Danny Phantom

Season 2 Episode 6

Identity Crisis

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Sep 23, 2005 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Technus is back! But this is a new and improved Technus, a smoother operator who refuses to shout out his plans. Danny's not worried, especially after he splits himself in two and decides to leave the ghost hunting to his super hero side and allow his teen self some time off to just be "normal." Unfortunately, Danny Phantom, super hero, begins to take his job too seriously and Danny Fenton, average teenager, starts to enjoy slacking off way too much. Meanwhile, Technus electronically infiltrates the Fenton RV -- and, then, all of FentonWorks -- siphoning off the energy to complete his upgrade. It's up to the two Dannys to work together and defeat Technus 2.0 before he drains all the power from Amity Park, and then the world!moreless

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  • Interesting to watch.

    It was cool how Danny split himself into Superhero Danny and the all-fun, no-work Danny when he wanted to give his friends a fun weekend. Of course, it didn't work out as planned and something needed to be done about Danny's two halves and the all-powerful Technus. I liked this episode because it was interesting to see the two sides of Danny--as an obnoxious, over-confident superhero, and a lazy, immature slacker. This could be one of my favorite episodes-not my most favorite, but still up there. I really don't get why it's not rated very high compared to the other episodes, because I thought it wasn't bad.moreless
  • This was one of the funniest episodes I've seen!

    I really liked this episode because it was so funny! It starts when Danny complains about having too much to do: Fighting ghosts, homework, and other stuff. So, he decides to fix that. He uses the Fenton Ghost Catcher (which is like a dream catcher from "What You Want") to split himself in half. Now, Danny has two halves of himself: one that's an over-dramatic superhero (Danny Phantom) and one that's a lot of fun (Danny Fenton). While there each going there separate ways, Technus has upgraded himself in the computer program that he once tried to invade before. Now, Sam and Tucker have to reunite the two sides of Danny to stop Technus. Can they stop them in time? If you've only seen this episode once, like me, them I won't give you the end because I forgot.moreless
  • Danny splits his superohero half with his human half into two people.

    I actually was very fond with this episode. I loved the many differences between Super Danny and Fun Danny, too. Fun Danny and Super Danny were really enjoyable and I loved how different they were. It was really entertaining to watch. I like the idea, but it seemed a little rushed to me at the beginning and the ending wasn't the best that it could have been. All in all, the episode was alright and, without the entertaining Dannys, it, too me, would have seemed like yet another Technus episode. The espisode wasn't the most creative of all Danny Phantom episodes, but I really enjoyed watching it.moreless
  • This was really interesting to watch.

    I would never have thought of this, but it was cool! I found a lot of funny lines like "Curse this infernal messy room! This looks like a job for... the Vacumn cleaner!" Hahaha! And I never knew Danny's ghost self and human self were so different personality wise...but they are both soooo hot! And the voices sounded great together. I loved when they both went ghost. The ending scene relaxed me a lot...it was so beautiful. There was tons of great animation in this. And the "Way to pull yourself together Danny", "No one, but how about TWO", "Me, the one and only Danny Phantom" and especially "Dueling Doupplegangers! Have you lost your half of our mind?!?!" The scene where Danny split himself into two was the coolest. And Jazz freaking out was kinda cool, too... I loved this episode!moreless
  • Danny is tired of having to fight the ghosts all the time so he decides to split himself in two and leave teh ghost fighting to his heroic half.

    In this episode so called "Super" Danny annoyed the heck out of me! He made everything seem so dramatic. Although there were some good points. "Fun" Danny was pretty rude and annoying too, but definetly not as bad as the other Danny. Altough, I did like his voice.(a little) "Super" Danny's voice was very irritating. Butch could have made them act just a little smarter. And Technus just a little more serious. This wasn't one of the better episodes but it did have Danny Phantom. Which makes it awesome!

    I like Technus's new look though. It looks alot better than Technus 1.0, so at least that improved. Hopefully he won't shout out his plans for the whole world to hear as much.moreless
Rickey D'Shon Collins

Rickey D'Shon Collins


Guest Star

Kath Soucie

Kath Soucie

Little Girl

Recurring Role

Rob Paulsen

Rob Paulsen

Technus/The Box Ghost/Theater Manager

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (9)

    • In "What you want" Danny could go through any side of the ghost catcher to seperate and merge. But in this episode, there were certain sides you would have to go through (one side is merge, the other is seperate).

