Danny Phantom

Season 3 Episode 1

Eye for an Eye

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Aug 20, 2007 on Nickelodeon

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  • The plot thickens

    Danny pulls a prank on Vlad who retaliates. Then a prank war escalates to Vlad running and winning the mayor's office (by cheating using his ghost powers). Not only that, he makes life hard on Danny, his friends, and other teens. Vlad also makes it hard on Danny to be his super hero self. Danny then must get the tables to turn on Vlad if he wants his self-respect and freedoms back.

    An overall clever and funny episode with Danny actually outwitting Vlad but still Vlad is not yet defeated. After all, Vlad by using his powers gains a position of civic power. Still really impressive with all how it works out. My favorite part was when Vlad wasted a duplicate on Jack who was going to vote for him anyway.
  • When Danny begins to prank Vlad, Vlad returns the favour - and ends up running for mayor.

    After the events of "Kindred Spirits," this Season 3 premiere finds a somewhat cocky Danny sending trouble Vlad's way - and unleashing a sleeping dragon. For when Vlad comes to Amity Park to return the favour, he comes during the mayoral elections - and decides to run for office! Using his ghostly powers to secure the election, Vlad proceeds to restrict the life of Amity Park's youth, in the process eliminating Danny's chances to go ghost and his alter-ego's reputation.

    At last, the episode, it is on Turbonick!

    *Halleluja, Halleluja...*

    a-hem. Alrighty then.

    I loved how this episode seemed to play off of KS, intentionally or not. The conflict between Vlad and Danny felt like it should go up a notch after that episode, and IMO, it did. Danny striking out at Vlad first with a fairly serious move seemed fitting, as did all of Vlad's counter-moves matching Danny's exactly, down to the detail. I rolled my eyes a bit at the toilet humour gags, but Danny has that in him, and in that instance, Vlad had the vultures do the deed rather than he himself, so I didn't find it as ridiculous.

    Vlad's menace in this episode was fantastic. I remember when IR and the first half of Season 3 premiered, and a few people commented on how Vlad seemed different. A few people offered this explanation, which I agree with: by the end of Season 2, Vlad hadn't won over Maddie (or even his Maddie program), he couldn't turn Danny, and his cloning project was destroyed. What has he left but a hollow lust for power? And I think this episode really conveyed that well in how bitter it shows Vlad is towards Danny. I really wished Nick had aired this season properly, because then I think some of the later episodes that were aired first wouldn't seem so jarring.

    I particularly loved the way Martin Mull performed Vlad's voice when he rejects Danny's apology. The way the line is said, I felt several emotions coming from Vlad: bitter resentment that Danny hadn't come to his side; blind anger at the destruction of his cloning project; and, especially on the line "Trust me when I tell you that your life has only begun to become a relentless nightmare," traces of sadness from his past. I'm sure the point of that line was to indicate Vlad's future plans for Amity Park, and that certainly comes across, but I can't imagine living with secret ghost-powers, alone and bitter and self-delusional, was pleasant for Vlad, and not having seen the rest of the season yet, I suspect that on some level, he understands that.

    That whole apology scene is a great moment, and I love what it says about Danny, especially after his somewhat cocky attitude earlier on. Danny was very well-played, from his initial immaturity to his frustrations with the dragon he's opened to his learning to play Vlad's game. His ending line was fantastic. I wish I could say more about him, but I'd just be repeating my stance - Danny did fine. This time around, though, Vlad stole the show.

    Some great running gags this time around - Jack's childlike enthusiasm about both the GIW and Vlad's mayoral campaign, Tucker's technological depravity, and though this is more a montage than a gag, the very nice film noir-style headlines covering Vlad's staged attacks. As a big fan of old gangster pictures, I really enjoyed the music and the overall staging of that short sequence. The music was of course great, as was the animation, especially in the first major Danny/Plasmius duel of the season.

    I have only one real nitpick - if this episode is playing off of KS, then wouldn't it have been Vlad's Colorado home that was destroyed, not his castle?

    But overall, a great start to Season 3 and a great way to start off the series anew. The Vlad/Danny interactions seemed key to making this episode work, and IMO, those moments shone brilliantly. 9 out of 10!
  • This is, by far, among the best of the new episodes. Is it me, or are the endings getting better?

