Danny Phantom

Season 2 Episode 15

Kindred Spirits

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Apr 07, 2006 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Vlad’s up to something and it involves Danny. After he sends three ghosts to Amity Park to battle Danny Phantom, it is revealed that he’s working on his creepiest project yet: a clone of Danny Phantom. So far, the clones he creates can’t sustain their forms for very long, but Vlad is determined to succeed. Danny doesn’t have long to worry about Vlad’s ghostly visitors, however, because he’s distracted by the appearance of Danielle, a cousin he didn’t know he had. And then, Danielle reveals that she too has ghost powers -- she’s Dani Phantom! Unfortunately, she’s also a product of Vlad’s experiments, and therefore an imperfect ghost with an unstable form. Danny must convince his new “relative” to turn on her creator and help him destroy Vlad’s evil experiment, before it’s too late for both ghost kids.moreless

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  • Danny starts treating his friends more like sidekicks and he meets a mysterious cousin

    It turns out that this mysterious cousin not only has a simuliar name,looks, and interests but she has ghost powers too and even sports the same symbol. They even fight and defeat a ghost together. Danny really wants to know how she got her powers and why she ran away from home but she gets out of it. Meanwhile Danny's friends are rightfully still sore about Danny abandoning them to do cleaning up from a ghost fight he got into. They get to meet/see her briefly so they know that Danny isn't making her up. During a chase to capture a small ghost Danny runs into Vlad who is clearly in a sour mood or wanting something from Danny. Instead of helping her cousin Danielle takes him out so that Vlad can take him back to his cabin in Colorado with Tucker and Sam witnessing the abduction. In order to aid Danny Tucker and Sam ditch school and sneak to the Fenton residence to steal the Specter Speeder.

    In Vlad's cabin Danny learns that Vlad had been not only spying on Danny but experimenting with cloning with Danny Phantom being the subject of focus. It turns out that Danielle is one of the many ghost clones Vlad has created although none of them are perfect and he is determined to clone Danny to make the current Danny Phantom obsolete most likely to prevent Danny from ever catching up. Not only does Danny need to escape but he must convince the girl clone that he has her welfare in mind and that Vlad doesn't care for her. He's at first unsuccessful but Vlad unwittingly helps by telling the truth and she turns on Vlad by freeing Danny. They fight back and end up accidentally destroying the prime clone in the process and fortunately Sam and Tucker arrive in time to stop Vlad from tearing the Phantoms apart.

    Once they head home they are in deep trouble for skipping school and stealing and wrecking the Specter Speeder but Danielle bails them out by overshadowing Danny's mom and Mr. Lancer. Danny's Dad got distracted and forgot all about the teens' wrongdoing.

    No doubt this was one of the best episodes and one of my favorites. It's a shame that the show couldn't continue and add Danielle to more episodes.moreless
  • The Danny and Dani partnership are similar to Batman and Robin. But the episode was good by the way.

    AWESOME! Dani Phantom came to the show. And I laughed when Vlad tells Danny he's not a froot-loop, but the end of his sentence was kinda sad.
  • well she is his clone twin so there actually brother and sister

    there brother and sister since danny is related to the fentons and dani is a clone of him as a twin so she is not really a cousin and since the end of the last season phantom planet i think danny's parents should know she is a clone by now so she is class as a sister because she is only related to the fentons and clone from danny and she has the same dna so she is not a cousin she is a sistermoreless
  • is clone of Danny is so cool.

    I ageer with jjmmurphy because i think she could become his littel sister and maybe clockwork could help her in any way and Vlad will thy to stop Danny from helping Danielle.Is so cool Is so cool Is so cool Is so cool Is so cool Is so cool Is so cool Is so cool Is so cool Is so cool Is so cool Is so cool Is so cool Is so cool Is so cool Is so cool Is so cool Is so cool Is so cool Is so cool Is so cool Is so cool Is so coolmoreless
  • Danny finds out he has a "cousin" named Danielle, but she's really a 12-year-old female clone of Danny, serving Vlad! Sailor Moon fans, get ready!

    This is a great episode if you love Sailor Moon (well, DP is a good show if you're a Sailor Moon fan), with the whole "cousin" thing, if you get the reference. Danni's adorable, and she looks more like 10 than 12. She turned good at the end, which was good, and she's done by none other by Annasophia Robb of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!

