Danny Phantom

Season 1 Episode 18

Life Lessons

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Feb 25, 2005 on Nickelodeon

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  • Danny has to do a project with Valerie in which they have to take care of a sack of flour.Skulker decides to hunt both of them.Can Danny protect his identity from Valerie and fight Skulker.

    Skulker can't decide rather he should keep hunting Danny or go after Valerie now that she's a ghost hunter.Danny and Valerie have to be parents to a sack of flour.Danny has to take care of the baby while Valerie works.Danny gets mad of course because he thinks she is making him do all the work while she hunts him down.Skulker creates situations were Danny Phantom and Valerie have to fight each other but Danny keeps getting away before the fights conclude.So he decides to capture them both and drag them to the Ghost Zone.He hadcuffes them together with a device that cancels Danny's powers and he takes all of Valerie's weapons.After a while Danny and Val learn they have to work together if they want to get out of this.Danny learns that Valerie works at the Nasty Burger to try and pay for college.Before he can react Skulker informs them that he has their sack so they go back.Toether they out smart Skulker,get their flour back,and free themseleves.

    The sub plot is that Tucker and Sam are the parents of a sack of flour,but Tucker makes a business in taking care of other students flours and forgets about his.Sam grows attached to theirs and becomes a over protective mom.a funny moment is when Tucker is checking on the baby he kisses Sam and they both freak out and say it never happened.Tucker's business fails when his mom uses all the sacks flour.Everyone except Danny,Valerie,and Sam gets an F for the project.

    About an average episode,but not my favorite episode.I like the fact that Danny and Valerie grow closer and are becoming friends.There wasn't to much action and the fighting with Skulker wasn't great since Danny couldn't use his powers and Valerie didn't have her weapons.I like the plot it should have been expanded it more though.