Danny Phantom

Season 1 Episode 18

Life Lessons

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Feb 25, 2005 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

While flying to school that morning Valerie attacks Danny (Phantom). Skulker sees them fighting while deciding who to capture. He decides to hold a contest to capture the winner. Danny and Valerie's fight is cut short due to the school bell. Inside the Health Science Teacher pairs up Valerie and Danny for partners in taking care of a flour sack.

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We see that Sam and Tucker are partners. They explain that they have to take care of the sack like a baby. Valerie comes saying that she's busy and that Danny has to take care of the sack.

At the Nasty Burger Skulker gets Valerie and Danny to fight. Danny runs away from the battle before someone gets hurt.

Danny gives the flour sack to Valerie. Skulker finds out the sack is important to both of them. He takes the sack from Valerie and frames Danny (Phantom). They fight again. Skulker captures them and they wake up seeing that there in the Ghost Zone. Skulker says that he will capture them both at the same time.

(Commercial break)

Skulker gives them a head start and they run past booby traps. Danny and Valerie are wearing handcuffs connected to each other that cancel out Danny's ghost powers.

Tucker starts a business called Flour Power Day Care.

Danny and Valerie jump off a cliff and use Valerie's rocket board to fly away.

While working at the business Sam takes their flour sack with her.

Danny and Valerie realize that they forgot their flour sack for Health Science behind and turn back. They save the sack and fly back to Amity Park.

At the next day at school everybody's flour sack is destroyed except Sam's. Danny and Valerie get a C because their flour sack isn't part of a cookie (Tucker's mom made cookies out of the sacks Tucker was taking care of) and everything goes back to normal.