    • For a moment when Super Danny is carrying Fun Danny at the amusement park, the red part on Fun Danny's collar is green like his jacket.

    • In the opener, Danny is looking through the ghost files, meaning that he knew where every ghost was. If he knew that, he should've known that Technus was inside the "Doomed" game.

    • When Technus is expunged from FentonWorks, the house stops on a street, but at the end of the episode, it appears on a beach.

    • In "What You Want," when Danny went through the Ghost Catcher, his human side and ghost side seperated, but the ghost side just went inside the human side and everything turned back to normal. However, in this episode, when Danny Phantom went inside Danny Fenton, it was revealed that Danny Phantom was merely overshadowing Danny Fenton, and both were still two seperate bodies.

    • Before the mid-commercial, when Jack is instructing Danny Fenton on how to shoot Danny Phantom, he gives Danny the steering mechanism of the Fenton RV. When the show comes back from the commercial, Danny is holding what looks more like a joystick than a steering wheel.

    • After Tucker and Sam get off the roller coaster, when Danny Phantom is flying Danny Fenton over to Technus 2.0, there's a close-up shot of Danny Fenton. His shirt collar was green, while it should've been red.

    • When Danny Phantom catches Danny Fenton when he falls from the Specter Speeder, at one point, Danny Fenton's shirt collar is green, rather than red.

    • In "Reign Storm," Technus appeared outside of the Doomed video game, even though he was supposed to be trapped inside -- in fact, he just escaped from it in this episode.

  • QUOTES (36)

    • Super Danny: Have you lost your half of our mind?
      Fun Danny: Dude, I'm not the one wearing a bedsheet.

    • (Jack, Danny, Sam, and Tucker in in the Fenton RV)
      Jack: Are you kids sure that there's a ghost at the movie theater?
      Danny: Absolutely. And if not, you can pick us up in two hours and six minutes.
      Sam: Preveiws.
      Danny: Two hours and 26 minutes.

    • Technus: (As he is upgrading in the electronics store, the items are flying to him and attaching; receives a plasma screen) Hmmm, plasma screen! (Receives a surround sound system) Surround sound! (A random objects comes)I don't know what this thing does. (Gains several televions) Ooh, these are on sale! (Transforms, in a serious tone)Behold! The new Technus 2.0! (In a lighter tone)Now with pop-up blocker!

    • Tucker: But how did that last trip through the ghost catcher do that anyway? (Looks at ghost catcher-reads the label)
      Side 2 merge; Side 1 separate. Duh.

    • Jack: Good to see you're in one piece, son.
      Danny, Sam, & Tucker: Tell me about it.
      Jack: Now, to work on putting the house back.
      Danny: Um, dad, maybe we could do that after the summer?

    • Technus: You cannot defeat me!
      Danny Fenton & Danny Phantom: (Both in ghost form) Oh, yes, we can! Together! (They go through the Fenton Ghost Catcher and become one being)
      Danny: We did it. No, I did it... All right, Technus, it's just you and me now. Me, the one and only... Danny Phantom!
      Technus: Technus 2.0 will escape to fight another --
      Danny: Shouting out your plans again? That is so 1.0.

    • Technus: No one can stop me now!
      Danny Phantom: No one maybe.
      Danny Fenton: (In ghost form) But how 'bout two?
      Technus: Two or two thousand. You still can't get past my ghost shield!
      Danny Fenton: (In ghost form) Uh, dude, that only works if we're outside the ghost shield.

    • Danny Phantom: (About Technus) We have to stop him!
      Danny Fenton: (In ghost form) Tried it! Didn't work. Back to bowling.
      Tucker: It'll be fun?
      Sam: You'll get to hit stuff?
      Danny Fenton: (In ghost form) Sweet.
      Danny Phantom: You go inside and get the Ghost Catcher. I'll keep Technus busy. (Tries to fly but can't)
      Danny Fenton: (In ghost form) Uh, how about we all go inside?

