Danny Phantom

Season 3 Episode 3

Girls' Night Out

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Jul 10, 2007 on Nickelodeon

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  • When boys disappear...

    If only, if only. Just kidding. This episode wasn't as good as some of the others, but it was still pretty good. I never knew Kitty had a power. When she blows a kiss, she make men disappear. I wish I had that power. It's cool how she made the men of Amity Park disappear. It was a good thing Danny was away fishing with his father. Jazz's comment when Tucker disappeared was funny. She asked Sam if he did that often, and Sam replied by saying she wished. I also liked Danny's comment at the beginning of the episode when Johnny was about to leave. Danny told him to leave and take the "dork of darkness" with him. The dork of darkness refers to Johnny's shadow. It was funny how Jack kept trying to talk to Danny, but ended up looking in that book for instructions. How can you have trouble talking to your son? It was also funny how Jack gave Maddie a picture of himself before he left with Danny. He looked as if he were posing. I wonder who took that picture. I can't believe Jazz tried to name their ghost hunting group. She called everyone ghost getters. She was number one, Tucker was number 2, Sam was number 3, and Maddie was number 4. I absolutely love the scene where Kwan and Dash were fighting over who loved Ember's song more! Kwan told everyone Dash loved boys bands and he got mad and started fighting him. I can't believe Skulker and Ember went out. That's gross. Danny's comment when Skulker told him he had a girlfriend was funny. He told him he couldn't believe he had a girlfriend and Skulker told him that just hurts. Danny then attacked him. When Skulker was being chased by that bird, I lost it. I started laughing my head off. I don't know why I found it so funny, but it was hilarious! Danny brought up his cat comment again. He loves telling people to get a cat. That and the fruitloop comment. Sam and Jazz's fights were funny too. I still can't believe they ended up friends in the end and went out to get ice cream. Danny was shocked. He thought they were under some sort of spell or something. It was funny how Danny told Jack there was a rain storm when he woke up and saw he was soaked. Danny's expression when he said that was funny. He looked as if he were in a trance or something. I can't believe Sam dressed up as Danny to trick Ember, Spectra, and Kitty! I'm surprised no one could tell she was a girl. Once again, we see Jack's heroic side. When Danny was eaten by the monster ghost, Jack saved him and fought off Skulker.