    Honestly, I wasn't impressed by the show lately. "Beauty Marked" was beginning to get annoying. "Frightmare" was rushed and displaced. "Urban Jungle" was a pain to watch. (and the surprise appearance of frostbite didn't make it any better.) Not to mention that the latter two were aired out of the origional order where I live.

    I was really getting skeptical with this show. It had great promise, but was being destroyed by the absolute incoherence of the shows. Then, I saw this one.

    It was rushed. Everyone agrees on that. I think that that's what's wrong with the new eps; in my opinion, whoever the person who had timing must've gotten fired from the story-animation staff. But the storyline was great. "An Eye for an Eye makes the world go blind", and the phrase couldn't be any truer for this episode. Danny pranks Vlad (not really doing the old man justice, and he DID bring all the problems Vlad caused upon himself) and Vlad retalliates 100 times over (hence the problems Danny caused himself.)

    This episode was also humorous, its only jokes that I had a problem with were the nude ones--innapropriate jokes just don't seem to fit in my idea of DP. The government breaking into Vlad's house was hilarious, and Tucker's reaction to his lack of technology was humorous as well (though as far as the GIW go, I have to ask, why didn't they find anything, since a moment before they show up, Vlad admitted to having a state of the art subterranian ghost lab? oh well.)

    And to top it all off, Danny surprises everyone by actually outsmarting Vlad! rather impressive. he's not really playing the 'c student' role any more, which is nice; all the action he gets from fighting ghosts should make him a bit more instinctive and smart. Ending in Irony with both Danny and Vlad getting what they want (though Vlad's somehow still mayor,) shows that DP isn't still hanging onto those fairy-tale endings, which is nice. and most impressive part was the ending line for the show, which is possibly the best one they've come up with so far;

    "Wherever there's a draw, there's bound to be a remach."
  • Danny and Vlad's little game of revenge goes haywire when Vlad becomes mayor and makes life miserable for Danny and his friends.

    This episode is pretty good. It was funny how Danny told the Guys in White about Vlad's lab. The Guys in White tore apart Vlad's mansion searching for it. In retaliation, Vlad had the Guys in White tear about Danny's room. After that, Danny made Vlad's hotel room tangible so the news crew was able to get footage of him naked. Too bad for Danny though, because Vlad had the ghost vultures do the same thing to Danny. It was hilarious seeing Tucker grab onto Lancer's feet to prevent him from taking the technology. It was weird seeing Sam in clothes that weren't gothic looking. It doesn't suit her. The best part of this episode has to be the fighting scene between Danny and Vlad right after Danny learned Vlad was going to run for mayor. Vlad wasn't all there. Danny was able to kick his butt easily.
  • This eppi wasn't my ALL TIME favorite, but it was still a good episode.

    Basically Vlad becomes mayor after Danny and Vlad play some pretty funny pranks on each other. Vlad stole all of Danny's tricks, though! He really needs to learn how to be original. Darn, I really dislike this 100 words minimum thingy! Oh well. What really surprised me was that Vlad made a duplicate of himself and tried to zap it to make his human self seem like the "Good Guy" and try to pin the blame on Danny Phantom. I liked the ending and how Danny can overshadow Vlad and make his voice SOUND LIKE Vald's! He flies behind a limo and Vlad zaps the limo on accident. Danny turns into his human self after the clone gets zapped and he's acting like Vlad hit DANNY. You should watch this eppi and see its pretty good.
  • It wasn't my favourite story line, but I liked it.

    Well, I'm not a big fan of Eye for an Eye. Nothing really happened except for Vlad running for mayor. I loved the humour, the fight scenes and not to mention the animation was awesome. But I just think that it could be a)longer and b) better written. For example, Vlad is an amazing villian, and yet to have him pull childish pranks on Danny and visa versa isn't very appeeling. And come ON, how many times will we have to see Danny in his underwear or bubbles huh? It's sickening really. But I do have to admit, he looked cute. Anyways, I liked the episode a lot, but I think it could be better written.
  • This episode was awsome it was better than I expected! A very good way to start the season.

    This was purely my faveriot episode. shirtless Danny made me squeal! But i love the way they played pranks on each other at the begining... Danny started it! I have to waer a uniform at my school but there's was much worse than mine and that made me feel a little better. The way that Vlad made hundreds of clones of himself was to overshadow the voters was right in Vlads character and suited him well.

    I think that the plot line was slightly rushed though, there was too much crammed into twenty two minutes.

    "But whenever theres a draw theres bound to be a re-match"
  • Highlight: Seeing Danny take a shower!