    Many people thought Danny was a jerk in this episode, but they shouldn't be so harsh. He's just a shy, clumsy kid who needs to save earth from ghosts. He was so cute at the end thanking his friends. I loved Sam's comment on the Booooo-merang.moreless
Ron Perlman

Ron Perlman

Mr. Lancer

Rickey D'Shon Collins

Rickey D'Shon Collins

Tucker Foley

David Kaufman

David Kaufman

Danny Fenton/Phantom

Grey DeLisle

Grey DeLisle

Samantha "Sam" Manson

Kath Soucie

Kath Soucie

Maddie Fenton (Mom)

Rob Paulsen

Rob Paulsen

Jack Fenton (Dad)

AnnaSophia Robb

AnnaSophia Robb

Danielle Fenton / Dani Phantom

Guest Star

Martin Mull

Martin Mull


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (22)

    • In "Maternal Instincts," when Vlad wears the Specter Deflector, it shocks and hurts him because he is a ghost. In this episode though, when they put it on him, it only prevents him from transforming.

    • Why does the Booomerang fly after Vlad if it is locked in on Danny?

    • In "Ultimate Enemy" when Danny used the Ghostly wail on Dark Danny, he defeated him with ease. But when he used it on Vlad (who's clearly nowhere near as powerful as Dark Danny), he was able to recover and get up as if nothing happened.

    • Look Hard: When Vlad's last clone revealed it's form, it looked like a green vapor version of Danny and one of it's eyes fell out and dissolved. Just before the clone melted, it looked exactly like Danny and it still had two eyes.

    • If Vlad didn't have Danny's mid-morph gene, how was he able to give Dani the ability to transform from human to ghost?

    • When Danny was searching for Danielle, he said she was twelve. She never told him her age, so how did he know this?
      Possible Explanation: Either Danielle told him between scenes, or Danny guessed.

    • Since Dani is Danny's clone, she is actually his sister, not his cousin, because she has his DNA which is a combination of Jack & Maddie's DNA.

    • Technically, Vlad should have gotten Danny's mid-morph DNA because Danny was mid-morph the whole time he was in the holding chamber being shocked.

    • After Danny feeds Danielle, she leaves a rather huge mess all over his bed. After he pulls her away to speak with his parents, she runs back into the room. Right when the bed reappears, the mess has magically disappeared.

    • When Danielle first appears on Danny's bed, she has a suitcase next to her, despite this, what's inside it is never stated and the suitcase is never seen or mentioned later.

    • In the cafeteria, right before Dani pops in and spills food all over Sam and Tucker, to the bottom right of the screen is the food, already spilled.

    • When Danny uses the ghostly wail, when the Maddie program tells Vlad everything is shuting down, the ghostly wail is gone, then in the next scene it's back.

    • Lancer calls the Fentons to report on all three kids. Don't Tucker and Sam have their own parents Lancer could call?

    • After Danielle is introduced, the outline on Danny and Danielle's hair in Ghost Mode switches from black to gray throughout the episode.

    • The first time Danny is in the containment chamber, the computerized Maddie turns a pressure knob to 6 but when you see it again, its on 7.

    • When Sam and Tucker run up to Danny that look like they had been hurt, but they were nowhere near the fight with the bedsheet ghost.

    • When Danny was in the containment chamber for the second time, there's a close up on his face. During the close up, Danny has a ghostly glow even though he's in human mode.

    • When Danielle transforms for the first time, the collar of her suit is plain black. However, when Danny says "And I have a lot of questions", the collar of her suit it white.

    • In an earlier episode, "Beauty Marked" Danny and Tucker drove the Specter Speeder into the ghost zone and it broke down there. At the end of the episode, Danny just flew Sam and Tucker back, and there was no sign of him bringing the Specter Speeder back through the portal. In this episode, however, the Specter Speeder was back in the Fenton's lab, and it didn't look damaged at all.

    • When the Booo-merang falls in front of Danny and Danielle in Vlad's lab, Danielle is missing her lipstick.

    • Why was Lancer angry at Sam and Tucker for not being in the cafeteria, when they were throwing out the trash? They had to throw out the mess.

    • The shades of black and gray On Dani's uniform alternately switch sides.

