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Danny and Duncan

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    Danny may had inspired Duncan a character from "Total Drama Series". In fact both boys share the same similarity:

    Both boys have a green trademark: Danny's green eyes and Duncan's green mohawk.

    Both boys have a light-tan skin, (only when Danny transforms)

    Both boys have a conflict with the jock: Dash (DP) and Tyler (TD Series)

    Both boys have a father who is aging.

    Both boys are now dating the Goth girl: Sam (DP) and Gwen (TD Series)

    Both boys use to be interested in the Hispanic girl: Paulina (DP) and Courtney (TD Series)

    Both boys hate the single guy: Vlad Plasmius (DP) and Chris McLean (TD Series).

    Both boys have the same letters in their name: D,A, and two Ns.

    Both boys had a conflict with an African girl: Valerie (DP) and LeShawna (TD Series).

    Both boys love to cause trouble.

    Both boys had been viewed a criminal and been put in a cell: Danny was sent to ghost prison and Duncan was sent to Juvie Hall.

    Both boys have a kind and a caring mother.

    Both boys have a sibiling(s).

    Both boys enjoyed kissing the Goth girl: Sam (DP) and Gwen (TD Series)

    Both boys wear the same colored sneakers.

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