    Wow, I have a LOT to say about this episode. Firstly, I don't know whether to be REALLY mad at Vlad for being a jerk to Danny or REALLY grateful... it is thanks to him that I saw the top half of Danny naked! All in all, I like how this episode focuses on how revenge doesn't solve anything- there's a good moral. Of course, revenge is still fun to watch! It was a great idea to begin the third season with a character conflict that doesn't completely get resolved because it gets phans eager to see the rest of the season. Of course, I already was eager. Wow, all the Vlad clones and the hurricane at the end showed some awesome animation! There was tons of cool action, interesting plotting and I liked how Danny tricked Vlad at the end. Danny's SUCH an incredible actor on top of everything and has such quick thinking at the spur of the moment. Smart AND sneaky...Vlad's in trouble! Take that, fruitloop! Hahaha! Loved this ep (apart from seeing Danny get hurt) and can't wait to see all of season three. (There'll be a season four if I have anything to say about it!)
  • This episode is one of the greatest episode ever!

    Danny makes pranks on Vlad and Vlad wants to revenge. But these pranks turned into trouble. Vlad became a new mayor of Amity Park. He turns everything bad on Danny. Vlad closes Nasty Burgers and makes everything to look that it is Danny's falt. He does not allow technology what is bad for Tucker and creates school uniforms what is bad for Sam. Vlad also wants to "defend children" with many laws, cameras and security. So Danny cannot go ghost. Danny decides to tell everybody that Vlad is a half-ghost, but Vlad proves that he is not a ghost when Vlad Plasmius comes from nowhere. Danny starts to fight Plasmius when Vlad Masters is shooting them both. Danny pretends that he shoot Danny Fenton and not Danny Phantom. So Vlad as a matter of fact to bring the population back gives back Nasty Burgers. Everything ends well but Vlad is still a mayor of Amity Park!
  • I don't know why U.S.A. Nick didn't air this first..this rocked!

    I was pretty excited when I first heard about this episode. I liked Danny having to pull pranks on old Vlad (yes, I love pranks) and Vlad having the same prank. Vlad in a showercap?! HA! Ack!! Another shirtless Danny...IN THE SHOWER??! *faints* ......heh, they got school uniforms. It's worst than mine!

    This was a very good episode in my opinion. Great plot, Danny now having to deal with the fact Vlad is mayor, the action is now rising, and the whole McMasters thing cracked me up! XD
  • this sounds exciting

    this is great i really whant to see this episode i really whant to see this yes i cant wait when will it show i hope it show soon i mean air soon. well i can wait or not i cant wait i dont really know but still i cant wait
  • A great start to a great season

    Okay, there are a lot of things I can say about this episode. First of all, Danny's pranks did go a little too far, but it was awfully funny to see Vlad taking a shower. *Evil wears a showercap!*

    Anyway, besides the whole fangirl screams I emited when I saw Danny naked form the chest up, I think this episode was very good. It had a great plot, a very hard conflict Danny's now gotto face, some great action, and great comedy.

    Favorite line:

    "What is you young folks say? Don't hate, congradulate? Oh what do I care, go ahead and hate!"
  • Great way to start season 3!

    Vlad becoming mayor was a great way to create new problems for Danny and everyone else. There's so much they can do with this idea now...which they already have especially in ToT. I love how they played all of those pranks on each other too. It was so funny! nkaed Danny! LOl...I also loved the ending where Vlad used a duplicate to wreak havok and attack Danny while he stood there acting scared. That was hilarious. It was also fun watching Tucker cling to Mr. Lancer's leg screaming no while his stuff got tooken off of him lol..Anyway.. this was a great episode and it was a perfect start for the rest of a fantastic season so far!

