Danny Phantom

Season 1 Episode 11

Fanning the Flames

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Oct 08, 2004 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Danny and Sam find their platonic friendship turned forcibly romantic through the musical powers of Ember, a hard-rocking girl ghost who feeds off the idol worship of teens. With her massive, free concert scheduled only a few days away -- a concert that will be broadcast worldwide and give her ultimate power, Sam has to get the now completely and utterly love-addled Danny to focus on fighting ghosts. Even if it means breaking his heart.moreless

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June Angela

June Angela

Principal Ishiyama

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Robin Kirmissel

Robin Kirmissel

Singing Ember

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Kath Soucie

Kath Soucie


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James Sie

James Sie


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S. Scott Bullock

S. Scott Bullock


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (34)

    • When Sam, Tucker, and Danny phase through the ground at Ember's concert, Danny isn't touching either of them, so they shouldn't have been able to become intangible.

    • When Danny realizes that Ember is the ghost, he transforms into Danny Phantom... on the steps of the school, in front of everyone.

    • After Sam kisses Dash, Kwan is not holding Danny down anymore.

    • When Dash ran away after being kissed by Sam, why in the world would Kwan run away too?

    • When Tucker says that he always knew that Danny and Sam would end up together, the sound of Sam pushing him away can be heard seconds before we see her actually do it.

    • This is the first episode that talks about Danny and Sam possibly being more than just friends.

    • After Danny says,"So why are you still holding my hands?" to Sam and before she lets go of Danny, Sam had pupils.

    • While Mr. Lancer makes that announcement that Tucker is excused from the Cramtastic Test and Tucker jumps up you see Danny sitting right beside him. When Tucker walks away you see Danny sitting next to Sam who is behind Tucker's desk.

    • When Danny stares out into space after Sam said,"Would you knock it off!" Danny had no pupils.

    • This is the first time we see Frostbite's world (when Danny throws Klemper into the refrigerator door).

    • Maddie says that they need to study for the Northwestern 9 Testing tomorrow, yet earlier that same day, Mr. Lancer said the testing was in 2 days.

    • When Danny is in his bedroom and meditating ("Sam... Sam... Sam...), The items on his bed are:
      Sam's lipsick; Sam's spikey bracelet; Picture of Sam standing up with the top of the picture cut off; close-up picture of Sam with Tucker's head peeking in the corner; Picture of Sam with a bad haircut;
      Picture of Danny and Sam (only the top of the picture is shown); Picture of Sam giving Danny bunny-ears in the picture; A lock of Sam's hair; Sam's gum; A note that reads 'Danny! Urgent! -Sam'; A picture of Sam from what looks to be from the Parental Bonding Episode.

    • When Mr. Lancer turns off the Cramtastic Mark 5 after it starts playing Remember, you can see he has dark circles around his eyes.

    • While breaking backstage of Ember's concert, Danny, Sam and Tucker all have Fenton Thermos'

    • Throughout the episode, the size of Danny's pupils continued to change.

    • When Danny and Sam are in Danny's room, at one point Danny doesn't have any pupils.

    • Before the commerical break, Danny was already standing on the other side of the building with nothing under the cardboard and Sam was about to fall. Then after the commericals Danny was still where the building was under the cardboard and Sam was about to fall.

    • Danny: (To Sam) So why are you still holding my hands?
      Technically, Sam was holding Danny's wrists, not his hands.

    • Before the commercial, Sam is on the middle of the giant cardboard Ember, but after the commercial she's at the edge.

    • Ember's guitar has three knobs, each surrounded by five icons.

    • When the mob of kids pushes Mr. Lancer away from the the school exit door, he has some bruises on his face and body, his shirt is torn in different places, and a tooth is missing, but when he is shouting on the bullhorn when the S.W.A.T. arrives, his bruises are gone, his shirt is perfect, and all his teeth are in his mouth.

