Danny Phantom

Season 2 Episode 10

Flirting With Disaster

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Jan 13, 2006 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Technus is back, with a new plan to beam himself up to a super satellite and take over the world, and he’s going to use Axion Labs to do it. As Danny Phantom battles Technus, Danny Fenton begins battling his feelings for Valerie, whose dad is back in charge at Axion. Sam and Tucker are surprised when Danny confesses he’s thinking of asking Valerie to go steady. Unfortunately, as Technus puts his plan into action at Axion Labs, Valerie realizes her role as ghost hunter is putting her family and friends in danger. Can romance work between two kids with secret identities, or will the ghost boy and the ghost hunter end up breaking each others’ hearts?moreless

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  • Playing with fire

    Even though Technus hates emotion, he loves to use it to his advantage, especially against an enemy trying to thwart him, and even more if the enemy is a human or at least part. Danny proves to be easily distracted by a girl he has learned to like despite the fact that she practically hates all ghosts including his alter ego. Both Danny and Valerie need to bridle their emotions.

    Technus almost succeeds in his mission by taking over advanced technology and using it against humanity. Also Danny got to be in space and feel like an astronaut for a little even though he had to battle his budding romance in her new suit.

    I will admit it was cool seeing Valerie in action and how she obtains the new suit thanks to Technus. Fortunately Valerie dumps Danny for his own safety (both human and ghost even though Valerie doesn't know) because fighting ghosts is very risky.moreless
  • Danny with Valerie? don't make me gag! ( seriously! )

    Who the CRAP wrote or thought of this episode? i ran into the bath room when Danny and Val were on the ferris wheel! i'm not joking... i could see a little ( or a lot ) of jelousy when Danny and Valerie were together. anyway, Jack gives Danny the ring that he was going to give to Valerie. what if that happened?

    Valerie: um, Danny? why is "Sam" engraved on this ring?

    Danny: yeah ... ummm, my dad engraved it...

    That would be weird. i'm glad that didn't happen and it reappeared in the series finale for the fact that it was actually made for Sam and not Valerie.moreless
  • Pretty cool

    Pretty darn good episode, I can't get over how much better Technus' new form looks compared to his rubbish old one. Honstly he looked really wierd.

    Anyway, the whole Danny and Valerie thing is thought of as being wierd and unexpected. I don't find it wierd in particular, at that age your kinda nuts so you do things that you don't particularly mean. I do that alot now and always have done but still. Danny has a cool battle with Technus in space and the fights with Valerie are quite interesting and exiting.

    Overall this episode isn't terrible but it's not exactly top notch either.moreless
  • other crazy epi of the show

    ok ... the show have a lot of crazy and mad episodes but the for me one of the most crazy one . really come on you can belive that valeri and danny having a date ok that killed me were is sam and danny for ever that stuff rules. well the ting is that valeri got a new powerfull combat dress and is better thatn the last one , really strong and cool , i want one of does stuff and her armor were so pretty.

    well the thing is that the nerd ghost named thecnus os something like that ...actually i don't now his name i allway forget it i do't now way, whatever that ghost want the control of the all computer and machine of the world,nothing new actually he always try to do the samething.i have to say that danny and valeri did a gret job because they kicked that a--- of that nerd ghost.the episode was good but for me is one of the cresy and the king of crazy epi i had see in the this show.and remember danny and sam for ever .moreless
  • Valerie comes after Danny Phantom harder than ever.

    It was awesome to see Sam getting so jealous she had to spy on Danny and Valerie. I loved it when Technus said:

    "I wonder who'll miss you more; the angry ghost hunter or the frustrated little goth girl who can't admit her feelings!"

    Lol! Even the ghosts can work out why Danny's so clueless! The fight between Valerie and her suit/Technus was cool and I'm glad she said she liked Danny "maybe even enough to give up ghost hunting." She was only breaking up with him to protect him. Danny should have been the one to break up with her. Either way, emotional episode, awesome fighting, phantastic animation, and proof Danny needs to notice Sam's feelings and Sam needs to get out of denial.moreless
Phil Morris

Phil Morris


Guest Star

Grey DeLisle

Grey DeLisle

Nerd Girl

Recurring Role

Rob Paulsen

Rob Paulsen

Technus/Mr. Falluca

Recurring Role

Cree Summer

Cree Summer


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (13)

    • This is the first (and only) time Danny foiled Technus' plan by himself. The other times, he needed the help of Sam and Tucker.

