Danny Phantom

Season 3 Episode 5

Forever Phantom

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Jul 12, 2007 on Nickelodeon
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Amorpho, a faceless ghost that can change its form, goes to Amity Park to create trouble for fun and to gain attention. When Danny saves a bus of children Amorpho caused to almost fall off a cliff, Danny steals the spotlight from Amorpho. He changes to Danny. Unfortunately while in a fight they trigger Jack's new machine that short-circuits ghost's powers. Both of them were hit and Danny is trapped in ghost mode and Amorpho is trapped in the form of Danny Fenton. Now Amorpho is framing Danny for payback and Danny must find a way back to human form before Amorpho can ruin Danny's social life forever.moreless

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  • This is actually one of the lamest episodes of Danny Phantom

    It starts off pretty interesting but goes flat when the antagonist turns out only wanting attention that Danny earned and Danny just lets him get away with it. I mean several of the lines feel forced and out of character as if the writers rushed through it or didn't give it much thought. On top of that it seems that the writers and producers trying to turn this action/adventure-comedy show into some sort of half baked plot that turned out to be at best a weird idea for an episode. The plot is almost pointless and is based on an extended chase. Seriously was this the best they could come up with? Plus the whole common corny advice was unneeded to begin with and quickly got overused because it was tacky and devoid of humor. I can only wonder what other better ideas that sadly got ditched for this. Several episodes of season 3 have out of character and regressions which probably is one of the reasons why Danny Phantom hasn't been renewed. It did have funny parts but it wasn't enough to do this episode justice. Not the worst episode but no doubt one of the worst.moreless
  • A great episode of Danny Phantom I enjoyed every moment of it.

    A new ghost come to town Just looking for some attention. When Danny steals his spot light he steals Danny's image. Also Jack new invention is used on the new ghost and Danny Phantom leaving them stuck with limited to almost no powers. These make for a great episode. Danny start off fighting Amorpho the new ghost but by the end of the show he is being help by Amorpho. They are not friend for say by the end but they left it open for Amorpho to return. I enjoyed this episode because to say the least it was not your typical bad ghost trying to go after Danny. I can't wait to see the rest of this new season.moreless
  • One of the best Danny Phantom's I have seen in a while.

    This episode of Danny Phantom centered around a ghost who can shape shift in to other people and even Danny himself and then turning a person who each shape shifts into life upside down just for a laugh. But when he shaved shifts into Danny and gets hit by a device and his parents laboratory him and Dany cannot use their powers proficiently. The best part of the episode is when a shape shifter turns into Mr. Lancer I got a big kick out of that one. And for the grand finale when Mr. Lancer was put in the girls bathroom and woke up and said when they made me they broke the mold and then a girl slaps in the face I almost died. In total I give this episode and A+moreless
  • When Danny gets into a fight with Amorpho, a shape-shifting ghost, he gets hit by Jack's new invention and is stuck in ghost mode.