    • When Sam was standing in front of the poster of a rocket in Danny's room, there is no laundry basket there, but after Danny says, "So, we're not breaking up?" to Sam, there is suddenly a laundry basket under that rocket poster.

    • When Sam takes of the Cramtastic Mark 5 helmet off Tucker's head, his blue hair does not have the purple "e" on it, but in the next scene, the "e" is suddenly on his blue hair.

    • When Ember is about to sing, but Danny takes her guitar away, her green eyes are really small and she does not have any pupils.

    • When Danny knocked Ember into the TV, her hair was a mess and her face had bruises, but when she flies on her guitar, her hair is perfect and her bruises are gone.

    • The seating positions of Nathan, Star, Paulina, Jazz, and some other kids keep changing throughout Ember's concert.

    • When Dash and Kwan say, "We love you, Ember!" and hold on to Danny, Sam, and Tucker, Kwan's eyes are black instead of their usual seafoam green.

    • When Sam moves her eyebrows, her hair is shown behind them several times in this episode.

    • In one scene, Maddie puts Jack inside the Fenton Stockades, but since there wasn't much space inside it, there would be no way that Jack could be inside it and not get jabbed by the spikes.

    • For a moment when Danny and Sam are flying, Danny has brown eyes.

    • For a split second, when the love song pushes Sam back, she has pupils.

    • The dial that Ember uses to make Danny fall in love with Sam appears and disappears at random throughout the episode.

    • When Sam goes to get Tucker out of the Cramtastic Mark 5, Tucker's make-up is backwards.

    • Right after Sam and Danny leave Tucker tied up in the classroom, they immediately fly to the music store where Ember says her concert is eight hours away. But when they go back for Tucker fifteen minutes before the concert starts, he says that he's been there for twelve hours.

  • QUOTES (39)

    • Jack: Fenton Stockades. (Maddie gets angry and puts Jack in the Fenton Stockades; referring to Danny and Jazz) I meant them!

    • Sam: (About Ember) You do realize she's an evil mind-controlling spirit from another dimension?
      Tucker: Yeah, but you said the same thing about Paulina.
      Danny" Y'know, he has a point...

    • Maddie: Jack, we can't lock the kids up in some medieval containment device.
      Jack; Oh all right, we'll just "Ground 'em" like every other parent.

    • Danny: I still don't get why we're not affected by Ember's music.
      Sam: Maybe be cause of your ghost powers and my...
      Danny: Individuality or intelligence?
      Sam: I was gonna say "utter disdain for anything popular" but okay. You really think I'm smart?
      (both blush)

    • Sam: Tucker, I'm so sorry.
      Danny: You're beautiful when you're racked with guilt.

    • (As Danny is walking toward Sam and the statue is about to fall off the building)
      Sam: Danny, stop! Don't come any closer!
      Danny: But you're over there and I'm over here. I wanna be over there.

    • Mr. Lancer: Attention, freakishly dressed teen idol! I order you to cease and desist!
      Ember: Desist this, grandpa! (Hits guitar note and students come after Lancer)

    • Danny: I don't get it, this Ember McLean comes out of nowhere and suddenly she's the biggest thing since MP3s. I -- It's so...
      Sam: (Interrupts) Infuriating how mindless prepackaged corporate bubblegum is preventing true musical artists from being heard?
      Danny: I was gonna say weird, but, uh, okay!

    • Sam: (To Tucker; about Ember) You do realize she's an evil mind-controlling spirit from another dimension?
      Tucker: Yeah, but you said the same thing about Paulina.
      Danny: You know, he has point.

    • (Danny and Sam are flying in the air, then the sun hits Danny's hair, and Sam gazes lovingly at him)
      Danny: (Notices Sam staring at him) Are you okay, Sam?
      Sam: Huh? Oh! It's just really nice up here, that's all. Flying's nice! (Sam chuckles nervously; Danny blushes and stares at Sam; they both crash into a wooden poster of Ember and fall to the ground) Falling stinks!