  • QUOTES (33)

    • Danny: (After Danielle spills food over Sam and Tucker) Look, you can't just come in here and use your powers like that!
      Danielle: Oh come on, it was funny! Maybe it'd be funnier if I messed up... (Looks to Dash) that guy.
      Dash: (Wiping some of the food off Tucker's hat and tastes it) Bummer, today's apple juice day.
      Danny: Wow. (Smiles, finally starting to get along with her) You like NASA and you already hate Dash, maybe we are related. (Smile drops) How about you tell me how you got those powers in the first place? (Both of their ghost senses go off, alerting them to another attack)

    • Danny: (To Danielle) Can I help you?
      Sam: YES!!
      Danny: (To Sam through phone) NO, NOT YOU!
      Danielle: Not so loud. I'm Danielle. Your third cousin once removed? I ran away from home. Hey, you got any food?
      Danny: Uhm... I gotta go...
      Sam: Of COURSE you do!

    • (After Danielle eats a lot of food and belches loudly)
      Danielle: You wanna be an astronaut? Did you know they only choose 100 people-
      Danny and Danielle:(In unison) Every 2 years to go in the space program...
      Danny: Yeah, I knew that. How did you?
      (Danielle sees a Dumpty Humpty CD next to her)
      Danielle: Dumpty Humpty! Those guys rock!
      Danny: Yeah, I knew that too! Have you had enough to eat?
      Danielle: Mmm hmm.
      Danny: Then it's time to talk to my parents!
      (Grabs Danielle's left arm and attempts to take her to his parents)
      Danielle: NO!
      Danny: Look, you say your my cousin, and maybe you are, but we still have to call your parents!
      Danielle: I SAID NO!
      (Danielle runs back into Danny's room)
      Danny: Hey come back!
      (Danny sees that Danielle has disappeared)
      Danny: (About Danielle)Man she's fast!

    • Danny: (Trying to fight off Vlad's ghost ray) Help me! Do something!
      Danielle: Oh, I am...
      (She blasts Danny in the back; he falls to the ground, and turns back into human form)
      Danny: (Lifting his head) I don't understand...
      Danielle: (Flies next to Vlad) Did I do good, Daddy?
      Vlad: You did excellent, child. I could not wish for a better daughter.
      (Danny passes out; Vlad laughs maniacally)

    • (Tucker & Sam are getting in the Spector Speeder when Jack & Maddie storm in)
      Jack: (To Sam and Tucker) Sam, Tucker, get out of that thing!
      Sam: (To Jack) What? I can't hear you over the roar of the rockets! (To Tucker; whispering) Could you activate the roar of the rockets, please?!
      (Tucker pulls ignition and Spector Speeder flies out of tunnel)
      Jack: You kids are in a world of trouble!

    • (Danny gets out of the cloning pod and flies through Vlad)
      Vlad: I will...(Suddenly sees Danielle behind him) Danielle! (Nervously) How long have you been floating there?
      Danielle: (With tears in her eyes) Am I an imperfection? A mistake?
      Vlad: What? Oh, dearest, I wasn't talking about you. I was talking about the other clones. (Points at the clone of Danny melting on the ground)
      Danielle: Ah!
      Vlad: I know. It's horrible, isn't it? That's why i need Daniel's DNA. To stabilize you, my greatest creation.
      Danielle: Really?
      Vlad: Uh huh. (Looks down; smiles) But here's what I need you to do.

    • (In the cafeteria, Danny explains to Sam & Tucker what happened yesterday)
      Danny: So, I hid her in the guest bedroom in the op-center and she was gone before I left for school! (Noticies Sam & Tucker are not interested in his story) Are you guys okay?
      Tucker: (Angrily) Dude, we rebuilt a miniature golf course from scratch yesterday. How do you think we are?
      Danny: Guys, I'm sorry.
      (Sam & Tucker cross their arms and look away from Danny)
      Tucker: Broken record...
      Danny: I am! I'm sorry! But I was dealing with a super powered cousin I didn't know I had!
      (Dani Phantom suddenly pops up in the middle of the table and spills food over Sam & Tucker, while she innocently waves to Danny)
      Sam: (Angry) And this must be her.

    • (After Danielle dissapears, Danny transforms and tries to find her)
      Danny: Okay, she's a 12 year old girl. How far could she possibly-? (Ghost sense goes off; laughs sarcastically) Oh, swell. After the bed sheet ghost, what's this gonna be? A spooky bat on a string?
      (A roar is heard from above him and Danny gets punched into the ground by the hulk-like clone)
      Danny: (To the Hulk-like clone) Man, you like I do on a bad day! But I'm gonna make you look worse!

