Danny Phantom

Season 1 Episode 18

Life Lessons

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Feb 25, 2005 on Nickelodeon

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  • "Because Skulker has return to finish the hunt"

    Since Prisoners of Love I've waited for Skulker to return and he is finally back. Not only that, Valerie returns in battle gear - haven't seen her since Shades of Gray. Danny and Valerie's battles are really well executed and offer some excitement. Valerie has become more interesting character than she was before Shades of Gray and you feel sad for her. It's great seeing these two enemies become friends without revealing their identities. I didn't noticed Skulker has changed his voice, only that he sounds better. He is funny too but he also feels as a threat. Tucker's plot is hilarious, he and Sam are awesome in that episode, behaving as parents.

    Overall Life Lessons brings the joy I didn't got quite enough of in Maternal Instinct and Lucky in Love and it is a nice comeback to the 10/10 Danny Phantom entertainment.
  • One of my favorites and the among the funniest episodes

    Danny and Valerie both arrive late to health class (due to a fight that Valerie started) and are forced to partner up for a project on shared responsibility by caring for a flour sack like it's a baby. Valerie being overwhelmed by a job and not knowing Danny well enough she practically dumps the assignment virtually all on him. Meanwhile Skulker can't seem to decide who is the better prey and decides to hunt them both at the same time handcuffed together in his territory of the Ghost Zone. They have to call a truce in order to get out alive and save their grade since Skulker is apparently holding the sack for ransom and bait. Meanwhile Tucker figures out how to make money off of this project and Sam starts to change her mind about the project being a waste of time although not for any financial reasons.
  • Danny and Valerie are forced to put aside their differences and work together to stop Skulker and pass a health-sciences project.

    I loved this episode! Valerie is one of my favorite characters and seeing her and Danny working together just made my day. I thought it was funny when Skulker would do certain things to make Valerie and Danny fight, but then nobody would win so Skulker would throw a fit. Another funny part was when Tucker's mom used all the flower sacs for her cookies. It was funny to see Tucker's reaction. It was also funny when Sam took her flour sac and gave it a make over to make it look just like her. Overall, this episode was very good.
  • Danny has to do a project with Valerie in which they have to take care of a sack of flour.Skulker decides to hunt both of them.Can Danny protect his identity from Valerie and fight Skulker.

    Skulker can't decide rather he should keep hunting Danny or go after Valerie now that she's a ghost hunter.Danny and Valerie have to be parents to a sack of flour.Danny has to take care of the baby while Valerie works.Danny gets mad of course because he thinks she is making him do all the work while she hunts him down.Skulker creates situations were Danny Phantom and Valerie have to fight each other but Danny keeps getting away before the fights conclude.So he decides to capture them both and drag them to the Ghost Zone.He hadcuffes them together with a device that cancels Danny's powers and he takes all of Valerie's weapons.After a while Danny and Val learn they have to work together if they want to get out of this.Danny learns that Valerie works at the Nasty Burger to try and pay for college.Before he can react Skulker informs them that he has their sack so they go back.Toether they out smart Skulker,get their flour back,and free themseleves.

    The sub plot is that Tucker and Sam are the parents of a sack of flour,but Tucker makes a business in taking care of other students flours and forgets about his.Sam grows attached to theirs and becomes a over protective mom.a funny moment is when Tucker is checking on the baby he kisses Sam and they both freak out and say it never happened.Tucker's business fails when his mom uses all the sacks flour.Everyone except Danny,Valerie,and Sam gets an F for the project.

    About an average episode,but not my favorite episode.I like the fact that Danny and Valerie grow closer and are becoming friends.There wasn't to much action and the fighting with Skulker wasn't great since Danny couldn't use his powers and Valerie didn't have her weapons.I like the plot it should have been expanded it more though.
  • Skulker handcuffs Danny and Valerie together and hunts them both through the Ghost Zone.

    Danny and Valerie Gray are paired up for a health sciences project, assigned to parent a flour sack for one week. At the same time, Skulker has returned, and forces a contest between the two of them, with the winner as his prey. He sets up bait to lure the two of them into battle, which includes making Danny look like he’s stealing the sack. When the fighting ceases, Skulker decides to handcuff them both and hunt them through the Ghost Zone, with Danny’s powers on the blink and Valerie’s weapons taken due to the cuffs.

    Hmmm…I didn’t enjoy watching this episode THAT much, but it’s still a pretty good one. I used to think of it as a lower score than this, but I’ve raised it up after watching it a couple extra times.