    • Paulina: (Sarcastically, about Sam's Fenton Phones) Nice earrings. Sale at the eighty-nine cents store?
      Sam: For your information, Paulina, they're a gift. Danny gave them to me.
      Paulina: Really, he gave you earrings? I always knew you two losers would end up together!
      Sam: We're not losers!
      Danny: We're not together!

    • Danny: (Sarcastically, to Ember, while fighting on the rooftop) Dipstick. Ho, ho. Funny. Who writes your insults? The same hack who writes your songs?

    • (After Sam explains about the Fenton Phones stopping Ember's music from affecting her)
      Danny: (Under Ember's spell) So, we're not breaking up?
      Sam: How can we be breaking up? We were never together!

    • Danny: Take the mic and sing!
      Tucker: Wait? You want me to sing? But you said I stink!
      Danny: I was just kidding. You rock! You rock out loud!
      Tucker: You got that right!

    • Danny: Tucker, you're starting to scare me, and I fight ghosts!

    • Sam: (To Danny) You don't feel that way about me and I don't feel that way about you.
      Danny: So why are you still holding my hands?

    • Danny: (To Sam, when she's about to fall off a building) Wow, I just never realized. You're really pretty when you're about to fall off a building.

    • (After Sam kisses Dash to break Danny's heart and revive him from Ember's spell)
      Dash: Ugh! She tastes like geek.
      Sam: Ugh! He tastes like failure.

    • Danny: (As the mind-controlled teenagers are about to attack Mr. Lancer) I gotta save Lancer -- wow, this is bittersweet!

    • Danny: (To Ember) Hey, no hit wonder, mind if I jam with the band?

    • Danny: (Takes Ember's microphone) Sorry, no vocals in this number! Have you ever considered taking up mime?

    • (Danny is staring at Sam)
      Sam: (To Danny) Uh, can you watch something besides me?
      (Danny takes out a photo of Sam and stares at it)

    • Danny: (Meditating) Sam... Sam.... Sam...
      (Sam taps on the window)
      Danny: SAM! You snuck out to see me! Oh, this is just like Romeo and Juliet, except I'm the one on the balcony and I can understand everything we're saying!

    • (Danny is staring at Sam and moving towards her)
      Sam: I know that look. That's that same longing puppy-dog stare you give Paulina.
      Danny: (Still going towards Sam) Who's Paulina?
      Sam: That's a pleasant side-effect!

    • Tucker: (To Danny & Sam) Man, it's about time! I always knew you two would end up together!
      Sam: We're NOT together! Ember put him under some kind of spell.
      Tucker: So, you don't want to end up together?
      Sam: I don't know, maybe, but not like this!

    • Danny: Sam...how could you...how... (to Dash) Hey--get away from her!
      Sam: Danny...I'm so sorry...
      Danny: You and Dash...but we were.... *sighs* We weren't...were we.
      Sam: No. Ember did that. It's just that...this is so hard because part of me...part of me really liked this, and...
      Danny: (eyes flare green) Ember...
      Sam: Danny? Are you okay?
      Danny: No. I feel like my heart's been ripped out. But I know who I can take it out on!

    • Ember: (Singing) Yeah, ooh! Oh, Ember, you will remember! Oh, Ember, one thing remains! Oh, Ember, so warm and tender, you will remember my name!

    • Sam: (To Tucker, about being an Ember fanatic) Yep, you're one of a kind... every single one of you.

    • Jazz: (To Paulina, about Danny & Ember fighting) Mindless teenage rebellion and a killer light show? Is this an awesome concert or what?! (Jazz, Paulina, and the rest of the kids continue chanting Ember's name)

    • Mr. Lancer: (Mind-controlled zombies approach him) Pride and Prejudice!

    • Sam: (To Danny) Danny, open up!
      (Danny opens the window and Sam falls into his room)
      Danny: You want me to open up? Okay,...um one time, when I was five, I REALLY wanted a puppy, but my parents-
      Sam: Will you knock it off?!