    This episode was spectacular! The Amorpho ghost is pretty cool. He sounds like the Brain from the old TV series Pinky and the Brain. He can change his shape to look like that of other people. It was funny how he changed into Dash's dog and bit the police man. Dash yelled at his dog and told him he wouldn't be able to watch the romance channel that night. Danny's face when he saved the kids was cute. He looked as if he was enjoying all the attention and getting his picture taken. I like the idea of Jazz having a scrapbook of Danny Phantom's heroic acts. It's such a shame Amorpho took it and ripped it in half. After he destroyed it, the real Danny Phantom came in and beat him up. Amorpho got away and ran down the hall with Danny close behind trying to grab him. It was a funny moment. It was funny seeing the news crew and the kids chasing Danny Phantom when he was trying to get to school. He's really popular now. One of my favorite quotes in this episode was when Amorpho told Danny his name. Danny told him that he heard of clowns with scarier names. The Jack Fenton Toast was funny. It was shaped like Jack and the kids would be seen eating it throughout the episode. They would then comment on how disgusting it tasted and ask why they were eating it. It was funny how Jack kept destroying Sam's bedroom walls when he asked her and Tucker if they had seen Danny. He blew one hole in the wall to enter, and then blew another one to leave. Maddie was clearly annoyed with him. She told Sam to send them the bill. I felt so sorry for Danny when I saw the scene where Maddie was looking for him. She had a large poster of his face and was yelling into the loud speaker about how cute he was and how, when she found him, she would hug and kiss him. To lead Maddie and Jack away from Danny, Tucker and Sam took turns dressing up as Danny and running down streets and alleys. They would run while shouting how Danny's face was gone. Maddie told them she could handle disfigurement, and Jack vouched for it by saying "Look how well she handles me." It was funny seeing Danny drag Lancer/Amorpho down the hall while trying to avoid the kids chasing him. Their explanation to Maddie and Jack about what happened was funnier though. The ending was funny too. The real Lancer woke up and found himself in the girl's bathroom and was beat up by the teachers.moreless
  • A shape-shifting ghost gets jealous of Danny's fame - and ends up leaving them both without their powers.

    Danny's star is on the rise in "Forever Phantom" - and he wishes it wasn't. The increase in popularity with the town has left it nearly impossible for him to maintain a low profile. But that's not how trickster ghost Amorpho sees it - he loves attention, and he's jealous of all that Danny's getting. So, he decides to morph into Danny. In the resulting fight, the two Dannys trigger Jack's latest invention - which results in Danny being trapped in "Phantom" mode and Amoprho trapped as Danny Fenton!

    This episode, like "Double Cross My Heart" was very different in terms of story. There wasn't a lot of large-scale action, bar one fight at the beginning. The pacing was different as well - it wasn't fast like an action sequence or more thoughtful like the more suspenseful and "mystery" story of DCMH. Sam's use of "marathon" in the episode seemed a good way to describe the pace.

    I was extremely pleased that Danny resented the spotlight in this episode. We've had a few episodes where he gains some fame or popularity and it goes to his head; it both made sense for his character growth and for his position as Phantom for him to want to have a low-profile. I cannot tell you how happy I was to see that he really did not want the fame and that he is learning and growing. And his focus on the issues at hand was very impressive, be it Amorpho impersonating him or regaining his ability to change back into Danny Fenton.

    Amorpho was an excellent "villain," chiefly because he wasn't evil. I love "trickster" characters like Bugs Bunny or Captain Jack Sparrow, and that seems to be his general personality. Granted, we didn't see much trickery from him, as he was caught as Danny Fenton the entire time, but it was fun to get a hint of that, and then see that he was just as troubled by being trapped in one form as Danny was. It was also great to see he and Danny connect and for Amorpho to actually come away with something from this experience.

    On top of that, his design is fantastic - no green anywhere, and fedoras and trenchcoats are awesome.

    This is the first time I recall seeing Lancer this season, and as he is my favourite supporting character from Casper High, I was very happy to see him back. I'm sad to see that he once again had a bad day, but for once, it seemed to come out of his own actions and those of other characters, and not the writers out to get a quick laugh. And I loved seeing the return of his "How to be Hip" books.

    Sam and Tucker didn't have much to do in this episode outside distracting Jack and Maddie, but they remained in-character throughout and they had some good lines. And it was funny seeing them both dressed up as Danny.

    Jack and Maddie were hilarious, and their lines were fantastic. It's sad to see that they're so bitter towards Danny Phantom, but RT remains on the record. And their hunt for the two Dannys the resulting jokes - which felt natural for the characters - were hilarious.

    Loved the animation yet again; in fact, outside of two gross-out gags, I had absolutely no qualms with this one.