    Alright, this was just plain awesome. Danny and Vlad BOTH caught in VERY embarrassing situations, and by that I mean naked and taking a shower, in front of very large audiences. There's that "adult" humor we've been waiting for from Butch. I was beginning to think he stopped doing that kind of thing to please the fans. Obviously, this was one prank after another that just led to total chaos for Danny and his friends. Eventually, after being ridiculed and humiliated by Danny and losing his home, Vlad becomes mayor of Amity Park because he over shadowed voters. A few of his changes weren't to appealing to the teenage community of Amity Park. He ended up bringing down the Nasty Burger, Outlawing technology in School, and *shudders* making Casper High wear dreadful Red, White, and Blue uniforms. My favorite part of the episode was, VLAD'S NEW CAT! Yes, the lonely guy got a white cat and he named it Maddie. SO adorable. I've been wanting that to happen for THE longest time. My reason for a 9.5, I don't speak Spanish. Yes, I watched all of that JUST for physical humor. I can't wait until NICK gets it's butt in gear and shows it in the States. hamanor12
  • Wait? Vlad? Mayor? Nehhhh

    Oh nooeeeeeeeees!!!!!!! A mayor Vlad? *faints* Vlad is just damn scary... and hesa crazed up fruitloop '-.- poor Danny T_T i feel with him...

    wait? School uniforms? Watha hack is going on?! xO xO xO xO xO xO xO xO xO xO xO xO xO xO xO xO xO xO xO xO xO xO xO xO xO xO xO xO xO xO xO xO xO xO xO xO xO xO xO xO xO xO xO xO xO xO xO xO xO xO xO xO xO xO xO xO xO xO xO xO xO xO xO xO xO xO xO xO
  • I cannot say what I think of it, cuz I haven\'t seen it yet, BUT LOOKS GREAT!

    Wow! I cannot wait! I hope that Danny pulls some good pranks, he must if he gets Vlad ticked enough to run as mayor!!! What do you think Tucker will do without technology? Or Sam without her close to show she is an individual, she has to wear uniforms!! What about Danny? Must he be watched at ALL times, or else he will be in trouble? How will he go ghost? I cannot wait! I think Danny will have a lot on his plate, and hopefully, he can once again, control Vlad and His feindish plans! Let;s hope for the best when we watch Danny Phantom in Eye for An Eye!!!
  • 1) i want a summary up here. 2) i\'m really ticked. see review for reason.

    the reason i\'m ticked is because tv.com didn\'t swith the urban jungle reviews over when they moved the episode to number 6. this is NOT phantom phreeze. that\'s urban jungle. also, someone put a reign storm review here. that is just stupid. you should know the episode names people, or at least the tv movies. danny phantom danny phantom danny phantom danny phantom danny phantom danny phantom danny phantom
    danny phantom danny phantom danny phantom danny phantom danny phantom danny phantom danny phantom danny phantom danny phantom danny phantom danny phantom danny phantom danny phantom danny phantom danny phantom
  • Hurry up! I must see this!!!!!! It sounds too great to wait for!!!!

    Danny Phantom with ice powers? I gotta see this! I'm one-hundred percent sure this episode will not only kick off season 3, big time, but it sounds like the best episode in this season thus far! When it airs, I'll stare at my screen so much I'll even miss dinner (that's how much paitience I'm losing, I swear)! So, Butch, please, hurry up and release it! I can not take this preasure! If I have to wait even two more months, I will explode!! I mean litteraly explode internaly! So, please please release it! I can't take it any longer!!
  • wow danny gets ice powers

    this is very cool danny gets ice powers and he must learn them to deffet this villin, but i think this villin is going to be some one he has faced before but they are coming back much more powerful that is awsome. but about these ice powers that would be very cool to be abill to make ice any time you wanted dont you think after this episode things are going to get alot more interesting like i think he is going to be learning alot of new powers in this season who agrees with i would like to know.
  • OHHH I wonder what this one\'s about?

    Look, I love Danny Phantom movies , but, why so early into the season? ANyway, Urban Jungle. Maybe it has to do with Skulker. C\'mon, jungle, that\'s more of his thing anyway. Unnless this isn\'t a movie. I\'m pretty sure that this is a movie. it would be really weird if Skulker has an older brother that is the shadow he lives in. And maybe he like transport the town back to the prehhistoric ages. It can be done, I mean Tucker sent everyone back to The mummy ages in King Tuck. I didn\'t see all of the eppisode. Boo to me. Anyway, comments would help.
  • Vlad steals a ghost ring that brings havoc to the ghost zone and Amity Park. Danny must fight the ghost king to save his town.

    so far this is my favorite Danny Phantom episode other than My Brother's Keeper, it was funny and adventurous! I can't wait to see what Butch Hartman has planned for this show! Vlad and Danny unconsious, who would've thought it would actually happen! Not that Danny hasn't fallen unconsious before but with Vlad! That's just fun to see!I loved this movie! A few secrets revealed and one special secret that us D/S fans know will be revealed eventually.
    Great Work Butch
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