    • Mr. Lancer: (To Danny & Sam) Not so fast. You two lovebirds may be the only students left in the entire school...
      Danny & Sam: WE'RE NOT LOVEBIRDS!
      Mr. Lancer: But that's not going to stop me from giving you an education! (Drags them off; Danny phases him & Sam through his grip; he sees them gone) Lord of the Flies! They're slipping right through my hands!

    • (After Ember is defeated Danny and Sam hug, then they both blush)
      Sam: (To Danny) I guess Ember's spell hasn't quite worn off yet.
      Tucker: But you were never under Ember's spell.
      (Sam elbows Tucker)

    • Klemper: (To Ember) Ember! Ember!
      Ember: Stop saying my name!!

    • Tucker: (To Ember) WE LOVE YOU, EMBER!
      Ember: That's because I fill a void in your empty lives.
      Tucker: You're right, Ember!

    • Dash & Kwan: WE LOVE YOU, EMBER!
      Ember: I heard you the twelfth time! Now, bag 'em and gag 'em!!

    • Danny: (Says aloud) How can I study? All I can think about is Sam.
      Jazz: What's wrong with you? Why aren't you thinking about Ember?

    • Danny: (To Ember) Hey! Do you take requests? How 'bout "Beat It?"

    • Mr. Lancer: Ember.. Ember... If I see even one hint of that woman in school today I'll... (Sees Ember-covered locker) Chicken Soup for the Soul!!

  • NOTES (54)

    • Two of Danny's future powers were foreshadowed in this episode. In the beginning of the episode, Danny was frozen by Klemper, then when he entered the Specter Speeder, he was shivering. In the episode Urban Jungle, Danny developed icy powers of his own, which had the temporary side effect of making him shiver. Then when Danny and his friends were leaving the Ghost Zone, a couple of ghosts referred to Tucker's off-key singing as a "Ghostly Wail", which incidentally, turned out to be the power Danny obtains in the TV movie The Ultimate Enemy.

    • Look Hard - During the scene where Jazz is standing next to Paulina and commenting on the "killer light show," you can see that Paulina is very slightly taller than Jazz.

    • Look Hard: One of Ember's eyebrows is much thinner than the other, which is shown on the first Ember t-shirt.

    • Listen Hard: When everyone's at Bucky's Music Store, and the chorus of "Remember" ends, the next two lyrics fade into into a tune. The lyrics are: (from what can be heard) "Your heart, your heart abandoned. Your wrong, now bear the shame".

    • Ember has the same ghost eyes as Danny.

    • When there is a close-up on Danny and Sam's hands together, Sam's skirt is blank. When Danny goes intangible and he and Sam fly away, the green lines on her skirt are back.

    • The guitar in Jazz's room looks like Ember's, only red.

    • Ember is the second villain Danny has encountered that has fire for hair. The first was Skulker in "One of a Kind."

    • Ember's make-up under her eyes keeps changing throughout the episode. One time it's thick and the other it's broad.

    • The full version of the song "Remember" hints that Ember's fire in her hair will die out from the line that says "Nothing but ashes remain." Others think it has to do with her name.

    • In this episode the energy fist Ember makes with her guitar is green whilst in Reign Storm it's pink.

    • Sam wasn't affected by Ember's music because she was wearing the Fenton Phones, which blocked out Ghost noise.

    • In some countries, this episode's name is translated as "The Spell of a Pop Star." Countries include Mexico and the rest of Latin America.

    • When Danny is "opening up" to Sam, he reveals that when he was five, he really wanted a puppy, but his parents would not let him have one. In the previous episode, "Shades of Gray," his wish for a puppy came true, however, he did not seem happy.

    • In this episode, when nobody is chanting Ember's name, her fiery hair at the top of her head disappears.

    • Apparently, Ember can fly on her guitar.

