Danny Phantom

Season 1 Episode 15

Fright Night

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Oct 29, 2004 on Nickelodeon
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In an attempt to beat Dash in a haunted house decorating contest, Danny "borrows" the enchanted sword of the Spirit of Halloween, the Fright Knight! When the evil, ghostly knight comes to retrieve his magic saber, he decides to stick around long enough to turn the real world into his own stormy realm of terror. Danny Phantom has other ideas, however, and tries to banish the Fright Knight back to the Ghost Zone.moreless

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  • I didn't care for this

    It started off with much promise but quickly went downhill and got to be nasty at the end. I felt it could've been better. The cramming of a scary room contest and other stuff really compromised the whole plot and other activities really wasted time and humor. I will admit that the Fright Knight and his steed were very menacing. I have yet to watch this episode again and do not plan to for a long while. Even the Fright Knight and his Nightmare steed deserved a better introductory episode than this one. Heck I think they were worthy of more episodes but are mainly stuck with this one. This episode is at best flat and bland not to mention got just plan gross at the end. To me this is the second worst Danny Phantom episode after Splitting Images.moreless
  • Danny takes the sword of the Fright Knight to improve his haunted house room on Halloween.

    After both Danny and Dash are assigned by Lancer to make a haunted house room for Halloween, they make a little side bet. Danny looks up the Fright Night, the spirit of Halloween, and tries to fuse it into his room. When he sees that Dash’s room is going to stomp his, he desperately journeys into the Ghost Zone to steal the sword of the Fright Knight, the Soul Shredder, in order to improve his room. But this awakens the Fright Knight himself, who flies back into the real world to get his sword back.

    I didn’t think of this episode as very good, but this was actually a while after I had first seen it. After seeing it again this previous Halloween, I’ve realized this episode, while not the best, was still pretty good.

    The opening was somewhat interesting. I didn’t think a minor ghost like that eel would give Danny that much trouble. But its ability to easily absorb Danny’s ray and send another one back at him was troublesome for Danny. But it’s totally irrelevant to the actual episode. I did like the scene where Lancer actually gave Danny a chance to avoid detention, even though I didn’t like his quote about pretending to be fair that much. Oh, and the side bet with eating Dash’s underwear…gross. Like Tucker said, the underwear and the fact that Dash carries it around in his coat, they were both rather crazy.

    Danny wasn’t as bad as I first really thought him to be here. The fact that he went to steal the Soul Shredder was somewhat understandable, since he would have to eat the disgusting underwear otherwise. But when the ecto-storm was causing chaos and danger everywhere and Danny refused to take the sword back until Lancer declared him the winner, that was a little too Timmy-ish. And when he said, “Yes!” in response to Lancer being sent to his worst fear…oh, boy. But he really did learn how important it is not to be hasty or reckless. Also, his pathetic attempts to try and make his room scary were funny. But not putting a pumpkin in the room when it’s Halloween? Oy.

    Sam was portrayed very well in this episode. It’s always a good thing to see friends who usually don’t play a very major role in fights come out and help, and that’s what Sam did here. She was quick on her feet in finding a way to defeat the Fright Knight, and she also seemed to think Danny wasn’t very smart in taking the sword, and that was IC. Also, I really liked her encouragement of, “Come on, Danny. You can do it!” I thought it was very nice.

    There was also a good amount of D/S in this episode. You had to think that their experience with Ember in FtF is still fresh in their minds. While in TotY, it was nice to see the writers move on to something else, they obviously don’t want it to go completely back to normal, but at least keep parts of it there. Danny’s protecting of Sam when the Fright Knight was about to slice her, holding her down when she was about to be sucked into the Ghost Zone, and of course, the hug at the end were all very sweet.

    Tucker had minimal involvement in FN. I can understand his wanting to go trick-or-treating, since he’s pretty much the least mature out of the trio, and also since there are kids at my high school who still go trick-or-treating. His “costume” was lame, but very Tucker. And his scene where he thought Danny was the Fright Knight wasn’t very good. Sure, he’s unreliable, but he can’t recognize what isn’t his best friend?

    As for the Fright Knight himself, he was quite the evil guy. He was able to open the Fenton Portal from the inside! He was somewhat dramatic, but there was still the very sinister look at him. He also looked like an extremely tough adversary for Danny, and his Soul Shredder is a very tough weapon. The dimensions where Lancer and Tucker were transported to were very funny, and it matched their personalities.

    The action scenes, while not the best and quite choppy, still had plenty of energy and a sense of real threat behind them. The scenes in the Ghost Zone were someone intense when Danny was in ghost mode, especially when Danny bled ectoplasm. Hey, it's not blood, so it's not that inappropriate. And Danny did some quick thinking remembering that humans can phase through everything. As for the final battle, Danny actually gets pounded a bit more than the Fright Knight does, and that’s the kind of final fight that works on DP. His remark of, “Strike six! Way to whiff, Mr. October!” was very funny. Also, the music when Danny was slamming the sword into the pumpkin was AWESOME!