    • Danny Phantom: We have to stop Technus before he takes over the whole city.
      Danny Fenton: (In ghost form) Oh, good luck, dude.
      Danny Phantom: I only have half our powers. We must do it... together! It's your duty!
      Danny Fenton: (In ghost form, laughing) He said duty!

    • (Danny Fenton, in ghost form, comes flying off of the roof of the Fenton's home; Jack, Maddie, Sam, Tucker, and Danny Phantom come running out)
      Maddie: Wait, where's Danny?
      (Danny Fenton, in ghost form, hits the ground and everyone looks at him; Danny Phantom changes into human form)
      Danny Phantom: (In human form) I'm right here, Mother!
      Jack: Wait a minute. Weren't you just -- ?

    • Danny Fenton & Danny Phantom: I'm goin' ghost! Woah -- hey, I can still do that?
      Danny Phantom: I'll save everyone. You deal with the house hijacking horror.
      (Danny Fenton, in ghost form, flies up and hits the ceiling)
      Danny Fenton: (In ghost form) Would it be too much to ask for all of my powers back?
      Danny Phantom: (A robot is approaching him) Eat ghost ray, you evil electrical extentions. (Nothing happens) Fizzling phantoms! Are my powers diminished as well?

    • Technus: (After taking control of FentonWorks) Excellent! My upgrade is complete! With the technology in this house, I can drain all the power from this city, and then, the world!! (Pauses) Nobody heard that, right?

    • Danny Fenton: Okay, uh, from now on, you hide and I will be Danny.
      Danny Phantom: I think not. You were Danny all day and did a pretty poor job of it.

    • Cop: (To Maddie) This your vehicle, ma'am?
      (Camera focuses on the Fenton RV, soaked; Maddie gives Jack a dirty look)
      Jack: Hey, it's back from the shop!

    • Maddie: (After Tucker puts his hat in her face and asks if it "smells funny") Tucker, I don't have time for this. And you really should do something about that problem dandruff.

    • Danny Phantom: (To Jack) Fear not, paunchy patriarch!

    • Sam: You didn't duplicate yourself. You split yourself in half!
      Tucker: But in theory, another trip through the Ghost Catcher should straighten out this mess. (Sam and Tucker pull the Ghost Catcher over both Dannys; two Danny Fentons appear) Or it could make it ten times worse.
      (Jazz walks in)
      Jazz: Danny, Dad wants you to -- (Sees both Dannys and screams)
      Jack: Danny, what's goin' on in there?
      Tucker: Quick, hide! (Shoves both Dannys into a closet)
      Sam: No, just one of you.
      Tucker: I call the fun Danny!
      Sam: I call the -- darn it!

    • Danny: (As Danny Fenton overshadowed by Danny Phantom; in deep heroic voice) Curse this infernal messy room. This looks like a job for... the vacuum cleaner!

    • Danny Fenton: (To Danny Phantom, after he dumps the RV into the water) Uh, okay, when dad asks me, "Who trashed the van?," I am so not covering for you.

    • Jack: (To Danny Fenton, about how to catch ghosts) Okay, now you're gonna want to nail him right between the eyes. (Target locks on Danny Phantom) Now, waste him!

    • Danny Phantom: Relax, citizens. Danny Phantom is on the job! (Teeth sparkle)

    • Danny Fenton: (On a roller coaster) Oh, man, this is the life. I wish I could stay on this ride, like, forever.
      (All of the rides in the fair suddenly stop and the sky darkens)
      Sam: And you may just get your wish.
      Tucker: Why couldn't you wish for super models?
      Danny Phantom: Did someone say, "super"?!
      Sam: Ah, somebody kill me.

    • Danny Phantom: (To Technus) Wait a minute. Electric streetcar... power line... generator... you've been recharging yourself all night. Technus 2.0 is a wattage wasting wostral!

