Danny Phantom

Season 3 Episode 2

Infinite Realms

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Jul 09, 2007 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

After getting lost in the ghost zone, Danny and his friends find in a frozen zone the Infimap, a map that lets the holder to travel everywhere in the ghost zone. After Vlad Masters steals the map, Danny, Sam and Tucker must chase him through different times and places, from Salem to ancient Rome, to get this treasure before he manages to conquer Earth.moreless

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  • An exciting episode for season 3

    While mapping out/exploring the Ghost Zone, Sam, Tucker, and Danny get lost and come across a group of yeti like ghosts who view Danny as a hero and savior. They then are introduced to the infi-map which they unwittingly take and it ends up in the wrong hands--Vlad. Vlad then uses it to find his destiny. Tucker manages to use one of Vlad's own spy bots to track him and they travel all over history thwarting Vlad until the map returns Vlad to the map's original place and owners where he gets defeated.

  • Yay, a new episode.

    I love Danny Phantom and this episode was no different when I saw it. The map is a good thing to have and be able to use. But at the same time it can weald great powers and make the possesses head big. I commend Danny and his friends Sam and Tucker for making their own map. Even if it does need work. The new ghost sounds interesting. He seems like a nice and good ghost. He could be helpful in the future. Apparently Danny Phantom gets icy ghost powers. I wonder what those will be like. Oh and does Vlad have to get in the middle of everything, and want everything?moreless
  • This is a great example of why I watch this amazing show.

    Well first off we learned a lot about the ghost zone and stuff. We learned that it can take you to different times on Earth, which was pretty freaking cool. I lvoed how they were chasing Vlad through the diferent time eras. The ninja part was awesome! I also loved the part with the kid who was afraid of the ghosts under his bed, and then Danny came up through it and scared them to death lol. The blood blossom part was pretty neat too. The infi-map was also pretty cool, and it's gonna help them out in later episodes. And now we finally got to meet Frostbite. I betcha a lot of little kids were confusedwhen they saw this episode. Because wealready met Frostbite in Urban Jungle, which aired before this, but here they are acting like he's a brand new character. Plus they still didn't air Eye for and Eye yet, so tons of kids that don't go online are probably wondering how he became the mayor. When I saw Urban Jungle I was prepared for that, because I knew i was airing out of order. Howver it was still pretty weird. Well anyway, this is a really great episode, I wish it would have been aired in order but we can't help it when Nickelodeon is pulling the strings. Oh well.moreless
  • Danny inadvertedly obtains the infi-map (a map of the ghost zone) which Vlad steals and uses as a means to find his destiny. Can Danny follow him through time and stop him before he rules the world?moreless

    This has got to be one of the best episodes of the third season! Danny and Vlad are my favorite characters and seeing them chase each other through time trying to obtain the Infi-map was great. It's funny how those bear/ghost things worship Danny because he trapped the Ghost King in the Sarcophagus of Forever Sleep. The drawings on the walls of the ice caves were hilarious! They almost look as bad as my drawings of Danny. I can't believe Vlad spies on the Fenton family. He has hidden cameras all over their house and watches them on his TV. My absolute favorite scene was the scene where Vlad and Danny were sword fighting. That is one of the best fighting scenes ever in this series! I especially like Danny in the ninja outfit. He looked really hot! His saying was hot too: "There is still one more you must vanquish." I love the way he said that! Another favorite scene of mine was when Danny and Vlad were in the air fighting in Ancient Rome. That was another good fighting scene, but not as good as the sword fight. Danny looked good in the gladiator outfit too. I also liked the scenes when Danny scared the little boy and his mother by springing up in front of them when they were talking about ghosts and the scene when Danny turned invisible and got into the picture of the Wright Brothers and their airplane. The ending was funny too. Vlad was turned to ice by Frostbite and his friends and the people of Amity Park thought it was a statue of Vlad - not the real thing. It was funny how the bird ending up crapping on him.moreless
  • Good intro to the new season.