    • When Danny enters Axiom Labs to find Technus, he is not wearing his Fenton Phones. Then when we see him inside the labs, he is clearly wearing the Fenton Phones.

    • During the scene where Danny and Valerie are at the sports game, we first see Danny holding a green flag and Valerie with a foam finger. There is also a tub of popcorn between them. When we see them again, all of those things are gone.

    • The license plate of the bus in London that is shown while Technus is controlling the satellite is 'DP164', the 'DP' part being, of course, a reference to Danny Phantom's initials.

    • When Technus has control over the satellite, and is blasting rays into a traffic light in London, you can see a restaurant in the background named "Redlion Fish N Chips".

    • Danny said Technus hates emotions. When has Technus shown signs of this?

    • Look Hard: When the students are first shown at Axiom Labs, you can see a large banner that says Vlad Co. on the outside of the building. When Danny goes back to Axiom Labs to fight Technus, the banner is gone.

    • Damon wasn't in the room when Valerie's suit attacked the lab. So why did he grab Valerie? He couldn't have known who did it since he wasn't there.

    • Danny seems to have a crush on girls from different races. For instance, Sam is white. Valerie is black and Paulina is Hispanic.

    • After Valerie has told Danny that they can only be friends and he is moping at the table outside, Sam walks up to him and she's missing her tights.

    • Why would Mr. Felluca, a math teacher, take his students on a trip to a science lab to see technological equipment?

    • The brown-haired girl who appeared at the end of the episode (she was the one who said 'd'you think he likes brunettes?') usually has red hair. However, they animated her with brown. To confirm that they changed her hair color, take a look at the sequence from 'Mystery Meat' in which the whole school is looking up at the meat monster forming. She can also be seen in 'Fanning the Flames', when the kids are running from the school chanting 'Ember' right before the trample Lancer.

    • The knobs on the jet pack Danny used in outer space constantly disappear when he's wearing it.

  • QUOTES (20)

    • Sam: (Gives Danny the ring) Here you go.
      Tucker: You sure about this?
      Danny: Well, she said she'd give up ghost hunting. For me. Besides, I like her and she likes me back. Isn't it supposed to be that simple?
      Sam & Tucker: Clueless.
      (Valerie appears)
      Valerie: Danny.
      Danny: Wow. I'm glad you're here. I wanted to ask you something.
      Valerie: Actually, me first. (Sam & Tucker leave them alone) Danny, I've had a lot of fun these last few days. But my life's way too complicated right now or us to be anything other than...friends.
      Danny: Just friends? But I thought...
      Valerie: I thought too. But there's something important I have to do and I don't want you to get hurt because of it. Besides, it's not like you were gonna give me some lame class ring, right (Kisses Danny on the cheek)
      Danny: (Chuckles) Yeah. Right.

    • Danny: (After Sam tells him Technus is trying to hook him and Valerie up) Sam was probably being paranoid...(Turns around and sees Technus in Valerie's suit)...but that doesn't mean she's not right. Valerie's... not in there, is she?
      Technus: No. She's not. (Points to Valerie) She's over there. In full view.
      (Valerie waves; Danny waves back nervously)
      Technus: You should run now.

    • Danny: You're telling me that Technus is trying to hook me up? Come on! Technus hates emotions!
      Sam: And hello? He's using yours against you.
      Tucker: Dim lights, stalled ferris wheels... you think the universe wants you two to be together?
      Danny: Well, maybe, but, I don't know... I might.

    • Damon: (After realizing Valerie wasn't the one in her suit) I'm sorry I didn't believe you. (Referring to Danny) You did do a good job protecting your friend. I guess I can let it go this time.
      Valerie: You're only saying that 'cause the suit's destroyed.
      Damon: Bingo.