    The very beginning when Danny was flying over everybody to school gave me mixed feelings. Choosing to bypass the crammed bus and take an easy route by flying: smart. Flying as a ghost where anybody can see him: not smart. Why didn’t he go invisible? And I didn’t like Skulker’s new voice that much. I’m not that much of a fan of Kevin Michael Richardson. I think Matthew St. Patrick’s voice was much more sinister and much more appealing for Skulker. But the fact that Danny and Valerie said the same things in human mode and ghost/hunter mode was funny.

    The two teen foes were presented quite nicely in this episode. Danny’s little moment of noticing that others could get hurt when he and Valerie were fighting was very nice, and he the way he acted with Valerie with the flour, in both Fenton and Phantom mode, was very much IC. But when Skulker threw him the sack and Valerie showed up, why didn’t he just hand her the sack? He’s got to realize that Valerie isn’t going to listen to him after the events of SoG. And I also thought Danny telling Valerie he knew about her job was a little rushed. But he was quick to think that Skulker had booby traps set up, and I liked that coming from him.

    As for Valerie, she did definitely improve quite a bit from SoG. She wasn’t nearly as prone to jump to her own conclusion as she was then. But that may be because it’s a different situation. Anyway, even before she and Danny were forced to help each other, I liked the moment where Danny put the sack down and she retracted her weapons. Also, the fact that she has a job as Nasty Ned was a very interesting surprise.

    Tucker and Sam…I didn’t like them that much in this episode. They were okay, but just not that great. I was surprised to see that Tucker didn’t seem to like Valerie anymore, and that was actually made definite in RS. I was expecting Tucker’s crush on her in SoG to play a bigger part later on in the series. Anyway, the fact that he went overboard with the flour project was fine, and the fact that he charged to baby-sit other sacks was IC. And as for Sam, her acting motherly towards the sack, while it bothered others, I didn’t mind it. Hey, she IS a girl, after all. But the kiss that they had…yeesh. I’m saying this partially because I’m a D/S supporter, but also because it seemed thrown in there. But I liked their reactions afterward; Sam definitely wanted to forget it ever happened, and Tucker…who knows?

    I enjoyed the fact that Valerie was willing to cooperate with Danny. I always enjoy seeing an enemy becoming an ally, if only temporary, which is why I enjoyed RS so much. I really wished that truce they made would have carried over, but it’s probably pretty early for that anyway, so it’s probably for the best.

    One thing I unfortunately didn’t like was that the moral wasn’t presented in as nearly a subtle as PB, which also had a clichéd plot, but was handled much better. It was done in more of a monologue in LL instead of just forgetting about it and moving on in PB.

    And as for the end, I didn’t overall like the fact that the sacks got torn apart. How did Danny’s and Valerie’s get ripped, anyway? But they got a C, so it’s okay. But the fact that Tucker’s babysitting business was a bust was something I didn’t like much. I never really enjoy it a lot when a character ends up getting the short end of something, one reason why I didn’t like the ending of FK. But Danny’s wearing of the Nasty Ned suit was nice for him, but I was just a little confused at how Sam figured out Valerie was the one originally wearing it. Did she take a wild guess or something? But the short little segment with the Box Ghost at the end was very funny, and offered a bit of relief to end the episode.

    Overall, this wasn’t that bad of an episode. The action was pretty good, the threat was there, and I give LL a 7.3/10.
  • Skulker can't decide whether he should hunt Valerie or Danny, so he decides to hunt them both at the same time. Danny and Valerie must settle their differences and work together to escape Skulker's lair.

    It was a good episode, but not on my favorites list. There wasn't much ghost-fighting in this one. It was mostly about the character relationships and running away from Skulker. The comedy usually makes up for lost action, but it wasn't enough for this one. There should have been more fighting between Danny and Skulker. This was just an above average episode. I hope the next time we see Valerie it will be more action packed. Who wants to see an episode about a flour sack? This episode was a little disappointing. At least it kept my attention. Seemed like a waste.
  • Danny Fenton and Valerie Gray hate each other... even both of their alternate identities. So what happens when they get paired up for a health science project as man and wife, and thanks to a capture by Skulker must work together to stay alive?