    I really liked this episode of Danny Phantom. It's clever and has really funny quotes in it like "The tp had my fourtune on it!" and when vlad says to Danny, "Everywhere I turn, you are there! It's like having ecto-plasmic gum on my shoe." It was also revealing when Frostbite said that Danny had more in common with them than he knew. If Urban Jungal hadn't aired first, (grrr) that would have been very intresting to know. My favorite part in this episode is when Danny goes Ninga. I love the voice he uses and the costume he wears.. too bad it was only for like 10 seconds! So, watch this one! You will like it!moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (8)

    • As he said he would, Jack had rebuilt the Specter Speeder since it was smashed in "Kindred Spirits". However, nothing was shown about it being a "cooler ship thing" than the previous one.

    • Danny refers to Sam as a vegan in this episode, although in all previous episodes she's refered to as a vegetarian.

    • When Danny was getting hurt because of the Blood Blossoms, Tucker drags him out of the circle, but a few seconds later, Danny's back in it.

    • In some of the cave pictures of Danny, his insignia on his suit it flipped backwards.

    • When Danny and the gang arrive in colonial Salem, Sam talks about the Witch Trials of 1692. During this, she mentions that most of the witches were burned at the stake, which is completely false. 19 of the 20 people executed during the Witch Trials of 1692 were hung from the gallows, the other pressed to death by stones or drowened (lighter than a duck). There was never a documented case of a person convicted of witchcraft being put to death by burning.

    • In this episode, Danny tells frostbite he thought the only two portals were the Fenton portal and Vlad's portal, but in "Life Lessons", he told Valerie that sometimes the doors in the ghost zone were portals from the ghost zone to earth.

    • The cave pictures of Danny don't show him in the ecto-skeleton when he's defeating Pariah Dark.

    • After Frostbite offers to have the Specter Speeder fixed, it is forgotten the rest of the episode and left in the ghost zone.

  • QUOTES (20)

    • Sam: You think Vlad will ever find his destiny?
      Danny: Maybe, but for now, I'd say his dreams are on ice!
      (A pigeon poops on Vlad's head)
      Tucker: Oh, boy! That reminds me! (Runs to bathroom) Curse you, vegetables!

    • Danny: Not exactly the Bermuda Triangle.
      Tucker: Looks more like the Denver Dodecahedron! (Laughs, Sam and Danny remain silent) Ahem, little Ghost Zone geometry humor.

    • Vlad: Ah, mob mentality: such a soothing sound.

    • Tucker: Curse you Vegetables!

    • Warrior: You have dishonored our priceless treasure! We will never obey you!
      Danny: You see what happens when you play ball in the house?

    • Sam: Wow, in the world of freaky, hairy frozen people with bad breath, you're a legend.

    • (While still lost in ghost zone)
      Danny: If we're going to become a better ghost fighting team, we need to know the enemies territory inside and out! (Pauses) So we...uh...don't get lost...

    • (Coming out bathroom while in China realm)
      Tucker: Wow! The toilet paper had my fortune on it!

    • (While being tied at the stake)
      Sam: I'm not a witch! Are you people that paranoid?! (Pauses) Oh, wait. Salem, 1600's. Duh...

    • Billy: Mom, are you sure there are no ghosts under my bed?
      Billy's Mom: Of course not, Billy. Remember what President Rosevelt said: "We have nothing to be afraid of but fear itself."
      (Danny phases through the bed)
      Danny: Actually, it was: "We have nothing to fear but fear itself."
      (Billy and Billy's Mom scream in fright. Danny, Sam and Tucker exit out of the portal before it closes on them.)
      Sam: (Angrily) Great, you just scarred a child for life.
      Danny: I just wanted to make sure she didn't mess up the one historical quote I actually remember!

    • (After moving a chess piece on the board)
      Vlad: That's check and mate, Maddie.
      (Maddie the cat meows)
      Vlad: I'm afraid that was a fair move. (Sighs) That's 13 games to nothing. Once again, I rule..
      (Walks over to the window while he pets Maddie)
      Vlad: (Sadly) Oh, Maddie, I'm bored. I rule at chess, I rule at life, I rule this backwater city, but it's not enough! I know I'm destined to rule greater things than just Amity Park...
      (Maddie meows. Vlad looks at her puzzled. Maddie meows again. Vlad smiles, as if he understands her.)
      Vlad: Splendid idea! (Runs to sofa and sits with Maddie) Watching TV to view others less fortunate than myself is the perfect pick me up. (To Maddie) And remember, if anyone asks, you're my sister's cat.
      (Maddie smiles and meows.)