    • Jack: (After seeing Danny Phantom on TV) Great gobs of ghost goop! Danny will wanna see this!
      Jazz: (Stops him) He's not here! I -- I mean, Danny's probably still asleep.
      (Danny Fenton walks in the kitchen)
      Danny Fenton: 'Sup?
      Jack: Danny!
      Jazz: Danny?
      Jack: Get a load of this. (Shows Danny TV)
      Danny Fenton: Ghosts? Who cares? Goin' to meet Sam and Tucker at the pier. (Leaves)
      Jazz: But you -- but he -- but I -- ahh!!! That can't be Danny!
      Jack: I'll say. No son of mine says, "Who cares about ghosts."

    • Danny Phantom: You felonious fiend. Your ghost shield prevents me from painfully pummeling you into a pulp. Too bad for you, Danny Phantom is only half ghost. (Tries to change into human form, but can't) Hey, I can't turn human!
      Technus: (Shoots Danny with an ectoblast) Neither can I. But you don't hear me shouting it to the heavens. I don't do that anymore.

    • Danny Phantom: Now, this is more like it. No distractions, no cumbersome secret identity. More time to dispense my unique brand of ghostly justice. (Sees Technus draining the power next to a bus) Leaping lightning rods! This looks like a job for... Danny Phantom!!

    • Danny Fenton: (After the manager kicks them out of the theater) No prob. I'll just phase us back in. (Grabs Tucker and Sam and tries to go through wall; instead, they hit it and fall down) Woah, I can't go ghost.
      Sam: That's not right. We should go back to the lab and check this out.
      Danny Fenton: Or, we could go bowling. Who's up for bowling?
      Tucker: I am! I call the fun Danny!

    • (After Danny first splits himself in half)
      Danny Phantom: (Looks at himself) At last! (Graps bed sheet and ties it around his neck; in deep super hero voice) I'm Danny Phantom: full-time super hero!
      Danny Fenton: (In laid-back voice) Yeah, sure, whatever. And I'm gonna par-tay as Danny Fenton: full-time, ah, ha, ha, fun dude.
      Sam: This has bad idea written all over it.
      Tucker: I call the fun Danny! (Grabs Danny Fenton and runs out of the bedroom door)
      Danny Phantom: (To Sam) Say, you wear an awful lot of black for a super hero sidekick. Have you considered switching to bright primary colors?
      Sam: Tucker, wait up!

    • (After Technus escapes into Tucker's PDA)
      Sam: Weekend of fun started yet?
      Danny: It's starting now.
      Technus: (From Tucker's PDA) Indeed it is! But first... (Takes out the picture of Paulina on Tucker's PDA and draws a mustache, beard, and glasses on it; laughs)

    • Danny: All enemies captured and accounted for, which means, as promised, the one-hundred percent ghost-free weekend o' fun starts now. (Presses the enter key on his keyboard) Hard drive full? Uh, well, hang on, I'll just delete some old... (Clicks on a folder on his computer screen; a picture of Paulina appears)
      Sam: (Sarcastically) Nice...
      Tucker: I am so downloading that! (Downloads picture onto his PDA)
      Danny: Uh, (Nervously laughs) how'd that get there?

    • Danny Phantom: Dueling doppelgängers! Have you lost your half of our mind?
      Danny Fenton: Dude, I'm not the one wearing a bed sheet.

    • Tucker: Looks like we're gonna miss the movie.
      Sam: Unless we find some way to ignore all speed limits, red lights, and certain laws of physics.
      (Danny smiles; the scene changes to Jack driving the kids in the Fenton RV)
      Tucker: Couldn't you have just flown us?
      Danny: The way my dad drives, this is faster.

    • Danny: My ghost fighting life and my personal life are always interfering with each other!
      Tucker: You have a personal life?

    • Jack: (After seeing Danny Phantom with Danny Fenton) I'll save ya, Danny! Oh, wait, they're both named Danny. That's gonna be confusing... I'll save ya, son!

    • Jazz: One Danny. Then I'm not nuts. I'm not nuts!
      Maddie: (To Jack) Isn't that sweet? That's exactly what you said when you proposed to me.
      Jack: And you still said yes. Who's nuts now, huh?

    • Sam: Ember?
      Danny: Ghost Zone.
      Sam: Skulker?
      Danny: Ghost Zone.
      Sam: Box Ghost?
      Danny, Sam, & Tucker: Who cares?
      (The Box Ghost comes out of the Fenton Portal)
      The Box Ghost: Hey! I have feelings, too, you know.