    • (As Danny as about to be hit by the hulk-like clone, Danielle pops in out of nowhere)
      Danielle: (To clone) Hey! Leave him alone!
      Danny: (To Dannielle) Get out of here! (Tries to release himself from the clone's grip, but fails)
      Danielle: (To Danny) Forget it. I know who you are and I came a long way to find you. (Crosses her arms) And I'm not leaving now!
      (Transforms into Dani Phantom)

    • Danny: I've said it before and I'll say it again: you really are one seriously crazed-up frootloop.
      Vlad: A frootloop would not have been able to make his first million with a series of invisible burglaries! A frootloop would not have been able to overshadow enough millionaires to become the richest man on the planet! I-AM-NOT-A-FROOTLOOP! And I am not a villan. All I ever wanted... was love.

    • Vlad: (Getting up after Danny and Dani knock him down; sees prime Danny clone has been knocked out of his containment chamber and is turning into ectoplasm) Huh?
      Maddie Computer Program: Prime clone destabilized, lamb chop. (Clone reaches out with a groan) Degeneration happening, sweetness.
      (Clone turns into nothing but ectoplasm)
      Vlad: No, No, NOOOOOO!!!

    • (After clones leave after calling Vlad father)
      Vlad: "Father". (Short evil chuckle) I do so love that. Now say it again the way I programed you to.
      Maddie Computer Progam: Jack Fenton is an idiot, I am glad I serve you. Jack Fenton is an idiot, I am glad I serve you.
      Vlad: (Evil laugh)

    • Vlad: (Wearing the Specter Deflector) I... can't focus my powers.
      Danielle: Which means I don't need mine... to do this. So... "Dad"... (Punches him hard in the face and knocks him out) Stay away from my cousin.

    • Tucker: (As he and Sam are getting into the Specter Speeder) Man. Lancer seemed mad.
      Sam: Maybe you shouldn't have called him old man?

    • Danny: (after Danielle has appeared in his room, to Sam over the phone) Uh... I gotta go.
      Sam: Of course you do!

    • Danielle: (To Danny) I'm Danielle. Your third cousin once removed. I ran away from home. Hey, you got any food?

    • Danny: (To Vlad, sarcastically; after he reveals his plan to clone him) Oh, yeah, nothing loopy about that.

    • Danny: Aren't you at least going to make some stupid crack about my father? Or a lame come-on about my mom?
      Vlad: No, dear boy. Funny, joke-around Vlad isn't here today! (Sends a ghost ray at Danny)

    • Danny: (Hugs Sam & Tucker after knocking Vlad down) Thank you! Thank you, thank you, thank you, you guys! I'll never take you for granted again! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

    • Vlad's Maddie Hologram: (As Vlad's trying to force Danny to transform) Containment Chamber beginning to overload. (Machine and controls explode in a storm of electricity) Oopsie. Has overloaded.

    • Danny: (to Vlad) I've said it before, and I'll say it again. You really are one seriously crazed up fruit loop.

    • Danny: (To Danielle) Can I help you?
      Sam: YES!!
      Danny: NO, NOT YOU!

    • Sam: (To Mr. Lancer) Why aren't we cleaning up the cafeteria? Uh, because we're meeting Danny and totally ditching school.
      Tucker: And there's nothing you can do about it, old man.
      Mr. Lancer: OLD MAN?! (Starts to chase Sam and Tucker)YOU KIDS ARE IN A WORLD OF TROUBLE!(Hurts his hip)Oww, my hip...

    • Sam: (referring to the Boo-Merang) Tucker, follow that stupidly named tracking device!

    • Tucker: What kind of ghost haunts a miniature golf course?
      Sam: Well there is a box ghost, obviously all the good haunts are taken.

    • Tucker: (After Danny overshadows his golf ball so he gets five strokes) Danny, knock it off.
      Sam: Yeah, you were suppose to be here an hour ago. (To Tucker) By the way, that still counts.
      Danny: Sorry I'm late, but you'll be happy to know that the ghost king won't...(He looks at Sam and Tucker, who look annoyed) Ok, I overslept.

    • Vlad: I am not a villian. All I wanted.. [frowns; pause] was love.

    • Vlad: (To Danielle, about Danny, while he is in the containment chamber) I still don't know how I'm going to get him to morph. Unless...unless you could overshadow him for me, dear. Force the transformation?
      Danielle But the last clone that tried that melted. What if it's too much?
      Vlad: Oh, it won't be.
      Danielle: But what if...
      (Danny gasps)
      Danielle: (Tears form in her eyes; she glares at Vlad angirly) YOU ARE NOT THE BOSS OF ME!
      (Hits the unlock button to release Danny)
      Vlad: No! No!
      Danny: (Jumps free from the chamber; to Danielle) You're helping me now?
      Danielle: Do you want to ask questions, or do you want to kick some butt?

