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Danny Phantom

Season 2 Episode 13

King Tuck

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Mar 17, 2006 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Tucker’s running for student body president, but no one’s paying his campaign any notice, and that includes his campaign managers: Danny and Sam. On a field trip to a museum to look at ancient Egyptian artifacts, everyone is surprised that the pharaoh in question looks just like Tucker. And when Tucker looks in a ghostly mirror, his image brings the pharaoh’s minion, Hotep Ra, to life! Hotep Ra bows before Tucker and becomes his servant, urging him to not stand by anymore and be ignored. Tucker’s new attitude -- with help from his new king’s scepter -- gets him even more respect than he expected when he accidentally transports his friends and classmates to ancient Egypt during a school debate. Now, Tucker is a king, and it’s hard not to enjoy the perks. Unfortunately, the servant Hotep Ra has his eye on Tucker’s throne and some sinister plans in mind for the students of Casper High.moreless

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  • An interesting concept

    Tucker wishes to be class president but can't seem to get others to listen to him. Meanwhile on a trip to the museum it turns out that he is either related or a reincarnation of the Pharaoh Duulamon. Once he looks into a ghostly mirror an old servant Hotep-Ra returns to serve the Pharaoh once more. However it starts becoming clear that Hotep-Ra is influencing Tucker in a bad way and plans on usurping power for himself. Tucker starts becoming more and more corrupted and acting like a dictator once they arrive in ancient Egypt. Hotep-Ra snatches the scepter to command a sphinx that has been brought to life and Danny Phantom is unable to stop its rampage. Only Tucker freed from his corrupted state is able to command it to chase off Hotep-Ra after he places himself in power.moreless
  • Time traveling to ancient Egypt!

    I think the plot could have been more creative, but the animation sure was awesome! :) I liked seeing everyone in their Egyptian outfits. I was also glad to see Danny use the ghostly wail and proud of him for how he tricked "King Tuck" into giving up the Septer. ^_^ Go, Danny! But I think Tucker should have at least learned his lesson in the end (not to be so stubborn and selfish) and that this episode could have had a better storyline overall. But at least it had time travel in it! Now I think of this every time I read about Egypt.moreless
  • Not my favorite episode...

    This was an okay episode, but it wasn't my favorite. I don't like Hotep Ra and I don't care for the sphinx. My favorite scenes include: Danny and the gladiator fighting in the Circus Maximus, Danny fighting the sphinx and the other ghost animals, and the scene where the ghost dog was dragging Danny across the sand and his pants were coming off (lol). My least favorite scenes include: The debate between Tucker and Dash and all the scenes where Tucker is yelling at Danny and Sam because they were changing his campaign. They were only trying to help, he didn't have to be so mean.moreless
  • OK so it wasn't the beeest but it is still Danny Phantom is it not?

    I like when Sam is trapped under the coffin lid. "I love a coffin as much as the next Goth, but the novelty's wearing thin." The episode just did not have much to offer to me. Other ones have been better. It is still Danny Phantom so that will never change. In that case I will always watch the episode if it is on. But get more excited when other ones are on. I love the history part of it because I love history. But I do not Tuckers friends would not listen to him. And I did not like how Dash would pound people if they did not vote for him or cheer.moreless
  • Nothing special happened.

    Well in this episode Tucker turnes evil. The students and teachers at Casper High get sucked back in time to ancient Egypt and have to work for him (Tucker). Danny battles a spinks (sp?) and an evil mummy. In the end it all turns out ok. Pretty boring right. I didn't care too much for this one. I've seen better episodes then this on Nick and Danny Phantom.

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

  • QUOTES (21)

    • (As a ghost is attacking the school)
      Tucker: Danny? Listen--
      Danny: Not now, Tucker, I'm busy writing in your voice! (hands paper to Sam) Would Tucker say it like that?
      Tucker: But--
      Sam: A little more nerd, and a little less suave.

