1: True, but his suit is hard-wired. If we can access it's database...
      Guy in White #2: It may help lead us to our primary objective.
      (An image of Danny appears on their computer screen)
      Guy in White #2: The punk known as Danny Phantom.

    • Guy in White #1: (After his boss discovers his suit is filthy) Uh, did you know in Hungary, black is the new white?

    • Tucker: You think that "pssh" thing would help me pick up girls? (Sees Star & Paulina walk by; turns his beret around) Excuse me, ladies!
      (Tucker walks off-screen; "Pssh" is heard, a scream, then a loud slap)
      Sam & Danny: That's a no. (They laugh)

    • Gregor: (To Danny; about Sam) You like her more than just friends?
      Danny: Well...

    • Sam: (About Gregor) He's not my boyfriend. I dumped as soon as I found out you were right about him being a phoney. Apparently, that is the only way a guy could like me.
      Tucker: That's not true.
      Danny: That's totally not true! There's a million reasons why a guy could like you. I mean, you're smart, you're fun, you're cool, you're pretty--(Cuts of abruptly after catching himself; Sam blushes) Why am I still talking? I am such a spazz. Still friends?
      Sam: Pssh. The best.

    • Gregor: (To Sam) I like you, and I would like to go steady.
      Sam: With me?
      Gregor: Yes, you, and not your losing friend Tucker.
      Sam: It's "loser."
      Gregor: So you agree.

    • (Danny's on the phone with Tucker)
      Danny: Anything to report?
      Tucker: I bought a gory book at Skulk and Lurk, I shot two under par at the golf course, and Sam's got a kicking new surrond sound.
      Danny: I meant about Gregor!

    • Tucker: Thanks for letting me tag along; hope I'm not in your way.
      Sam: Of course not. You asked to tag along. (Starts yelling at nothing thinking Danny's somewhere) Unlike some people who'd better not be here right now!

    • Sam: (After learning of Danny's motives for spying on her) You think the only way a guy could like me is if he's in on some plot to get you? Ego much?

    • (Tucker is wearing his beret forward)
      Danny: Would you wear this thing right?
      Tucker: Gregor thinks it's cool.
      Danny: Who cares about Gregor?
      (Sam turns the corner)
      Sam: Hey, guys.
      Tucker: Give you three guesses.

    • Danny: (After waving to Valerie; Tucker has told him to let it go) Yeah, I know, but it's not easy. I mean, do you guys realize what it's like to like someone you can't be with?
      (Sam spits out her soda)
      Tucker: Do ya, Sam? Huh? Do ya?
      (Sam tosses her soda towards Tucker's head)

    • Danny: (Spying on Sam and Gregor on their date while eating a plate of spaghetti) If they share a strand of that spaghetti, I'm gonna hurl!

    • Gregor: (In Nasty Burger; after seeing ghost fly by) A ghost?
      Sam: Welcome to Amity Park!

    • Black Man in White: A prepubesant spector operating freely? Unacceptable!
      Danny: Hey! I have totally hit puberty! (Reaches in his shirt and pulls out a white chest hair) See that? Totally a chest hair.

    • Gregor: (To Tucker) Shouting angrily into the sky? Very Euro-Goth.

    • Guy in White # 1: (To Mr. Lancer) The Purple back Gorilla research we traced goes back to an assignment YOU set back a while ago.
      Mr. Lancer: And what makes you think I want to cooperate with the feds?
      Guy in White # 1: Because ghosts pose a constant threat to your student body.
      Guy in White # 2: And because we're with the government and have access to your tax records...
      Mr. Lancer: What do you want to know and how fast do you want to know it?

    • Sam: (To Gregor) You're goth? But....you're wearing white!
      Gregor: In Hungary, white is the new black.

  • NOTES (44)


    • Guy In White: An unauthorized entity of Scale 7 ectoplasmic power?!

      "Unauthorized entity" was the catch phrase of Robo-Buster, a ghost-hunting robot from The Real Ghostbusters episode of the same name, said by the robot whenever it detected a ghost. (If the Guys In White's "Scale 7" is anything like the Ghostbusters' "Class 7," this would make Danny a pretty powerful ghost!)

    • A Match Made in Space: Name
      The book shown, A Match Made in Space, is similar to the phrase, A match made in Heaven.

    • Book Author: Edward Gorey
      Edward Gorey was an actual writer whose stories frequently delved into the whimsically macabre. They were usually short and fully illustrated, ranging from The Gashlycrumb Tinies - a book in which 26 children, each one's name starting with a different letter of the alphabet, meet their demise in a different way - to more serious, grown-up tales.

    • Gregor/Elliot: Wearing sunglasses when it's dark out
      This may be a reference to the Blues Brothers movie, when Elwood says, "...it's dark, and we're wearing sunglasses."

    • Danny: If they share a spaghetti strand I'm gonna hurl!
      This is a allusion of the movie The Lady and the Tramp, who, shared a piece of pasta that led to thier first kiss. Danny was expecting this to happen

    • Mr. Lancer: Hunt for Red October!
      This refers to the book "The Hunt For Red October" by Tom Clancy which follows the adventures of a Soviet submarine captain and a CIA analyst.

    • Book: A Match Made in Space When in the Goth Book Store, The Book "A Match Made in Space" is shown. This is the book George McFly had written at the end of Back to The Future. This reference also seems to coincide with the fact that David Kaufman, the voice of Danny, played Marty McFly in the 1992-93 television series of Back to the Future.

    • Episode Title: Double Cross My Heart
      The title is likely a fusion of the two phrases, "double-crosser" and "cross my heart and hope to die."