  • NOTES (54)

    • Look hard: When it shows Overly-relaxed Danny asleep in bed, you can see he's holding a pink teddy bear.

    • In the episode "Control Freaks," Danny admits to not being a hat person. Yet in this episode, Danny is wearing a hat.

    • Title Picture: Technus is his car hijack form holding the Ghost Catcher with both Danny's faces in the strand squares.

    • The computer game Doomed from "Teacher of the Year" is mentioned in this episode.

    • Even though Danny Fenton and Danny Phantom were once one whole person, neither of them had taken Danny's original traits at all. Danny Fenton is over-relaxed, and we don't see the real Danny act like that, same with Danny Phantom, who is overly-dramatic.

    • Apparantly, there is a website were you can trade pictures of Paulina for digital collectibles.

    • First aired December 7, 2005 on YTV.

    • Opener: After checking on his enemy files, and revealing a picture of Paulina by accident, Danny deletes his Doomed game file and releases Technus in the process. However, Technus is stuck in Danny's computer, so he controls all the electronics attached to the computer and uses them to his advantage. That is, until Danny uses the Fenton Ghost Catcher to get Technus out of the computer. They then battle, but Danny can't save his friends who are tied up in computer wires, and battle Technus at the same time, so Danny tries to duplicate but fails, and Technus escapes through Tucker's PDA.

    • Tucker's love for super models, which was first mentioned in "Doctor's Disorders," is mentioned again.

    • It is revealed that humans are capable of removing ghosts who are overshadowing them out of their bodies.

    • It is revealed that the Fenton RV has a surround sound system, disco lights, and a picture of Jack that says "Jack Fenton Rocks."

    • Apparently, Jack has no regard for driver safety.

    • Look Hard: The following are all of the icons that were on the bottom of Danny's computer:
      1) PXL.
      2) A CD with a quarter note next to it.
      3) Pencil.
      4) Circle with arrow going through it.
      5) Painting easel.
      6) Camera.
      7) Telephone.

    • Apparently, Jack still hates Danny Phantom, even though he saved him and helped him save his family in "The Million Dollar Ghost."

    • Look Hard: The roller coaster ride that Sam, Tucker, and overly-relaxed Danny Fenton were on is called "Cyclone."

    • Apparently, the Fenton RV has a longer lasting ghost shield than the old shield in "Public Enemies."

    • Look Hard: The bowling alley that Sam, Tucker, and overly-relaxed Danny Fenton were at was called "Bowl-O-Rama," which looks strikingly similar to the bowling alley that they went to in "Lucky in Love," "Amity Park Lanes." The bowling pins at "Bowl-O-Rama" have yellow crowns imprinted on each pin, just like the ones in "Amity Park Lanes."

    • Look Hard: When Technus phases into Tucker's PDA, its display screen reads "Evil Download Complete."

    • Jazz once again hints that she knows Danny is a ghost.

    • References to "Attack of the Killer Garage Sale" and "Teacher of the Year" were made in this episode.

    • It is confirmed that all of Jack's interjectional phrases are ghost-related alliterations. In ""13"," Jack exclaimed, "Suffering spooks;" in "The Million Dollar Ghost," he exclaimed, "Great gobs of ghost goo;" in "Reign Storm," he exclaimed, "galloping goblets," and in this episode, he exclaimed, "Great gobs of ghost goop."

    • We learn that the Fenton Ghost Catcher has two sides: one for separating and one for merging.

    • During the second pass through the Fenton Ghost Catcher, overly-relaxed Danny Fenton and overly-heroic Danny Phantom's powers were split in half. Danny Fenton had the power of flight, super strength, and ectoplasmic energy blasts, while Danny Phantom had intangibility.

    • The Fenton Ejector is another invention that has Jack's face on it.

    • Look Hard: On the picture of Jack that appears on the Fenton On-Board Computer screen, the words "To Maddie, Love Jack" are written.

    • Look Hard: Outside the movie theater, Marmel's Multiplex 22, there is a sign that reads, "Now Playing Twins 2 "The Revenge" on all twenty-two screens."