    • Tucker: (Referring to his technology) It was hand-made in Japan!
      Star & Paulina: Did you say "hand-maiden"?
      Star: Why does that make me want to beat him up. (She & Paulina angrily stomp towards Tucker) Did you just call us hand-maidens?
      Paulina: And why do I feel like I know what your feet smell like?
      Tucker: (To himself) Stupid scepter. I specifically asked for a total mind wipe! Why doesn't anyone listen?! (To Danny & Sam) Hey, guys! Wait up!
      (Tucker dropps his technology and runs out of the auditorium; Star & Paulina chase after him, screaming)

    • Tucker: (To the "gladiator") Congratulations, warrior, on defeating your ghostly opponent. How did you accomplish that?
      Danny: I just had the advantage of surprise. (Danny pops out of the gladiator's armor and snatches the scepter from Tucker) Like I do now!

    • (While Paulina & Star are scrubbing his feet, Tucker is applying rules to the scribe)
      Tucker: Henseforth, all in the realm shall eat nothing but meat, and all citizens must wear red berrets. (Turns to Paulina & Star) Including you handmaidens.
      Star: (Whispers to Paulina) He's clearly under a spell.
      Paulina: (To Star) I don't care if he's under some spell. He dies for this! (To Tucker) Have you even heard of nail clippers?!

    • Danny: (While fighting the gladiator in the colluseum) I'll have to remember this if I ever have to do a report on the history of road rage.

    • (After Danny steals back the scepter from Hotep Ra)
      Hotep Ra: (To Tucker nervously) Shall I, uh, "grape" you, my liege? Or smite thy foes?
      Tucker: (Smirks) Na. I've got a better idea. (Turns to sphinx) Hey Sphinxy, sick 'em!
      (Hotep Ra runs screaming as the sphinx chases him through the kingdom, destroying everything in its path)
      Danny: Wow, now I know why these are called ruins

    • (As Danny is being pummelled by the sphinx)
      Paulina: Ghost Boy! Do something, Ghost Boy!
      Danny: (weakly) I can't... too powerful...
      Sam: Okay, now we're doomed.

    • Sam: (About Tucker's campaign) You're just going about this the wrong way, Tucker.
      Danny: Yeah, your campaign is all about victory through technology and the triumph of machine over man. It's kinda creepy.
      Sam: So we changed your lame official campaign platform. (Gives Tucker a piece of paper with the new ideas on them)
      Tucker: (Reading paper) Graffiti art classes? Rage against the PTA meetings? Mini-skirt Fridays? (Smiles) Okay, that's good.
      Danny: Yeah, that was mine.

    • Tucker: (Outside Casper High, giving a speech about his campaign) If elected, I promise to... (Nobody listens) Can I scan your vote? (Nobody listens) Digitize your yes for Tucker? (Nobody listens; a piece of paper with the word "YES!" on it comes out of Tucker's PDA, and he throws it to a kid near his platform; the kid crumples it up, throws it on the ground, and walks away; Tucker sighs) How can I run a campaign for student council president when nobody's listening to me?!
      Danny: What was that? Did you say something?
      (Tucker gets frustrated and jumps off his platform and walks away)

    • ( after the sphinx chased Hotep Ra and destroys the city)
      Danny:Well now I know why they call these things "ruins".

    • Sam: (after she hears Tucker congratulating the warrior for beating the "ghost boy"and goes up to the warrior, who is actually Danny) Ghost Boy?! Where is he?! What did you do to him?!

    • Dash: (While he and Kwan are working on the Tucker sphinx) Doing manual labor for a geek we used to make fun of? This isn't supposed to happen until we're like, thirty!
      Kwan: Dude, I don't think we'll even make it to thirty! We're doomed!

    • Danny: (Going over to an ancient coffin that Sam is stuck under) Sam?
      Sam: (From inside the coffin) Danny?
      (Hotep Ra appears and roars)
      Danny: Time for this mummy to cry uncle!

    • Tucker: (To sphinx) Uh, heel? (The sphinx heels like a dog and pants)
      Hotep Ra: What? No, sphinx, destory him! (The sphinx turns evil again)
      Tucker: (Unafraid) Hello, king talking here. My sphinx, lie down. (The sphinx lies down like a dog)

    • (After Tucker orders the sphinx to chase Hotep Ra)
      Sam: Nice work, Tucker.
      Tucker: Thanks, woman.
      (Sam gives him an angry look)
      Tucker: I'm just kidding!