    • Look Hard: In Jazz's room, there is a red guitar, which seems to suggest that she knows how to play the guitar.

    • Tucker reveals that he thinks that Sam and Danny should be together.

    • Sam was the only kid in Casper High who wasn't affected by Ember's powers in any way.

    • Tucker is the only one who passed the Northwestern 9 Testing, and with a perfect score.

    • Look Hard: The following are the names of the magazines that Mr. Lancer was looking through:
      1) I Rock.
      2) Music News.
      3) HOT.
      4) CHART.

    • This is the second time that Sam has shared a kiss with a boy, this time it was Dash. The first time was Danny in "Shades of Gray."

    • Ember's boots look very similar to Skulker's.

    • Apparently, Dash and Paulina still think that Danny and Sam are a couple.

    • Look Hard: Star (who does not officially debut until "Lucky in Love") makes four cameos in this episode. The first one is in Mr. Lancer's classroom, when the camera focuses on it from top-down perspective: Star is sitting at a desk in the front row, middle column. The second one is when Ember hypnotizes the crowd of kids outside the school: Star can be seen in the crowd of kids with red eyes looking at Lancer evilly. The third cameo is at Bucky's Music Mega Store: Star can be seen in the crowd of kids cheering fro Ember. The fourth cameo is at Ember's concert: Star can be seen there, although she keeps switching positions when the camera focuses on the crowd of kids.

    • Look Hard: Nathan (who does not officially debut until "Reign Storm") makes five cameos in this episode. The first one is in Mr. Lancer's classroom, when the camera focuses on it from top-down perspective: Nathan can be seen sitting at a desk in the second row, left column. The second one is when Mr. Lancer says on the bullhorn, "Attention, freakishly dressed teen idol!": Nathan can be seen in the crowd. The third cameo is at Bucky's Music Mega Store: Nathan can be seen in the crowd of kids. The fourth one is when Lancer yells on the bullhorn right before the S.W.A.T. team throws the kids into the vans: Nathan can be in the crowd of students who are just staring. The fifth cameo is at Ember's concert: he is wearing Ember merchandise, although he keeps switching positions whenever the camera focuses on the crowd of kids.

    • Look Hard: The following are a list of symbols that are on Ember's guitar:
      1) 1/8 quarter note.
      2) Green skull.
      3) Purple heart.
      4) Blue flame.
      5) Swirling pink hypno-circle.
      6) Blue fist.
      7) Purple waves.

    • Mr. Lancer is the fourth person who believes that Danny and Sam are a couple. The first person was Dash in "Mystery Meat," the second person was Paulina in "Parental Bonding," and the third person was Valerie in the previous episode, "Shades of Gray."

    • Ember's logo is a blue flame with a purple "e" on it.

    • Look Hard: As Sam, Danny, and Tucker walk into the hallway while Tucker is explaining about how Ember is a representation of his unique individuality, Paulina can be seen talking to Valerie, even though she and the rest of the popular kids shunned her in the previous episode, "Shades of Gray."

    • We learn that Sam does not totally dismiss the idea of her and Danny together since when Tucker asked her, "So, you don't want to end up together?" She answered, "I don't know, maybe?"

    • Apparently, after a person has been broken off Ember's spell, it is impossible to become affected by the music again directly after they have been broken from it.

    • Ember is the second ghost that Danny has encountered who wants to take over Earth. The first ghost was Technus in "Attack of the Killer Garage Sale."

    • We learn that Amity Park has an "Emergency Mass Grounding Act," which allows the S.W.A.T. team to forcibly throw kids into their vans and escort them into their homes to await parental punishment.

    • This is the first episode that Jack and Maddie appear in, in which they don't either talk about ghosts or do anything ghost-related.

    • The Specter Speeder from "Prisoners of Love" returns.