    • Danny: (While running from Technus, who is in Valerie's ghost hunting suit) You were pushing Valerie and me together!
      Technus: You're welcome! (Tries to shoot Danny with the Ectogrenade Launcher; Danny dodges all the attacks and tries to go ghost) Uh, uh, eh. Careful. (Shows Danny cameras) Secret identity, remember? (Danny no longer tries to go ghost) I wonder who will miss you more. The angry ghost hunter, or the frustrated little Goth girl who can't admit her feelings!
      Danny: What are you --
      Technus: Ah, well. Nothing you need to worry about now, because you are through interfering with my plans! (Charges the Ectogrenade Launcher)

    • Tucker: And this cartridge makes my PDA a GPS. And this chip here makes the GPS a GBA. And -- (Sees Sam uninterested) I'm boring you, aren't I?
      Sam: You're killing me!

    • Danny: (Referring to the father/son talk) Does it have to be awkward?
      Jack: Yep. I'm gonna give you some fatherly advice. Then, I'm gonna say something that makes you cringe and run out of the room in embarrassment!
      Danny: Check. (Scared) Advice first?

    • Sam: (About Technus) He's pushing Danny and Valerie together!
      (Tucker starts laughing hysterically)
      Sam: (Annoyed) If you're done, we have to tell Danny.
      Tucker: You want to tell Danny that Technus is playing match-maker? How do think he's gonna react to that? (Cuts to next scene; Danny is also laughing hysterically after hearing the news)
      Sam: (Annoyed) Are you done yet?
      Danny: No. (Continues laughing)

    • (At school; Danny is seen yawning)
      Tucker: Long night?
      Sam: (Referring to his computer conversation with Valerie) Of flirting with disaster?
      Danny: You should really give her a chance, Sam. I know she wants to waste Danny Phantom, but did you know that she's a ninth degree black belt? That her favorite fruit is kumquat, because it's a funny word?
      Sam: No, Danny, I didn't. Because I never really get past the "waste Danny Phantom" part!

    • (Technus fires an ectoblast near Valerie's feet, which causes her to fall into some type of liquid)
      Danny: I am gonna break you in half! (Charges at Technus)
      Technus: (Disappears) Temper, child, temper. There's that emotion of yours again. (Appears behind Danny, grabs him by the neck, and shocks him, thus causing him to fall; he lands in a pile of boxes) And emotion, whether you know it or not, is your greatest weakness!

    • Valerie: (To Star, about Danny) Did you know that he wants to be an astronaut? That he bowls with a 150 average?
      Star: No. All I know is that his family's a bunch of ghost-hunting freaks. (Danny shows up) Oh, I'm sorry, by freak I mean -- nah, I mean it. See ya, Val. See ya, freak. (Walks off)
      Valerie: Oh, don't mind her.
      Danny: "Her?" Was there another girl with you? I hadn't noticed.
      Valerie: Pretty cheesy, Neil Armstrong. You got lunch plans?

    • Sam: (Reading the class ring inscription upside down) Who the heck is Wes?

    • Sam: (On Fenton Phones) Clueless 1, this is Goth 1, do you copy?
      Danny: Goth 1, this is Clueless 1. Why am I "Clueless 1?"
      Tucker: (Also on Fenton Phones; to Sam) Tell him!
      Sam: Shut it!

    • Sam: (On Fenton Phones) Uh, Danny. Danny, come in. Stay alert, you have company.
      Danny: Company? What kind of company? (Dodges energy blasts shot by Valerie)
      Sam: It's your girlfriend.
      Danny: She's not my girlfriend until I give her the ring.
      Tucker: What is this, 1955?

    • Sam: (Being hugged by Valerie) Human contact... crushing... Goth indifference.

    • Danny: (As he blasts off into the sky) Hey! I'm an astronaut!!

    • Technus: Are you mad, child? Picking a fight with me and my upgraded form?!
      Danny: You upgraded to a mullet?

    • (Valerie sees Danny knocked into a few boxes after his fight with Technus at the mall)
      Valerie: Oh, hi. Didn't expect to see you here.
      Danny: Uh, didn't expect to be here.
      Sam: Oh, I'm gonna hurl.

