Danny Phantom

Season 1 Episode 18

Life Lessons

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Feb 25, 2005 on Nickelodeon

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  • Skulker handcuffs Danny and Valerie together and hunts them both through the Ghost Zone.

    Danny and Valerie Gray are paired up for a health sciences project, assigned to parent a flour sack for one week. At the same time, Skulker has returned, and forces a contest between the two of them, with the winner as his prey. He sets up bait to lure the two of them into battle, which includes making Danny look like he’s stealing the sack. When the fighting ceases, Skulker decides to handcuff them both and hunt them through the Ghost Zone, with Danny’s powers on the blink and Valerie’s weapons taken due to the cuffs.

    Hmmm…I didn’t enjoy watching this episode THAT much, but it’s still a pretty good one. I used to think of it as a lower score than this, but I’ve raised it up after watching it a couple extra times.

    The very beginning when Danny was flying over everybody to school gave me mixed feelings. Choosing to bypass the crammed bus and take an easy route by flying: smart. Flying as a ghost where anybody can see him: not smart. Why didn’t he go invisible? And I didn’t like Skulker’s new voice that much. I’m not that much of a fan of Kevin Michael Richardson. I think Matthew St. Patrick’s voice was much more sinister and much more appealing for Skulker. But the fact that Danny and Valerie said the same things in human mode and ghost/hunter mode was funny.

    The two teen foes were presented quite nicely in this episode. Danny’s little moment of noticing that others could get hurt when he and Valerie were fighting was very nice, and he the way he acted with Valerie with the flour, in both Fenton and Phantom mode, was very much IC. But when Skulker threw him the sack and Valerie showed up, why didn’t he just hand her the sack? He’s got to realize that Valerie isn’t going to listen to him after the events of SoG. And I also thought Danny telling Valerie he knew about her job was a little rushed. But he was quick to think that Skulker had booby traps set up, and I liked that coming from him.

    As for Valerie, she did definitely improve quite a bit from SoG. She wasn’t nearly as prone to jump to her own conclusion as she was then. But that may be because it’s a different situation. Anyway, even before she and Danny were forced to help each other, I liked the moment where Danny put the sack down and she retracted her weapons. Also, the fact that she has a job as Nasty Ned was a very interesting surprise.

    Tucker and Sam…I didn’t like them that much in this episode. They were okay, but just not that great. I was surprised to see that Tucker didn’t seem to like Valerie anymore, and that was actually made definite in RS. I was expecting Tucker’s crush on her in SoG to play a bigger part later on in the series. Anyway, the fact that he went overboard with the flour project was fine, and the fact that he charged to baby-sit other sacks was IC. And as for Sam, her acting motherly towards the sack, while it bothered others, I didn’t mind it. Hey, she IS a girl, after all. But the kiss that they had…yeesh. I’m saying this partially because I’m a D/S supporter, but also because it seemed thrown in there. But I liked their reactions afterward; Sam definitely wanted to forget it ever happened, and Tucker…who knows?

    I enjoyed the fact that Valerie was willing to cooperate with Danny. I always enjoy seeing an enemy becoming an ally, if only temporary, which is why I enjoyed RS so much. I really wished that truce they made would have carried over, but it’s probably pretty early for that anyway, so it’s probably for the best.

    One thing I unfortunately didn’t like was that the moral wasn’t presented in as nearly a subtle as PB, which also had a clichéd plot, but was handled much better. It was done in more of a monologue in LL instead of just forgetting about it and moving on in PB.

    And as for the end, I didn’t overall like the fact that the sacks got torn apart. How did Danny’s and Valerie’s get ripped, anyway? But they got a C, so it’s okay. But the fact that Tucker’s babysitting business was a bust was something I didn’t like much. I never really enjoy it a lot when a character ends up getting the short end of something, one reason why I didn’t like the ending of FK. But Danny’s wearing of the Nasty Ned suit was nice for him, but I was just a little confused at how Sam figured out Valerie was the one originally wearing it. Did she take a wild guess or something? But the short little segment with the Box Ghost at the end was very funny, and offered a bit of relief to end the episode.

    Overall, this wasn’t that bad of an episode. The action was pretty good, the threat was there, and I give LL a 7.3/10.
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