    • Sam & Tucker: (After third clone messes up the cafeteria and Danny and Danielle go after it) Three, two, one.
      Lancer: (Barges in) "To Kill a Mockingbird", people! Who started this?
      (Dash points to Sam and Tucker)
      Sam & Tucker: We'll get the mop.

    • Dani: (To Danny) It's Dani, with an i.

    • Danielle: (To Danny) Hi, I'm Danielle, your third cousin once removed.

    • Danielle: (To Vlad; after primary clone destabilizes) I can do this!
      Danny: You don't have to. Cover your ears, and get behind me! (Takes a huge breath and uses Ghostly Wail on Vlad)
      Vlad: Ahhhhhh! (Several objects get blown away because of Danny's Ghostly Wail, and Vlad tries to walk through the Ghostly Wail cone, but gets blown away from it, then gets smacked into the wall, with other objects)
      Vlad: Ahh!
      Maddie Computer Program: (To Vlad; while Danny is still using Ghostly Wail) Systems damaged. Going critical. Losing coherence. And I never loved you; I loved the Jack Program.
      Jack Computer Program: Vladdie! (Kisses Maddie Computer Program)

    • (as the Booomerang hits Vlad, he picks it up)
      Vlad Plasmius: Oh, what stupidity is this?

  • NOTES (66)

  • ALLUSIONS (16)

    • Dani Phantom: Little girl clone
      The concept of Danielle, a cloned female version of Danny, is similar to that of X-23 of X-Men, a young girl who was cloned from Wolverine.

    • Failed Clones : All the 'failed' clones seem to be based on Bizarro, the imperfect clone of Superman. As the clones are failures becuase they don't have Danny's 'Mid-Morph' DNA, Bizarro is a failure because of Superman's complex alien DNA.

    • Title: Kindred Spirits
      The title refers to two or more peole who are alike. This fits since Dani is Danny's clone and both are half-ghost.

    • Dani Phantom: (A female version of Danny Phantom)
      A female version of a male superhero is common in some comicbooks. Examples include Supergirl/ Superman, Batgirl/ Batman, Spiderwoman/ Spiderman, etc.

    • Dani: Powers
      Her ability to dampen her genetic progenitor's Ghost Sense and use his powers is similar to Venom, a Marvel comics character. He is invisible to Spider-Man's Spider Sense, a trait his "offspring" Carnage also possesses. Unlike Carnage, Venom's powers are all the same as Spider-Man's.

    • Dani: (A female clone of Danny)
      Danielle may be somewhat based on X-23, Wolverine's female clone, namely how she was made.

    • Magazine: Sporting Illustrated
      The name is an obvious parody of the real life magazine "Sports Illustrated."

    • Third Clone: Powers
      It had the same powers as Wasp of the Avengers. Both can shrink and fly really fast.

    • The second clone: Appearance
      It looks like the original version of The Incredible Hulk. Both have gray skin (The Hulk was supposed to be gray, but was changed to green), and have super strength.

    • Vlad: Music
      After Danny uses the Ghostly Wail on Vlad, after Vlad recovers and starts walking towards him and transforms, the music resembles that of Jaws when the shark is about to attack.

    • Mr. Lancer: To Kill a Mockingbird, people!
      To Kill A Mockingbird is a famous book that takes place during the Great Depression, narrated by the main character Scout, the daughter of morally sound lawyer Atticus.

    • Dani: Appearance
      Dani is similar to Rini/Sailor Mini Moon from Sailor Moon. Both have the same powers as their partners, and claim to be their cousins.

    • Dani: Charge up and blast
      Her way of powering up a blast, like Danny, looks like the way they use the Kamehameha from the animated show Dragon Ball Z.

    • Episode: Plot
      This episode has many reference to the clone saga of the Amazing Spiderman comic book series. Danielle plays the role of the Scarlet Spider, who was the only clone that Spiderman considered an ally and relative

    • Dani Phantom: Supergirl
      Dani Phantom seems to be a parody of Supergirl. Like Supergirl, Dani claims to be the female cousin of the main superhero. In addition, both Supergirl and Dani have powers similar to their cousins. Also, their names (Dani Phantom -Danny Phantom) and (Kara-El - Kal-El) are similar to their cousins.

    • Mastersoft: Name
      Mastersoft is an obvious parody on Microsoft. The man Vlad was overshoadwing even resembled Bill Gates, the creator of Microsoft, and the richest man on the planet.