    • This is the first episode to begin in the Ghost Zone

    • Look Hard: The following are all the Sam related things on Danny's bed while he was meditating and saying "Sam" repeatedly:
      1) A photo of Sam with Tucker in the background.
      2) A photo of Sam (standing).
      3) A photo of Sam and Danny (you can only see Danny's hair, and only part of Sam's face and hair).
      4) A black and white picture of Sam with a different hairdo and different clothes.
      5) Another picture of Danny and Sam.
      6) A spiky wristband.
      7) A lipstick.
      8) Sam's gum.
      9) Sam's hair.
      10) A note that says "Danny! Urgent! -Sam."
      11) A picture of Sam at the dance from "Parental Bonding", wearing her dress and holding a cup (note that about half of the picture is torn).

    • Opener: Danny is fighting a ghost named Klemper in the Ghost Zone, who whines that he wants Danny to be his friend. Tucker, with Sam in the Specter Speeder, starts playing Ember's song on his PDA, which is heard through the Fenton Phones. Klemper freezes Danny in ice, but Danny breaks through. He then shuts Klemper in a door to an icy tundra, then destroys the handle. Danny changes back in the Specter Speeder and says he's cold. Sam holds his hands so they're warm, and they both blush. They let go and then fly back.

    • Running Gags: 1) Somebody thinking that Sam and Danny are a couple, followed by Danny and Sam screaming that they are not lovebirds. 2) Tucker spontaneously blurting out educational facts. 3) Danny and Sam keep blushing at each other when they get in an awkward position. 4) Danny and Sam keep finishing each other's sentences, but not in the way that they originally intended. 5) Mr. Lancer unable to control his students. 6) Some shouting "We love you!" to somebody else.

    • In this episode, Paulina says, "I always knew you two losers would end up together!" to Danny and Sam. This is almost the exact same thing Valerie said to them in "Shades of Gray," except she called them "geeks" instead of losers.

    • It is revealed that the city of Amity Park is in the northwestern region of the United States, as the name of the test was the "Northwestern Standardized Testing."

    • Major Human Debut(s): Principal Ishiyama.

    • "Remember" Full Lyrics:

      Yeah! Ohh-ooohhh!
      It was, it was September,
      Wind blows, the dead leaves fall,
      To you, I did surrender,
      Two weeks, you didn't call...

      Your life goes on without me,
      My life, a losing game,
      But you should, you should not doubt me,
      You will remember my name...

      Oh, Ember, you will remember!
      Ember, one thing remains!
      Oh, Ember, so warm and tender!
      You will remember my name!

      Your heart, your heart has ventured,
      Your wrong, now bear the shame.
      Like dead trees in cold December,
      Nothing, but ashes remain...

      Oh, Ember, you will remember!
      Ember, one thing remains!
      Ember, so warm and tender!
      You will remember my name!

      Oh-woo-oh-woo, Ember!
      You will remember!
      Ember, one thing remains!
      Ember, so warm and tender!
      You will remember my name!
      Yeah! You will remember my name!

    • Ember's full song was not heard in the episode. The full song is located at the audio section of Butch Hartman's official website. It is number twenty four and entitled "Remember."

    • Lyrics to Ember's song (heard in episode):

      Yeah, ohh-ooohh
      Oh, Ember! You will remember.
      Ember, my favorite name.
      Oh, Ember! So warm and tender!
      You will remember my name!
      Oh, Ember! My favorite member.
      Ember, one thing remains!
      Ember, so warm and tender!
      You will remember my name!

    • Apparently, Jack has made more than one Fenton Thermos, because Danny, Sam, and Tucker each had their own Fenton Thermos at Ember's concert.

    • Ember is similar to the ghost Penelope Spectra, from the episode "My Brother's Keeper." Both of them depend on people for their energy. Coincidentally, they're voiced by the same voice actress, Tara Strong.

    • We learn that Tucker isn't such a great singer.

    • Look Hard: In the scene where Ember appears on the stage and asks the crowd who they love, we get a brief cut to a large section of the audience, who chant her name a few times. Up in the left hand corner, roughly, is The Crimson Chin, from Butch Hartman's other show, The Fairly OddParents.