    10 out of 10; the first one of the season for me. A great episode!moreless
Maria Canals

Maria Canals


Grey DeLisle

Grey DeLisle

Samantha 'Sam' Manson

Kath Soucie

Kath Soucie

Maddie Fenton

Rob Paulsen

Rob Paulsen

Jack Fenton

David Kaufman

David Kaufman

Danny Fenton/Danny Phantom

Ron Perlman

Ron Perlman

Vice Principal Lancer

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • In the scene where Tucker is dressed like Danny he is wearing Danny's red shoes. But then in the next scene he is wearing his usual brown shoes.

    • When Danny was in the Fenton lab, Jack and Maddie were talking about bringing a Ghost Shredder, but when Jack and Maddie came into the lab, the Ghost Shredder is no where to be seen.

    • No one seems to notice that Amorpho (as Danny) has a much deeper voice, and an English accent.

    • When Danny first found out he was unable to change back into Danny Fenton he also found out that he is unable phase through things. Later in the episode, when Danny is at Casper High he is able to phase through the ceiling.

    • When Danny gets hit by Jack's machine, he loses his powers and his ability to change back to Danny Fenton. But Amorpho didn't lose any powers, only his control over his power.

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Danny: Me and the other Danny were fighting, and I ran into my dad's ecto-stoppo-power-offier, and I think it's taking away our ghost powers!
      Tucker: Does your dad ever invent anything that doesn't mess you up?
      Sam: Or without a dorky name?

    • Danny: What am I going to do?
      (Tucker takes toast from Danny and takes a bite)
      Tucker: For starters, get some jam. This bread is awfully dry.

    • Jack: (Panting) Tell me again why we couldn't take a taxi? Maddie: Tell me again why you can't remember where you parked the RV! (Punches Jack) Sam: (dressed up as Danny) Oh no, please don't look at my facelessness! I must live in exile! Jack: Have you noticed that Danny runs like a girl?

    • Mr. Lancer: Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants!

    • Jack: Hey! The Jack Fenton toast is ready! Maddie, fetch me some Jack Fenton butter, would ya? The Jack Fenton flavor, it's my favorite!
      Danny: I'm now officially nauseous.
      Jack: Really? Try some Fento-bismol!

    • Dash: You are totally the most baddest dog ever, Pooky! Tonight, I'm watching the romance channel by myself!
      (Pooky whimpers)

    • Amorpho: Uh, that's right. I'm your boy, Billy!
      Maddie: Danny!
      Amorpho: Right!

    • Danny: Nice moves, Sam.
      Sam: Like taking toast from a baby. (Bites piece of toast in hand) We'll hold off your parents. You find that ghost before your parents find you. I mean Danny. I mean Danny Phantom. Just go! (Danny flies away. Sam takes another bite of toast, then looks at it) Why am I eating this?

    • Danny: Wouldn't want you to miss any happy, therapy inducing school memories!

    • Sam: Danny?!
      Danny: Sorry. Listen, I just fought a ghost that looks exactly like me, but he can change how he looks! And now I can't change back, turn invisible or intangible! (Takes toast out of pocket and starts eating it)
      Tucker: And you're eating toast. You hate toast!

    • Danny: Sam!
      Sam: Danny?
      Danny: Is that my shirt?

    • Danny: You have no idea. You know, there are better ways to get noticed. The next time you want attention, do what humans do. Streak at sporting events, or go on a reality TV show and eat live bugs for money.

  • NOTES (17)


    • Jack Fenton's new machine: Appearance.
      Jack's new machine looks like the Brain Switcher machine in Kim Possible in Mind Games.

    • Mr. Lancer: Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants!

      Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants is the name of a book by Ann Brashares. It was also adapted into a film.

    • Danny: You have no idea. You know, there are better ways to get noticed. The next time you want attention, do what humans do. Streak at sporting events, or go on a reality TV show and eat live bugs for money.

      This is a reference to the reality show "Fear Factor", in which people do bizarre and disturbing things for money.

    • Fento-Bismol­: Name
      This new invention shares the same as the product, Pepto-Bismol.