    • The way how Sam was kicked out of the movie theater with the manager saying, "And stay out!," followed by him slamming the door is very similar to how she was kicked out of "Skulk and Lurk Books" in "Lucky in Love;" the bookstore manager also said, "And stay out!," and then slammed the door. In both cases, Sam did nothing to deserve to be kicked out.

    • The movie theater that overly-relaxed Danny Fenton, Sam, and Tucker were at was called "Marmel's Multiplex 22," which is the third Amity Park movie theater shown in the series. The first one was "Googleplex Cinemas" (shown in "What You Want") and the second one was "Amity Park Movie Plex" (shown in ""13"").

    • Overly-heroic Danny Phantom's voice sounds more valiant and has more of an echo effect than he usually does.

    • Technus' face on the computer screens he was using in this episode is the same face that was on the computer screen of his mechanical form in "Attack of the Killer Garage Sale."

    • This is the third episode in which none of the scenes take place at Casper High. The first episode was "Bitter Reunions" and the second one was "Maternal Instinct."

    • Maddie reveals that Tucker has hair dandruff.

    • Look Hard: Many props and other things in this episode were taken from the names of people of the Danny Phantom crew. The following is a list of all these things:
      1) During the opener, when Danny is giving his speech about the "weekend o' fun," at one point, the camera focuses on a pile of junk food. There are two bags of chips that read "Hart-munchies," some cans and bottles of soda that read "Boyle Cola," and a box of pizza that reads "Balistreri-Bros. Pizza" -- these are references to creator/executive producer/writer/director, Butch Hartman, art director, Boy Boyle, and character designer, Ben Balistreri.
      2) When Jack uses the Fenton Ejector to eject himself and the kids out of the Fenton RV, they land in the parking lot of a store called "Brenner TV & Appliances" (Danny soon after fights Technus in the store) -- this is a reference to line producer, Deidre Brenner.
      3) The movie theater that overly-relaxed Danny, Sam, and Tucker go to is called "Marmel's Multiplex 22" -- this is a reference to producer/developer/writer, Steve Marmel.
      4) During the double-screen sequence, when overly-heroic Danny is fighting Technus, he goes into a tool store called "Sib & Marty's House o' Tools" to get an anchor -- this is a reference to writers, Sib Ventress and Marty Isenberg.

    • Look Hard: On some close-up shots of Danny's computer screen, on the upper-right corner, you can see that it is Friday at 8 o' clock. However, it is not specifed whether it is 8 AM or 8 PM.

    • Look Hard: The following are all of Danny's documents shown on his computer screen:
      1) Danny.
      2) Personal.
      3) Doomed.
      4) G. Zone.

    • Look Hard: The following are the things on Sam's watch:
      1) 12:00 - Black skeleton skull.
      2) 3:00 - Spider.
      3) 6:00 - Black cat.
      4) 9:00 - Bat.

    • Featured Named Invention(s): Fenton On-Board Computer, Fenton Ejector, Fenton Mainframe, Black Box Data Recorder.

    • The Specter Speeder from "Prisoners of Love" (later seen in "Fanning the Flames" and "Reign Storm") returns.

    • In this episode, Jack uses the phrase, "Great gobs of ghost goop," which is a variation of the phrase he used in "The Million Dollar Ghost," "Great gobs of ghost goo."

    • The Fenton Ghost Catcher from "What You Want" returns.

    • Overly-relaxed Danny has a mullet.

    • This episode's title screen is the first to feature Danny in both his human form and ghost form.

    • At the end of the episode, FentonWorks is on a beach.

    • It is revealed that Danny has a computer file about his enemies and whether they are in the Ghost Zone or not.

    • Technus 2.0's emblem is a black T in a red circle with a black outline that has four black lightning bolts sticking out.

    • As well as upgrading his mechanical form, Technus has now also upgraded his true ghost form. Now, he has longer white hair, legs which can turn into a green tail, a white cape, and a black button suit.