    The ending started very nice, but then shot downward. Danny’s fessing up to Lancer was good, but it felt a little bit rushed and somewhat unnecessary. And why did Lancer switch the honor of victor from Danny to Dash? I really didn’t like that, nor Danny getting in trouble with his parents that much, though that didn’t bother me as much as the former. And of course, when Danny still has to eat the underwear…ugh. The only ending so far that has made me grimace instead of the usual smile or chuckle.

    Something else I found interesting were the references to FtF and PoL. References to episodes from the past are always interesting to see and I feel as if I can relate to whatever the reference is specifically being aimed at.

    Overall, this episode was pretty good. While there were things that could have made this around a 9/10, there were other things that held it back and I give it 8/10. Not bad.moreless
  • good halloween special

    this episode was a very VERY good halloween special this episode is awsome EVERYONE should watch this episode especially people who like specials like haloween episodes and i think fans of this show should like this show this episode made me watch the series even more! i love the action of this episdoe and i like the comedy of this episodes its so funny before i saw this episode i first saw the commerical of this episode before it aired i said to myself that maby it was going to be an average episode but i was wrong this episode is good so i give this epsidoe a 9.3/10moreless
  • I love this Halloween special!

    Is it just me, or are Halloween episodes always so good? I loved everything about this episode. Danny's haunted house was absolutely adorable, and I loved the final scene where Danny grabs Sam just as shes about to fly up in teh air and he grabs the pipes under the wood. The plot was great, as well, and I loved how, once someone was struck with the sword, they were transported into the place they worst feared (Tucker's was hilarious). In the end, Danny, of course, was successful and makes everything right. This was certainly a great holiday special episode.moreless
  • This was a very cool eppie!

    Wow, this one was cool! I learned Danny is a talented artist (on top of everything else- he rocks!) The action really was exciting! Plus, the animation was amazing! And I liked the poem at the end- "To cease the fight, to end the fear, sheathe the sword in pumkin near!" And there was a D/S moment! Yay! It was a fantastic episode (again)! The last scene (where Danny sheathed the sword "in pumpkin near") was awesome! And I'm proud of Danny for being honest in the end, even though he didn't win... I'd like to see what Danny does for revenge! (But that's another story) Awesome ep!moreless
Michael Dorn

Michael Dorn

Fright Knight

Guest Star

Laraine Newman

Laraine Newman

Mrs. Tetslaff/Witch Kid

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • Before Danny places Soul Shredder's sword into the jack-o-lantern, its mouth is closed with a grim look and continues as the sword glows. But in the following scenes, the jack-o-lantern has a smile on its face and remains that way until it disappears.

    • In the scene where Danny was standing in front of the skeletons in the ghost zone, his ghost aura was green iinstead of white.

    • In one scene, an ax swings at Danny and cuts his costume, but in the next scene, his costume is suddenly repaired.

    • Danny shouldn't have been able to pull the Soul Shredder from the pumpkin since he was in human mode and the Soul Shredder is a ghostly object and humans are supposed to phase through ghostly objects in the Ghost Zone.

    • When Danny exits out of his replica of the Fright Knight, it retains its bright green glow for a couple of seconds.

    • The Soul Shredder blade cut the "Chronicles of the Fright Knight" book in half, but when Sam started looking through the torn-out pages, the pages were somehow whole again.

    • Danny, in human mode, somehow stepped on the skeleton and broke it, but since he was in the Ghost Zone, he should have went through it.

  • QUOTES (18)

    • (Danny has a hold of the Fright Knight's sword)
      Danny: (Getting stronger, and glowing white) To cease the Storm, to end the Fear, the sword must sheath in pumpkin near.
      (He rips away the sword from the Fright Knight, and forces it into the pumpkin)

    • Sam: (After Danny puts the Soul Shredder in a pumpkin) Everything is being sucked back into the Ghost Zone! It's working! (Sam starts rising up) Ahhhh!
      Danny: Sam! (Pulls her back down)

    • Dash: (To Danny, after he loses the bet and is forced to eat Dash's underwear) Bon appe-tighty whitey, loser!

    • Danny: (To Fright Knight, after he misses to hit him with the Soul Shredder several times) Strike six! Way to whiff, Mr. October!

    • Maddie: (Reading a ghost detector) This ecto-storm is coming from the direction of 917 Maple Street.
      Jack: 917 Maple, eh? I could have sworn it was coming from that big spooky house with the green, swirly cloud overhead.

    • Fright Knight: I am the Fright Knight; the spirit of Halloween, and no one can stop me!!