    • (At the school debate; no one is listening to Tucker's campaign)
      Tucker: (Angrily, while eyes are glowing red) Silence! (Smashes podium with the scepter Hotep Ra gave him; Dash, Mr. Lancer, Sam, and Danny all stare at him, blinking)

    • (Sam, Tucker, and Danny are behind a knocked-down tree after the ghost monster leaves)
      Sam: Wow. Never saw that one coming.
      Tucker: I did!
      Danny: Well, jeeze, Tuck, why didn't you say something?
      (Tucker rolls his eyes)

    • Hotep Ra: (After re-rising after Sam and Paulina un-ravel his mummy cloth) I have risen!
      Tucker: Do you have to say that every time you wake up?

    • Sam: (Trapped under an ancient coffin; Danny and Tucker have forgotten her and are leaving) Guys, I like a good coffin as much as the next Goth, but the novelty is wearing thin.

    • Hotep Ra: (Tto Tucker; about Casper High) This will be your domain: a under-funded, educational facility! (Pause) Ha-za!

    • Lancer: Anthony and cleopatra!

  • NOTES (27)

    • Title Picture: Tucker is holding the Scarab Scepter and has glowing red eyes. Hotep Ra is wrapping Danny in mummy wraps.

    • This is the second time Butch Hartman made a sphinx come alive in the two series he has directed, the first being in the Fairly Oddparents movie, "Abra-Catastrophe."

    • This is the second episode where Tucker was the villain by being controlled. The first was "What You Want."

    • This marks the second time where Tucker gets chased by girls (mainly Paulina and Star) at the end of the show. The first time was "Beauty Marked."

    • Apparently, Dash isn't afraid to hit a girl or has hit girls before.

    • This is the second Tucker themed episode, the first being "Want You Want."

    • This is the fourth time someone's name is used in the title (Tuck), which is Tucker's nickname. The first three times were Gray (As in Valerie Gray), 13 (As in Johnny 13), and Fenton (As in Danny Fenton).

    • The 3 ghosts that Hotep Ra brings to life are 1: scorpion, 2: Eagle, 3: Jacal

    • When Danny is being dragged by the dog hieroglyphic, you can see his white and red polka-dotted boxers from "Parental Bonding", except they are reversed. Whilst in Parental Bonding they were red with white polka-dots, in this episode they are white with red polka dots.

    • Hotep Ra is the second villain in the show who was freed from a sarcophagus (ancient coffin). The first was Pariah Dark from "Reign Storm." However, unlike Pariah, Hotep Ra is not sent back into the sarcophagus.

    • In this episode, the end credits were changed. In the colored flashes of Danny, his emblem is added to his chest in each shot. You couldn't really see the names of the cast and crew because it was blocked by Nick's usual comercial, but you could still see it was different.

    • Sam seems to like ancient Egyptian clothing.

    • Opener: Tucker is doing bad in elections with his campaign, and Dash is getting the upperhand by threatening the voters. While Danny and Sam are trying to make his speech, Tucker sees a huge one-eyed iguana-like ghost and tries to warn them, but they don't listen to him. After they are attacked, Danny asks why Tucker didn't warn them.

    • Look Hard: When the Egyptian animal was dragging Danny, over the pyramids, you can see his pants pulled down and he gets mad and blasts it, so apparently his suit can be taken off.

    • Jack, Maddie, and Jazz are absent in this episode.

    • This episode marks the third time Danny uses his Ghostly Wail. The first time was in "The Ultimate Enemy" and the second time was in "The Fright Before Christmas." However, this marks the first time it fails to affect the opponent.

    • Danny does not catch a ghost in the Fenton Thermos in this episode.

    • It is revealed that Sam doesn't like to be called by her full name, Samantha.

    • Major Ghost Debut(s):
      Hotep Ra - A ghostly mummy. He was once the minion of an ancient Egyptian pharaoh, King Duul Aman. Once Tucker, who bared much resemblance to King Duul Aman, looked into the mirror of Ra's sarcophagus, Hotep Ra was risen from the dead and treated Tucker as his master. Though Hotep Ra acts loyal to his master, he secretly wants the power all to himself.