    • Tucker: Hey, Valerie. (Coldly) Star.
      Star: (Also coldly) Foley.
      Valerie: (To Sam, also coldly) Manson.
      Sam: Whatever.
      Star: Where's your loser boyfriend, Danny?
      Sam & Valerie: He's not my boyfriend! And he's not a loser!
      Tucker: Uh, ladies, hello. Another good-looking guy right here. (Wiggles eyebrows; no one answers) And people wonder why I love technology.

    • Girl #1: (About Danny and Valerie) Dumped him, huh?
      Tucker: Apparently.
      Girl #2: Goth girl making her move?
      Tucker: Doubt it. (Wiggles eyebrows at girls)
      Girl #1: Do you think he likes brunettes?
      Tucker: That settles it. (To PDA) You seeing anybody?

  • NOTES (47)


    • Danny and Valerie: Batman and Catwoman

      While Danny's romance with Paulina resembles that of Superman and Lois Lane, his romance with Valerie resembles Bruce Wayne's/Batman's with Selina Kyle/Catwoman, particularly as depicted in Batman: The Animated Series. In both cases, the male hero is attracted to a female enemy, who is in love with one of his identities but, tragically, not the other, and he knows her secret identity, although she doesn't know his.

    • Cybertron Mainframe: Name
      The name of Axion Labs' super computer is an homage to the planet of the Autobots and Decepticons from the various Transformers incarnations.

    • Technus Satellite: (After swallowed the overloaded rocket jet pack by accident and explodes)

      An allusion from the movie "Hot Shots! Part Deux". The enemy accidentally swallowed Topper Harley's grenade while laughing and the enemy ship exploded. This was seen after the Technus Satellite accidentally swallowed the overloaded rocket jet pack that Danny gave it to him.

    • Flirting With Disaster: (The Storyline Itself)
      Actually, the storyline has some allusions from Superman 3. The examples are: (1)The blackout scene due to the Ultimate Computer's malfunction. On Technus 2.0, he was doing it for Danny and Valerie. (2)One of (The Villain)Ross Webster's Henchmen, Vera Ross, was caught by the ultimate computer's suction beam and transforms into Fembot 2.0. On Valerie, it gave her a new suit from the Technus Possessed supercomputer.

    • Danny & Valerie: (Ending scene)
      The ending scene between Valerie and Danny in the episode, where she tells Danny that they cannot be anything more than just friends is very similar to the end of the 2002 movie, Spider-Man, where Peter Parker tells Mary Jane that even though he would love to be with her, he can only be her friend. In both this episode and Spider-Man, the dumper walks away and leaves the dumpee upset, then the final scene shows the dumper soaring through the town in his/her costume.

    • Epsiode: Title
      The title of the episode, "Flirting With Disaster", is also the name of a movie made in 1996 which starred Ben Stiller (Alex in the movie "Madagascar" and the host of the Kids' Choice Awards 2005), Alan Alda ("M*A*S*H*"), Mary Tyler Moore (The "Dick Van Dyke Show" and "Mary Tyler Moore" show), and Patricia Arquette ("Holes").

    • Valerie: (To Danny) Pretty cheesy, Neil Armstrong. You got lunch plans?
      Valerie calls Danny "Neil Armstrong" after displaying knowledge of his dream of becoming an astronaut. Neil Alden Armstrong is the world's most distinguished astronaut who, on July 20, 1969, became the first person to touch the moon's surface. More Info

    • Tucker: And this chip here makes the GPS a GBA.
      The Game Boy Advance (GBA) is a handheld video game console developed, manufactured, and marketed by Nintendo. It is part of the Game Boy series of consoles, and the successor to the popular Game Boy Color. The chip Tucker holds up even looks similar to a GBA game cartridge. Coincidentally a game based on "The Ultimate Enemy" was made for Game Boy Advanced, called Danny Phantom: The Ultimate Enemy.

    • Class Ring: Name & Appearance
      A class ring is a ring that high school and college students get to remind them of their time at their school. Most students get their rings either their junior or senior year of high school. When in college, some students opt to trade their high school ring in for a college ring.