    • (After Mr. Lancer is sliced by the Soul Shredder)
      Danny: Mr. Lancer! What'd you do to him?!
      Fright Knight: I sent him to where all who feel the sting of my blade are sent; a dimension where his worst fears come to life.
      Danny: Yes! This contest is so mine! (Sam stares at him, short pause) Uh, I mean, bring him back, you fiend!

    • (Ghost zombies are moving towards Danny, Sam, and Mr. Lancer)
      Sam: Uh, Mr. Lancer, I don't know if it's safe in here...
      Danny: That's right, Sam. Nothing is safe inside Danny Fenton's "Room of Doom;" enter if you dare.

    • Maddie: Whoa, ectostorm's flaring up.
      Jack: Better alert the local town folks. (In megaphone) Code 5! Code 5! Code 5! This is not a drill, repeat, this is not a drill.
      Kid: Weird costumes, what are they? Plumbers? (Kids laugh)
      Jack: Is, uh, this thing on?

    • (About the haunted house decoration)
      Danny: What if we did something with skeletons. (Shows Tucker drawing) See, how scary is that?
      Tucker: On a scale of not to 10, not.

    • Tucker: (To Fright Knight who he thinks is Danny dressed up in a costume) Pretty neat horse though, what's it made of, flaming bed sheets?
      Fright Knight: Flaming bed sheets of death!!

    • Tucker: You wanna steer clear of the red zone, nothing but fresh fruit and granola bars in the red zone.

    • Danny: (In salesperson type voice) It slices, it dices, it creates your worst fear. Now how much would you pay for it?
      Tucker: For that? About 59 cents.

    • (Dash and Danny are fighting)
      Mr. Lancer: Grapes of Wrath! Break it up. Tell me why I shouldn't give both of you a suspension for fighting on school ground?
      Dash: Uh... because I'm a football star.
      Mr. Lancer: True... Well, I still must at least pretend to be fair...

    • Danny: (To skeletons blocking his way) You guys need to
      eat more red meat. (Skeletons attack; Danny goes ghost)
      Danny: He-ya!!
      (Skeletons bow down)
      Danny: Uh, that's right, you know badness when you see it.
      (The Fright Knight appear and it's revealed that the skeletons were bowing for him)
      Fright Knight: Fool, you have released me. Return to me my sword so my reign of terror can begin a new.
      Danny: I could bring the sword back by midnight, but the reign of terror is kinda' a deal-breaker.
      Fright Knight: That was not a request, whelp. It was a demand!

    • Tucker: (After Dash shows Danny the underwear he must eat if he loses the bet) I don't know what's scarier: the underwear, or the fact that he carries them in his coat.

    • Sam: (Reading aloud on how to stop the Fright Knight) To cease the Storm, to end the Fear, the sword must sheath in pumpkin near. (Done reading) Pumpkin near! Danny, you gotta put the sword back in a pumpkin!
      Danny: A pumpkin? There are no pumpkins in the room. (Short pause) No pumpkins in the room? It's Halloween, what am I, an idiot?

    • Danny: (To Fright Knight after he defeats him) Trick and treat, bucket head.

  • NOTES (47)


    • Fright Knight: Appearence
      The Fright Knight's look has a strange resemblence to the yu-gi-oh monster card, Mefist the Infernal General. Both have similar armor and horses. Mefist is also a DARK attribute, similar to how Fright Knight is a dark spirit.

    • Fright Knight: Appearance
      The armor of the Fright Knight bares resemblance to the Marvel Comics villain, Magneto.

    • The Chronicles of the Fright Night: Name
      This might be an allusion from the kids novels, "The Chronicles of Narnia."

    • The Fright Knight's Horse: Appearance
      The horse that the Fright Knight rides resembles the bat-winged stallion Hellhorse, ridden by the Marvel Comics character Dreadknight.

    • Boy's Costume: Appearance
      The costume of the boy who asked if Maddie and Jack were plumbers is exactly like Peter Pan's.

    • Girl's Costume: Appearance
      In the scene where the boy in the Peter Pan outfit asks if Maddie and Jack are supposed to be plumbers, there is a girl whose costume is a feminine variation of the Flash; it was red nearly all over and the Flash emblem, a yellow lightning bolt, was on it.

    • Ms. Tetslaff: (To Mr. Lancer, about the haunted house party) Fat chance! You'll never be able to beat my Frankengertrudestien!
      Ms. Tetslaff's costume as "Frankengertrudestein" seems to be a parody of Frankenstein's monster -- especially the flat head and green skin.

    • Fright Knight: (Throws an exploding pumpkin)
      This is likely taken from the Green Goblin's (from the Spider-Man comics, cartoons, and movies) main weapons: bombs designed like pumpkins.

    • Mr. Lancer: Grapes of Wrath!
      Grapes of Wrath is a novel written by John Steinbeck in 1939. It is about a man named Tom Joad who is released from a state penitentiary where he served a sentence for killing a man in an act of self-defense. It tells of his adventures after being released. More Info