    • This episode marks the second time that Danny has tried to duplicate himself, but was unsuccessful (while the first was in "Maternal Instinct"). When Danny tried to duplicate, many deformed co-joined Dannys was the result, confirming that without the Ecto-Skeleton from "Reign Storm," Danny cannot perfectly duplicate yet.

    • Overly-heroic Danny Phantom wore a cape (that was actually a bedsheet), while overly-relaxed Danny Fenton wore a white and red baseball cap backwards, a green over shirt, and the symbol on his shirt was the "no" sign (a circle with a diagonal line going through it).

    • Overly-relaxed Danny's hair looks a lot like Jack's when he was in college.

    • Dash, Paulina, & Mr. Lancer are absent in this episode. However, Paulina is mentioned and is seen in a picture.

    • Running Gags:
      1) A seductive picture of someone appearing on a screen, followed by Technus saying "But first...," then he draws glasses, a mustache, and a beard on the person in the picture.
      2) Tucker saying, "I call the fun Danny," then running away with "fun Danny."
      3) Danny Phantom's hair constantly waving like the wind is blowing on it, even when it's not.
      4) Technus 2.0 exclaiming how he does not shout out his plans anymore.
      5) Jazz freaking out after seeing two Dannys.
      6) Colorful background displays appearing whenever Danny Phantom exclaims something heroic.
      7) Danny Phantom occassionally talking in alliterations.
      8) Danny Fenton acting like a "surfer dude."
      9) Technus 2.0 accidentally shouting out his plans.

    • This episode took place before "The Ultimate Enemy." This episode may also take place before "Reign Storm" due to Technus's appearance in that episode.

    • Title Screen Caption: "Multiple Thrills!"

    • Main Villain(s): Nicolai Technus.

  • ALLUSIONS (10)

    • Look-alike: Danny Phantom
      When Danny Phantom has on the cape he looks like his enemy's Vlad and Dark Danny.

    • Episode Title: Identity Crisis
      This could be an allusion to a Reboot 1995 episode of the same name.

    • Quarter Note Icon: Appearance
      If you look hard on Danny's computer in the beginning of the episode, you can see an icon that is a CD and a quarter note. This is likely a take-off of the iTunes icon.

    • Danny Phantom: Leaping lightning rods!
      In this episode, Danny Phantom frequently exclaimed non-clichéd interjectional phrases (such as "leaping lightning rods" and "flzzling phantoms") whenever he was surprised at the sight of Technus' evil-doing. This seems to be a parody of Robin, the Boy Wonder's (Batman's sidekick) tendency to exclaim weird phrases whenever something evil is occuring (such as, "Holy pancakes, Batman!").

    • Danny Phantom: Personality
      Danny Phantom's personality seems to be an exaggerated imitation of Superman's. Danny Phantom's cape, heroic action phrases, and how he inexplicably can make his cape and hair look like they're flowing in the wind all are related to Superman.

    • Danny Phantom: (Makes a heroic exclamation while colors of the American flag are in the background)
      At some points in the episode when Danny Phantom makes a heroic exclamation, either the American flag appears in the background, or the colors of it, red, white, and blue appear. This seems to be a reference to the Marvel super hero Captain America. His costume is derived form the American flag and backgrounds of the American flag frequently appear in many of his comic books.

    • Danny Phantom: (To Sam) Say, you wear an awful lot of black for a super hero sidekick. Have you considered switching to bright primary colors?
      Danny Phantom seems to be making a reference to Superman's costume. Its colors mainly consist of the primary colors red and blue, but there is some yellow, a primary color, in his "S" emblem.

    • Danny Fenton: Appearance
      For a majority of the episode, overly-relaxed Danny Fenton is wearing similar clothes that Peter Parker wore when he first got his powers in the first issue of the Ultimate Spider-Man comic. Coincidentally, David Kaufman, the voice of Danny, plays the voice of The Human Torch in the Ultimate Spider-Man video game.

    • Danny Phantom: This looks like a job for... Danny Phantom!
      This is a parody of Clark Kent's famous saying, "This looks like a job for... Superman!"

    • Computer Symbol: Appearance
      In the opener, when Technus levitates Danny's computer, you can see that on the computer tower, there is a pear symbol. This is likely spoofing the Macintosh computer brand apple symbol. More Info