    This episode was simply hysterical. The plotline, jokes, and animation were all simply heavenly. I also loved the portrayal about the power of teamwork that glowed throughout this episode. Hopefully, it will bring a more friendly relationship between Danny and Valerie in the real world.
    The new voice actor who took on the role of Skulker is a surefire winner. When I first heard him playing Skulker, it was a little strange, because I'd been used to hearing Mathew St. Patrick bring the sadistic ghost to life. However, Kevin M. Richardson's fabulous portrayal of Skulker began to grow on me, and now I consider him to take the cake when it comes to making Skulker the one and only "Ghost World's Greatest Hunter."
    Also, the amount of humor in this episode was second in line for highest level next to Fanning the Flames. I didn't stop laughing for the whole episode. The script writers once again show their dazzling brilliance in this episode!
  • It had a lot of mistakes. It is still a good episode.

    When Danny is fighting Valerie in the beginning (wearing his backpack) the school bell eventually rings causing Danny and Valerie to say they both have to go calling each other creep and punk. They disappear and change back and start running toward science class. They both bump into each other in front of the health sciences room saying watch it creep. You watch it punk. Valerie still is totally clueless of Danny's secret identity. The incident gets them paired up for a Health sciences project together. Valerie goes ghost hunter in sweats to fight Danny who she thinks made the Flower Baby cry. Really it was Skulker who did the deed but he framed Danny P. because he wanted to see Danny and Valerie fight. Then goes back to Valerie wearing her trademark Valerie outfit. She changes back after she gets out of the ghost zone with Danny P. Also the sign for the Nasty Burger gets destroyed in a V. /D.P. fight but later in the episode it is standing tall as if nothing had happened to it. When Skulker gets shot by the numbing darts he goes num. Hello wouldn't the darts just deflect off of his metal suite. Danny is being dragged on the ground in the Ghost Zone and his face gets beaten up but in the next shot his face looks fine. Here is a Life Lesson to Butch Hartman check your shows before you say it's done. It could have errors!
  • It was great.

    It was a great episode. It made me think that "First they were enemies then they sort of became friends. And Sam and Tuker kiss WOW it's not just danny and sam who are the only ones. But it was a "mistake" I dought it. I think it was on purpose
  • This episode gives you another lesson in a parenting experiment which has to do with learning how to cooperate with each other. Kinda like South Park's "Follow That Egg", for example.

    In "Life Lessons", Danny and Valerie have to care for a sack of flour as an object in the parenting experiment in Health Sciences class for a week. However, because Valerie doesn't want to lose her job working as both a mascot for the Nasty Burger restaurant and a ghost hunter, of course, she has to make Danny care for the sack of flour, which could be dangerous when it comes to fighting both Skulker and Valerie (good thing Tucker has a babysitting service for a flour sack).

    However, both Danny and Valerie are unaware that Skulker pits them in a contest to fight it out, with the winner earning the privilege of becoming his prey; but when the contest ends in a tie, Skulker decides to hunt them both through the Ghost Zone, by having them handcuffed. Now Danny and Valerie have to let go of their dislike and cooperate with each other.

    "Life Lessons" teaches kids a valuable lesson in cooperating with each other when they become future couples in the parenting experiment, the same way that South Park's "Follow That Egg" does to adults, even in college, no matter if they're gay or straight couples. (Kinda strange when I saw Dash throwing a flour sack to Kwan, when I thought Dash and Kwan were gay couples, which surprised me, but it turns out that Dash's "wife" is Paulina, who can't be a cheerleader and a mom at the same time; fortunately Tucker's babysitting service solves problems.)

    One thing that bothered me: in the ending Tucker has failed to take care of the "babies" when he has to search for his and Sam's "baby" (whom she has named Lillith) after he has left them to the mercy of Mrs. Foley (Tucker's mom), who rips all the sacks of flour open to make cookies for her bake sale; thus, instant "F" for Tucker and all except 3 students: Danny, Valerie and Sam.

    And to the one in the last review (JK_rules) who said Danny's and Valerie's flour sack got suddenly ripped, even though it was unharmed in the battle with Skulker in the Ghost Zone: one can only assume that after the battle they crossed through the briar patch with the sack of flour Valerie holds, which got completely torn from the top by briar thorns that also ripped its sides and tore out the crank-o-meter, thus emptying almost all the flour (but giving it good use for Danny to have it fart on Skulker one last time), which is why the two get out of the patch and Valerie says "At least it's not crying anymore." Which is also why their sack wasn't used for the bake sale, thereby getting a "C" for their cooperation, which means Danny now has to be the Nasty Burger mascot while Valerie is off. And because Sam has cared for her "baby" completely well (despite its new look and makeup), she is given an "A" for her good parenting.