    • Title Screen Caption: "Wrapped In Terror!"

    • This episode marks the second time in which Danny has had to work against Tucker, but this time, they had no physical fights. The first time was in "What You Want."

    • Running Gags:
      1) Tucker saying something and everyone ignoring him, then Dash repeating it and threatening everyone to agree with him.
      2) Someone saying, "Ha-za."
      3) Tucker calling Sam, "Woman."

    • In the scene when Tucker has Hotep Ra stop Dash from putting up his campaign signs, Hotep Ra turns into locusts, which was one of the plagues of Egypt.

    • In the first showing on this episode, the credits were played differently. They came one part at a time, had a Danny Phantom picture in the background, and had the theme song tune played with a different beat.

    • When Lancer is being carried away with everyone else by King Tuck's minions, his back hair from "Attack of the killer garage Sale" is gone.

    • Second time Tucker lets something get to his head and put Danny (and others) in danger---the first time was when Desiree gave him ghost powers in What You Want.

    • Main Villain(s): Hotep Ra.

  • ALLUSIONS (13)

    • Hotep Ra: (Turns into locusts)
      Similarly to the Marvel Comics Villain, Swarm, Hotep Ra can turn into a swarm of insects. Unlike Swarm, he turns into locusts instead of bees.

    • Hotep Ra: Appearance
      He seems to be loosely based on the Spider Man villian, Doctor Octupus. The loose wrappings on his back resemble the four mechanical appendages connected to that back of Dr. Octupus' back. Hotep Ra can even use these wrappings to pick up objects, similar to what Doctor Octupus would be able to do with his mechanical arms.

    • Comicbook: Captain Marvelous
      The comic book the the boy was reading "Captain Marvelous" is most likely a parody of the short lived Marvel superhero "Captain Marvel"

    • Hotep Ra: Appearance
      Hotep Ra seems to be based off of Imotep from the movie "The Mummy."

    • Mr. Lancer: Myth of Sisyphus!
      The Myth of Sisyphus is a Greek mythology book by Albert Camus, about a mortal named Sisyphus who committed crimes, tricked the gods, and cheated death once before he was sent to the underworld and punished by the gods who forced him to push a boulder up a steep hill, and when he failed, the boulder rolled back down and he had to start over again. The reason why Mr. Lancer shouted out the name of this book was because he was pushing up a boulder for the Tucker sphinx and it rolled back down.

    • Tucker's Scribe: Appearance
      The scribe who wrote down Tucker's laws is a characterization of the Egyptian god Anubis, the god of tombs and mummies. Anubis is often represented as having the body of a man but the head of a jackal.

    • The Chariot Race: Scene
      When Tucker banishes Danny, he's put in the middle of a chariot race. The race is a parody of the famous chariot race sequence from Ben-Hur, right down to the enemy chariot having spikes on the wheels to disable the competition.

    • Captain Marvelous: Appearance
      The comic book is an obvious reference to Superman

    • Hotep Ra: (Turns into a swarm of locusts)
      A swarm of locusts is one of the Egyptian plagues.

    • Mr. Lancer: Antony and Cleopatra!
      Antony and Cleopatra is the name of a tragic play by William Shakespeare. Also, Cleopatra was an ancient Egyptian pharaoh who ruled over Egypt since the time she was seventeen until her mysterious death some years later. Since this episode focused mainly on the aspect of ancient Egypt, Cleopatra was probably intentionally mentioned.

    • Hotep Ra: Appearance
      Hotep Ra refers to two pieces of Egyptian history and mythology. The first part of his name, Hotep, is a reference to the Pharoah Amenhotep, the most famous is Amenhotep IV, who is unique because he defied traditional religion. He believed in one god, Aten, and changed his name to Akhenaten. Ra is the father of the gods in Egyptian mythology. He merged with other gods as history moved along, becoming Amon-Ra.

    • Hotep Ra: Name

      Ra was the name of the Egyptian god of the sun.

    • Episode Title: King Tuck
      The episode title is likely a parody of the name of the ancient Egyptian pharaoh, King Tut.