    • Frostbite: (After releasing Danny) To whom do I owe my debt of gartitiude?
      (Bushes the snow out of Danny's hair)
      Frostbite: (Surprised) You? The savior of the Ghost Zone?!
      Danny: (Confused, but surprised) Me?
      Sam: The savior?
      Tucker: Of the Ghost Zone?
      Frostbite: (Surprised) Oh, Great One. (Kneels before Danny) Behold, your humble servant, Frostbite: leader of the Far Frozen.
      Danny: Uh...(Laughs) listen. I, uh..
      Sam: Uh, excuse me 'your majesty'. Do you think you can talk to it...him...whatever...into helping us?
      Tucker: Yeah. I need nourishment, stat!
      Frostbite: (Surprised) Yes! It is my honor to assist the Great One and his servants.
      (Lifts the Specter Speeder onto one shoulder)
      Sam: (Shocked, but angry) Servants?!
      Danny: (While being lifted onto Frostbite's shoulder) Silence, oh, Sam of the...very Vegan.

    • (After Danny removes an icicle out of Frostbite's neck)
      Frostbite: (Confused) Huh? The pain... (Grins) it's gone!
      (Lifts Danny out of a pile of snow and hugs him tightly while Frostbite laughs)
      Frostbite: (Happily) Thank you!
      Sam: Aww...a boy and his snow monster...
      Tucker: Is there a greater love to be found anywhere?

    • (After trapping Frostbite behind a cage of giant icicles)
      Danny: Very good. Next, we'll work on fetching the paper.

    • (After seeing the Specter Speeder is damaged beyond repair)
      Danny: (Worried) Oh man, my dad's gonna kill me! (Burries his face in his hands.)
      (A loud growling is heard behind him. Danny gasps as he sees an angry Frosbite behind him)
      Sam: (Frightened) He's not the only one!

    • Tucker: (Dramatically) If I don't make it... tell my PDA... I love her. The cell phone meant nothing to me.

    • (After a pair of ghosts passes by Team Phantom)
      Sam: Hey, ask them for directions!
      Tucker: (While clinging near the window of the Specter Speeder) And snacks! Ask for snacks!

    • Sam: (To Danny while in the Specter Speeder with Tucker) Um, are we ever going home or are we still playing: 'lost in the Ghost Zone'?
      Danny: We're not lost! My expertly drawn map tells us exactly where we are. (Points to a spiral on the map) We take a U-turn around this swirling vortex of infinite pain and we're home.
      (Pauses and looks at the map) Oh, wait. That's a thumbprint..

    • (While danny's in the Ghost Zone)
      Danny: Okay, Fenton. You've looked evil in the face and defeated it time and again. You can do this!
      (Opens his map to the Ghost Zone with a confused look on his face.)

    • (Vlad has defeated all the monks and demands that they take him to their palace so he can rule)
      Danny: (Dressed like a samurai) There is still one more you must vanquish.

  • NOTES (25)


    • Sam: What is it with guys and not asking for directions?

      This is an obvious reference to the Disney/Pixar film, Finding Nemo. Dory said the exact same thing when she and Marlin were fighting over whether or not to ask the whale for directions.

    • Vlad's tracking device: Appearance
      Vlad's tracking system looks like a ladybug version of his ghost form, which is quite simular to Spiderman's tracking system: both resembles bugs and a symbol of themselves.

    • Canyon: Scene
      When Danny Sam and Tucker are flying through the Ghost Zone with the Infi-map, they pass through a canyon, that ends up being a big mouth. This is a reference to Star Wars, when Han, Leia, Chewbacca, and C-3PO hide in a cave, which ends up really being a monster called a Space Slug.

    • Commercial: Michael Jackson's trial
      While Vlad watches TV, the first image is of what seems to be the arrest of Michael Jackson.

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    The Carmichael Show President Trump
  • 9:00 pm
    American Ninja Warrior