    Overall, this episode is a little meh, but okay, which is why I'm giving it a 7.5 out of 10.
  • This episode was ok

    Life Lessions has its ups and downs, this is one Danny Phantom episode I didn't really care for. It was somewhat funny, but that was it. I think the main part of the episode that bugged me was when Tucker kissed Sam, even though it was an accident and Sam, didn't like it, This line "that never Happen" says it all. It had its humor and was an ok episode, but that one scene no matter what Sam's reaction was, ruined it.
  • Episode 18 - Life Lessons - My Review

    Danny is using his powers to fly to school, while Skulker secretly spies on Danny as his target. But before he can shoot him, someone attacks Danny and Skulker starts seeing Valerie and Danny having a duel. He becomes intrigued and holds a contest as to who can defeat each other first, and the winner becomes his prey. Before they can finish though, the school bell rings, and Danny and Valerie hold off their fight to another time. In school, they are late for their health science class and are given a sack to be treated as a baby and they are the parents to that sack as a one week assignment.

    We see Tucker being assigned with Sam, and Tucker seems to be taking the assignment seriously while Sam isn’t. Danny gets mad when Valerie ditches him with the baby saying that she has too much work to do to spend time on this assignment. Tucker gets an idea and starts a babysitting service, which turns out to be an excellent idea for him indeed.

    Skulker starts plotting schemes to make Danny fight ghosts, hence making Valerie go after him. But Valerie and Danny seem to keep postponing their fights because something always comes up. Skulker notices that the one thing that Danny and Valerie give importance to is the baby sack, so he decides to snatch it from them and frame Danny Phantom for it. It works and Valerie blames the ghost boy and goes after him. But they still reconcile, and Skulker feels its time to take things into his own hands and kidnaps both of them.

    Can Danny and Valerie put their differences behind them and work as a time to get away from Skulker?

    This episode starts off a little slow but quickly picks up once Danny and Valerie find themselves in the ghost world. This episode is touching in the end, because Danny actually sees how hard Valerie’s life is and understands why she is taking revenge on the ghost boy. In fact, he actually starts helping Valerie. This episode also had its comic moments of Tucker’s babysitting service and Sam taking care of Lilith. Although this wasn’t one of my favorites in the series, it is fun to watch once in a while.
  • Skulker's back on the prowl for Danny until he discovers Valerie Gray. At each others throats in combat and at school, the two are forced to be partners in an assignment. This gives Skulker a way to capture them, handcuff them together, and hunt them thro

    "Life Lessons" finds Skulker back on the prowl for Danny Phantom until he discovers another resident of Amity Park he deems worth his time; Valerie Gray. She and Danny have been at each others throats both in combat and at school. The situation is made worse when the two are forced to be partners in a school assignment that places them as parents of a flour sack. Eventually, this gives Skulker a way to capture the two, handcuff them together, and put them on a wild hunt through The Ghost-Zone!


    I really don't want to write this - Mr. Hartman said it was one of his favourites - but I have to be honest...

    I was really nervous about this episode, and almost everything I was afraid of ended up happening. This is probably my least favourite episode of the entire series.

    I missed the first few seconds, but the opening wasn't too bad. I started to worry, however, once Skulker appeared. His new voice is nowhere near Mathew St. Patrick in terms of how it helps out the character. His lines were fine, but the new voice distracted from everything else.

    Then came the opening. The "egg" project - or in this case, sack of flour - is one of the most overused and cliched of all teen show devices. Most of these devices DP has managed to turn original through its handling of them. Here, it just felt like one huge cliche. From the overacting of Tucker initially and then that of Sam, to the outright neglect of some of the "parents," it was just too much. All of the behaviour in this episode in response to the project, from some people getting all maternal to others acting like old married couples...I've seen this in a ton of shows, live-action and animated. It was just one cliche after another with all the behaviour in this episode IMO.

    Speaking of Sam and Tuck...I defended the Cram-Tastic Marc 5 in FtF. I like the Fenton ghost gadgets. I liked how Valerie's suit transforms. But all of Tucker's super baby-devices became too much. His cash-in by baby-sitting fit his character, but all the gadgets got out of control.

    And Sam's indifference was nice, but I wished she would have kept it. Tucker's staying crazy and having Sam put up with his overreacting would have seemed more believeable to me. I'd expect Sam to raise up a fuss on how emotions and paternal responses and things like this aren't something you can just teach in school like algebra or something along those lines, given her stance on a lot of things. I just couldn't buy her getting all maternal over an inanimate object.