    • Featured Named Invention(s): Fenton Stockades, Fenton Phones.

    • Title Screen Caption: "A Symphony Of Doom!"

    • Main Villain(s): Ember.

    • Major Ghost Debut(s): Ember - Ember is a hard-rocking ghost girl that feeds off of idol worship of teens to become more powerful. She uses her voice and guitar to put teens under her spell. Her song "remember" is the song to put teens under her spell. As long as the teens say her name, Ember is powerful, more than Danny Phantom. Klemper - Details are quite unknown about this ghost, but one thing is certain, he is on the same uselessness scale as The Box Ghost. He's just a dumb ghost who wants to be friends with everyone. However, he does have the power to breath ice.

  • ALLUSIONS (12)

    • Ember: Hairstyle

      Ember's blue-ponytail hairstyle strongly resembles June's from the 1996 Nicktoon KaBlam!.

    • Episode: Plot

      The plot seems to be a cross between 2 episodes of The Real Ghostbusters: "Banshee Bake a Cherry Pie," in which a female ghost becomes a rockstar and puts Peter Venkman under a spell that makes him madly in love with her; and "Janine's Genie," in which a ghost grants Janine's wish to make Egon fall in love with her. In the latter episode, the spell manifests the same way as it does for Danny:

      Egon: (to Janine) You're beautiful when you're scared out of your gourd.
      Danny: (to Sam) You're beautiful when you're wracked with guilt.

    • Title: Fanning The Flames
      The title itself is an allusion. Fanning the Flames means to make the flames higher, stronger, and hotter. This is exactly what happens to Ember and her hair when people chant her name. She gets stronger, and her hair gets higher and higher. When the crowd stopped chanting her name, or stopped "fanning the flames," Ember got weaker, and her hair went out. Also, the title could be reference to fanning the flames of love, which Ember does with Danny and Sam's relationship.

    • Jazz: Rope Gun
      The rope gun that Jazz used to swing out of her bedroom and go to Ember's concert is extremely similar to a gadget that James Bond used to get to the roof of the Whyte House in Diamonds are Forever.

    • Jazz: Grappling Device
      The grappling device that Jazz uses to sneak out of her window looks very similar to Batman's "Bat-Grappler."

    • Danny: (To Sam) Oh, this is just like Romeo and Juliet, except I'm the one on the balcony and I can understand everything we're saying.
      Romeo and Juliet is a popular tragic play by William Shakespeare about two star-crossed lovers who were not allowed to be together because of their feuding families. Danny makes a reference to the popular balcony scene in the play and how Shakespeare's language is hard to understand.

    • Jack: (To Danny & Jazz) Well, I'm thinking of putting you both in the Fenton Stockades.
      The Fenton Stockades looks very similar to the Chokey, a small containment device with pointy spikes from the movie, Matilda.

    • Danny: (To Ember) Hey! Do you take requests? How 'bout "Beat It?"
      "Beat It" is a popular song written and performed by Michael Jackson and produced by Quincy Jones. It was released in 1983. More Info

    • Mr. Lancer: Lord of the Flies!
      Lord of the Flies is a novel that was written by William Gerald Golding in 1954. More Info

    • Mr. Lancer: Pride and Prejudice!
      Pride and Prejudice is a famous novel written by Jane Austen in 1813. More Info

    • Mr. Lancer: Chicken Soup for the Soul!
      Mr. Lancer is referring to the book series, Chicken Soup for the Soul. He probably said this because the books are self-help novels aimed to help at troubled people, including a special book for teenagers; Lancer is worried about the souls of the teens of Amity Park. More Info

    • Ember: Appearance
      Ember's physical appearance is reminiscent of the band KISS. Especially in the scene where she stuck out her tongue, that was probably referring to Gene Simmons, who is known for doing that.

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    What Would You Do?
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