    The fake-out make-out in SoG; worked with a story arc that had been hinted at before, made sense (to me, anyway), and was wonderful (IMO). Tucker kissing Sam; this was IC for Tucker, given his tendency towards impulses, but the scene just bugs me. Probably because of my D/S sympathies. That's my main reason for not liking that scene. But their behaviour later in the episode, where they're acting like a bickering old couple was just too cliched and OOC IMO (incidentally, the two of them being partners and something like this happening was one of the things I was afraid of).

    And the moral preaching in this episode - responsibility, getting to know people before judging them, Valerie's answer to Skulker's question on what was so special about the flour sack - IMO, the preaching hasn't been this bad since SI. Morals are good to have, but when most of the episodes of this show handle them in a much more subtle way, something like this really bugs me.

    Then we come to Danny and Valerie. I liked Danny for most of this ep; he stayed IC all the way through and provided some sense of normalcy. He was practically the only good point about this episode except for one other (I'll get to that later). Valerie was IC, and her stubborn attitude that had her wanting to hunt Danny even to the end was very good IMO, but she couldn't really help the episode. The cliches in plot and dialogue were just too much for me. And even under the circumstances, her relationship with Danny felt a bit too light. Their final scene in SoG shows just how little she trusts ghosts. This was alright here, but it just seemed too...light. This may just be me, but I just thought it could be a bit more tense. Hopefully they'll stay enemies. I think Val works best as a stubborn villain, though one with some heart in her character.

    Though I do have to admit - the calling of the truce and Danny finding out about her other job was very touching. One beam of light in the episode's dialogue, anyway.

    And why was their no reference to Tucker's attraction to her?

    There was more gross humour in this one. I don't like that kind of humour. Some do, and that's fine with me. But I just can't stand it, especially in a show like DP.

    I liked another "Most Dangerous Game" reference and I loved the return of The Box Ghost. And I guess those reasons I listed aren't in huge quantities. But they showed up too much, overshadowed too much of the episode, and really brought it crashing down. I hate to say it again, but I think I need to; this is likely my least favourite episode of the series.

    3.5 out of 10.
  • The previous two reviewers seem to have missed the point...

    I deem this the best episode I have seen so far of the show. Character development was significant, with Danny and Valerie both learning a little about respect and responsibility. Add to that Sam let slip a bit of natural maternal instinct along with a bit of self-realization in the form of 'Lilith' being made up in her image.

    The Box Ghost is a bit overdone as an ongoing bit of comic relief, but perhaps if something could be done in the future to explain how he became who he is?

    Keep up the good work. This show is, though a bit formulaic, at least a good attempt to write interesting characters into unusual situations.
  • Skulker is back on the prowl to capture Danny Phantom, but after witnessing him fighting Valerie Grey, Skulker decides to hold a contest to see which is the greater hunt. Unable to decide, he handcuffs them together and hunts them both. The 2 enemies have

    This was the fourth new episode in a row for many a week, and I was personally looking forward to it. Nickelodeon - You really slipped up on this one. The worst of the season in my opinion.

    First off, where did Matthew St. Patrick go? Skulker just didn't work with someone else at the voice-box. The lines were very good, but this new person gave Skulker a little too much menace, and threw off the whole character.

    Then there was the flour sack. Danny Phantom has been known for it's gross gag-humor, and normally I find it quite comical, but that flour sack was taking it one step too far. Personally, I don't like the whole 'parenting-project' idea, anyway.

    Speaking of the parenting project, I still want to know where Sam's head was during this episode. At the beginning, she was very cold about the project and didn't give their sack the same loving care Tucker did. I like that kind of attitude on her, and she should have kept it. I'm not normally a stickler for being 'in-character', but her treating the flour sack as a real baby was just disgusting to watch.

    There were a few good points in this episode, I will admit that. It was a wonderful refresher to see the Box Ghost with a major role after 10 episodes. And Tucker's 'Flour-Power Day-care' money-making scheme was very fun to watch and exactly what you'd expect out of him.

    One thing I don't know what to think about was the kiss scene between Tucker and Sam. I was certainly surprised when I saw that, since those two had never shown any level of a relationship past friends. It was a very funny twist, and maybe that'll come back to haunt them, but at the end of the season, that seemed like a very random gag.

    This definitly was the episode we could have done without in the first season. Please, Butch, I've heard this episode was a favorite of yours, but as a devoted fangirl, I'm begging you: Don't stoop down to this level again. The last 2 episodes of the season were much better, and I'm thanking you for that. We wish you luck on future episodes.
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